Do Hermit Crabs Travel Well? 7 Cool Hermie Travel Facts

The pagure, more commonly known as the hermit crab, is a marine crustacean from coastal areas that live in an empty shell that it chooses for its size. This mobile home allows him to take shelter and in particular protect his soft and vulnerable abdomen. As it grows up, it finds a new, more suitable shell. It is sometimes adorned with a sea anemone whose stinging tentacles protect it from predators, while it enjoys the remains of its meals.

Due to their vulnerable and soft abdomen and unusual routine of changing the shell, the hermit crab owners often worry if they can travel with a hermit crab.

Do hermit crabs travel well? Yes, hermits can travel. If the trip goes smoothly, they won’t even know the difference. However, it is the responsibility of an owner to keep special care of the hermit. While it’s better to let the hermit stay in its terrarium because they are already stressed due to the bumpy roads or poor temperature. The best an owner can do is to provide good treats and food to the hermits.

Do hermit crabs travel well
Do hermit crabs travel well? Do hermit crabs travel well in winter?


Can Hermit Crabs Go On Car Rides?

Do hermit crabs travel well in cars? Yes, hermit crabs can travel and go on car rides but the owner should make sure that they are looked after the hermit crab properly. Many hermit crab owners have shared their experience of petting and travelling with hermit crabs. Many owners tell that they have travelled more than 3200 miles with their hermits, without causing any trouble or stress symptoms.

However, the hermit owner should keep in mind to stick with the feeding and petting routine of hermits. The car shouldn’t go through any major road bumps or speed breakers otherwise it will overflow the water and may throw out the hermits.


What To Do With Hermit Crabs When You Travel?

If travelling by air, the hermit crabs shouldn’t be transported as checked luggage. Keeping hermits in checked bags risks the life of hermits as these compartments are non pressurized. The best way to ship hermits is via US post or UPS, as both deliveries are compatible with shipping pets.


How Far Can A Hermit Crab Travel?

Do hermit crabs travel well for far distances? Many hermit owners have travelled with their hermits to as long as 3200 miles and for as many as 6 days without observing any stress or weakness. Hermits shouldn’t be transported in bad and congested terrariums, if possible they should be transported with their original aquarium and the food that the owner provides regularly.

If talking of hermits in the wild, wild hermit crabs can travel as much as 3-4 miles by themselves. Even though they don’t travel in routine, travelling is generally seen among female hermit crabs, who carry the eggs for a month.


How Do You Transport A Hermit Crab?

Transporting a hermit crab can often become a hectic job. The first thing that the hermit owners should keep in mind is that they should not move their tanks with the hermit still in them if the tank is heavy or non-portable. Hermits should be placed in a good and open temporary terrarium, it can be small but not too small. Add all the plants and hiding spots of the original terrarium in this temporary terrarium.

It is advised that the hermit should be provided with its favorite food during this temporary period. As it can be stressful for a hermit to change the terrarium.


Can You Travel With Hermit Crabs?

Yes, if all the precautions are taken including safety, food, temperature, and other factors like environment and process of transportation, then it is fine to travel with hermit crabs. The owners should keep good care of bumpy roads which can cause stress and this even involves the risk of killing the hermits.

It should be noted that in nature, hermits never leave their beach, so even though the owner can make the hermit crab travel, still, it will be uncomfortable for a hermit to travel, so if there is any possibility of leaving the hermit at home with someone to take care of it. It would be the best option.


Do Hermit Crabs Like To Be Handled During Travel?

No, hermits don’t like to be handled.


Can Hermit Crabs Recognize Their Owners During Travel?

Hermits don’t have capabilities in their eyes to recognize anything, however, hermits recognize objects and life around them through their smelling power. If the owner already has an attachment with their hermit, their hermie will be looking for them while traveling.


How Far Can A Hermit Crab Travel In A Day?

As long as hermits are not stressed and they are in a good terrarium, they can travel a lot by car.


Can You Take A Hermit Crab On Southwest Airlines?

No, Southwest airlines don’t allow hermits.


Does United Airlines Allow Hermit Crabs?

No, united airlines don’t allow hermits to travel.

Do hermit crabs travel well
Do hermit crabs travel well? Do hermit crabs travel well in the wild? Do hermit crabs travel well in USA?


What Airlines Allow Hermit Crabs?

Different airline companies have different policies in regards to pets as travelling companions. The majority of airline companies have a set of rules in regards to either dogs or cats. Pets like hermits aren’t very common, even if an airline allows a hermit crab, they may ask for an additional fee.

Commonly, carrying hermits with yourself would be considered as carrying on. It would be better if the hermit owner informs and enquires the airline they are travelling to well in advance to avoid trouble at the time. However, travelling a hermit crab on a flight can carry a lot of stress for hermits and even cause death. It is also very difficult for the owners to carry the hermits in their hands.

The hermits shouldn’t be transported as checked luggage, as this luggage are often tossed and kept in unpressurized cabins, which increases the risk of death of the hermits.


How To Ship Hermit Crabs By Air?

Do hermit crabs travel well as a package? It is often very difficult to ship a hermit by plane as luggage cabins in all planes are unpressurized.

If a delivery company claims to ship pets, then it is not recommended to ship hermits where it will take more than 24 hours for the package to deliver, as it can suffocate the hermit. Even after all the precautions taken there is still no guarantee that the hermit crab will survive.

The following process should’ve been followed to ship a hermit on a plane.

  1. The shipping shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. 
  2. Hermit should be added into a large box and create 2 or more holes for hermits to breathe. 
  3. The packaging should be properly done including thermocol, bubble wraps wherever necessary.
  4. Hermits should be placed on a damp sponge or towel. Hermits shouldn’t be added to the sealed jar of water or polybag. The sponge area should be wide enough for a hermit to roam, if possible add its favourite toys and treats in it. Add an insulation wrap to preserve the heat. 
  5. The indication stickers including the warning fragile and from where to hold it and the side from where to carry should be attached on all sides of the box.

Even though it is not recommended to ship the hermit, still all precautions should be taken with diligence.


What Happens To Hermit Crabs After Travel?

After understanding do hermit crabs travel well? The owner should look if their hermit is fine. Different signs can mean different things, if the owner notices anything unusual, they should consult a vet.


Final Verdict – Do Hermit Crabs Travel Well

When travelling with the hermit crabs, the owners may ask, do hermit crabs travel well? To ensure that the hermits travel well, the owners should make sure that they don’t shift the hermits out of their terrarium into a smaller container. Many people make the mistake of adding the hermits into a closed jar or polybag, which can cause stress and even death. It should be avoided at any cost.

Another endeavor an owner can do if the travel is of a few hours and if the hermit is in its aquarium, then add a new hiding place or an artificial structure, this step will ensure that the hermit stays busy in exploring the new structure while they travel.

Do hermit crabs travel well
Do hermit crabs travel well? Do hermit crabs travel well in captivity? Do hermit crabs travel well as pets? Do hermit crabs travel well in the wild?

However, if the temperature is any less or more than what is required for an average hermit, then they can lose their interest in the new toy and may stress.

Hermit crabs will travel well if they find the owner when they look out of their shells and make sure they are with you. Please make sure no hermit crab predators come close to it during traveling, otherwise it might be too frightened.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hermit crab a good and comfortable life!

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