Dog Ate Pistachio Shell : Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Shells? 5 Brutal Side effects

Many people still don’t know that safe human food is not necessarily safe for their dogs. For example, Avocado and chocolates are delicious but can be poisonous for dogs. Any perks for us dogs, can dogs eat pistachios?

Pistachios aren’t the only nuts that dogs love to munch on. Of course, not all dogs will appreciate these tasty snacks. What if a dog ate pistachio shell?

Pistachios or pistachio shells are not entirely toxic to dogs; it’s just that every dog has a different reaction when ingesting them. Dog eating pistachio shells can cause discomfort or gastrointestinal distress for one or two days.

Can dogs eat pistachio shells
Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Shells?

Let’s learn more about the dog pistachio shell and a few things about what we should do if my dog ate a pistachio shell.


Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Shells?

The dog can eat pistachio or pistachio shell in a small amount. Still, a dog ate pistachio shell in large quantities will be harmful because it can cause pancreatitis, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, or aspergillosis.

Can dogs eat pistachio shells in a tiny amount? Yes, they can, but they are not meant for your dog to eat. My dog ate a pistachio in just a few, and he is in discomfort for one day until he has diarrhea, and I bring him to the veterinarian.

Do not introduce pistachio or pistachio shell to your dog because it is not for your dog’s regular diet. Even if your dog likes the taste or texture of the pistachio shell, eating pistachio shell in a large amount will be harmful.


What If A Dog Eats Pistachio Shells?

If your dog ate pistachio shell that falls to the floor while working it in the kitchen, you have to stay calm. Prevent your dog from eating more of the pistachio or pistachio shell. Are pistachio shells bad for dogs? Yes, for large quantities. The whole pistachio is also bad for dogs.

You should immediately take your dog to the veterinarian if your dog eats a significant amount of pistachio, or your dog vomiting while eating the pistachio shell, or your dog feels discomfort and limps all day after eating the pistachio shell.

Pistachio shells are also not a typical food to eat for dogs, as there are plenty of other good snacks or nuts to give dogs in moderation. Not giving pistachio shells is a good thing to do. Also, supervise your dog if you prepare pistachios in the kitchen so that they do not secretly pick them up.


Are Pistachio Shells Poisonous To Dogs?

Pistachio shells are not toxic, but the hard texture is complex for dogs to digest. If you overeat, it can cause choking hazards and aspergillosis.

Dog ate pistachio shell or full of pistachio can cause obesity or gastrointestinal problems due to high-fat content. High-fat and high-calorie snacks can have disastrous consequences for your dog’s health.

Can dogs have pistachios with shell? No. Pistachio shell is considered poisonous because some dogs may have vomiting or diarrhea after a day or two eating it.

Pistachio shells are hard to digest because of their tough texture, which allows for discomfort or other stomach problems.


Are Pistachio Shells Digestible To Dogs?

Your dog won’t be able to digest pistachio shells because of the hard texture. It would be a problem if the dog ate a pistachio shell in a broken piece because the sharp edges can cause internal sores and internal bleeding.

Pay attention if you put pistachios around the house because if your dog sees a bowl of pistachios, they won’t eat just one seed; meanwhile, if dogs eat many pistachios or pistachio shells, the greater the potential for harm to their bodies.


Can Dogs Eat Nut Shells?

No. Peanut shells are not toxic to dogs, but the rough texture of the shell will inhibit the digestive system. Some nuts also have a hard shell which is much harder to digest than other nuts. A dog ate pistachio shell is dangerous because of its hard texture, and a broken shell also has sharp edges.

If your dog only eats one peanut shell, your dog will be fine. Ensure you supervise your dog after eating the peanut shell, as it could be that your dog is experiencing discomfort or stomach problems.


Dog Throwing Up Pistachio Shells

If your dog has a throwing up after eating the pistachio shell, then your dog has been hit by pistachio poisoning. This happened if a dog ate pistachio shell in large quantities. Are pistachios bad for dogs? Yes, in large amounts for both pistachios and pistachio shells.

Apart from vomiting, other symptoms are associated with poisonings such as diarrhea, dehydration, or greasy appearing stools.

After your dog throws up the pistachio shells entirely or in pieces, take your dog to the vet because who knows, there is still a pistachio shell in the dog’s body.


Dog Ate Pistachio Shell – What Should I Do?

First, don’t need to be panic if your dog accidentally eats a pistachio shell. You need to pay attention to your dog behavior a few hours after eating the pistachio shell. If your dog doesn’t show any symptoms, it’s safe.

Dog ate pistachio, which can be a problem because eating whole pistachios can cause vomiting or diarrhea in the next day or two.

The intricate texture of the pistachio shell is worrying, as it is hard to digest and can cause some internal problems in the dog’s stomach.


Are Pistachios Shells Safe For Dogs?

Dog ate pistachio nuts and shells is not safe for dogs because it is hard to digest. There is also no good reason to give your dog a pistachio shell as it is not among the things your dog can eat.

