How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get? 9 Conclusive Stages Of Growth

Many people ask the question of how big do bearded dragons get. It depends upon many factors like sex, breed, and gender of the bearded dragon. Some breeds have large size, and some breed has a small size, so the answer to this question depends on breed and sex of bearded dragons. A bearded dragon growth chart helps you understand how much to feed them.

How big do bearded dragons get? At the age of twelve months, when bearded dragons become adults, then they will fully grow. Adult bearded dragons have sixteen to twenty-four inches in size, and their weight ranges from 380-510g.

This article will discuss how big do bearded dragons get, three different stages of a bearded dragon’s life, Bearded dragon size, and factors that affect the size of bearded dragons. Let’s dive into the details of bearded dragon size.

How big do bearded dragons get
How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get – bearded dragon size


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get?

How big do bearded dragons get? The bearded dragon size depends upon many factors. If a bearded dragon belongs to a large breed, they will grow large from the normal breed. If the breed has a small size, then it will grow in a small size. Gender also plays an important role in bearded dragon size.

How big do bearded dragons get? A fully grown dragon has about sixteen to twenty-two inches when they are only one year old. the 2-month-old bearded dragon is about six to nine inches.


Bearded Dragon Size By Age

When a bearded dragon ages one year, they will get the maximum size.  Bearded dragon size grows gradually, and it will be fully large when they reach two years. Here is a bearded dragon size chart that helps know the bearded dragon length.


Age Of Bearded DragonLength Of Bearded Dragon
1-month-old baby3 to 4 inches
2-month-old baby5 to 9 inches
3-month-old baby8 to 11 inches
4-month-old baby9 to 12 inches
5-month-old baby11 to 16 inches
6-month-old juvenile11 to 18 inches
8-month-old juvenile13 to 20 inches
12-month-old Adult16 to 22 inches
24-month-old Adult18 to 24 Inches


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get In The Wild?

How big do bearded dragons get? Bearded dragon growth rate depends upon many factors like gender, housing, and diet. The size of bearded dragons in the wild is the same, just like bearded pet dragons. They get a size of twenty-four inches. Bearded dragon full size is about twenty-four inches.

A full-grown bearded dragon female has sixteen to nineteen inches in length.  Like other organisms, the male bearded dragon has a larger size as compared to female bearded dragons. If you take much care of the bearded dragon’s diet in time of development, then it can get the size of twenty-two to twenty-four inches.


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get In Captivity?

How big do bearded dragons get? The average size of a bearded dragon is about eighteen to twenty-four inches. The female dragon can grow to twenty-two inches if you provide her balanced and nutritious diet in the developmental period. Male dragon may get the size of twenty-four inches in length.


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get In A Month?

How big do bearded dragons get? When bearded dragons are born, they have very small sizes. At the age of one month, the only bearded dragon has about three to four inches in size, and with an increase in a month, they will grow properly. It is estimated that bearded dragons get two inches of length in one month, but this growth is only at two years. After two years, they will not grow in size.


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get Without Tail?

When we talk about bearded dragon size, it means that size is not along with the tail. The length of the tail is the same as the length of the body. How big do bearded dragons get? Normally, when the bearded dragon is fully grown, they have twenty-four inches, and it may vary according to breed and gender of bearded dragons.


How do Big Do Fancy Bearded Dragons get?

A fancy bearded dragon also gets the same size as a simple bearded dragon. How big do bearded dragons get? The size of a bearded dragon depends upon the diet also.

When do bearded dragons stop growing? If you give a proper and balanced diet to dragons in the early age of development and growth, you will see significant changes in the length of bearded dragons. Central bearded dragon size is 24 inches. 1-year-old bearded dragon attains maximum size. After that, they will grow at a very slow rate.


How Long Does It Take For A Bearded Dragon To Grow To Full Size?

How big can a bearded dragon get? The full size of dragons depends upon many factors like health, diet, environment, sex, genetics, etc. if the baby of a bearded dragon is healthy, they can grow about one to three inches in one month.

They get full size at the age of twelve months. After that, they complete the rest of the growth in the next few years. At the age of two years, they will get the maximum length.


