Why Is My Hamster So Hyper? 4 Tips To Calm Hamster

Hamsters are tiny and adorable pets that almost everyone wants. Hamsters are often referred to as little balls of energy because of their little bodies and various activities in their cages. Although some hamsters have calm behavior, some seem to have unlimited energy. From this, the following question arises in your mind.

Why is my hamster so hyper? Just like humans, hamsters can be extra active. Hamsters are not known for being lazy pets. It is essential to understand what causes your hamster’s hyperactivity, such as getting bored, stress, age, or cage size.

If you can distinguish what causes hamsters to be hyper, you can prevent or calm down hyper hamster with ease. Let’s read this article.

Why is my hamster so hyper
Why Is My Hamster So Hyper


Is It Normal For A Hamster To Be So Hyper?

When hamsters are active, they are very energetic. They are constantly moving around. Sometimes your hamster may be very hyper and need to be taken for a walk to burn off some of that energy.

However, your hamster may be in a constant state of activity. In between all of these occupations they can become confused and end up having many different behaviors.

You may have noticed your hamster running in circles, jumping up and down off of its feet, chasing small insects, and treading water. This is an example of a hyper hamster pattern. It is common when your hamster is young and is learning how to use its muscles.

Why is my hamster so hyper? Sometimes you may not even be able to figure out the real reason that your hyperactive hamster acts. That is why you need to observe your hamster as much as possible. If you notice him doing something that makes them uncomfortable, remove him from that situation.

Your hamster needs to have space away from the objects that make him uncomfortable. If he gets stressed out and associates those objects with his fear, that can create additional behavior issues.


Do You Have To Prevent Hamsters From Being So Hyper?

It depends on how the hamsters do their activity. If they seem happy with what they’re doing, and do it non-stop, maybe the hamster wants to enjoy their time. Young hamsters do this because they exercise muscle and have more energy than older ones.

There is no special exercise you should use for your hamster to keep them from being so active. Hamsters will learn at their own pace, and you do not have to worry about whether they are being as active as you would like.

The only thing you have to watch for is their injuries, getting bored with biting the cage or climbing up their cages up and down.

Why is my hamster so hyper? If your hamster is considered an adult or old, it should reduce its activity. When they are hyperactive, there is a sign that makes them uncomfortable. Check the food, cages, or their environment to ensure there’s nothing wrong.


Are Hyper Hamsters Getting More Aggressive?

If hamsters are hyper from stress, they can become aggressive. They will be climbing their cages relentlessly, biting cages, running in a wheel non-stop, and keep moving around for no apparent reason.

One thing to watch for is how hyper hamster interact with other hamsters. You may find that they will attempt to challenge the other hamster to a fight.

This can happen in a confined area, and many hamster owners have had to put their hamsters in separate cages to avoid this problem. Your hamster may want to show off, so keep an eye on their behavior.

If your hamsters seem to be exhibiting more aggression than usual, it could be because they have been left alone for a longer period. They are social animals, after all, and will quickly become agitated if left alone for too long. If you do not feel like there is a problem, keep them around for company.

Some hamsters may like to hang out by a water bottle or on the edge of a small puzzle box on the floor. Just give them a chance to get to know each other.

Why is my hamster so hyper? Not getting attention, being bullied by a huge hamster, stress due to a small cage can make a hamster hyper or uncontrollable.


How To Stop Your Hamster From Being So Hyper?

There’s nothing to stop if your hamster is young because they still have a lot of energy. If you put your hamster in a cage that doesn’t have much activity or the space is too small, the hamster will become stressed and exhibit destructive behavior.

A tip on learning how to stop your hamster from being so active is to give him some space. There are tiny hamsters with such large appetites that running around the house will only lead to them chewing up everything in sight.

These hamsters tend to be very excitable, so don’t expect them to be quiet when you leave the house. Give them enough room to run around in their cages, but make sure they always have something to occupy their time.

Why is my hamster so hyper? It is normal when you see a hyper hamster at such a young age. Young hamsters have more energy and are very curious about things around them. Let the hamster enjoy their time as long as it’s reasonable.

Why is my hamster so hyper
Why Is My Hamster So Hyper?


How Do You Calm Down A Hyper Hamster?

For most owners, hyperactivity can be due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what causes these behavioral changes and how to cure them. Leaving hamsters under stress is not good for their health. The table below is a few tips on how to calm down your hamster when being so hyper.

