Can Dogs Eat Takis? Dog Ate Takis (3 Brutal Symptoms)

Can dogs eat Takis? No! Dogs can’t eat Takis. If you never want your dog to get sick, then think twice about ever giving them anything processed like Takis. Junk foods like these should be avoided at all costs because they may create numerous health damaging issues for your pup. Instead, reach for something that is safe and healthy for dogs so there are no worries on either end.


What Are Takis?

Takis are a popular junk food in the United States that is similar to potato chips. They’re made with corn, rice flour and cheese or beef flavorings, so they can be described as fried dough squares doused in salt and lime juice. Although Takis might sound like something appealing for your dog to try (especially if you have a pup who likes to chew), it’s best for them to not be given any processed food like this.

Can dogs eat takis
Can Dogs Eat Takis – My Dog Ate Takis – Can Dogs Have Takis?


Takis History

Takis were first made in 1990 by a company called Wise Foods. In their early days, the chips got attention for being more than just junk food – they had a nutritious quality that was rare among processed foods on the market at the time. They sold well and gained popularity with other cultures outside of North America, such as India and China.

The name “Takis” comes from the Mexican word for taco. They were named after tacos because they are fried in oil like a traditional taco, and they come in flavors that mimic those of typical tacos such as beef, chicken or pork. It’s likely that Takis have become so popular all around the world due to their resemblance to the popular Mexican food.


Takis Flavors

Takis come in different flavors, colors and shapes depending on the flavor of taco that they are supposed to represent. The beef flavored Takis resembled ground beef tacos with a brown color and crinkle shape while the chicken ones were yellowish-orange in color with a wavy look to them. Pork takis are also brown and crinkly but are a bit smaller in size.

Some of the most popular flavors that Takis come in include beef, chicken, pork, fish or black pepper with cheese. They even have takis made from corn instead of wheat flour for those who want to avoid gluten intake. Some other less common flavors such as green avocado, seaweed and pineapple are also available in some regions.


Takis Effects On Dogs

Potentially Dangerous Ingredients: Takis contain wheat flour as their main ingredient which can lead to an upset stomach or worse if your dog has gluten allergies. They may also be processed with meat by-products such as beef liver that could trigger a food allergy in your dog.

Worst Cases Scenario: If a Takis-sized portion is consumed, your pup could get very sick and will need to be taken to the vet for treatment. This can result from eating too many takis or doing so quickly which causes them to expand inside of their stomach with air pockets that lead to gas and stomach pain.

Takis are a type of popular junk food, often sold in bags with the slogan “put your mouth on it”. However, although they may seem like an innocent meal choice for yourself or even your pet — dogs can have Takis, but it is not recommended.

Dogs can’t have Takis because they are bad for them and often come with harmful ingredients such as wheat flour, meat byproducts or MSG that could potentially cause your dog to get very sick.


Takis Ingredients

The main ingredients in Takis are corn, rice flour and cheese or beef flavoring. These can be problematic for your dog because of the high level of fat they contain, which is bad for their stomachs.


Takis For Dogs Recipe

So, if you’re not too worried about your dog eating Takis then there’s no reason to worry on either end. However, since the main ingredients in these chips are corn and rice flour (which can be hard for dogs to digest) it is better to give them a healthy alternative that will make them love you just as much!


Can Dogs Eat Takis?

No! Why Can’t Dogs Have Takis? Takis are a highly processed junk food and they’re loaded with sodium, fat, sugar, and artificial flavors that can cause some serious health issues for your dog. While there are no reports of dogs dying from eating Takis, they might get a tummy ache or feel nauseous.


Can I Feed Takis To My Dog?

No! Takis are unhealthy for your dog. Dogs can’t process junk food well because it’s too rich in sodium, fat, sugar and artificial flavors that could cause some serious health problems to their stomachs or make them feel nauseous.


Are Takis For Dogs Safe?

We don’t recommend giving your pup any processed junk food all together – even if it’s just one! Feeding them treats that are healthy for their diet is best so you can avoid unnecessary health issues.


What Health Issues Are Caused By Dog Eating Takis?

