How To Introduce Hermit Crabs To Each Other? 5 Clear Steps

Hermit crabs are social animals that need a playmate in their tank. It is recommended to have two hermit crabs at a minimum for each species to ensure they are not stressed and always happy. But placing a new arrival in the aquarium requires an introduction process.

How to introduce hermit crabs to each other? New hermit crabs must be alone to destress before being together with tankmates. Hermit crabs that are being moved will feel scared and stressed by their new place. If forced to be put in a tank, then hermit crabs will likely dislike their tankmates.

How to introduce hermit crabs to each other
How To Introduce Hermit Crabs To Each Other?

Separate the tank until the hermit crab is ready with its colony. Hermit crabs take some time before they become friends with their tank mates. Knowing how to introduce them properly will help speed up the process.


How To Introduce Hermit Crabs To Each Other?

Introducing a new hermit crab to the colony should not be instant. Be aware of the hermit crab you just brought because the transition from wild to captive life will stress them out.

New hermit crabs must feel comfortable and at ease with their new environment before they can share space with old hermit crabs.

How do you introduce hermit crabs to each other? Hermit crabs will develop post-purchase syndrome and must be kept in tanks alone but close to the tank colony.

The temporary home or isolation tanks are useful as a separator between old and new hermit crabs until the hermit crab is more relaxed and can be handled without resistance.

After a few days, the new hermit crabs are in the isolation tank, and there is a chance the hermit crabs see each other, putting the new arrival in the same tank.


Can You Put Two Hermit Crabs Together?

Yes, hermit crabs can live together in groups or pairs. Give it a proper place and sufficient space with at least 5 gallons of space for 2 crabs. The tank must have the proper humidity and not allow hermit crabs to escape. If you provide a climbing point, ensure the climb point does not reach the end of the tank.

Hermit crabs can’t live alone because they can get bored and lonely. Let them in pairs or in groups to pass the time and interact with each other.


How Do You Introduce Crabs?

Every hermit crab brought from a wild or pet store to captivity will make you anxious or stressed. There’s no other way but to put them in the isolation tank, but stay close to the main tank.

They will see each other even if it’s blocked by the glass. Place the isolation tank close because it triggers the reaction of every hermit crab.

How to introduce hermit crabs to each other? If the newbie looks more relaxed and can get closer to the glass tank to see the colony, you can start picking the crab and placing it in the main tank.

Ensure no aggression or hiding in the shell for newbies when starting to interact with old hermit crabs.


Can You Put Male And Female Hermit Crabs Together?

It depends on what you want. If you want to practice breeding in captivity, you must be able to make female hermit crabs feel like they are in the ocean because hermit crabs need access to the ocean to give birth. They will toss their eggs to the sea and let the eggs hatch and evolve.

Experienced owners may trick female hermit crabs by making saltwater pools instead of an ocean. Even though the odds are unexpected, you can use this as a reference to put male and female hermit crabs live together.

There’s nothing wrong with putting males, females, or both, it’s just that you have to be on guard if you want breeding practice in the tank you have prepared.


How Do You Socialize A Hermit Crab?

Hermit crabs are social animals and need to live together with their species. Wild hermit crabs gather in colonies, and their number can reach up to 100.

When you choose to care for hermit crabs, you should look for no less than 4. Hermit crabs are used to living with groups for shell trading, shared food sources, safety from predators, and company.

There are several reasons, such as recreation or warmth, but these can be overcome in other ways because hermit crabs that live in the wild are different from crabs in captivity. Don’t leave hermit crabs alone in the tank because they can’t survive long.

Hermit crabs will get stressed easily due to loneliness, causing them to lose their appetite, don’t wanting to come out of their shell, and shed limbs.


How To Introduce Two Hermit Crabs?

Before holding a hermit crabs meeting, you must place two hermit crabs in separate but adjacent tanks. Habitat shifting will make every hermit crabs feel insecure and anxious. They should be in separate places but able to see each other.

How to introduce hermit crabs to each other? The two hermit crabs will meet by watching each other through the glass until they can get close to the glass as if they want to interact.

After both are equally used to their new tank, they start meeting two hermit crabs in the same tank. Let them stay away from each other until a few days before they get used to sharing a place.


