Can Rabbits Get Fleas? 3 Effective Rabbit Flea Preventions

Fleas are parasites that are found on the living organism outside their body. These infectious insects are found both in Mammals and Birds. Any mammal or bird can get fleas.

But, people always ask, can rabbits get fleas? In this article, we will study fleas and how they get attached to the bunnies and cause infections in them.

A detailed analysis of how to get rid of fleas on rabbits and what proper steps should be taken to prevent a bunny from getting fleas. Let’s start the article without wasting any time.

Can rabbits get fleas
Can Rabbits Get Fleas – Rabbit Flea Treatment


Can Rabbits Get Fleas?

Your pets may encounter Fleas anytime, and if you have a bunny and think that can rabbits gets fleas, it is true. If your bunny constantly gets out for playing or wandering or having other pets in your house having fleas, your bunny likely gets fleas.


What is a Flea?

What Do Rabbit Fleas Look Like? The infectious insects are from the species Siphonaptera and live on the outside surfaces of Animals and get attached to their hairs, drinking blood and passing on the infectious diseases. Rabbits can get fleas at any age, irrespective of gender. There is no proportion of male or female rabbits getting more or fewer fleas.


How Do I Know If My Bunny Has Fleas?

Can rabbits get fleas? We already have discussed that rabbits are vulnerable to fleas. If your rabbits get fleas, you can see the early symptoms on their body and behavior.


Behavioral and Physiological Changes of Rabbits Fleas Symptoms

Rabbits can get fleas, and you will notice strange changes in their behaviour; some of the behavioural changes you will see are:

  • Rabbits biting their paws
  • It is itching itself
  • Bunny is constantly licking its fur
  • It is moving strangely and tensed


All these early symptoms are seen if you suspect that your bunny is getting fleas, making them uneasy.

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Let’s talk about the physiological changes; the bunnies will develop strange marks on their bodies, which are sometimes visible, and reddish sores tell that something has bitten the bunny.


Using The Flea Comb To See The Flea Dirt

One other thing you can do to confirm that your rabbit got fleas is to use a flea comb and spot the Flea Dirt; Flea Dirt is the feces of fleas left on the rabbit’s fur and can easily be seen by using the comb.


Do Rabbits Get Fleas Every Year?

Can rabbits get fleas every year? Yes, rabbits can indeed get fleas annually because of the varying seasons. Some of the weathers around the year are the perfect time for the spread of fleas. If your house has a dog and cat which previously had fleas, the bunny may get it too.

This is because fleas love to move from one animal to another, and bunnies can get infected by cats or dogs.


How Do House Rabbits Get Fleas?

Bunnies as pets get fleas if they wander outside the house; if you have a lawn where there is a damp place, then it is a house of fleas. If the rabbit plays near the damp places, either in the backyard or outside the house, it can get fleas.

The other possible ways your rabbit can get fleas are described below.


Can Rabbits Get Fleas From Hay?

Can rabbits get fleas from Hay? Hay is a lovely place where your rabbits get fleas. If you live near a village or a city where your house is near Hay, your rabbits would go outside and will get these fleas.

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Can Rabbits Get Fleas From Grass?

Let’s discuss “Can rabbits get fleas from the grass”. Wild grasses do have fleas in them, and in summers, these are the favorite places of fleas. You can expect your rabbit to get fleas from the grass and will exhibit strange behavior after getting fleas, such as it starts constant licking its fur or body, trying to scratch itself, or licking itself with tongue.

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Can Rabbits Get Fleas From Dogs and Cats?

Can rabbits get fleas from cats and dogs? You can also see Wild Rabbit Fleas On Dogs or Rabbit Fleas On Cats. If you have extra pets such as cat or dog, and your rabbit has fleas, it can infect your other pets. You should keep your infected bunny away from your dog and cat.

This way, you can prevent the spread of fleas because fleas spread is very fast; they quickly jump from one animal to another and infect the next prey sucking the blood of its host and causing many infectious diseases to it.

Can rabbits get fleas
Can Rabbits Get Fleas – Rabbit Flea Treatment


Can Rabbit Fleas Live On Humans?

Humans are safe from rabbit fleas. They cannot live on humans and suck their blood. The primary host of fleas is a rabbit which can get serious infectious diseases from the fleas. Even if you see rabbit fleas on humans, the flea cannot get attached to the human hair because it lacks the attachment sites such as dogs, cats and rabbits. The flea will bite humans and will jump to another host because it cannot stay on it.


What To Do If Your Rabbit Gets Fleas? Rabbits Flea Treatment and Prevention

We have discussed: can rabbits get fleas. Now, we will discuss rabbit flea treatment and the prevention of the rabbits getting fleas. Critical analysis and best treatment and medicines that can be used for this are described here. I have also discussed rabbit flea prevention so that rabbit fleas are prevented before getting attached to your pet.


Do Rabbits Need Flea Treatment?

Let’s get deeper into Flea treatment for rabbits. Do rabbits need flea treatment? It is essential to get your rabbit treated if it gets fleas. They can cause many diseases to it and will get it sick. Therefore, to make it go green and healthy again, you should visit a vet, and he will prescribe safe flea treatment for rabbits.

