Can Rabbits Eat Oranges? (7 Interesting Facts!)

The adoption of rabbits as pets has increased many folds in the last many decades. One reason is the awareness and information made available by the internet.

Secondly, their living, food, and maintenance are relatively much simpler and easier than other pets. All types of services and articles are easily available in the market.

Interestingly pet behaviorists tell that the rabbits can have traits like those of kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs, like playfulness, silliness, loyalty, and independence.

Can Rabbits eat Oranges? Rabbits can eat Oranges but make sure you feed the rabbit after removing Orange Peel. Oranges are healthy for bunnies in moderation. Despite orange being rich in vitamins, Oranges contain high sugar, which makes rabbits like oranges so much. But, Oranges have high acid content which may not be good for rabbits. Consult with your Vet if your rabbit shows any distress after eating oranges.

As with all pets, the provision of proper care and services is important, so the animal does not feel stressed. Their habitat and food etc. should match as close to their natural environment as possible.

Can rabbits eat oranges
Can Rabbits Eat Oranges – My Rabbit Ate Orange – Can Rabbits Have Oranges?

People ask many questions regarding the diet of the pet rabbit. Questions like can rabbits eat oranges, can bunnies eat orange peels, or can rabbits have oranges are common.

Here we answer all questions relating to the feed right for your rabbit, especially can rabbits eat oranges. Read on and enjoy our discourse, and do let us know with comments.


Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

It is natural for pet owners to ask can rabbits have oranges, as they want to be sure that they give the right food to their rabbits. A similar query is do rabbits eat oranges.

The staple food for a rabbit is hay and water. It is not necessary all rabbits will like oranges. But being sweet (high in sugar) it is most likely they will like it.

Fruit should come as a supplement and a treat. It should not form part of its main meals.

The fruit orange has vitamins, minerals, and sugar. Like most other pets, rabbits like sweet things like sugar, which is not good for their health.

The answer to can rabbits eat oranges is yes. One can give oranges to one’s pet rabbit but in controlled amounts. Overall calories should be counted, so you are not over-feeding the rabbit, which will make him obese.

A rabbit should not be fed more than a few segments of an average size orange once or a maximum twice a week. Too many oranges will give acidity to the rabbit, which will hurt its stomach.

Besides the query can rabbits eat oranges, people also ask can rabbits eat lemons. Lemons and oranges are from the same citrus family and have very similar properties.

Lemon has less sugar content and fiber but is high in acidity, also the calorific value is less. Comparing to orange it has no benefits giving to rabbits.


Can Wild Rabbits Eat Oranges?

Can rabbits eat oranges or can rabbits eat orange peels is the same for a pet or wild rabbit.

The fruit orange can be given in moderation, like as a treat. The seeds and peel should be removed. Feed the segments only.

It is not necessary that your rabbit may like oranges. Some rabbits have been reported to not like oranges. There could be a possibility he may throw it out of his mouth immediately.

If a large number of oranges are given to a rabbit, the high acidity of orange will give diarrhea which can turn serious. So do not exceed the suggested feed to avoid trouble for the rabbit.


What Happens If Rabbits Eats Oranges?

When one asks can bunnies eat oranges, the next question naturally comes what happens if a rabbit eats oranges.

Relative to other fruits oranges have higher sugar content, and less of other minerals and nutrients per weight ratio. As such it is not a preferred healthy diet for a rabbit.

In small and controlled amounts it is fine. The rule of thumb is about 2 teaspoons per 5-pound body weight per feeding and is not more than twice a week.

If given in larger amounts, the acidity and sugar will have detrimental effects on the rabbit’s stomach. The acidity will give diarrhea and can give ulcers.

High sugar content in orange will also add to the calories and make the rabbit gain weight quickly and turn him obese.

According to research by the University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources, “Too much sugar will imbalance the bacteria and fungi in its cecum, and high amounts of vitamin C can damage kidneys


Can Rabbits Eat Orange Peels?

Orange peel is part of the orange and is used in human culinary products. When a rabbit owner asks can rabbits eat oranges, he also likes to know can rabbits eat orange peel.

Orange peel itself is not detrimental. There is a difference in opinion amongst the rabbit owners. Those who fed orange peel to their pet rabbit did not find anything unsafe.

Those who prefer to not give orange peel, think that there could be pesticides and chemicals on the orange peel, which could result in health problems for the pet.

Further, it is argued that orange peel is low in nutritional value, so no priority in making it as part of the rabbit’s feed.

The important point is, orange is to be given in a small quantity in a week or maximum twice. The peel even less. This should be given as a treat, and not as common food.

To the query do rabbits eat orange peels you can give orange peel to your rabbit and he will tell you if he likes the peel. If he does not like it, he will simply throw it out of its mouth spontaneously.


Can Wild Rabbits Eat Orange Peels?

A wild rabbit and a pet rabbit both have similar digestive systems. They both like sweet things, high in sugar content like oranges.