Pistachios themselves are also unhealthy for dogs as they are high-fat, making your dog have stomach problems and obesity. Consuming too many pistachios also causes secondary risks from the content of salt, aflatoxin, dental issues, and choking.

Let us discuss two things that are more likely to happen if a dog ate pistachio shell.


Choking Hazard

Dogs are not like humans who can be chewing their food until mush and safe to digest. If a dog bites the hard pistachio shell and it breaks, it will be a problem if it gets into the dog’s body. Apart from being a choking hazard, fragments of the pistachio shell can cause injury to the dog’s organs.

Dog ate pistachio shell in a few amount and will cause choking and interfere with the dog’s breathing. This will be fatal if not treated immediately.

Making your dog vomit when it eats the pistachio shell is also not recommended because it is dangerous if there is still vomit that doesn’t come out.


Dental Issues

Can dogs eat pistachio nuts with the shells on? Yes, they can, but it can cause dental problems. The intricate texture of the pistachio shell may be cracked with a dog’s teeth, but therein lies the danger. Shell fragments may get stuck in the teeth, and the dog cannot remove them independently.

In addition, if the dog insists on biting the hard shell continuously, it will also become a severe dental problem for your dog.

Dog ate pistachio shell one or two is probably harmless. But it will be a problem if you eat many pistachio shells and the dog has to continuously bite the hard texture. In addition, it will be dangerous if it enters the body.

Can dogs eat pistachio shells
Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Shells Frequently?


Is Pistachio Shell Toxic To Dogs?

Pistachio shells are not toxic for dogs, but they are dangerous. Pistachios are also not immediately toxic to dogs, but they can affect dogs and cause diarrhea, vomiting, discomfort, and lack of energy.

My dog ate pistachios accidentally, and there was no reaction. But not all dogs don’t react to eating pistachios. It is better if you do not give the pistachio or pistachio shell to avoid disease and stomach problems.


Can A Pistachio Kill A Dog?

Pistachios or pistachio shells do not immediately kill dogs, but dogs can develop liver problems, choking, and pancreatitis. If your dog has pancreatitis, it will develop several symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fever, lethargy, dehydration, depression, weakness, weight loss, etc.

Pistachio shells dogs are dangerous for small or large amounts because of the various dangers they cause. Shredded shells are dangerous, their hard texture cannot be digested, and they are not meant to be eaten by dogs.


Pistachio Nutrition

Although pistachios and pistachio shells are not for your dog, we need to know what they contain because they are good for humans, even though they are not for dogs. 1 ounce serving of pistachios will have 49 kernels and:

NutritionHow much
Protein5.72 grams
Carbs7.7 grams
Fat12.85 grams
Fiber3 grams

Pistachios are nuts with cholesterol-free and have a great source of minerals and vitamins such as Phosphorus, Manganese, Copper, and Vitamin B6. Dog ate pistachio shell still dangerous for your dogs even though it has great nutrition.


Pistachio Poisoning In Dogs

The pistachio nuts or dog ate pistachio shell do not directly poison your dog, but the dogs’ digestive system cannot directly digest the protein in the nuts. Pistachio poisoning can occur if consumed in large quantities, and your dogs will experience gastrointestinal distress or pancreatitis.

This can occur if it is consumed in small amounts frequently or consumed in large amounts at one time. Pistachios may also be the main road of the Aspergillus mold.

What is dangerous is the aflatoxin produced by this mold and has dangerous consequences for your dog. The aflatoxin poisoning dogs can cause lethargy, liver failure, vomiting, loss of appetite, or jaundice.


Treatment Of Pistachio Poisoning In Dogs

The treatment for this depends on how much or how often your dog consumes pistachios. Dog ate pistachio shell can be a serious problem even in small or large numbers. You have to watch the reaction caused by your dog.

If you take your dog to the veterinarian, you will be given medications including antibiotics, pain management medications, or anti-nausea.

If the problem is serious, your vet will probably provide the injection needed for your dog’s body.

This treatment is needed to restore the pancreatic system if it has been affected by pancreatitis and must maintain a dog’s diet by providing high-fiber, low-fat, and low-protein foods to speed up the healing process.


Final Verdict – Dog Ate Pistachio Shell

Pistachio nuts or pistachio shells are dangerous to eat because dogs can’t digest the protein from the nuts, and that’s bad for them too.

Although not directly toxic, the dog ate pistachio shell can be dangerous because of its hard texture and hard to digest. Some dogs will immediately regurgitate the pistachio shell, and some will not.

Some dogs react differently when they eat nuts, and some can immediately lose energy, discomfort, throwing ups, or diarrhea.

Can dogs eat pistachio shells
Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Shells Daily?

My dog ate pistachio shells as I put them where the dogs could reach them, and I watched their reaction for a moment. Indeed my dog only eats one or two shells, but I still see his behavior. After confirming there was discomfort or gastrointestinal distress, I immediately took him to the vet.

Pistachio shells are not a safe food for your dog, neither are other nuts. You can provide other safe foods for dogs with nutrients that help them to be healthier.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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