Blockhead Golden Retriever : (9 Interesting Facts)

Are you considering acquiring a block head Golden Retriever dog? Or are you just curious, and keen on getting information about the block head Golden Retrievers? In either case, you will find this article helpful: as it has a great deal of info on the block head Golden Retriever dog.

As its name suggests, the blockhead Golden Retriever is one whose head has a square (blocky) appearance, rather than a slender shape. This dog typically also has a body with more fur than the narrow headed Golden Retriever.

Quite often, the block head Retriever will be in the English family of Golden Retrievers. But there are also cases in which we find American or Canadian types with block heads.

So what makes them a block head Retriever is primarily the shape of the head. The dog is quite literally a block headed Golden Retriever, hence the name.

Blockhead golden retriever
Blockhead Golden Retriever

Dogs with blocky heads, like the block head Golden Retriever in question here, tend to have an easier time getting admitted to show rings.

They are viewed as being healthier and somewhat more prestigious.

It is worth mentioning that other than the different Golden Retriever face shape, this dog is like the slender head Golden Retriever in most other respects.

So the only difference is in the Golden Retriever skull shape really.


What Is A Blockhead Dog?

A blockhead dog is simply one in which the head assumes a broad square (rather than a narrow, long) structure.

So dog head structures fall into two categories. There are dogs with slender heads. Then there are dogs with broad and square heads.

It is the dogs with the broader, square heads that are referred to as blockheads. Others may refer to them as boxy head dogs.

In the slender and blockhead dog breeds, the latter tend to curry more favor than the former.

People seem to regard the square head (with the good body symmetry that tends to come with it) as a sign of genetic superiority.

That is why, for instance, you will see someone paying a lot of attention to Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle head shape.

Thus a blockhead dog is simply one whose head is broad and square. That is as opposed to one whose head is long and slender.


What Is A Blockhead Golden Retriever?

In a Golden Retriever blockhead refers to a head that is broad and square. That is as opposed to a slender head.

The Golden Retriever block head is a result of a certain alignment of skull bones.

A Golden Retriever head can either be broad and square or slender. So those are the Golden Retriever head shape possibilities.

Also referred to as a box head Golden Retriever, this dog tends to have a somewhat healthier appearance than its slender head counterpart.

There are also those who may refer to this as a big head Golden Retriever. This is because its head tends to be visibly bigger than the one in a slender head Goldie.

Because of the square shape, the dog’s head has a boxy appearance. This is the basis for some people referring to it as a boxy head Golden Retriever.

Why does the dog have a block head? The answer is that this is due to the dog’s genetic heritage.

The whole thing is akin to asking, why do some Golden Retrievers have a bump on their head? And the answer tends to be in genetics, more than anything else.


Classifying Golden Retrievers

It is worth mentioning that Golden Retrievers are typically classified on the basis of their ancestry, colors, head shapes and so on.

For instance, when you research on what are the 3 types of Golden Retrievers, you will normally find an answer based on ancestry.

So this is how you find the English Golden Retriever, the American Golden Retriever and the Canadian Golden Retriever.

But then again, the Golden Retriever face types can also be basis for classification. And this is how we end up with the blocky head Golden Retriever vs the slender head Goldie.

The block head shape tends to be more common among the English Golden Retrievers.

Thus you are more likely to encounter English blockhead Golden Retrievers than others.

Besides ancestry and face shape, there are also those who may attempt to classify Golden Retrievers on color basis.

That is how questions like the one on what is the rarest color of Golden Retriever come into the picture.

Our focus here, however, is on the face shape classification. And in that regard, we have seen that there are either block head Golden Retrievers or slender head Golden Retrievers.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Vs Slender Head Golden Retriever

The most obvious difference between the block head Golden Retriever and the slender head Golden Retriever is in face shape.

So you find that the block head Goldie has a broad, square shape head. The slender head Goldie, on the other hand, has a narrow, long head.

That is the key difference, in a block head vs slender head Golden Retriever comparison.

Normally, the block head Golden Retriever will tend to be a big, strong dog. Rarely will it be a skinny Golden Retriever.

