Can Hamsters Eat Lavender? (9 Cool Facts)

If you own a pet hamster, you may consider feeding it on lavender at some point in time. But before actually presenting the lavender to the hamster, you will naturally want to know if it is OK. This article has the answer.

Can hamsters eat lavender? Yes, hamsters can eat lavender. From lavender, hamsters can get vitamin A, iron, calcium and other helpful nutrients. But there are also many hamsters that may not actually like eating lavender due to its strong scent.

Can hamsters eat lavender
Can Hamsters Eat Lavender Safely?

Therefore if your hamster happens to be one of those that like lavender, feeding it on the herb should be alright.


Is Lavender Safe For Hamsters To Eat?

The biggest concern that people tend to have about feeding hamsters on lavender is the safety concern. That is why you find them asking questions like is lavender bad for hamsters (or is lavender harmful to hamsters)?

The truth of the matter, however, is this: lavender is safe for hamsters.

Hamsters that eat lavender don’t usually experience any noticeable/tangible negative consequences. And a chemical analysis of lavender reveals nothing in it that can cause much harm to hamsters.

The only situation in which lavender may be unsafe for hamsters is if it happens to have pesticide residue or parasites. But normal clean lavender is safe for hamsters.


Is Lavender Good For Hamsters?

Lavender is good for hamsters, because it has nutrients (like vitamin A, iron and calcium) which hamsters need. Moreover, eating lavender tends to have a calming effect on hamsters.

But lavender also has a rather strong scent, which some hamsters dislike.

Thus the relation between hamsters and lavender is complex: whereas the lavender is good for them, many hamsters may not like the scent of it.


Can A Hamster Eat Lavender?

Hamsters can eat lavender.

When hamsters are offered lavender to eat, they tend to relish it (though some may dislike lavender’s strong scent).

Lavender is both safe and nutritionally helpful to hamsters. It has an added benefit of being capable of making hamsters relax.

Therefore hamsters can definitely eat lavender. That is unless your individual hamster happens to dislike lavender’s strong scent.

Can hamsters eat lavender
Can Hamsters Eat Lavender Daily?


Which Form Of Lavender Can Hamsters Eat?

In a lavender plant, there are several parts – including the leaves and flowers. The lavender itself may also be in fresh form or dried form.

What we now seek to establish is which form/part of lavender hamsters can eat.


Can Hamsters Eat Dried Lavender?

Hamsters may eat dried lavender, though some individual hamsters may also dislike the strong scent of such dried lavender.

But generally, dried lavender is not harmful to hamsters. Dried lavender is actually quite beneficial (in nutritional terms) to the hamsters.


Can Hamsters Eat Lavender Leaves?

Lavender leaves are usually alright for hamsters to eat. In the lavender leaves, there are nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin A, which hamsters actually require.

Lavender leaves do have a strong scent though, which may be off-putting to some individual hamsters.


Can Hamsters Eat Lavender Flowers?

Hamsters may eat lavender flowers (provided the strong scent of the lavender flowers doesn’t put the hamsters off).

Lavender flowers can be particularly good at calming restless hamsters.


How Much Lavender Can Hamsters Eat?

Just as with any other food, moderation is key when feeding hamsters on lavender.

You need to have knowledge on how much lavender is alright and how much lavender is too much for hamsters.

It is best to serve a hamster between a half and a full teaspoonful of hamster in a day.


Final Verdict – Can Hamsters Eat Lavender

Hamsters can eat lavender. From lavender, hamsters can get vitamin A, iron, calcium and other nutrients. Lavender can also help in calming restless hamsters.

It is worth appreciating that lavender does tend to have a very strong scent. This is something that many hamsters may be unable to stand.

Can hamsters eat lavender
Can Hamsters Eat Lavender?

Thus there are individual hamsters that may not be able to withstand lavender, on account of its strong scent. But we also have some hamsters that are able to tolerate, and even seem to enjoy, eating lavender.

Generally, a little lavender is nutritionally beneficial and safe for hamsters.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hamsters a good and comfortable life!

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