Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay : 5 Brutal Health Issues

There are a lot of bunnies who are fed because of the regular foods they are served with. If you think that your Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay, this article is for you. All in one guide for people are saying their Rabbit Stopped Eating Hay or My Rabbit Hates Hay.

There may be many reasons for this; we will discuss all the possible reasons and what to do in this case when a rabbit stopped eating hay. Let us start the article and see what this means and what to do and what you can feed in place of hay if it is still saying no to Hay.

Rabbit won't eat hay
Rabbit won’t eat hay what should I do


Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay

Why Does a Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay? Why won’t my Rabbit eat hay or pellets? Several reasons make your bunny get fed up with the hay, and he will not eat it. Let us look for some reasons for this.


Reasons Your Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay

Numerous reasons exist that make rabbits not eat hay. The top reason that let this situation happen are:

Hay Is Given Excessively

If you are feeding more hay to your bunny and not changing its diet, then it is probable that your Rabbit won’t eat hay. It would help if you changed your Rabbit’s diet, and you can feed it some other things which will make some changes to its taste buds.


Alternatives of Hay

The best alternatives for hay are as following:

  1. Carrots for bunny
  2. Lettuce
  3. Wheat Grass
  4. Broccoli


Mood Swings For Pregnant Rabbits

The second factor we count while discussing why a rabbit won’t eat hay is the pregnant rabbits with mood swings. Yes! Just like the female humans have mood swings, rabbits also have mood swings, and they might not like the regular food during that time. You need to change the diet and eat more fresh content such as fresh vegetables that will give it more energy and nutrients for the baby’s development.

During pregnancy, you should take proper care of your bunny’s diet and feed it with more nutritious foods that will provide extra antioxidants and minerals for the healthy nourishment and development of the newborn.


Rabbit Starts Liking Other Foods 

This is also a reason that will make you think why your Rabbit won’t eat hay. If you are too busy feeding your Rabbit with foods other than hay, it will not like hay anymore.

People tend to feed candies, homemade food, and other sweet foods to their rabbits; it is not a bad thing, but it will make your Rabbit love homemade and sweet foods more than nutritious hay is more beneficial to the rabbits.

So, it is not recommended that you frequently feed your bunny with food other than hay that will let them think that they are not made for eating simple grass, which is the essential and natural diet of rabbits.


How Much Hay Does A Rabbit Eat?

Rabbits eat a lot of hay each day. You can expect the primary diet of a bunny to be hay. Many people also ask it: do rabbits eat hay only? No! it is not right, but there should be a balanced ratio of hay the hares need in a day.


Hay Needed By Rabbits Each Day

The essential hay that bunny needs each day is 1/8 Cups (For Every Bunny whose weight is under five pounds)


Do Rabbits Need To Eat Hay?

A Rabbit Eating Hay is a good gesture that it is getting complete nutrition and minerals required for their growth and development. Hay should be made mandatory for the bunnies because it is a vital part of their diet. It contains vitamins, proteins, fibers that help in easy and healthy digestion.


A Healthy Diet Of A Bunny

A healthy diet of a bunny includes the following things:

  • Standard Grass and Hay
  • Fresh vegetables, including carrots
  • Fiber-rich Foods
  • Pellets
  • Lettuce and other nutritious items

Can Bunny eat cucumbers?


Can Rabbits Live Without Hay?

A Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay for a while, but it will not say no to hay for a long time because it is like a rabbit to eat hay. The bunny may find itself fascinating not eating hay because it will get used to many other things fed to it.

It will significantly affect the bunny, but it is also not very good for our hare. It would help if you made it eat hay because it is the only diet meal that will help it thrive.

Rabbit won't eat hay
Rabbit Wont Eat Hay


What Happens If a Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay?

What Happens If A Rabbit Doesn’t Eat Hay? If your hairy friend is no longer eating hay, it is an alarming situation that needs to be addressed quickly and adequately. A rabbit will face serious complications when it is not eating hay.


Health Issues With Rabbit Not Eating Hay

These situations are encountered if a Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay


Swollen Teeth

The rabbits will have swollen teeth if they are not eating enough or no hay. They will require the hay for the proper development and nourishment of their teeth.


Cavities and Gums

After swollen teeth, we see cavities and gums to be continuously affecting the bunnies. The bunnies will have a tough time eating any other thing as it will give them painful periods where they need proper medication and sometimes may need a dental visit to assure that no permanent damage has been done to the teeth.


Upset Digestive Tract

The fiber in the hay makes a good diet for the good digestion of a rabbit. They will efficiently manage to digest the meal they have, and their appetite will increase and make them more healthy and adorable. So, you should take care of this thing that good hay or grass is always available for the bunnies.