When Do Bearded Dragons Stop Growing

It depends upon the breed of bearded dragons how much time they take to grow to full size. How long does it take for a bearded dragon to grow? Many bearded dragons get maximum size at only the age of twelve months.

Many bearded dragons are also there that attain maximum length at the age of twenty-two months. It all depends upon the environment, breed, gender, and diet of bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons continue growing in length until their last shed, but then their growth will slow considerably and eventually stop. They will maintain the same length throughout adulthood until they reach around 6 years old.

When beardie begin to slow down, this is probably when you should consider buying a larger vivarium as they grow noticeably bigger through each year of maturity.

How big do bearded dragons get
How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get – bearded dragon size


What Size Tank Does A Full-Grown Bearded Dragon Need?

The size of the tank should be ideal. Its length should be four feet, and width should be two feet. Mature adults and young adults should have fifty-five to one hundred twenty-gallon enclosures. If there is a very large tank size, it is good for adult bearded dragons because they can move freely in large tanks.

How long does a bearded dragon grow? Bearded dragons will grow to full size on the first birthday, but many dragons also get a second birthday. The maximum growth will be in the first twelve months of the life of bearded dragons.

In the second year of life, they will only grow two to three inches in size. Growth is hard to observe because it is very slow. In the second year, a bearded dragon will gain more weight, reach average body weight, and become an adult.


What Are Factors That Affect The Size of Bearded Dragon’s

Bearded dragon full-grown size is about twenty-two inches.  It depends upon gender also. Female bearded dragon size is small as compared to male dragons. If there is a big bearded dragon, then it can be due to genetic makeup. Here are the possible factors that affect the size of bearded dragons.



A fully grown bearded dragon male is about twenty-four inches in size. Genetic makeup plays an essential role in the size of bearded dragons. If there is a large size in genetics, then the offspring will also have a large size.



How big do bearded dragons grow? Gender also affects the rate of growth, just like other organisms.

The size of the female dragon is small as compared to the male dragon. Large bearded dragon has a size of 24 inches if it is male.

The size of a female is small because of many hormonal reasons. The size of the female dragon is between sixteen to nineteen inches. If you give a proper diet to female dragons in the growth period, they can get twenty to twenty-two inches.



Bearded dragon growth rate can be increased by giving a proper diet. Diet plays an important role in the growth of any organism. If you provide a balanced and nutritious diet to bearded dragons, then they get good size.

It would be best if you did not use a low nutrient diet for dragons. Please don’t use the fat insects because there are no proper nutrients, and hence bearded dragons will not grow properly.

It would be best to change the diet of bearded dragons when they reach adulthood because there is a different diet for different ages of dragons.

  • When they are juveniles, they need more proteins as compared to adult dragons. You should provide them seventy-five percent insects and twenty-five percent plants when they are juveniles.
  • When they grow fully, they should eat seventy-five percent vegetables and twenty-five percent insects.



Habitat also affects the rate of growth. There should be a setup for bearded dragons in which they can freely move without any hindrance. If the size of the tank is small or improper, this will result in stunted growth of bearded dragons. It is because they do not have enough space to exercise and grow.

How big can bearded dragons get? When the bearded dragon is in the juvenile phase, you should arrange about forty-gallon tanks. When they become adults and fully grown, the tank should be 120 gallons. It would be best to give them proper lighting because it is a good source of vitamin D. You also give them calcium supplements.

The tank must be in complete darkness at night. It is because bearded dragons need darkness to sleep. When the bearded dragon has no proper sleep, then it will not grow properly. If they have no proper sleeping time, then they will also have small size.



Poor care and husbandry lack can be the reason for the small size of the bearded dragon. It can also result in low bearded dragon weight. When the bearded dragon is ill, they will not get enough nutrients, and there is growth retardation in them.

If you observe any signs like sluggish behavior, bloating, weight loss, and appetite change in bearded dragons, it means that they are ill. You should consult with your vet in this situation.


What Are The Different Life Stages Of Bearded Dragons

There are three different stages of a bearded dragon’s life. The first one is the baby, the second phase is the juvenile, and after that, they become adults.