How Do Hermit Crabs Talk To Each Other?

Hermit crabs use their antennae to feel their habitat and talk to others. The antenna is useful for knowing their surroundings and also feels the other hermit crab while sending a message through its antenna.

You will see how the hermit crabs approach each other and attach their antennae. If you look at it from afar, it’s like seeing hermit crabs sitting in silence, but if you look closely, their antennae meet, and it’s like talking in code or signaling to each other.


How Do Hermit Crabs Interact With Each Other?

Wild terrestrial hermit crabs are territorial animals. When picking them straight from the wild, terrestrial hermit crabs should be considered when encountering their tankmates. Sometimes terrestrial hermit crabs will do antennae fights or flick fellow tankmates.

If you don’t want any aggression in the tank, you must know the proper way to bring together hermit crabs.

Steps to Introduce New Hermit CrabsExplanation
Need a plenty of spaceThe tank size must be sufficient for more than one hermit crab. Each crab has its own territory and don’t let them feel restricted.
Isolation tank for newcomersNew hermit crabs are kept in an isolation tank until they get used to their new habitat.
Allow the hermit crab to destressHermit crabs need to recover until they are ready to socialize.
Clean the main tankClean the habitat every few days to give the best impression for new hermit crabs
Add the crabs and observeGently place the new hermit crabs and let them interact with their new environment.


How To Get Hermit Crabs To Like You?

Holding hermit crabs too often will stress them out. Even though hermit crabs are social animals, they still need space to enjoy their time in the tank. Pick hermit crabs up gently by the shell, and place hermit crabs in your other hand. Keep them in the shell until the hermit crab feels ready to walk on your palm.

When you don’t force hermit crabs to handle them, they will begin to trust you. Don’t move your handle too fast because the hermit crab has compound eyes that can detect movement easily.


How To Make Hermit Crabs Like You?

The next step after the hermit crab is used to being held by the owners is bonding. You must get used to saying their names until they get used to your presence. Whenever you have free time, reach out your hand and let the hermit crab walk up to you. A sign that hermit crabs are starting to like you is the comfort of them lingering in your arms.

Give a proper diet and a variety of food to show how much you love them. Tap the tank glass when you want to greet hermit crabs until they approach the sound you make.


How Many Hermit Crabs Should Live Together?

Before you decide how much hermit crab you will care for, you should know some requirements. Hermit crabs can survive in tropical environments. Ensure you have the right temperature and humidity for the hermit crab tank. Choose a tank with at least 2.5 gallons per crab.

Wild hermit crabs are used to living in groups. Don’t leave a hermit crab less than 4 to avoid loneliness. As long as the tank you choose has enough space in the hermit crab habitat, you can place it according to the rules of suitable space per crab.


How Many Hermit Crabs Should I Have?

To meet the social needs of each hermit crab, you should have at least 4 crabs in each tank. Keep the tank temperature between 75° and 85°F and humidity level at 75-85%. Provide hermit crabs with hiding places, extra shells, and climbing toys.

Each climbing point should not be too close to the edge of the tank. Do not allow the hermit crab to get out of the way because it can have a fatal effect if the hermit crab falls from a high place.


Do Hermit Crabs Do Better In Pairs?

You don’t have to patent hermit crabs, you have to live male and female. You can put 3-4 hermit crabs of the same gender, with the rule of not having less than 4 hermit crabs per tank.

Ensure you have a 10 gallons tank to hold 4 hermit crabs. Two hermit crabs aren’t enough in the tank, as they can stay bored from not interacting with each other enough.

You can think of hermit crab pairs if you want to practice breeding. Prepare a saltwater pool instead of the ocean because female hermit crabs will release eggs in the water and leave them until they hatch.


How Do Hermit Crabs Greet Each Other?

The new arrivals have to face old hermit crabs that already have their respective territories. It’s nice to imagine a newbie will be welcomed without a problem, but the animal kingdom is not like that.

New arrivals must adapt to their new place and will get a “pecking order” until they know what territory is being claimed.

The interaction between new arrivals and others occurs at night. Give a new piece of climbing and new shells to prevent aggression from old hermit crabs.