Weaker Immune System

Directly or indirectly, hay is also responsible for a healthy immune system of a bunny. Hay is the primary diet for bunnies, and they will make fluctuations in their body according to the amount of available hay in their body. A healthy amount of hay means a healthy immune function because it supplies all the primary nutrients and minerals for forming the soldiers or the white blood cells of a rabbit.

So, we should make sure that edible and plenty of grass or hay is always there for the bunny for a healthy and proper immune function.


How Long Can A Rabbit Go Without Eating Hay?

There are many opinions on this topic. I have researched on this and have calculated that, on average, we can consider a rabbit can quit hay or grass for 13 to 14 hours but not longer than this.

It would be ethically wrong to keep your bunny hungry for a longer time. Therefore, if you see that your Rabbit is not eating for several hours, you should consider and make a substitute diet for your Rabbit that it could eat, such as pellets or tricks or any homemade food that you used to feed your bunny.


What To Do If Rabbit Is Not Eating Hay?

Why Is My Rabbit Not Eating Hay? What is wrong with it? People may also be searching for questions like My Rabbit Won’t Eat; what should I do? The first thing you should see is to check if your Rabbit has any swollen gums and cavities hindering it from eating.

Secondly, you should also see if your Rabbit has complex bowel movements. It could also decrease a rabbit’s appetite and will cause rabbits not to eat hay.

Seek proper medication if the situation is not getting any better. Take your bunny to a vet hospital and get it treated there if it has digestive and intestinal aches and burns.


How To Encourage A Rabbit To Eat

A Rabbit Eating Less Hay is not a good sign; you need to know how to get Rabbit To Eat Hay? Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay on its own if it does; you have to make some extra effort for your bunny to let it eat hay or anything.

These are the possible ways you can adopt to get your Rabbit to eat food

  1. Try Mixing Many Hays For Your Rabbit
  2. Mixing New And Leafy Vegetables
  3. Be Creative – Decorate The Bunny Plate
  4. Go Crazy Vegan And Find Freshly Picked Food For Your Rabbit
  5. Do Not Let Rabbit Stick To Other Edibles
  6. Make Sure Hay Is Always There For Your Bunny
  7. Mixing Hay With Treats


How Do You Force Feed A Rabbit?

Do Bunnies Eat Hay If You Force them to eat? A Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay, and sometimes you may need to do this and let it eat hay forcefully.


Syringe Feeding : An Excellent Idea For Feeding a Rabbit

You can feed your Rabbit with a syringe. It is one of the best, the safest, and the well-known method used for feeding a rabbit if it is not eating much or not eating anything at all.


Syringe feeding Is Crucial For A Healthy Digestive Function

Syringe feeding becomes an essential need if you see that your Rabbit is not eating and has been hungry for hours. An empty stomach will cause many complications, such as restricted movements of the gut. It will cause pain in the lower abdomen of the bunny, which will cause it to quit eating. Hence here, we are forced to feed it with a syringe.

You can feed vital minerals and fibers to your bunny with a syringe, and it will help it get most of the diet, and you can rely on this method until you have got your Rabbit checked by a doctor. Make sure you provide all the medicine prescribed by the doctor so that it may make a speedy recovery, and hence you can take your bunny to a regular diet routine of hay after it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should You Change A Rabbit’s Hay?

Do Rabbits Stop Eating When They Are Full? Many people think that if a rabbit is whole or if its hay has not been changed for a while, then the Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay. Yes! It is accurate, and you can try changing the Rabbit’s hay daily. Yes! Once a day is good. Your Rabbit will happily eat the fresh hay and will not be reluctant to eat it.


How Long Does 1kg Of Hay Last A Rabbit?

The amount of hay eaten by the Rabbit is directly proportional to its mass. If we talk about a rabbit about 5-6 pounds, it will take 2.5 days on average for a rabbit to consume 1 kg of hay. So, you can adjust your hay and budget according to the weight of your bunny.


Final Verdict On Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay

In this article, we have discussed: Why Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay? A rabbit has hay as its primary diet, and it is the basic food fed to a rabbit so that its proper teeth formation with healthy gums and cavities is assured.

Rabbit won't eat hay
Rabbit Won’t Eat Hay : what should I do

You can also feed up a rabbit with the same bland meal, and you need to change it at periodic times with different meals. The diets that could be taken into account are treats, homemade items, Alfalfa, and other grasses.

Several factors may contribute to a rabbit that is not eating hay. We could tackle those by providing alternative edibles to the Rabbit. So, you need to read this all-in-one guide if you are looking for an excellent article on a rabbit that won’t eat hay properly.

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