When bearded dragons are between the age of birth and size months, then it means that they are babies. This is a period of high growth in bearded dragons which will grow very fast in this period.

In the baby phase, diet plays an important role in the growth of the body. You should provide them with all essential nutrients, diet, and lightening for the proper growth of dragons.



When they are between six to twelve months old, they are classed as a juvenile. In this period of age, the bearded dragon also grows at a very rapid rate. In the juvenile stage, they get maximum size. Lightening is important for the proper growth of bearded dragons.



When does a bearded dragon stop growing? When they are about the age of twelve months or above, they are known as an adult. In this phase of life, they will grow in small amounts and also get very low weight. But you should provide them with a proper diet and lightening for taking good calcium and vitamin D.


How Big Do Beardie Get In Feet?

How big do beardies grow in feet? That is a great question. I get asked this several times per day by people who are new to bearded dragons or those that are curious how big they will actually get. That being said, there is no simple answer to this question because it depends on the type of dragon and his genetics. That said, this is a good general guide:

1 year old beardies are usually about 9″. -all kinds of bearded dragons grow at different rates so some may be bigger and some smaller depending on genetics.

2 years olds average out to around 11″-12″ long

3 or 4 years olds beardies will get anywhere from 12 -14″ in length.

5 years olds and older bearded dragons, some will reach an adult size of 14-15″ long.


Bearded Dragon Growth Charts

Bearded Dragon Growth Chart For Age

As you can see from the chart above, beardies go through a growth spurt at around 1 year old where they really start to get big.

By 2 years old, they are pretty much at their largest size. If you’ve got a 5 year old or older bearded dragon, he may continue to grow but it will be very slow and so small that you don’t even notice the difference. You can still feed him as if he were younger by feeding him less food per day and doing partial daily feedings instead of 1 big meal.


Bearded Dragon Growth Chart For Weight

As a bearded dragon grows, his weight will also increase. Below is a chart that shows how much beardies should weigh for each year of their life. As you can see, the weights do not equal out because they may be longer at one year than they are at 2 years old. The weight also increases as it gets older, so the 2 year old bearded dragon should be heavier than the 1 year old.

Note: This is just a guide and not set in concrete unless your beardie has health problems such as metabolic bone disease (MBD).


Bearded Dragon Growth Chart For Size

Bearded Dragons grow in length only, not in girth. As the dragon gets older and the bones get stronger, he can grow to be much longer than his younger counterparts. If you’ve had your bearded dragon for 2 or more years, you may notice that he is much longer than beardies who are 1 year old. This is because beardies grow in length, but not girth.


Bearded Dragon Growth Chart For Life Span

The lifespan of a bearded dragon is from 8 – 12 years old, depending on the sex and species type that you own. There are many factors that effect how long your bearded dragon will live such as stress levels (natural and man-made), which species he is, his genetics (some beardies live much longer than others), your diet, how well you take care of him, etc.

Generally speaking bearded dragons live around 8 – 12 years old if all goes well and there is no stress involved in their life. You can find a chart of different types of bearded dragons along with their average lifespan here.


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get In Cm?

A beardie should reach between 10 and 14 cm (4 – 5.5 inches) at the end of adulthood. In fact some may even get bigger than this! Males will grow slightly larger than females, but as an adult they will not differ in size too much.

Bearded Dragon Brumation

Bearded Dragon Third Eye


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Grow?

Bearded dragons grow up to a size of about 30 – 40 cm (12 – 16 inches) in length, and females will be noticeably smaller than males. They need more rest and sleep to grown in initial phases.

These reptiles are quite active on the ground, and they have strong limbs that will support their bodies as they move around. Their legs are long but short compared to other species such as leopard geckos.

With a strong and powerful spine that supports its body weight, it’s obvious to see why bearded dragons are so popular with reptile lovers. As they age they will get bigger but when do beardie stop growing?


How big do bearded dragons get

How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get


Final Verdict On How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get

Bearded dragons have three stages of development. When they are babies, they grow at a very fast rate. Make sure they get enough sleep. They will attain maximum size in the first twelve months. After that, their growth rate will be slow.

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