The other key difference may be in terms of fur. Normally, the block head Golden Retriever will have more fur than the slender head Golden Retriever.


How Exactly Does A Blockhead Golden Retriever Look?

In a block head Golden Retriever square face is the first defining feature. Thus this dog has a broad, square face. That is in contrast to the narrow and long face we find in other Golden Retrievers.

This is also a large head Golden Retriever. That is because the broad, square face here tends to be manifestly larger than the thin, long face found in other Golden Retrievers.

A block head Golden Retriever will usually also be a big, muscular dog.

This is usually not a skinny Golden Retriever breed.

Normally, a block head Golden Retriever has a great deal more body fur than a slender head Goldie.

So that is one more of the defining blockhead Golden Retriever characteristics.

In terms of block head Golden Retriever color, there are many possibilities.

The most common is the English cream Golden Retriever blockhead dog.

But some colors are rather unlikely. For instance, it would be quite hard for one to spot a blockhead red Golden Retriever. So the blockhead reds PNW would be quite rare in this context.

In a block head Golden Retriever, the muzzle is typically straight. The eyes have more of a round rather than almond shape.

The dog’s body is generally very symmetrical.

Blockhead golden retriever
Blockhead Golden Retriever


Blockhead Golden Retriever Intelligence

Just like any other Golden Retriever, the block head Goldie tends to be a remarkably intelligent dog.

It doesn’t seem as if the block head shape has an impact on the dog’s intelligence.

So there is no basis to suggest that the block head Golden Retriever is more intelligent than the slender head Goldie.

Of course, how the intelligence actually manifests will depend on how well the blockhead Golden Retriever puppy is cared for, right from the moment of birth.

Blockhead Golden Retriever puppies that receive good care will normally have their intelligence manifest well.

But the Golden Retriever puppy head shape by itself doesn’t seem to have a huge impact on intelligence.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Temperament

Just like any other Golden Retriever, the block head Goldie tends to be a playful, gentle and rather gentle dog.

Another aspect of its temperament that is interesting is that of its innate desire to please.

The Golden Retriever is one of those loyal yet not too clingy dogs.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Trainability

As we noted earlier, the block head Golden Retriever tends to have a pretty high level of intelligence.

We have also observed that the block head Golden Retriever is one of those dogs that strive to please.

That combination – of high intelligence and a desire to please – normally translates into easy trainability.

The most important thing, when it comes to training a Golden Retriever, is to ensure that you maintain consistency.

You will normally get better results if you get the Golden Retriever to view you as a ‘pack leader’ worth emulating.

It is important to start your block head Golden Retriever training quite early. Remember, as we said, this is a dog that is likely to grow to a rather impressive size.

And the last thing you want is to end up with a big unruly dog.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Grooming Needs

We said that the block head Golden Retriever typically ends up being a dog with a great deal of fur on its body.

What this means is that you need to be ready to spend a bit of time and effort on grooming.

The block head Golden Retriever may be a dog that requires a daily or so hair brushing.

In many cases, you will find yourself having to trim the dog’s hair every few weeks.

And you of course can’t afford to lose sight of tasks like nail trimming and brushing the block head Golden Retriever’s teeth.

Any Golden Retriever has considerable grooming needs. A block head Golden Retriever – which has more fur on its body – has even greater grooming needs.

But there is of course also the satisfaction of seeing that you have a nice-looking, well-groomed pup.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Feeding Needs

The block head Golden Retriever is typically quite a large dog. As such, when mature, it requires 3 to 5 cups of food per day.

For a very young block head Golden Retriever, 1.5 or 2 cups (total) given in 3-4 portions may be enough.

But for a mature block head Golden Retriever, what may be necessary is a total of 3-5 cups, given in 2 feedings.

Perhaps more important than the quantity of food you give to your block head Goldie is the quality.

It is essential to ensure that the food you give to the block head Golden Retriever is of high quality. It should be food from which the dog can derive all the nutrients it needs.

But quantity is also important. The last thing you want is a dog constantly howling or barking on account of hunger pangs.

