Dog Gorged On Dry Food : 7 Menacing Aftermaths

As a vet, we hear many things like “dog ate too much dry food what to do?” it is a common problem that is persistent among all owners who encounter these situations once in their life.

If you think that the dog gorged on dry food, don’t panic or stress out like your dog is dying, but take a deep breath, and then check if he needs a vet’s checkup. Otherwise, try to train your dog to eat gently and slower. Several ways, such as splitting the food into small pieces, will help a lot.

Dog gorged on dry food
dog gorged on dry food

In this blog post, we will discuss what to do if dogs gorged on dry food or people ask for “help dog gorged on dry food situation! Let’s start the article without wasting any time.


Can Dogs Eat Dry Food?

First of all, we should discuss the restrictions on dogs and whether they could eat dry food or not. Ideally, a dog’s stomach can handle all kinds of food particles irrespective of the size, but it is not always true when a dog hasn’t got its jab and has a weaker immune system.

You will always see that dogs will happily eat dry food, as they only care about eating and nothing else than that. There’s no threat to dogs eating dry food, but there’s one precaution for the dogs’ owners.

A vet would always recommend giving wet meals to your dog, as vet food is easily digested by the dogs and will not cause bloating if over-eaten. But wet food is also beneficial if eaten limitedly.

You will quickly know if your dog got into dry food and ate too much. All you have to do is keep an active eye on him, not eating too much and remaining as healthy as possible.


Can Dogs Gorge On Dry Food?

Let me clear what is meant by my dog gorged on dry food. Gorged means over-eating something which causes horrendous or bloated conditions in any animal.

Anything the dogs gorge on is unhealthy, and they will fall sick and won’t be acting normal when eaten too much and bloated.

The dog overeating-bloat will commonly occur if you let your dog gorge on dry food.

We would be very happy to see the dogs eating according to their will and hunger anytime, but you should limit your dog’s feed when it is eating.

Technically, gorging your dogs on dry food is not a bad thing, but permanently shifting your dog on dry food raises serious health concerns which we should encounter wisely.

You can do many things to stop your dog gorge from drying food which we will discuss later.


What Happens If A Dog Eats Too Much Dry Food?

If your dog ate too much dry food, it means you’re going to have a night up with your dog.

When a dog gorged on dry food, his all body reacted violently to the change, as it might be strong but not very strong to bear much food at once.


Major Symptoms of Dog Gorged on Dry Food

Following changes occur in your dog’s body when it eats too much dry food:

  • The dog who gorges on dry food is always restless
  • You will see that your dog will always be lying or only getting up if there’s a very important thing to do.
  • The dogs will not be participating in any physical activities.
  • Most of the dogs will groan.
  • Vomiting is also a serious symptom shown when a dog gorges on dry food.
  • A dog will start heavy breathing, as bloating puts heavy pressure on the lungs and its diaphragm.


Aftermaths of Eating Too Much of Dry Food

If your dog does not stop and always eats dry food, it will affect its overall health. We have seen many drastic changes in dogs’ bodies when they eat too much.

  1. Gas accumulation in a dog’s stomach is a common effect of dry food overeating which causes twisting in the stomach and needs special treatment by the vet.
  2. The food is not ingested and stiffens the stomach. This condition causes the stomach to swell out and is like a swinging ball.
  3. The fast running or walking might cause twisting of the small intestine or even the stomach twisting upon itself.
  4. Gorging on dry food can also cause abnormalities in liver function and small intestines. It will make the most uncomfortable condition for dogs which should be treated with proper advice.
  5. The stomach will accumulate gas and will not pass while applying constant pressure on stomach walls.
  6. Worst case scenario can cause blood clotting or eruption of a blood vessel in the stomach, causing internal bleeding and other damages to the dog.
  7. The spleen may increase in size; it also causes abnormal blood cell formation causing cancer or other diseases.


What Do You Do If Your Dog Has Gorged On Dry Food?

