Chihuahua Bite Force : Can Chihuahua Kill A Person? 7 Interesting Facts

Have you ever heard that a chihuahua killing a person with whom it is living? Most people are curious about the Chihuahua bite force, as it is considered one of the deadliest bite forces. My friend once told me that he was bitten by a Chihuahua and said that it was so strong that he almost fell unconscious.

What do you think the Chihuahua’s Bite force is? It may be shocking to hear but actual Chihuahua Bite force is between 3900 and 4200 Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI).

But is it true? Let’s find out! This is the commonly known chihuahua bite force in pounds.

This article will discuss the hot topic of Chihuahua bite force and the possible effects of such a bite, and how you tackle it and then train chihuahua not to bite. Let’s dive into the paper and explore fatal Chihuahua attacks.

Chihuahua bite force
chihuahua bite force – fatal chihuahua attacks – chihuahua kills person


Chihuahua Bite Force

A dog bite force is not simple. It is a measure both in newton and pounds.

The Chihuahua dog breed is famous because of its bite force. People believe that it has the deadliest bite and also that Chihuahua kills person by its bite.

Chihuahua bite force Reddit, what do you know about it? I didn’t have a chance where I could allow a Chihuahua to bite me, and I could tell you whether it was above the level of bear or not.

A strong chihuahua bite will make your skin numb and make you feel faint.


Professor Coren Bite Force Experiment

There is an experiment which is done by one of the most outstanding scientists Professor Coren. The experiment was performed in 2010. He said that he examined many animals and measured their bite force.


Chihuahua Bite Force Vs. Lion

If I say it correctly, Coren concluded that the bite force of a lion is only 600 PSI., and we have told you before that Chihuahua has a bite force of 3900 PSI! Can you believe it? Me neither!

At first glance, when I read the post and researched Coren, I didn’t believe it.

But, I was more curious when I found out that the Chihuahua bite force and Chihuahua kills person around it, which according to a Google search, is fake!

There is no way to say that the Chihuahua can bite deadlier than the lion or anything. And there are no reported incidents of fatal chihuahua attacks.


How Coren Explained?

Corren explained that to calculate the bite force of a dog, you have to consider the following thing

  • Canines
  • Incisors
  • Head and Mouth Width

So, if you carefully see, it can be concluded that a Chihuahua cannot have a bite force of 3900 PSI. It is baseless, and it is physically not possible.


Do Chihuahuas Bite Hard?

Chihuahua bite force is brutal, and we don’t doubt its strength. But, it is mistakenly said that the bite strength is above 3000 psi. I mean, how come such a small dog be so deadly that a chihuahua kills person anyhow?

All these are the nun’s tales, and you don’t have to believe that. They may be biting hard, but they are not biting so hard that you think all the things present on Google.


How To Measure Chihuahua Bite Force?

There’s no way you can accurately measure the bite force of a Chihuahua. But, there is a comparison that we can make and then guess how brutal the bite force could be! So, let’s do it!

Comparison of Different Breeds

Studies have suggested that these dogs have  the following bite force

Different Dog Breeds Bite Force In PSI Units
Kangal743 PSI
Bandog 730 PSI
Cane Corso 700 PSI


So, as you have seen, all these dogs have more physique and power than the Chihuahuas. They can easily win a fight with the Chihuahua puppies.

So, in my regard and personal opinion, a Chihuahua does not have a bite force of 3900. But, indeed, its bits very hard that you may have your finger or arm cut if it bites your baby or small kids.

So, what is the chihuahua bite force in pounds? If I guess, I would be gladly saying that based on all the facts and figures, the Chihuahua bite force would not be more than 150 PSI.

That has considered the same factors of size, canines, and incisors while taking this into account.

Also, if anyone with good senses makes a wild guess, it would be roughly 100 to 150 psi. The size of the jaw and the puppy’s size says it all. And the Chihuahuas are small dogs with aggressive behavior, which made them have a wrong fact.

So, you don’t need to worry about the bite force being 3900 PSI., and it is entirely wrong and misinterpreted.

What is the pomeranian bite force? It is about 530 PSI. It is more than the Chihuahuas.


Can A Chihuahua Bite Your Finger Off?

What is the correct stance on fatal Chihuahua attacks? Can they rip off an arm?

According to the researchers, measuring the bite force of many dogs is hard. It would be easy for a dog to bite off a body part.

But, in the case of Chihuahuas, as we have seen, a Chihuahua does not have such a strength, body mass, and size, which will let me conclude that it can bite a hand or arm in reality.

But, there are chances that this dog may bite off a finer of a small kid or fragile woman.