If a mature block head Golden Retriever gets at least 3 cups of food, it is unlikely to experience hunger pangs.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Health Issues

Like all other Golden Retrievers, the block head Goldies may be quite prone to skin allergy problems.

Further, like all other Golden Retrievers, the block head Goldies may be prone to some degree of (pathological) snappiness.

There are also some ophthalmological problems that the block head Golden Retriever may be more prone to. Those are eye problems that all Golden Retrievers tend to be prone to.

Responsible blockhead Golden Retriever breeders go to great lengths to minimize the incidence of these health problems.

But their efforts are not always fruitful, and block head Goldies remain prone to these sorts of problems.

Thus when adopting a block head Golden Retriever, you need to know that these are issues that may affect it. That is just as they would affect any other Golden Retriever dog.


Blockhead Golden Retriever Life Expectancy

Like all other Golden Retrievers, block head Goldies typically live for between 10 and 12 years.

Thus it is not unreasonable to expect a newly born block head Golden Retriever puppy to live for at least 10 years.

But with some luck, the dog may live for as many as 12 years.

The actual block head Golden Retriever lifespan expectancy will depend on dynamics such as the care the dog gets.

It also depends on things like the dog’s luck, especially with regards to things like proneness to accidents and other incidences.

If you feed your block head Golden Retriever well, and give it adequate exercise, you increase chances of it having a full lifespan.

Also helpful are measures like ensuring that the dog gets all vaccines and, inasmuch as you can, protecting the dog from accidents.


How To Acquire A Blockhead Golden Retriever

If you specifically want a block head Golden Retriever dog, you can buy it (as a puppy) from a breeder.

Searching online for a term like, say, blockhead Golden Retriever puppies for sale near me may give you links to local breeders selling the same.

What you need to know is that most breeders simply sell Golden Retriever puppies, without specifying whether or not they are block headed.

Thus it is not always that you may find a breeder specifically offering block head Golden Retriever puppies for sale.

In any event, even the breeders may not know whether or not their puppies will grow into block head dogs.

It is worth remembering that the puppies normally have to grow for several months, before their head shape is properly defined.

Thus it may not be reasonable to expect to find a breeder specifically offering a blockhead Golden Retriever for sale.

If you go further, and specifically assert that you want big blockhead Golden Retrievers for sale, chances of finding them may be even lower.

Often, the best you can do is simply buy a random Golden Retriever puppy. If it turns out to be a block head, well and good. And if it turns out to be a slender head, that should be alright too.

After 6 or so months though, the Golden Retriever puppies’ head shapes tend to be well defined.

Thus if you must get a block head Golden Retriever, you may need to wait until that age.


Adopting A Blockhead Golden Retriever

Also available to you may be the route of adopting the block head Golden Retriever you need.

For instance, if you pay a visit to a dog rescue shelter, and you find a block head Golden Retriever in need of adoption there, you can proceed to adopt the same.

Or if someone personally known to you happens to be offering their block head Golden Retriever for adoption, you can take advantage of the same.


Final Verdict – Blockhead Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever can either have a broad and square head, or a slender and long head.

The Golden Retriever that has a broad and square head is the one we refer to as a blockhead Goldie.

In most cases, the block head Golden Retriever tends to be a dog with more fur on its body. And its body usually has greater symmetry.

Thus the defining features for a block head Golden Retriever include a broad and square head, more body fur and greater body symmetry.

The block head Golden Retrievers tend to be more preferred than the slender head Golden Retrievers for show purposes.

At birth, the heads of all Golden Retriever puppies typically look the same. But by the time the puppies reach 6 or so months age, the block heads tend to have a different appearance from the slender heads.

Blockhead golden retriever
Blockhead Golden Retriever

You can acquire a block head Golden Retriever by purchasing from a breeder.

But you need to be aware of the fact that in the normal ages at which puppies are normally bought from breeders, the block heads may not yet be well defined.

Other than buying from a breeder, another way in which you can acquire a block head Golden Retriever is by adoption.

That may be adoption from one of the dog rescue shelters that abandoned Golden Retrievers often end up in.

Or it may be informal adoption from a previous block head Golden Retriever owner who, for one reason or another, can no longer continue keeping the dog.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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