Do Dogs Eat Mice? Dog Ate Dead Mice – (5 Menacing Symptoms)

Finding out that your dog has eaten a mouse can get alarm bells ringing in your head. You are bound to have many questions about the whole thing. For instance, you may wonder, do dogs eat mice (or is my dog becoming weird)? What will happen now that my dog has eaten a mouse? More specifically, now that my dog ate a mouse will he get sick? Or now that my dog ate a dead mouse what should I do? In this article, we will try to address all those concerns.

Do Dogs eat Mice? Yes, Dogs have the ability to eat mice. You should never let your dog eat mice in the wild. Neither should you let your dog eat mice at home. The danger in having your dog eat mice is that he could end up ingesting poison in the process. Even where poisoning doesn’t happen, the dog could suffer other forms of harm from eating mice.

That is unless you are the one who is deliberately feeding the dog with the mice. The latter scenario (of deliberately feeding dog with mice) would be similar to how people feed pet snakes with mice.

Do dogs eat mice
Do dogs eat mice – dog eats mice – dog ate dead mouse


Do Dogs Kill Mice?

Yes, dog do have the ability (and often the inclination) to kill mice. Therefore if my dog killed a mouse, I wouldn’t view it as an abnormal thing. Similarly, if my dog bit a mouse (even without killing it), I wouldn’t necessarily view it as an abnormal thing. For sure, we are more accustomed to the idea of cats – and not dogs – killing mice. But the truth of the matter is that dogs are capable of killing mice.

You may then wonder: do dogs eat mice they kill? And the answer ‘yes’, dogs often proceed to eat the mice they kill. Therefore if your dog eats mice, he is not ‘unique’ or weird.


Why Do Dogs Kill Mice?

There are several reasons why dogs kill mice. First is the fact that the dogs, being natural hunters, enjoy the thrill of the chase that precedes mice killing. Thus, dogs often kill mice just for the fun of it. Second is the fact that dogs often find mouse meat to be attractive. (This conclusively answers the question ‘do dogs eat mice?’ Yes they do). In fact, such small rodents are what they would be feeding upon, if they were still in the wild.

Though dogs have lived with humans for many years, they still haven’t lost their taste for some of these things. If a dog eats mice, it is because that is encoded in his genes.

This brings us to another question: do dogs eat rats or just kill them? Can dogs eat mice? The answer is that dogs have the capability and inclination to both kill and eat rats. Thus, if my dog killed and ate a rat, I would consider that to be a normal (though undesirable) behavior. And if my dog caught a mouse (without necessarily eating it), I would still consider that to be normal behavior. Discovering that your dog eats mice is not as weird as you may fear at first.

Dogs eating mice is in fact almost as normal as cats eating mice. Suppose you posed this question: do cats eat mice? Or if you asked: do cats eat mice whole? Wouldn’t the people to whom such questions are posed look at you ridiculously? The same applies with dogs eating mice: it is quite normal.


What if My Dog Eats a Mouse?

First, we have to answer this question: do dogs eat mice (is it normal)? And the answer, as we have seen above, is ‘yes’, dogs do eat mice. It is normal, though undesirable.

So, what if my dog eats a mouse? Much depends on the state of the mouse when it was eaten by the dog. Was the mouse dead when the dog ate it? Or was the mouse alive when the dog ate it?

If the dog ate dead rat, and you are sure that the rat had died from poisoning, seek immediate help. Take the dog to the vet clinic for treatment. The earlier you get him there, the better. The doctor will probably try to induce vomiting, to tackle the poisoning issue. He may also administer an antidote, especially if you go with the rat poison package. That is best procedure if your dog ate dead mouse.

Thus, if my dog ate a mouse that had died from poisoning, I would be greatly worried. In fact, it would actually be better if my dog ate a dead snake, rather than a dead rat. That is because where the dog ate dead mouse, the outlook is worse. There is a chance of whatever had killed the rodent also killing the dog.

Conversely, if the dog ate a mouse that was a alive (which it caught by itself), things would be better. Even then, there would be a lingering question. That would be as to what made the rat to be so slow as to be caught by a dog. It could be that the rat had still been poisoned, but not yet dead. So the fact that the dog ate a rat that was alive doesn’t mean that he is entirely safe.


Can Dogs Get Sick From Killing Mice?

There are some health risks that come with dogs killing mice. Firstly, in the process of killing the mice, parasites that may be on mice’s body can jump onto the dog. Secondly, germs circulating in the mice’s bloodstreams may get into the dogs. Thirdly, if the mice had suffered poisoning, the poison can affect the dog trying to kill the mice. These apply whether the dog eats mice or he just kills them for the fun of it.

Thus if my dog killed and ate a mouse, I would keep a close eye on him. Even if my dog only killed a mouse (without actually eating), I would still keep a close eye on him. The dog could easy have gotten sick in the process of killing the mice.

In some few cases, the process of killing the mice comes with so many dangers. So (in those few cases) you find that if the dog ate dead mouse, he would actually be better off.

If the dog ate a mouse that was alive, you should watch out for possible signs of poisoning. You should also watch out for signs of the dog’s digestive system reacting badly to the rat meat. Further, watch out for signs of the rat – which may have been too big – obstructing the dog’s digestive system.

Possible Effects of Dogs Eating Mice
  • Poisoning (if mice had been killed through poison)
  • Picking parasites (like roundworms) from mice’s bodies
  • Picking germs from mice’s blood


Can a Dog Get Rabies From Eating a Mouse?

Thankfully, animal experts tell us that the risk of a dog getting rabies from eating a mouse is negligible. Thus if my dog ate a field mouse, I wouldn’t be too worried about the rabies risk. The same would apply if my dog ate a live mouse: I wouldn’t be too worried about the rabies risk. Still, it is a good idea to ensure that your dog has up-to-date rabies vaccination. You never know when he may encounter a real risk of catching rabies.


