Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate? (9 Interesting Food Facts)

Petting a rabbit comes with a lot of questions. The most common questions are questions related to their diet. Rabbits are animals that live mostly on hay, leafy vegetables, and sometimes grass. However, sometimes people experiment with the diet of rabbits to make them more creative, but the owners should understand that it is not recommended to experiment with the diet of rabbits. Rabbits need their basic diet and that is best for them.

Can rabbits eat pomegranate? No, rabbits can not eat pomegranate and owners should never feed their rabbits with pomegranate. Pomegranate is very high in sugar, which can cause obesity and it also contains seeds, which have no nutritional value for rabbits and cause stomach problems among the pet rabbits.

Can rabbits eat pomegranate
Can rabbits eat pomegranate?


Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate?

Rabbits cannot eat pomegranates. Pomegranate is not considered a good food for rabbits. It contains a lot of sugar and phosphorus, which is said to harm the rabbit. Pomegranate can also cause overweight among rabbits.

Furthermore, such food can also cause digestion problems among rabbits. The digestive system in rabbits will find it difficult to separate the seeds and the fruit, which is also harmful to the rabbits.

It is advised that the owner should not feed their rabbits pomegranate fruit as it is not good for their health. The best food for a rabbit would be green leaves and vegetables that provide them with sufficient nutrients.


Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate Rind?

No, the owner should avoid feeding the pomegranate rind to their pets, not only is it bad for their health, it is very awful in taste. Furthermore, the pomegranate rind is also very hard to chew and it becomes difficult for them to eat the rind.

In addition, the rind of the pomegranate is also acidic, so it comprises the risks of creating stomach problems among rabbits. Even feeding pomegranate fruit is not recommended. It tastes good and is healthy so it is highly not recommended to feed the pet rabbit rind of a pomegranate. Rabbits like to eat something that tastes good and pomegranate rind is not a tasty option for them.


Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

No, the owners should never feed their pet rabbit pomegranate or any other fruit seeds. The seeds of many fruits are dangerous to the rabbits and they are considered toxic for them. If the owner feeds their pet, seeds, or even the fruit itself, they should expect their rabbit to get sick. It is highly recommended to not feed pomegranate seeds to the rabbits.

However, if the owner eats the seeds in small quantities, it may not affect as adversely as feeding too many seeds to the rabbits. There are many YouTube videos in which people shoot their rabbit pets eating pomegranates, however, it should be noted that it is very bad for their health. The owners should not follow such videos.

In addition, the pomegranate seeds don’t carry any nutritional benefits for rabbits and it is often difficult to separate the seeds from the fruit because there are too many seeds in the pomegranate, so it is best to not feed the pomegranate at all.


Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate Leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat all types even pomegranate leaves are safe for rabbits, though there won’t be as many nutrients present in pomegranate leaves as there would be in spinach broccoli, or carrot.

Pomegranate leaves will also help in removing excess weight. However, pomegranate leaves may not have a good taste and the rabbit may not like it at all. Overall, pomegranate leaves are good for rabbits but they may not like having them.


Can Rabbits Drink Pomegranate Juice?

No, the owner should not give pomegranate juice to rabbits either. A pomegranate juice pack purchased from the market contains additives and preservatives that make it toxic for rabbits to consume. Furthermore, these packed juices contain high levels of sugars that are also harmful to rabbits.

Rabbits just need water and nothing else in liquid form. Feeding pomegranate juice to a rabbit may disturb the stomach of the rabbit and lead to bloating and diarrhea which would further lead to stress among the rabbit.

Being overweight is another problem that a rabbit may face after drinking pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice is in no way helpful to rabbits, it will do more loss than benefits to rabbits’ health. So it is better to avoid feeding the pomegranate juice or any other juice to rabbits.


Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate Branches?

No, rabbits don’t eat pomegranate branches and owners should never feed branches to their pet rabbits. A branch would be too hard for a rabbit to digest if the rabbit eats it in the first place. Most of the rabbits won’t eat it, because it would not taste good.

Even if a rabbit tries to eat a pomegranate branch, the owner should never let them eat it. Even a tree branch can cause stomach problems as a rabbit’s gut won’t be able to digest the branch properly. It is best to feed the basic rabbit food to rabbits, to make your pet thrive.


Can Rabbits Eat Dried Pomegranate?

No, rabbits are unable to have dried pomegranates. Dried pomegranate contains higher sugar levels. Though rabbit owners can give dried pomegranate still it should be given in very little quantity. Even if a dried pomegranate contains seeds, it will cause the same problem among rabbits that a fresh pomegranate would. It is best not to feed dried pomegranate to rabbits.


Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate Skin?

Can rabbits eat pomegranate peel? No, the owner of a rabbit should never feed their pets the skin of a pomegranate. Pomegranate skin has a bad taste and a rabbit may not even take a bite. Furthermore, pomegranate skin also is very hard to eat and digest, it can cause serious illness among the rabbit so it is highly recommended to avoid feeding the skin of pomegranate to the rabbit.


