Do Crested Geckos Need UVB? (7 Clear Facts)

The leopard gecko is one of the most popular types of pet reptiles, especially for novice reptile owners and children. They are generally quite hardy lizards, docile, have attractive colors and patterns, do not take up much space, are quiet, and are easy to handle. These qualities also make it a favorite among seasoned herpetologists. But while leopard geckos have a reputation for being easy to care for, they still have specific environmental needs.

Do crested geckos need UVB? Having UVB light is completely optional. If the owner provides UVB lighting, it is good because studies have proven the benefits of UVB on geckos. It provides vitamin D3 to crested geckos, which helps in absorbing calcium. If an owner is providing UVB light, they should make sure they also provide a hiding spot.

Do crested geckos need uvb
Do crested geckos need UVB?


Do Crested Geckos Need UVB

Does crested geckos need UVB light? Adding a UVB will be a great addition to the terrarium. Since leopard geckos are nocturnal, they don’t seem to need UVB lighting as many other reptiles do, but some research shows that it can still be beneficial.

Juvenile leopard geckos that were exposed to low levels of UVB radiation during the first six months of life were found to have higher vitamin D3 levels than those that were not exposed.

Both groups of geckos received vitamin D3 in their diets, and neither group had any apparent negative or positive effects from receiving or not receiving UVB rays. Further research needs to be conducted to determine if these higher levels of vitamin D3 in the body are beneficial in other ways such as immune support or bone density.

Whether or not the owner chooses to provide UVB lighting for your leopard gecko, the owner should always provide heat lamps and some sort of white light on a 12-hour cycle.

Heat lamps should provide an ambient temperature for crested geckos between 78 and 90 degrees during the day and the enclosure should not be allowed to drop below 70 degrees at night.

The white light can be a simple incandescent or fluorescent bulb if the heating light does not emit white light. This is to mimic the natural day/night cycle for your gecko’s behavior patterns.


Best UVB For Crested Gecko

If the owner wants to provide UVB light to their crested gecko, the best way is to use a special reptile bulb. vitamin D3 and calcium should still be given to crested geckos either in the gut load their food eats or as a powder on the insects themselves, but UVB will help the gecko absorb them.

UVB bulbs emit invisible rays when turned on but should be placed an appropriate distance from your gecko and with nothing blocking them.

UVB lamps should be placed about 18 inches from where the gecko is and left on for between two and 12 hours a day. The owner should Make sure there is no glass or plastic between the light and gecko as this will block the beneficial rays.

Even a mosquito net can block some UVB rays, so ideally there is nothing between the light and pet, although this is not always possible. It’s also important not to place the light too close to the gecko or leave it on for too long.

Eye and skin problems may occur, especially in lighter colored morphs, if too much UVB is received. Finally, UVB bulbs should be replaced approximately every 12 months to ensure the invisible rays are not depleted.


Difference Between UVA And UVB For Crested Geckos?

UVA and UVB are two different wavelengths of light, invisible to humans and present in the sun’s rays. UVA helps regulate various behaviors such as feeding and mating in crested geckos while UVB helps reptiles synthesize vitamin D3 which in turn helps the body absorb calcium.


Signs A Crested Gecko Needs UVB

Crested geckos with metabolic bone disease (MBD) will benefit from UVB exposure. Broken bones, jaw deformities, lethargy, decreased appetite, or bowed legs may be seen in a gecko with MBD. These signs indicate that the gecko may benefit from a little UVB in its lifetime.


Myths And Errors: Do Crested Geckos Need UVB

Crested Geckos Are Nocturnal

Crested geckos are active at night and prefer to sleep during the day, but that doesn’t make them nocturnal. Nocturnal animals are only active after sunset.

Geckos are most active at dawn and dusk as the sun sets and rises. They can stay active until dark, but they prefer to start their day when it is still light.


Crested Geckos Don’t Need Daytime Lighting

Crested geckos are crepuscular and need a daylight cycle to regulate their body’s circadian rhythms, sleep and wake cycle. Providing them with a regular period of light during the day is just as important as providing them with a period of darkness at night.

Crested geckos use the day for sleeping, digesting food, and lounging. They are most active at dusk and during the night.


Crested Geckos Don’t Need UVB

Many people believe that geckos don’t need a UVB lamp because they rarely go outside during the day. However, geckos that are exposed to UVB for even two hours a day have higher blood levels of vitamin D.

This reduces the risk of metabolic bone disease and fractures. So even though they don’t need UVB to survive, they are proven to benefit from it and should always be provided with it.


