Do Hermit Crabs Need A Humidifier? (7 Clear Facts)

Petting hermits is a very unique experience, not many dare to pet them. This is the reason why there is less knowledge and guidance for petting them. Which makes owners question many things about them. One of the most important topics is their environment.

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier? Yes, hermit crabs need a humidifier. A humidifier is required because hermits depend on the humidity present in the environment and the humidifier helps to create enough ideal humidity for hermits.

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier
Do hermit crabs need a humidifier?


Do Hermit Crabs Need A Humidifier?

Do hermit crabs need moisture? Yes, they need to breathe. Hermit crabs thrive in proper conditions. To have a healthy and happy hermit, the owner will need to fulfil all requirements of hermits and providing required humidity is one of the essential rules to pet hermits. Do hermit crabs need a humidifier? Yes, Hermits require 70-80% of humidity.

So, to create enough humidity, the owner must have a humidifier. If an owner can’t have a humidifier, many other options can help the hermit crab.


Are Humidifiers Good For Hermit Crabs?

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier? Yes, humidifiers are required by hermits. A certain amount of moisture is needed by hermits to thrive. Having a humidifier, a certain amount of moisture is very essential because hermits breathe through their gills. The proper inhale and exhale of oxygen depends on the proper moisture available in the terrarium.

How much humidity does a hermit crab need? Hermits need 70-80% of humidity in their environment. Do hermit crabs need to breathe air? Yes, hermits need to breathe air and getting enough moisture is a requirement for that.


How Do You Keep Humidity In A Hermit Crab Tank

Do you need a humidifier for hermit crabs? Yes, owners should have a humidifier for their pets. There are many ways in which the owner can keep the hermit terrarium properly moisturized. Some of the ways are given below, however, these ways may not be as efficient as one humidifier, but owners can try this.



A humidifier is the most appropriate device to create the required moisture in the terrarium. This is a worthy investment, which can help in setting up and checking the humidity levels in the terrarium.


Keeping Sand Moist

Keeping the sand moist- will make it natural for water to evaporate in the air gradually, making the tank completely moist. However just wetting the sand won’t create enough moist in the terrarium as required by hermits, the owner will need other moist ideas to make the terrarium ideally moist.

Another benefit of keeping the sand moist is that it makes it easier for the pet hermits to dig in the sand. Another thing to keep in mind when wetting the sand, the owner should never wet the sand excessively. The wet sand should be dry enough, so the owner feels the top layer dry.


Having A Water Area

Another way to moist the terrarium is by providing a dedicated water area. The bigger it is, the better results will be. However, this option isn’t as effective.



Well, a water-soaked sponge will help to disperse water in the terrarium. Two or more sponges can be kept in a different area and washed once in 2-3 weeks to prevent bacterial growth.



A sprinkler will be a great substitute for a humidifier, and hermits will love occasional rains. The owner can sprinkle with a traditional water sprinkler or get an automatic sprinkler, which is a little expensive but gives a consistent service. However, if the owner feels that they have enough time to sprinkle every time their pet needs humidity, they can do that too.



Though they may not seem very compatible devices, foggers create an ideal environment. Foggers create fog, making it difficult for owners to have a clear look at the terrarium.

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier
Do hermit crabs need a humidifier?


Do I Need To Mist My Hermit Crab?

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier to get mist? Yes, hermits need that. Should you mist hermit crabs? Yes, owners are recommended to mist the hermit crabs. It is not only a requirement but a necessity for hermits to have ideal humidity in their environment. So, owners should not skip this need of hermits.


Required Hermit Crab Humidity And Temperature

What should humidity be for hermit crabs? Because hermits breathe through moisture present around them. Hermits should have 70-80% of humidity and the ideal temperature is 28-30° C.


DIY Hermit Crab Humidifier

The owner can make a humidifier for hermit crab tank at home, though it won’t be as efficient as a humidifier it may work if made properly. The owner will need an air pump together with a bubbler attached to the tube. Now owner should place it in the freshwater and let the water sprinkle.


Ideal Tank Setup For Hermit Crabs

HumidityThe Hermit Crab needs 70 to 85% humidity in its terrarium. A pet hermit crab needs high humidity to breathe. The habitat should be misted with water daily to maintain humidity, especially in air-conditioned and heated homes. Placing a humidifier near the cage is also a great idea. It is also helpful to keep a moist natural sea sponge in the habitat. In air-conditioned rooms, you should also provide a heating rock. The balance should be maintained, it should be neither hermit crab humidity too high nor hermit crab humidity too low. Humidity should be properly taken care of, as it is very important. 
Size of terrariumThe Hermit Crab terrarium size should be large enough to accommodate a group of Hermit Crabs, there are 45 x 45 x 45 cm (group of 7-8 individuals).
SubstrateIn substrate, the owner can use Loire sand (well washed 10 to 15cm deep) on one part of the terrarium and coconut humus on another part, the humidity of this one is very important. The coenobia per latus appreciates a large part of sand, while the rugosus is more forest-dwelling and appreciates being given height (branching).
TemperatureThe Hermit Crab also needs heat, so the owner should place a heat lamp on top of the terrarium and a heat mat underneath. The ideal temperature for hermit crabs is 28-29° (up to 32°C for perlatus) at the hot point, minimum of 23°C at the cold point. The lamp will be on 12 hours a day.
DecorationIn decoration, the owner can use roots of mangroves, vine stock. The owner can also add half a coconut, a few pieces of oyster shell and a cuttlebone. Lianas (coconut fibre) are highly appreciated for climbing and getting closer to the hot spot (heating lamp). You can also take plastic decoration
WaterIt will be necessary to provide at least one container of freshwater (weakly mineralized like Evian, Volvic, etc.) and a container of saltwater (salt found in pet stores for seawater aquariums – 38g of dissolved salt per litre). The saltwater container should be large enough for the Hermit Crab to submerge.


Final Verdict – Do Hermit Crabs Need A Humidifier

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier? Yes, hermits need a humidifier. A humidifier is required because hermits depend on the humidity present in their environment to breathe. Hermit crabs need around 70-80% of humidity in their environment. This is the reason why it is important to buy a humidifier when adopting a hermit.

Do hermit crabs need a humidifier
Do hermit crabs need a humidifier?

Humidifiers are not only required by hermits but in captivity, they become a necessity because in captivity the environment is not ideal for hermit crabs. To make it ideal, the owner will need to take all steps to make it as natural as possible.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hermit crab a good and comfortable life!

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