Can Dogs Smell Water? 5 Simple Steps To Train Your Dog

So many people are wondering can dogs smell underwater? Well, this is possible.

Most dogs undergo training to smell underwater as well as locate people and drugs. Every year, search-dogs undergo training to find things sitting underwater such as lakes, streams among other bodies.


What can dogs smell?

Dogs are special creatures. Did you know that dogs can smell their owners from 11 miles away? They can even sniff out the viruses because they have a special sense of smell, unlike humans.

Can dogs smell water
can dogs smell water

They can smell 10000 times more accurately than humans can.

Let us look at the unusual things that dogs can smell:

  • Invasive snakes such as pythons
  • Cancer
  • Fertile cows
  • Bronze-age Human remains
  • Bedbugs
  • People carrying dangerous weapons
  • But, Can Dogs smell water?


3 signs your pet dog is able to smell through water

Can Dogs smell water? We know that a dog’s sense of smell is sensitive and can smell through different materials such as water. No wonder they are very useful when it comes to investigations. So how can a dog smell through and locate hidden substances such as drugs?

You must know your dog’s reaction when they are happy and uncomfortable. Here are some signs showing your pet can smell through water:

  • Jumping up near the water
  • Barking
  • Raising ears up


Science behind dogs ability to smell through water

According to science, humans have 6 million olfactory receptors while dogs have only 300 receptors. What makes a big difference is a fact that in dogs, their receptors are 40 times stronger than it is in humans. Dogs analyze smells naturally. Can dogs smell water?

Humans use only one route to smell and breathe. Dogs have a separate system. One route delivers air to their lungs while the other is mainly for smelling. Their brains and olfactory receptors work together.

Research also shows that a dog’s sense of smell is so powerful that it can smell a teaspoonful of sugar in a million gallons of water. Now it is clear why they can locate small substances such as drugs in search.


How To Train Your Dog To Smell Through Water?

Training a dog to smell takes time and needs patience. Make sure you use the most appropriate breed of dog. The first stage is ensuring that the puppy is obedient.

After this, start training the dog to respond to specific gestures as well as voice commands. Reward the dog in every stage of the training.

Keep in mind that a dog that undergoes such kind of training must be fit, confident, agile, healthy, and able to work under minimal supervision.

Did you know that play is the most common method used to achieve how can dogs smell underwater? Within a couple of days, they will be able to locate drugs underwater.

  • Teach your dog to play tug of war using a towel
  • Bag up and wrap the drugs inside towels
  • The dogs gradually start linking certain smell with the towel and game
  • With time, the dog will start identifying drugs in your tug-of-war game.
  • Keep in mind that each dog is trained to locate a specific substance and not everything.


Can dogs smell water?

How can a dog smell water? Many people are yet to come to terms with the fact that dogs can smell underwater. As mentioned earlier, evolution makes our dogs have an amazing olfactory system.

This makes them perfect when it comes to tracking scents. That is why dogs are useful when it comes to investigating drugs and thieves among others under varying circumstances.

 Hope you got your answer to can dogs smell water!


Can dogs smell underwater?

Well, in the recent past, we train dogs to smell underwater to locate people and drugs among others. After training search dogs can locate substances at the bottom of the sea, lakes, streams, and many other water bodies. Can Dogs smell water underwater and other things?

To be specific, cadaver dogs are specifically trained to sniff things and people that may be hidden underwater.

So can dogs smell through water? If you are not sure then go through the signs that we have availed and look out for them in your puppy. Find out if these things are happening near a shoreline, river, or lake.

Find out more about how you can also tell if your dog is picking up a scent so that you can learn how to train a dog to smell underwater.


3 Signs Your Pet Dog Is Able To Smell Underwater

Dogs will behave strangely when they sense some scents at the shoreline or river. Watch out for the following signs:

  • Growling alert
  • Sniffing
  • Head bobbing
  • Ears up
  • Barking head titling
  • Body freezing


How can dogs smell underwater?

How can dogs smell underwater? Many people are still in shock following the fact that dogs can indeed smell underwater. They have two holes in their mouths enabling them to draw in smells without inhaling. Through this ability, while underwater, they can draw any scent without inhaling the water

This enables them to smell and detect anything underwater and locate it. That is why they are used to detect bodies as well as drugs that submerge.

It might be difficult to tell if your dog has detected something in water due to their exciting behavior. However, you can still pick up some subtle behavior when the dog smells something underwater.

Pay attention to the dog to let them know that you are alert to their discovery. Do not ignore the barks, sniffing as well as growls. Try to find out if you can detect something in the water. You can even dive if the water is safe.


How to train your dog to smell underwater

What can dogs smell that humans can’t underwater? Well, as mentioned earlier, dogs have a special olfactory system, unlike humans. They can smell and detect hidden bodies and drugs that are submerged. Let us find out how we can train our dogs to smell underwater

  • Hide the pig remains on land in different locations such as behind trees, bushes as well as rocks.
  • Gradually move the remains towards a source of water.
  • The remains will submerge into the water and the dog will start accustoming to the changing smell.
  • After some time, the smell rises on the surface of the water as the dog detects the smell of the hidden flesh.

After training for a while, your dog lets you know if he/she can detect the scent of the remains every time you run up and down the boat.

We know the answer to can dogs smell water. Now, We know we can train our dogs to use different signals to detect things underwater.

Safety precautions are vital that is why your dog must wear a fitting lifejacket. Let them unsupervised while working in the water as long as you can see him/her all the time.


Dog safety tips before training a dog underwater

Can animals smell water? Having mentioned that dogs can smell the water and detect hidden things, we can also attest that animals can smell water. Safety is a major concern especially when our dogs are working in water. Always follow these pointers and ensure your dog’s safety:

  • Do not leave your dog alone in the water
  • Rinse your dogs after they have been into any water. Keep in mind that seawater, salt, algae as well as pollution irritate the animal’s skin
  • Be knowledgeable on canine CPR. Learning Mouth-to-nose resuscitation as well as chest compressions can help save a dog in case of an emergency.
  • Get rid of their flea collar before they start swimming as water can remove its active ingredients.
Can dogs smell water
can dogs smell water


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