Natural Light

Light from the owners’ window can be nice, especially in the summer, but a few hours of direct sunlight can easily overheat the gecko’s tank. Also, most of the beneficial UV rays of sunlight are blocked by windows. This means that reptiles exposed to sunlight from a window can still develop metabolic disorders.

It is best to avoid using natural light, especially direct sunlight, as a source of lighting or heating for the gecko’s habitat.

Do crested geckos need uvb
Do crested geckos need UVB?


Why Do Crested Geckos Need UVB?

Do crested geckos need UVB light? Yes, having a UV light will be a great option. Crested geckos don’t require UVB light at all. However, adding one won’t hurt them. Many studies have shown that geckos benefit from UVB light.

Owners can add any online or in-store purchased UVB light. A UVB light may have a positive effect on the health of geckos but there isn’t enough research done to prove that. However, if the owner is adding UVB light in the terrarium of geckos, they should keep a regular eye on the terrarium.

Adding a UVB light can contribute to too much heat in the tank, which is not good for geckos. So, the owner should be sure that the light isn’t making the tank too hot.

Furthermore, another precautionary measure that an owner should take is adding a hiding spot and covers in the terrarium, so that if the UVB light is disturbing them, they can have an option to get rid of it.

How much UVB does a crested gecko need? Geckos may have up to 3-5 hours of UVB light per day however, there isn’t enough research done on this topic either.

The owner should be very careful when adding light in geckos tanks as too much exposure can lead to eye damage also. Furthermore, overexposure to UVB light can even cause a lot of discomfort among geckos.


How Much UVB Do Crested Geckos Need?

Do crested geckos need UVB Reddit? Geckos don’t need UVB light except for the fact that an owner lives in too cold an area. Though studies have shown the benefits of exposure to UVB light, many owners believe that geckos don’t need UVB at all.

There isn’t enough research done on the subject to prove how much exposure to UVB light is beneficial.

It can be possible that different geckos may have different needs by the requirement of UVB light. The owner should add a UVB light and a hiding place and observe for how much time does gecko stays under the light. This can help to tell, if they like UVB light or not and if they do, for how long do they prefer.


Can Crested Geckos Live Without UVB?

Do crested geckos need a UVB bulb for survival? Adding a UVB light is the best option to provide Vitamin D3 to crested geckos. Further, Vitamin D3 will help the gecko to absorb calcium. So, UVB light will play an important role to give health benefits to the crested geckos.


What Type Of Light Do Crested Geckos Need?

Crested Geckos need UV light. Many studies have shown that UV light is great for the health of geckos. UV light can provide many nutrients and can prevent geckos from getting bacteria. Even though many gecko owners believe that it is an optional addition, if the owner lives in a colder area, they should buy a UV light for their pet.


Do Crested Geckos Need Heat Lamp?

Do crested geckos need a heat lamp? Crested geckos don’t need heat lamps if the owner lives in a normal area. If the owner lives in a cold area then it would be required to give crested gecko heat. If the owner lives in a cold area, they will need around 2-3 hours of light in the day.


Do Crested Geckos Need UVB Even If They Have D3?

An owner can’t know if their pet gecko has enough Vitamin D3. So it is best to give a few hours of UV light to the crested gecko. If the owner feels that their pet has enough Vitamin D3, then they may skip it but it is not possible to track how much vitamin a gecko has.


Do Crested Geckos Need UVB Lighting?

Do crested geckos need UVB light? It is optional, however, putting one will definitely increase vitamin D3 in geckos and it is scientifically proven. However, if the owner lives in a very cold area, they should buy one UVB light.


Do Crested Geckos Need Light At Night?

Do day geckos need UVB at night? No, geckos don’t need light at night. Light like UVB will disrupt their day/night cycle. It will make them tired and stressed. So it is best to never provide lighting at night time.

However, having a very dim light will help their Visibility to see the objects of the terrarium so that they don’t harm themselves in complete darkness when moving, but for that, the owner doesn’t require to install a light in the terrarium. The dim light in the room of Terrarium will do the work.


Final verdict – Do Crested Geckos Need UVB

Do crested geckos need UVB? Having a UVB light for crested geckos will be a good step to ensure the good health of the pet gecko. Many believe that it is an optional addition in the tank, but UVB lights help in providing Vitamin D3, which helps geckos in absorbing calcium. With its benefit, it seems impossible to ignore getting a UVB light.

Do crested geckos need uvb
Do crested geckos need UVB? Do crested geckos need UVB in terrarium? Do crested geckos need UVB as pets?

It is recommended to add a UVB light in the tank however, the only thing an owner will need to take care of is timing. The owner should expose their gecko to UVB light for limited hours. Furthermore, when exposed to UVB light, the owner should make sure they provide a hiding spot as well.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet gecko a good and comfortable life!

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