If a dog gorged on dry food, it is highly likely to contract some serious diseases such as colon infections, bloating, or urinary tract infections with anal complications.

What your dog expects from you is to take care of the early symptoms, and quickly note these and tell your vet so that he will take care of the ailment from the very beginning.

As you know that the most common cause of gorging on dry food in dogs is bloating, you will be taking care of the bloating first.


Treatment of a Dog Gorged on Dry Food

If we go into the treatment of a gorged dog, we will find two of the best possible treatments:

  • Short-term treatment (antibiotics)
  • Long-term treatment (Surgery)


Short-term Treatment (Antibiotics)

The first treatment for the dogs who have gorged on dry food (eaten too much of dry food) will be the set of antibiotics if they work.

The antibiotics will make your dog feel better if the bloat is caught at the very beginning. Your doctor will administer some antibiotics, and if he finds out that bloat is not twisted, he will continue the medicines.

If twisted bloat is seen, the dog will need immediate surgery, which is the only option left after the vet has diagnosed the dog and run all the necessary tests.

Don’t self-medicate your dog, as you might end up giving the wrong medicine to your dog.

Always have some reserve money for your dog’s emergency, as you should bear this in your mind while buying a dog that comes with many expenses.


Long-term Treatment (Surgery)

The second treatment that we should look for is the only treatment left in any case your dog has.

Seizure attacks or anything really bad.

The condition of the dog will decide if it requires immediate and ICU operation or normal-level operation.

One precaution must be followed by the vets and the ICU team that:

Be very careful and conscious while using the anesthesia. Why?

Anesthesia can cause the dogs or animals to sleep; while your dog’s oxygen saturation is depressed, it needs very sensitive care, and we must do it with great care.

The surgery procedure is not as simple as we think; it requires a lot of effort and an active state of mind to perform a successful surgery.

The following events occur while doing the dog’s surgery of bloat:

  • Anesthesia is provided
  • The dog’s abdomen is cut and all the pressure built inside the dog’s abdomen, spleen, and other organs are evacuated.
  • The stomach and spleen, which were parted, are now repositioned back to their original position.
  • The stomach tube is easily passed down the esophagus.


PRECAUTIONS: The stomach needs to be opened if the food particles cannot pass on their own.

The surgery might be successful only if the stomach is not cut; if your vet has to cut out the stomach to remove the big food particles, you will have to make a very difficult decision.

The survival chances of dogs infected with this bloat are lower, but when twisted bloat, which requires removal of the stomach, is very less.

A GENERAL TIP: Always make the dry food or wet food into short pieces, making the food grinding process easier.

Dog gorged on dry food
dog gorged on dry food


Does Dry Food Cause Bloat In Dogs?

If your dog ate a bag of dog food, will it have bloat or not? A lot of people often ask if dry food causes bloat or not. Let’s answer this question easily with this simple explanation:

The latest study on bloated dogs has revealed that dry food is not directly related to GDV in any case, nor does it worsen any of its symptoms. Meanwhile, moistened food-eating dogs will have equal chances of getting bloat.

A dog meal that contains high contents of oil and fats increases the GDV risks. Dry food only causes bloating if the owners have not sliced it into smaller pieces.

Bigger food particles will eventually be stuck in the abdomen and cause bloating in the stomach, which is then treated by medicines in the early stages and surgery in the last stages where no option is left.

Thus, dry food may cause food bloating, but only if not eaten in small pieces and slowly.

That is why it is always recommended that you be slow, gentle, and eat in small bites when eating a meal; this exercise will help you and all the animals prevent bloat.


How Long Does Food Bloat Last In Dogs?

A dog gorged on dry food will be sick for a long time. Get ready to spend a lot of money on your dog’s health if he caught bloated because of the unhealthy conditions.

Bloat will remain for a very long time if left untreated. Bloat typically remains there for several hours. After several hours, the torsion might show, requiring a lot of care and regular checking.