Do Two Hermit Crabs Fight Each Other?

Any wild animals that are transferred to captive conditions will occasionally fight. Although hermit crabs are social animals, there are no exceptions.

Sometimes hermit crabs’ colonies will cause conflicts such as converting better shells, territory conflict, or resources. New hermit crabs that have just entered the tank can be bullied because they do not yet have their territory.

Initially, each hermit crab will do a greeting by pointing the antennae at the new arrival. There will always be one dominant hermit crab in the first habitat to get new shells, food, or toys. If the other hermit crab wants to fight, then a fight occurs between the two.

How to introduce hermit crabs to each other? New hermit crabs will be in the isolation tank for a few days, and there will still be access to see the primary tank. Some hermit crabs in the primary tank will see the new arrival as if they want to interact.

Transfer the new hermit crabs to the tank when they have calmed down.


Why Do Hermit Crabs Fight Each Other?

Hermit crab has a different scent from one another. Hermit crabs have a social pyramid and one of them becomes dominant. That’s why conflicts will occur between them. Some of the reasons hermit crabs fight are shell struggles, a test of strength with antennae wrestling, or trying to knock each other within the shell.

As long as hermit crabs aren’t sniping each other with pincers, there’s nothing to worry about. Hermit crabs will get used to the hierarchy in the tank and assign their places in the pecking order.


How Do You Stop Hermit Crabs From Fighting?

The reference for separating hermit crabs from fighting is the use of pincers. If one hermit crab snipes others with their pincers, separate the aggressive hermit crab into the isolation tank. Prepare a variety of shells until he can choose for himself. Return it to the primary tank if the hermit crab has changed shells.

Another way is to separate the two hermit crabs by handling them gently. Don’t let their pinches get stuck on the other crab’s body. You can reduce the aggressive behavior of each hermit crab by providing additional space or a bigger tank.


Do Hermit Crabs Kill Each Other?

Most hermit crabs will not fight to wound to keep their negotiations civil. You can be aware hermit crabs will kill each other if the claws start to come out. Each hermit crab has its patience. If one hermit crab accidentally invades another territory, it may lead to a fight.

Sometimes if the fighting doesn’t stop, hermit crabs will try to force their tankmates out of their shells. The inhabitants try to defend their shells even though the attackers insist on forcing them to leave the shells.

Separate hermit crabs that have started using their claws into the isolation tank.


Do Hermit Crabs Like To Live In Groups?

Hermit crabs need groups to socialize. They will enjoy being in the tank if there are friends with more than 2 crabs. Although sometimes hermit crabs can attack each other, they still need company to keep them safe.

How to introduce hermit crabs to each other? New hermit crabs should be in a different tank until they don’t feel anxious. The post-purchase syndrome occurs when hermit crabs move from their former habitat. Leave the hermit crabs in different tanks while you can see their tankmates.


How To Bring Home A New Hermit Crab?

Put the hermit crab in a container with air holes. Give hermit crabs some food to soothe them. After arriving at your house, clean the hermit crab with saltwater like bathing it, and let the hermit crab soak in the water for a while. After bath time, place the hermit crab in the isolation tank.


How Many Hermit Crabs Can Fit In A 10 Gallon Tank?

Each hermit crab needs enough space. Hermit crabs are territorial animals, and you must allow at least 2.5 gallons of tank space per crab. If you decide to use a 10 gallons tank, you can put 4-5 hermit crabs inside. Provide hermit crabs with a place to play, hiding places, and sufficient substrate to burrow their body when molting.

Mist their tank with non-chlorinated water and keep the humidity levels at 75-85%. Install the LED bulb in the tank hood to light the habitat and maintain the tank temperature for 8 to 12 hours daily.


Final Verdict

Introducing new hermit crabs into a tank is not instantaneous. New arrivals will experience anxiety and fear of the new environment. They must be in the isolation tank and placed next to the primary tank for a few days.

Separating new arrivals will familiarize them with their new environment, as well as a means of spotting other hermit crabs in the adjoining tank. Once the hermit crab has gotten used to it, you can put it in the primary tank.

Let the hermit crabs have a pecking order because old hermit crabs have their territory. Let the new hermit crabs bond with their new colony in their way.

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