So, it is not good that you keep this dog around the women and kids who this aggressive puppy no likes. Chihuahua attack is widespread when it is angry.


Is Chihuahua Bites Dangerous?

Chihuahua bite forces are dangerous! This dog should not be kept near the ladies and kids where it is not familiarized or is naïve.

But, the second factor which I should take into account while predicting that it is dangerous or not is the size of your Chihuahua.

If you have just bought a puppy and it is a baby, it would not be hazardous. But, when these puppies get mature, they are dangerous and make life worse for others if they start biting people.

So, it is an excellent practice to make sure that your dog is not developing any habit of biting people in public places or your home.


Statistics About Chihuahua Bite

Now, let me tell you the figures which are related to the Chihuahua bite force.

I know you are also curious to know that this aggressive breed mainly attacks people. I was also looking for the same thing. I have studied a well-researched article by the Medical Association of Colorado VETs. 

I found out that these are the two primary victims of chihuahua bite:

The vets who were checking the Chihuahuas

Small kids who come in association with these mean puppies.

Another popular research I had come across was that all this data was collected after having a social experiment and randomly asking over 3000 to 4000 masses.


Has Anyone Ever Been Killed By A Chihuahua?

Chihuahua bite force is evil, but do you think that it may have killed any person? I also believe that it will never be killing anyone because it does not seem like a killer dog.

But, I was having chills when I read the report of the fatalities caused by these dogs.

I saw that Chihuahuas could kill a person by biting it so hard that it could just take off the flesh from the body.

Can Chihuahua kill babies and girls? Most commonly, the victims of this dog are the small kids and the fragile ladies and girls afraid of dogs.


How Many People Die OF Chihuahua Bite?

I know this article is revealing many facts about you. Here is another remarkable fact I would like to share. If you are looking for fatal chihuahua attacks, then keep reading this.

I had also gone through the annual report of the dog bites. Chihuahuas are also among the killers. This is a list of fatalities due to different breeds from 2005 to the year 2017.

Annual Fatalities
Pit Bull6%
German Shepherd6%
Mixed Breed9%
American Bulldog5%


So, these are the statistics for different breeds. But, I was looking for something like Chihuahuas. I searched more and more and finally found that these puppies killed about four to five people between the same period of which all these statistics have been shown.

But, I doubt these reports. The 1st reason is that these reports were from the house where the owner lived with two to three dogs, and one of those was a Rottweiler. And it is pretty easy to conclude who may have killed that owner!

So, I would not say that these casualties were because of the Chihuahua.

A Chihuahua bite force will not be more than 100 or 200 PSI. So, it is a rare or 0.1% chance that a Chihuahua will be killing a person unless it is a small kid.

Thus, I would like to say that we should all reconsider and correct all the facts we have been thinking about till now.

Is The Chihuahua Bite Wound Major? Can You Get ill Because Of It? You cannot get sick of the wound unless you leave it untreated.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?

I have compared some of the bite forces of dogs. This is the chart I have made which says that the strongest bite force dog is Kangal. Kangal is one of the deadliest dogs which has a bite force of 743 PSI. it would be very strong and painful.

The small dog bite force is not much deadly, and the same is the case with Chihuahua. But Kangal has the highest.

Yes! It is because that a Kangal has a widely opened mouth and strong canines, which can easily rip off your arm.

Other breeds may have higher or lower bite force, but the Kangal has the deadliest bite force and this can even kill a person! Yes, you heard right, the lion has a bite force of 660 and Kangal has 743, it means a Kangal can actually kill a person!

  • Kangal has 743 PSI
  • Cane Corso has 700 PSI
  • Tosa Inu has 556 PSI
  • Dogo Canario has 540 PSI


How Painful Is A Chihuahua Bite?

A Chihuahua bite force is not that bad. People have been misguided because of the Google and Reddit results.

I have considered the topic and concluded that Chihuahua bite force would not be more than 100 to 200 PSI due to small size and less intense canines.

And also, there is no evidence that a Chihuahua can kill a person unless you invite it to kill a baby or an older adult who cannot do any self-defense.


Final Verdict – Chihuahua Bite Force

So, that was all about the Chihuahua bite force. This article has deeply described how to measure the bite force and the possible difficulties you can face while doing this.

Chihuahua bite force
chihuahua bite force – fatal chihuahua attacks – chihuahua kills person

Chihuahua dog bites are prevalent as the dogs will not be biting a hand manually with its full might. Also, it would not be physically possible unless you have made the dog severely aggressive.

So, all the stories about the fatal chihuahua attacks are not true because the maximum bite force of a chihuahua is only 100 to 200 PSI.

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