Can Pet Rabbits Eat Pomegranates?

No, pet rabbits cannot eat pomegranates. It is advised not to feed the pomegranate fruit to rabbits as seeds present in the pomegranate would not be digested by the rabbit and may cause bloating or diarrhea among the rabbits.

Can rabbits eat pomegranate
Can rabbits eat pomegranate?


Can Rabbits Eat Raw Pomegranate?

No, rabbits cannot eat a raw pomegranate, feeding a pomegranate would lead to stomach issues among the pet. Rabbits cannot digest seeds that are present in pomegranate and it is not possible to separate the seeds of pomegranate to fruit. Furthermore, pomegranate is a sweet fruit that can make rabbits overweight. So it is highly recommended not to feed pomegranate to rabbits. The owner should feed leafy greens, vegetables, and hay to the rabbit.


Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Pomegranate?

No, rabbits can neither have cooked pomegranate. Pomegranates contain seeds and seeds are not good for rabbits. Rabbits won’t be able to digest the pomegranate. It is recommended to never feed the rabbit with pomegranate.


Can Rabbits Eat Frozen Pomegranate?

Can you feed rabbits pomegranate that is frozen? No, rabbits can’t have frozen pomegranates. Fresh pomegranates themselves are harmful to rabbits and feeding frozen pomegranates is riskier. Pomegranate fruit is not compatible with the diet of rabbits. Rabbits require simple hay as their staple feed. Even a small amount of pomegranate may cause stomach issues. It is recommended to not feed fresh or frozen pomegranate to the rabbit pet.


What Are The Health Issues With Feeding Rabbits Pomegranate Excessively?

Feeding pomegranate to rabbits is not ideal. The digestive system of Rabbits can’t separate seeds and fruits. This makes it difficult for rabbits and causes digestion problems. Furthermore, pomegranate is a very sweet fruit that also makes it inappropriate for a rabbit to consume pomegranate. Some of the problems with feeding pomegranate to rabbits include obesity, seeds, digestive problems.



The sugar levels of a pomegranate are very high. High levels of sugar intake can lead to overweight among rabbits and can cause other related problems to obesity. When a rabbit is petted, their ability to run and exercise is reduced dramatically, even though they get good care. Which increases their weight and reduces their lifespan.

To avoid making the rabbit overweight, it is best to avoid feeding pomegranate and other fruits that are high in sugar.



Seeds present in pomegranate are also not healthy for rabbits. All types of seeds including pomegranate are toxic for rabbits. Seeds can cause digestive problems among rabbits. Furthermore, seeds also possess the risk of getting stuck in the throat of the rabbit and may choke the rabbit. Further, seeds also don’t carry any nutritional benefits for rabbits.

Many foods can be consumed by separating the fruit from seed however it is not possible when it comes to pomegranate. This is the reason why owners should avoid feeding pomegranate to their pet rabbits.


Digestive Problems

Together with being rich in sugar levels, pomegranates are also high in acidic content, which is harmful to the sensitive system of Rabbits. When an owner feeds their rabbit pomegranate, it will most likely end up disturbing the stomach of the rabbit. 

After eating a pomegranate, it is very common in rabbits to have a stomach ache, loose stools, diarrhea, and other stomach-related problems. Stomach problems are very stressful among rabbits, this is the reason why it is best to avoid feeding the pomegranate to the rabbit.

All these reasons make the pomegranate not ideal for rabbits. Even if given in little quantities can have dangerous effects on the stomach of the rabbit. When it comes to feeding a rabbit, the owner should only feed what is required. Which is also healthy for a rabbit.

The majority of the diet of a rabbit should consist of hay, which is the basic requirement of rabbits. Furthermore, the owner can also feed pellets three to four times a week. Furthermore, leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots are also good choices as snacks.

The owner should make sure that they feed a variety of food to their pet that includes various vegetables and fruits that have different textures and flavors, this keeps the rabbit happy and increases their life span.


Final Verdict – Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate

Petting a rabbit is a soothing experience. However, many people debate and question when it comes to feeding the rabbit. Many people ask can rabbits eat pomegranates?  No, rabbits can’t eat pomegranates. The seeds present in the pomegranate would cause trouble among the rabbits as they find it difficult to digest them.

Pomegranate is also a fruit very rich in sugar, it can cause obesity among rabbits. So it is best for the owners to never feed their rabbits, a pomegranate.

Can rabbits eat pomegranate
Can rabbits eat pomegranate? Can rabbits eat pomegranate in captivity? Can rabbits eat pomegranate in the wild?

Sometimes, owners also ask if the rabbit can eat the rind of the pomegranate, the branches, or leaves of the pomegranate. The owner should note that they can feed their pet with pomegranate leaves, however, these leaves may not be as nutritious as their staple diet.

However, when it comes to branches or rinds of pomegranates, it is highly recommended to never feed such items to the rabbit, they taste bad and are difficult to chew.

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