Should I Be Worried If My Dog Killed a Mouse?

Yes, there is reason for worry if your dog killed a mouse. Parasites that were on the mouse’s body could have jumped onto the dog while the dog was killing the mouse. Germs that were circulating in the mouse’s body could have gotten into the dog. This could have happened while the dog was killing the mouse (even if he didn’t proceed to eat it). And if the mouse had been poisoned, the poison could have gotten into the dog’s system. Again, this could happen even if the dog only killed the mouse, without eating it.

Therefore in some cases, you should be worried just as much as if the dog ate dead mouse.

Do dogs eat mice
Do dogs eat mice


Will a Dog Eat a Dead Mouse?

In other words, do dogs eat mice that are already dead? The answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes a dog will eat a dead mouse upon encountering it. The dead mouse still has blood in it, and dogs are easily drawn to the scent of blood.

Thus if your dog ate dead mouse, that is not very abnormal. Admittedly, discovering that your dog ate dead mouse could cause you to start eyeing him suspiciously. The whole affair is disgusting: but it is still within the range of normal dog behavior.

A related question: do dogs eat mice that have been killed by other animals? And the answer is potentially ‘yes’. In some cases, dogs don’t seem to care about what killed a rat. If they find a dead rat, they proceed to eat him up!


Can My Dog Get Sick From Licking a Dead Rat?

Yes, there is some risk of your dog getting sick from licking a dead rat. If the rat died from poisoning, this risk is very real. Even if the rat didn’t die from poisoning, there is still risk of germs in its blood infecting your dog.

Furthermore, there is risk of parasites on the dead rat’s skin jumping onto the dog. So there are so many ways in which your dog could get sick from licking a dead rat.


How Do You Clean a Dog’s Mouth After Eating a Mouse?

There are dog-safe toothpastes with which you can clean your dog’s mouse. A simpler approach is to simply get the dog to drink more water. Yet another option available to you is that of giving the dog dental chew. In all this, you have to keep it in mind that dog’s mouths have self-cleansing capabilities. So mouth cleanliness is not something you should worry too much about in this context.

You may wonder: do dogs eat mice by way of chewing or simply swallowing them whole? The answer is that dogs seem to subject rats they eat to some degree of chewing, before swallowing. This is how the question of cleaning a dog’s mouth after eating a mouse arises.


What Should I Do If My Dog Ate a Rat That Was Poisoned?

The most prudent thing is to take him to a vet clinic straightaway. Treat it as an emergency: even if the effects of the poison haven’t yet started to manifest.

At this point, you may be wondering: do dogs eat mice that have been poisoned? In fact, do dogs eat mice that have died from unnatural causes? Or do they have a way of telling what killed the mice, and avoiding poisoned ones? The answer, unfortunately, is that dogs are capable of eating poisoned mice.

A related question: if my dog ate a dead mouse that was poisoned should I induce vomiting?  The answer is that you shouldn’t. This is a complex situation, and DIY treatment attempts are not ideal. The best thing is to get a proper vet to treat him straightaway. If you can get it, take the rat poison container with you. You may also dial your local pet poison hotline for further advice.


Dog Ate Dead Mouse Symptoms

You may be wondering: if my dog ate a dead mouse, what symptoms should I be on the lookout for? Well, if your dog ate dead mouse, there may be symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, lethargy and loss of appetite.

Some of those symptoms could simply be indicative of the dog’s digestive system reacting badly to the mouse meat. Others could be indicative of the dead mouse obstructing the dog’s digestive system. Others still could be indicative of the poison that had killed the rat starting to affect the dog. If any severe symptoms appear, you should take the dog to the vet clinic immediately.

A related question: if my dog ate a dead rat what do I do? The simple answer is that you should watch out for the aforementioned symptoms. If they get worse, take the dog to the hospital immediately. Of course, where you certainly know that the rat eaten by your dog had been poisoned, the procedure is different. In that case, with or without symptoms, you should urgently take the dog to the hospital.


How to Stop Dogs From Eating Mouse in the Future

The most important thing is to keep the dogs from encountering the mice. When you are walking in the fields with the dog, ensure that he is fully supervised. Should he see a mouse and start running after it, issue the ‘leave it’ command. At home, if you have a mice problem, try to use solutions that don’t entail poisoning (including traps).

You may be asking yourself: do dogs eat mice out of desperation? In other words, do dogs eat mice because they are not getting enough food? The answer is ‘no’. Dogs just like to hunt for and eat mice. Thus providing your dog with more food doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog won’t be interested in mice.


Do Dogs Eat Mice Just  Like Cats?

Yes they do. It is just that cats make a very big show of their cat hunting prowess. They over-dramatize it. But dogs are actually quite good at it.

So, do dogs eat mice exactly the same way cats do? Well, whereas both dogs and cats kill and eat mice, their ways of eating the mice are different. Cats tend to eat mice in a slower, more methodical manner. Dogs on the other hand tend to simply wolf down the mice they manage to kill. When a dog eats mice, the whole business often ends in under a minute. But a cat could spend half an hour savoring a mouse he has caught.


Final Verdict On Do Dogs Eat Mice

Do dogs eat mice? Yes, dogs do have the capability and inclination to eat mice. But you should do everything in your power to keep your dog from eating mice.

Do dogs eat mice
Do dogs eat mice – dog ate dead mouse – dog eats mice

There are so many things that could go wrong as a result of a dog eating mice. Those range from poisoning to intestinal obstructions.

If your dog has already eaten a mouse, watch him closely for any adverse effects. If you see any severe symptoms, take the dog to the vet clinic urgently.


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