If your house has a dog or a cat, you have to keep them away from your rabbit. Fleas are contagious, and they fly off from one animal to another and get attached to them. So, how to treat fleas on rabbits?


How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas On My Rabbit?

How To Treat Bunny For Fleas? You do not see any specific medicines or topical creams that can be used for rabbits. There are many methods you can use to get rid of fleas. You can use specific ointments, topical creams, medicines that help to soar, and maintain sanitization and cleanliness in your home and bathe your rabbit regular to keep the fleas away from your rabbit.

Cleanliness can be the best way to treat your rabbit with fleas. You can follow up on the vet’s advice and medicines given by him to treat your rabbit who has caught fleas.


Can I Use Cat Flea Treatment On My Rabbit?

Can I use cat flea treatment on my rabbit? Yes, it is safe for any rabbit to get treated by cat fleas treatment products. You can use the medicines or the topical treatments for cats on your rabbit, but the medicines may be painful during the infestation (the reproduction period of fleas).


Best Rabbit Flea Treatment

Have you read the “can rabbits get fleas” and now looking for the Best flea treatment for rabbits? In this section, we will see some of the best Rabbit flea treatment you can opt to get your rabbit treated quickly and in a less painful way.

As such, we do not see any medicine that we can use to treat fleas on rabbits. But, some products could alleviate the pain suffered by the rabbits and let the fleas go away.

This is a list of the best products that could be used for flea treatment

Advantage Flea Treatment For Rabbits

Advantage Flea Treatment For Rabbits is a topical cream that is made for fleas in cats, but we see this topical cream could also be used for rabbits as it is tested and suggested by the vets, and they consider it safe.

How to use it?

We can and apply this topical medicine directly on the fur and neck for one month. In case you see any allergic reaction on the skin of your rabbit, you should immediately take it to the nearby vet clinic and call animal control. This topical medicine is available all over the US and is also available on Amazon. You can order it online and try it on your rabbit.


Rabbit Fleas Vinegar Treatment

Rabbit Fleas Vinegar is also a widely used treatment for getting rid of fleas. It has anti-bacterial properties and can kill fleas quickly without hurting the rabbit.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar?

  •         Pour one part of the water.
  •         Add one tablespoon of vinegar.
  •         Stir it well and put it into a spray bottle
  •         Sprinkle the water on your rabbit

You can also add the apple cider vinegar to your rabbit’s water, and it will also help it fighting with the fleas. You can add two tablespoons of Apple Vinegar to 4 Liters of water.


Revolution Flea Treatment For Rabbits

Revolution Flea Treatment For Rabbits is a popular treatment used to kill fleas. It is a topical cream that can be applied to the rabbit’s fur every month. It has been tested for rabbits and approved and regarded as safe for the use of rabbits. Back in the past, vets used it to treat fleas in cats and dogs.

It works by blocking the Nerves of fleas and stopping any signals from reaching the brain of the flea. In this way, flea becomes paralyzed, and this can kill it slowly. So, Revolution can be used without fear and is a widely used topical treatment in the United States.


How Important Is Rabbit Flea Prevention

Let’s see Flea prevention for rabbits. One should be very cautious in the prevention process; you need to ensure that the fleas do not come back into your house. For that purpose, you can sprinkle the Fleabuster on the area where you suspect the fleas. During this time, make sure that you don’t have your bunny in your home.


Can Rabbits Die From Fleas?

Can rabbits get fleas and die from them? Usually, it is straightforward to deal with fleas. You can try out all the methods given above to help your rabbit with fleas. If one ignores the rabbit fleas, you can see that severe infections can happen and cause the death of rabbits in some cases. So, it is advisable to get rid of fleas as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kills fleas instantly?

Many things are here which can kill the flees instantly on rabbits. You can use the following things on your rabbi to kill the fleas instantly:

  • Lemonade
  • Alcohol
  • Dish soap
  • Ethanol
  • Salt Water


Will fleas go away on their own?

No, won’t go on their own; you have to make sure you are doing the right things for your rabbit and making your house spray with anti-flee spray. You can apply some topical treatments and use the rectified spirit on your rabbit to instantly kill the fleas.


Final Verdict On Can Rabbits Get Fleas

Can Rabbits Get Fleas? We have discussed all the things required to get rid of the flees. You have to get to know about the flees and see what they look like on a pet. They leave their marks as Flee Dirt or faeces, which are found as spots on pets’ skin.

Can rabbits get fleas
Can Rabbits Get Fleas – Rabbit Flea Treatment

Rabbits can get health issues from grasses, hays, and even dogs and cats if they are infected with fleas. They can also bite humans but are not able to infect and pass diseases. One can get rid of them by using medicines and topical creams specifically for cats and dogs.

You can also use lemonade and baking soda to get rid of the flees instantly. But, keeping the house clean and keeping your rabbit away from any damp and dirty place is necessary to prevent it from getting any flee infection.

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