The 1996 experiment on several million dogs says that over 60,000 dogs were suffering from GDV and other diseases.

After several hours, bloat might go on its own if the dog is not having a torsion stomach or any other symptoms.


Should You Make Dry Dog Food Moist For Easy Digestion?

Let’s understand one thing here completely. Dry food or wet food isn’t a matter of debate for the bloat in dogs.

But there’s one advantage of giving wet food to the dog over dry food: your dog will find it easy to digest the wet food as the water you sprinkle on the dry food will soften it and make it easier for its stomach to digest it.

Another plus point of wet food is for those old age dogs who cannot chew hard things, so moist food will not hurt their remaining teeth and help in easy digestion.


How To Care For A Dog That Gorged On Dry Food?

Caring for a dog gorged on dry food is not an easy thing. You will always need to take care of your dog and its eating schedule.

  • Take care of the dogs’ daily routine meals.
  • Always make sure the dog has enough, and a practically full plate is always served in front of your dog.

Some dogs might start doing the gorged condition because of some anxiety and pressure. So that condition might also add to the dog’s tensions.

That is why always try to care for your dog by looking at its meal all day, no matter if you’re around or not.

Ask anyone who loves dogs to keep them if you are going out.


How To Prevent Dog Gorging On Dry Food Again?

You would be able to take care of your dog and prevent the dog from gorging on dry food again and again.

As you want to protect your dog from getting fatal bloating, you will also have to make sure you follow these tips.


Tips To Follow If Your Dog Gorged On Dry Food

These tips are specially designed to ensure that all the dogs who fall victim to the bloat are now not getting into any trouble if they find out they accidentally gorged food.


Stop the Dog Feed

The best thing and the primary thing to do when your dog has gorged and is now having a bloating condition is to stop the dog feed you’re using. Start by taking the food in small particles.


Food Pass Naturally

Don’t push the food or use any self-medication; let the dog go for a walk, and it will pass the food like in most cases.


Speak to a Vet

Speaking to a vet is the only possible option at last, but in my opinion, we should place this option in one place.

The vet has a professional degree, so he will better describe the situation and handle it as it is a very big problem. Normally, if the bloat is untwisted, only medicines health the body, but if the bloat twists the stomach and spleen, it will be fatal in most cases.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Help Dog Gorged On Dry Food?

To help the dog gorged on dry food, you need to make sure your dog is walking a lot. Secondly, it should not always eat dry food, but also eat wet food, which balances the meals and prevents any bad thing from happening.

Can A Dog Die From Eating Too Much Dry Food?

What to do if my dog ate too much and is bloated? Is there any incident that a dog dies of bloating due to gorging on food?

Bloats are the conditions that arise when your dog is eating like a pig or is not eating dry food well.

Quickly eating the dry food will make oval-shaped lumps in the stomach, which are not passed with the stools and are stuck there.

This situation will likely cause a stabbing pain all over the body, causing a gas accumulation and thus ultimately might cause a nervous disruption in the stomach. Thus, it could kill a dog easily if the symptoms are not checked and are left untreated.

So that’s why it is essential to take notes while your dog is having bloats and take it to a vet as soon as possible to prevent any unpleasant incident from happening.


Final Verdict On Dog Gorged On Dry Food

Has your dog gorged on dry food excessively? If your dog got into a dog food bag, and ate dry food, it would be bad for its health. You should always make a balance between its dry and wet food as both are of prime importance.

Dog gorged on dry food
dog gorged on dry food

In case, your dog is acting weird after eating dry food and needs assistance, take it to a vet as soon as possible to treat the ailment.

Always seek assistance from a medical specialist such as a vet if your dog got into a dog food bag and is eating without stopping and quickly, as it might cause bloating, which is very dangerous for dogs.

That was all about dog gorged on dry food. If you need help if dog gorged on dry food, please make your comments below and let us know your thoughts. Please share this article with your friends to support us!

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