Are you not convinced on why is Takis bad for your dog, then here are a few reasons:

  • Takis can lead to obesity. Giving them any type of food that is processed like these chips will make them hungry for more and they may even overeat their regular meal!
  • Dogs who have eaten Takis in the past may develop pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a serious inflammation in your dog’s pancreas and it can lead to pancreatic cancer.
  • Dogs who have eaten Takis may also develop acute necrotizing hepatitis, which will cause organ failure!
  • If you think that the health risks of giving them junk food like these chips are not bad enough; it can also lead to a furball.
  • Dogs who have eaten Takis may develop “toxic megacolon”. This is a life threatening condition and will require emergency surgery!
Can dogs eat takis
Can Dogs Eat Takis?


My Dog Ate Takis, What Should I Do?

If your dog ate Takis, or you think they have eaten them previously and may eat them again; make sure to call your veterinarian right away! If there is a little time before the appointment, try feeding smaller meals. Dogs who are eating junk food like these chips are hungry for more and overeating with their regular meal will only lead to an even bigger problem.

Also remember to check your garbage and any other trash cans in the house that you know they can get into! This could save a life!


The Signs of Toxic Megacolon in Dogs

Symptoms for this condition include: constipation, sudden weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea and straining to poop. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms after eating Takis it’s time to get them checked out! There may be a blockage that needs immediate attention.


Takis Side Effects

Can Dogs Eat Takis? No. Some side effects that may come from eating junk foods like these include vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and weight loss. If you notice these symptoms in your dog after eating Takis, it’s a good idea to get them checked up by the vet!

Scary side effects: Takis can lead to obesity, intestinal blockages, and a number of other health problems if not treated promptly.

Since this is junk food you should never give your dog any type of human snack foods such as chips or cookies unless they are specifically made for dogs (and even then moderation is key).


What To Do If My Dog Eats Taki Accidentally?

Can Dogs eat Takis? No! Just because they ate Takis doesn’t mean it will be an immediate problem. But it is best to have your dog checked out by a vet as soon as possible if you notice the symptoms listed above, even after just one accidental consumption of these unhealthy chips.


How To Treat A Dog That Ate Taki?

Since dogs have different needs, it’s best to consult with your vet about the next step. In general, some treatments include IV fluids and medications that can help relieve stomach upset if needed.

  • It is important to get a dog checked out as soon as possible in case of an obstruction or other serious problems associated with junk food consumption.
  • Once a dog has been treated, it is important to monitor their activity and diet for the next few days to make sure they are feeling better.
  • Monitor your dogs’ weight closely as well: if you notice an increase in appetite or lack of energy, consult with a vet about possible underlying health issues related to junk food consumption.


How To Prevent Dogs Eating Taki Again?

By following these steps, you can help prevent your dog from eating Takis.

  1. Keep junk food out of sight: don’t keep it in the house or in reachable areas where they may be tempted to grab for it when no one is looking.
  2. Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks around for your pup.
  3. Buy a dog toy for your pup to chew on instead of Takis.
  4. Monitor their activity closely: if they seem lethargic or are not interested in food, it could be because you gave them junk food and should contact your vet immediately.


How To Train Dog To Not Eat Taki In The Future?

There are a few steps to take in order to train your dog that Takis is not for them.

  • Avoid feeding your pup junk food as much as possible: if you have any leftovers, put it away after the meal and don’t let them see it again.
  • Reward good behavior with treats or snacks: if they go more than five minutes without snacking, let them have a small treat.
  • Offer healthy snacks to your pup: if you are out and about with your dog and don’t want to take more food for them, try giving them carrots or green beans instead of Takis.


Takis and Dogs: Can Puppies Eat Taki?

Can Dogs eat Takis? No! Puppies can’t eat Takis because of what it contains, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Puppies are always looking for something with a high energy content and this is one food item that has just the right amount. It won’t take long before your dog realizes his quest for junk food


What Is A Substitute To Taki For Dogs?

A substitute for Takis that most dogs love is cheese. Dogs may not be able to eat a whole slice of cold cut pizza, but they’ll gobble up a piece of string cheese in one bite.

Can dogs eat takis
Can Dogs Eat Takis? – My Dog Ate Takis – Can Dogs Have Takis?


Final Verdict On Can Dogs Eat Takis

When it comes down to it, we want what’s best for our pup and so should you! Always keep your dog’s health and safety in mind when it comes to junk foods like Takis. Can Dogs eat Takis?

A final note on why the dog should never eat these Takis chips: even if your animal has not shown any of these symptoms, they surely are unhealthy for your dog. Takis are extremely unhealthy for both you and your pet so please do not feed them to your dogs!


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