Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water : 5 Menacing Health Issues

Dogs do many things even after the discouragement from their owner.  Many dogs are okay after drinking the toilet water.

Many dog lovers say that their dog drank blue toilet water, but they are okay. Others have a different opinion than toilet water is harmful to dogs. If a dog drinks toilet water, it is not detrimental to him if there is no chemical. But, it is better to assess your Dog’s health for symptoms and consult with your Vet.

This article will thoroughly discuss whether the toilet water is harmful to the dog or not; my dog drank toilet water with a cleaner in it and what I should do. Let’s dive into the topic and find why a dog drank toilet bowl cleaner?

Dog drank blue toilet water
Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water


Can Toilet Bowl Cleaner Kill A Dog?

Your Dog Drank Toilet Bowl Cleaner?  It Depends Upon The Dogs Whether The Toilet Water Is Harmful To Them or not. The dog drank toilet water with cleaner. Many dogs are feeling well after drinking the water from the toilet.

If your Dogs show symptoms of distress and anxiety after drinking the toilet water, consult with your vet immediately.

Many things are good and safe for humans, but they are toxic for pets. You can easily spot these things. You can only spot after the intake consumption the things that are harmful to dogs.

Dog ate toilet bowl cleaner; it depends upon the concentration of tablets. If the water is highly concentrated, this will lead to problems in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, etc.

If the concentration is not too high and the dog drank blue toilet water, then it is okay.


Is Blue Toilet Water Dangerous?

The dog drank toilet water with blue cleaner. Now, what will happen? The blue water is because of the tablet that we used in toilets. The blue water is dangerous for dogs only if there is a large concentration of tablets in the water. The higher concentration may lead to diarrhea and vomiting in dogs if they consume the blue water. If the concentration is less, then it will not harm your dog.

The tablets that are used for bowl cleaning have many disadvantages. It can make the toilet interior rusty and spread into the environment. Thus it is harmful.


How Good is the Quality Of Water?

If your dog drank blue toilet water, you should know how dangerous water from the toilet is. As you know, you poop the shit there in the bathroom. There are certain chemical compounds in the stools; ammonia compounds are the famous ones.

Even if you say that your toilet is cleaner than anyone out there, it will be the favorite place for the bacteria. No matter which type of cleaner or antibiotic chemical liquid you use for your toilet, it will always be contaminated with infectious organisms.

So, if you think that your dog is drinking water and it will be alright, your assumption may not be accurate. Because most of the people who say my dog drank toilet water with a cleaner in it claimed the awful condition of the dog and severe treatment was required.


My Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water – Why Is It Drinking?

If your dog drank blue toilet water, you should know why it is exhibiting this behavior. One of the commonly known reasons is the cravings and curiosity dogs have to try new things.

Dogs are curious to eat or drink things that are strange or new to them. Even if you prevent or stop them from eating that food or drinks, they will not stop and try these.

Another reason which answers this question of why dogs do this is they have a medical condition—this problem which is commonly referred to as PICA.

In this condition, the puppies will eat or drink every strange thing that comes into their vicinity. You can search more on this medical condition and explore more about dogs’ behavior and why they have such cravings.

Another possible reason for why a Dog drank blue toilet water is that you have a puppy who has a considerable height matching the height of the toilet. This way, it has the convenience of drinking toilet water and will drink the water again and again from the bathroom.

Most of the dogs will not have any medical condition or any specific reason. They will drink the toilet water just because they like to drink the water this way.


Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water For The Pet Owners

If a Dog drank blue toilet water, it also has opposing sides for its owner. It is not only the dog at risk of getting infectious diseases; the pet owners will also get the infections from their dogs.

How do pet owners get infections if their dog drank blue toilet water? As we know that one cannot just resist cuddling with their dogs. You will be kissing your puppy again and again. Also, your dog will be licking you and your face all the time.

This way, the infectious bacteria which have been lying in its mouth will be transferred to you. You are at equal threat of getting bacterial or other infections.


Can Drinking Toilet Water Make Dogs Sick?

Whether you give the freshwater to your dog in a bowl, the toilet water is more attractive. The water present in the bowl is not as fresh and cold as the water present in the toilet. That is why dogs tend to consume toilet water more than bowl water.

Dog drinking blue toilet water and dog is very well why?  The water in the toilet is safe to drink if the water is out of any chemicals and detergents. Sometimes we use bleach for cleaning purposes. Drinking water in which there is a small amount of bleach can disturb your dog very much? You should close the toilet door and cover the toilet with lids to stop your dog from drinking water.


What Happens If My Dog Drank Bleach Water?