Help them expand some of their energyKeep your hamster busy by moving some stuff in their cage. Try moving their huts or their exercise wheel while seeing how they like the new location even though the items in the cage remain the same.
Hide favorite treatsBring their favorite food or treat and put it in a different place every time. If they are active while digging and finding hidden food, they can be calmer while eating.
Give and switch their toysHaving the same toys for a long time can make your hamster bored. Take and replace toys with other methods, so that hamsters are curious about new stuff in their cage.
Clean their cageDirty environment makes hamsters become stressed. Clean the cage from uneaten food or waste. Rearrange some stuff so that the hamster has a new atmosphere in their cage.

Why is my hamster so hyper? Your hamster is being so hyper if they are excited about new stuff or want to spend their time running on the wheel. There’s nothing to worry about if your hamster has a lot of energy and is spending it on exercise.


Are Hamsters Hyperactive At Night?

If a hamster has an excess energy boost at night, that would be normal, as they are always out in the wild hunting for more food to eat.

But if your hamster was out foraging around at night and suddenly found himself at the bottom of his cage, it would be an indication that he needs to rest. The hamster would most likely claw the sides of his cage to get back up.

If you hear the hamster wheel beeping in the middle of the night, don’t be afraid because your hamster is exercising as usual.

Why is my hamster so hyper? When hamsters are active in the middle of the night, many owners are disturbed by the sound of them playing with their toys, or running around in their cage. Ensure you provide food or treats so they can calm down a little.


Why Is My Hamster So Hyper All Of A Sudden?

Stress is one of the leading causes of the physical changes that hamsters go through. Hyper hamster exhibit many signs of anxiety, be physically stressed all of a sudden, sleep all of a sudden, be very active at night, or be very inactive.

A stressed hamster can even be more agitated, be very active at night, or even less active all day long. Certain types of hamsters are more hyper than others.

Why is my hamster so hyper? If your hamster has started to get too aggressive, it could be that he is defending himself. Most of the time, hamsters only become overly aggressive when they see the danger.

Watch for hissing or scratching. A hamster may be defending himself because of something he saw lurking in your home. To get rid of your hamster’s hyperactive behavior, one way is to leave him alone in his cage for a while until he calms down.

In some cases, a hamster will become quiet for a short time as they are getting used to their new home and environment. A well-loved pet that has experienced an overhaul of life in a new cage can suddenly become quiet for a time because it is adjusting to its new home.

This can be a reference for you, if the hamster is too active, try to move some of his stuff to a new position.


Do Hamsters Need Attention When They’re So Hyper?

Ensure that your hamster doesn’t end up being left alone all day because they will get exercise by running and playing. Just like any other animal, hamsters need time to be socialized. You shouldn’t try to force your hamster into doing something that he doesn’t want to do.

As hamsters become more hyper, something happens in their cage. Immediately check for dirt, other animals approaching the hamster, or because the hamster is bored with their environment.

If you don’t pay enough attention, hamsters can be aggressive to you, because you have given them an uncomfortable place and lack of attention.

Try playing with your hamster for a short time. If hamsters try to escape from your grip, let them play in a larger cage until they are calmer. Don’t force your hamster to be calmer because hamsters like to spend their time doing activities with whatever is in their cage.


Does Stress Cause Hamsters To Be So Hyper?

Hamsters can become hyperactive due to stress, but that’s not the only cause. Young hamsters have more energy and are considered hyper by some owners. A dirty cage or a hamster bored with its environment can also be the reason the hamster is so hyper.

Stress does cause hamsters to act out. There are ways you can alleviate some of the effects of stress on your hamster. Your hamster needs lots of sleep, freshwater, and a good diet.

There are many other factors involved in whether stress causes your hamsters to act out. If your hamster doesn’t suffer from a lot of anxiety, then no, stress won’t cause him to be acting out.


Final Verdict – Why Is My Hamster So Hyper

Hamsters are adorable pets with the nickname ‘little balls of energy’ because they are so active. Young hamsters have a lot of energy, and they spend their time running around, exercising, eating, or drinking. It is normal when hamsters are considered so hyper at a young age.

Why is my hamster so hyper
Why Is My Hamster So Hyper? Why Is My Hamster So Hyper After Eating? Why Is My Hamster So Hyper In The Morning?

There are other reasons why hamsters are so hyper because they are stressed or in a bad environment. Hyperactive due to stress exhibits destructive behavior and can do things like climbing cages relentlessly, biting cages, or nipping their owners.

Providing a spacious place and a clean environment can prevent hamsters from stress or boredom. As a pet lover, make sure your pet hamsters have a comfortable life with you.

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