Orange peel also is liked by wild rabbits. It is advised by the vets not to give too much of the oranges and orange peel to the rabbits, as they are not tolerated by their digestive system.

Orange and orange peel should only be given to the rabbit in very small amounts with a maximum of twice a week. Preferably it should be given as a treat if your rabbit likes it.

Traces of pesticides and chemicals can be removed by rubbing and washing the fruits with plenty of solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar.


Can Rabbits Drink Orange Juice?

As compared to orange itself, orange juice is more concentrated form of orange. Only the fiber content is less.

As a precaution and safety, it is not given in concentrated form. Few drops are added to the pet rabbit water pot. That is enough to take care of its citrus diet.

Can rabbits eat oranges
Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?


Can Rabbits Eat Clementine?

Clementine and orange are both from the citrus family. Clementine is smaller than an orange and is less acidic but is sweeter and seedless.

From a rabbit’s health point of view, both are same. Same safeguards are advised for clementine as for oranges. Feed small quantities no more than once or twice a week.

High acidity and sugar can affect the rabbit’s health if given in excess than essential.


Can Rabbits Eat Satsumas?

Satsuma mandarin originated in Japan. It is from the citrus family. It has almost the same compositing of nutrients and vitamins as an orange.

Adopt same precautions for Satsuma as for an orange. Feed only small amounts, just a slice or two in one feed and a maximum twice a week.

Their high acidity and sugar can affect your rabbit’s health if given more than the rabbit’s diet.


Can Rabbits Eat Orange Seeds?

Many a time when a pet owner is eating something, the pet rabbit would approach the owner, and he can judge that his rabbit is asking for a bite of what he is eating.

But all sensible owners would first check can bunnies eat oranges, or its peel or seeds etc. Orange seeds are bitter and somewhat toxic.

Normally the rabbit is more likely to refuse to eat it due to its bitter taste. Orange seeds contain ‘amygdalin’ which releases hydrogen cyanide, which is lethal.

Although the seeds given to the rabbit won’t kill him, cyanide going into its digestive system for prolong period can negatively affect its nervous system. So do not feed orange seeds at all to your rabbit.


Can Rabbits Eat Orange Leaves?

When a rabbit pet owner asks can rabbits eat oranges, his next query is can it eat its leaves also, as sometimes the fruit comes with the twigs & leaves when purchased at a grocery.

The leaves of orange fruit are safe for consumption by a rabbit, as is its peel.

Precaution should be adopted to wash the fruit (peel) and leaves thoroughly to get rid of the pesticide and chemicals sprayed on the fruit and the tree.

One suggestion is to wash the fruit and leaves thoroughly by rubbing with water, baking soda, and vinegar solution to remove traces of pesticides and chemicals.


Can Rabbits Eat Orange Plant?

If some plant leaves have come with the purchase of oranges, or one has his own orchard, then besides the question of can rabbits eat oranges, one would like to know if plant leaves or branches can be given to rabbits.

Leaves and also small branches can be given to the rabbit safely, only if they have not been sprayed with pesticides or chemicals. Do not exceed the recommended feed.

One suggestion to remove the sprayed pesticides and chemicals is to soak for some time in a solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar and rub vigorously.

There have been queries regarding orange bunny or orange rabbits. Though there are ’orange’ colored rabbits, generally it refers to a culinary art of garnishing.

A rabbit or bunny face is made out of an orange by cutting slices of the peel and attaching it to an orange, by making small incisions on its skin.


Final Verdict On Can Rabbits Eat Oranges

All rabbit lovers and owners want to know can rabbits eat oranges, or can bunnies eat orange peels. There is no harm in feeding oranges or their peel to the rabbits.

The answer to can rabbits have oranges is yes. They can be fed in small quantities. The actual harm is over-feeding.

The staple diet of the bunnies is green fresh fodder like a mix of grass, vegetables, Timothy hay, and oats.

Fruits are additional ‘treats’ given to supplement for other minerals, vitamins, etc., but these do not form their bulk regular diet. Fruits should only be given in small quantities.

For the routine for can rabbits eat oranges, serve the rabbit fruits once or maximum twice a week in small servings of one or two teaspoons per 5-pound weight of the rabbit.

Can rabbits eat oranges
Can Rabbits Eat Oranges – My Rabbit Ate Orange – Can Rabbits Have Oranges?

Rabbits like sugary things and fruits and oranges are one of them, but oranges do not really have much nutritional value as compared to other fruits and vegetables.

If given beyond its rations, the high acidity and sugar content of orange will affect the health of the rabbit harmfully.

The best is to give orange is as a motivational ‘treat’ for training purposes. Not as a replacement for its meal.

One of the advantages of giving treats is to know about your rabbit’s health and behavior.

As fruits are liked by rabbits so much, one can know immediately about the health status of his rabbit if he refuses to eat his favorite fruit.

The House Rabbit Society and the Humane Society of America strongly suggest using “fruits as motivational treats to aid training”.


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