The dog drank toilet water with bleach tablet. What will you do now?  It depends upon the concentration of bleach. If the dog drinks the water with a higher concentration of bleach, it will cause a more adverse effect instead of consuming the low concentration of bleach water.

The second thing is the nature and type of bleach that your dogs consumed. Many cases are about the bleach that we are using in homes for cleaning purposes. The bleach that we used in homes is essential. They have a pH of about 11. The high concentrated bleach has a pH of about 12 to 12.5.

Some bleach is free of chlorine. Bleaches are also fatal and dangerous because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide. Consumption of these bleaches causes tissue irritation and vomiting.


Symptoms Of Bleach Poisoning

The dog drank bleach toilet water, and the eater was entirely concentrated with bleach. Now, what will happen?   The consumption of concentrated bleach will result in a chemical burn. Your dog will get the lesions externally and internally. The bleach that is color safe causes only vomiting, and blood can appear in vomit.

Household bleach is not much toxic compared to the high concentrated bleach because it is in dilute form. The symptoms of household bleach include heavy drooling, redness, irritation of the skin and the irritation in the mouth. The dog acts abnormally when they would consume bleach.

Dog drank toilet bowl cleaner
Dog Drank Toilet Bowl Cleaner While Peeing


Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water: What Are The Effects?

My Dog Drank Toilet Water With Cleaner In It, what adverse effects will be on its health. If your dog drank blue toilet water, the harmful chemical compounds present in the toilet water due to cleaners would infect the dog.

A dog drank toilet bowl cleaner. Most of the dogs will show aggressive symptoms on drinking this water as bleach present in the cleaners will affect the dog’s immune system. But, if someone acts wisely and has a little knowledge of the dilution of the solution, he should make his dog drink a large amount of water.

Drinking a large amount of fresh water will help your dog help survive. The water is known as a life saver, and now wonders how it saves lives in many conditions because it dilutes the bleach.


These are the effects which show when a dog drank blue toilet water:


The dog will show aggressive behavior in the toilet water. Vomiting is induced, which makes it feel very uncomfortable.


Upset Stomach

The stomach gets upset, as the chemical compounds in the cleaners will infect the gut, and an intestinal blockage may happen.



Blotting is also seen in dogs as a negative effect on the health of a dog.



The Dog May get the condition of blotting. Complicated bowel movements may also occur, and it causes gastrointestinal infections.



Whenever your dog drank blue toilet water, dehydration will be severely faced by the dog. It is because of the bleaching agents present in the cleaners.

So, it is also suggested that you should let it drink water whenever your dog has a condition like this. It will neutralize and or reverse the harmful effects of chemicals present in the cleaners when my dog drank toilet water with a cleaner in it.


Treatment Of Bleach Poisoning

The dog drank blue toilet water; what is the treatment? If the dog drinks toilet water or gets bleach in its eyes, you should immediately consult your vet.

Consumption of household bleach is not very harmful to dogs. You can treat at home. If there is only skin irritation, then bath your dog with dog shampoo with plenty of water. If they consume the low concentrated bleach, they will vomit and return to normal condition.

If the dog is not vomiting after the consumption of bleach and drooling instead of vomiting, encourage your dog to drink the water to eliminate the bleach from the gastrointestinal tract. This practice is not difficult for dogs.

The symptoms can be seen after 30-45 minutes of treatment. If they show the signs after the mentioned time, then consult with your vet immediately. The vet will prescribe the medicine for the healing of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus,  if your dog drinks out of the toilet, follow up on this treatment.


Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water – How To Stop This Habit?

My dog drank toilet water; how should I control it? Why did my dog drank bleach water toilet bowl? Is there any way to stop it from doing this and getting infected and ill again and again?

If you want to make your dog stop drinking the toilet water, you need to make sure your dog’s water tub or bowl is way more attractive than the blue toilet water.

For this purpose, you can make our dog’s water turn into some other color that will compel it to get attracted to its water bowl.

Or you could also add some attractive food flavor in the water to make it taste good. This way, it will also stop the dog from drinking water from the toilet.


Final Verdict – Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water   

The dog toilet cleaner is harmful to the dogs. It has adverse effects on the health of your puppy. In this article, we have discussed why my dog drank toilet water with cleaner in it. You know that the toilet cleaners have been used to clean the bathrooms and the toilet.

Dog drank toilet bowl cleaner
Dog Drank Toilet Bowl Cleaner

They have toxic substances in them; they can act vigorously and get your dog sick. The stomach gets upset, and also vomiting is induced.

There are several reasons why your dog drinks from the toilet water. The most common cause is that it finds it way more attractive than simple water. So, if you want to stop it from drinking this dirty and nasty water, please make your water more attractive by either changing its color or fragrance or both.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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