How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep? (11 Interesting Facts!)

Are you new to having bearded dragons as pets? You have to know what things they can do to live healthy and happy. Many still think that a healthy life only requires healthy food and sufficient basking. But not only that, another thing is the bearded dragon sleeping cycle daily.

How long do bearded dragons sleep? The typical bearded dragons will sleep around 8 to 12 hours. Bearded dragons also need more sleep than your sleeping cycle. If they are in captivity, you should create a regular sleeping pattern for them, like natural day-night sleep in the wild. Good sleeping habits will make a good life for bearded dragons.

How long do bearded dragons sleep
How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep – bearded dragon sleeping – bearded dragon sleep schedule

Let’s learn more about bearded dragon sleeping habits, signs of sleeping bearded dragon and when to not disturb your sleeping bearded dragon.


Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

Yes. Like us, bearded dragons are fairly diurnal. They’re awake most of the time, and they mostly sleep at nighttime.

How long do bearded dragons sleep? In their natural environment, they’d be used to waking up when the sunlight is shining and then falling asleep when the sun is gone. Most bearded dragons require more sleep than you’re probably used to.

Bearded dragon sleeping habits depend on several things, including their age and the type of dragon. Even baby bearded dragon sleeping for their metabolism.

Dragons, just like humans, have a very basic need for warmth. Their body will maintain a constant temperature unless it gets too hot or too cold. This means that all of their daily activities require an enclosure that keeps their body temperature at a high point.

The best way to do this is by providing a captive enclosure that’s larger than their captive space in the wild.


How Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

When owners ask about how long do bearded dragons sleep for, bearded Dragons typically snooze throughout the day. These lizards are diurnal. They do their other daily actions in the wild while it is still light outside and forage for insects when it is dark out.

How long do bearded dragons sleep is also determined by resting in a protected hiding area like a pile of rocks or a bush when night falls.

Most sleeping bearded dragon are doing it in a shallow sleep pool. The bearded dragon sleeping is much different from ours. Although many people think that these lizards sleep in the same way as we do, it has been proven that they are different.


How Long Should A Bearded Dragon Sleep?

Most bearded dragons need between 8-12 hours of sleep. How many hours of sleep do bearded dragons need is different from humans even though the average time is the same, but the environment must be different.

Humans can still fall asleep with the lights on, while bearded dragon sleeping can’t stand with the light around because it can disturb their sleep.

After knowing the time it takes for adult bearded dragons to sleep, naturally, the lizard owners will ask about how long do baby bearded dragons sleep? And how do they do it?


How Do Baby Bearded Dragons Sleep?

You will see a lot of baby bearded dragon sleeping in the three in a vertical position or stretching their body upright if they don’t have a tree. Baby bearded dragons will close their eyes and rest peacefully anywhere in their tank when it is dark.

Bearded dragon sleeping in corner to find a comfortable place, and to a darker place because they can’t sleep in a place where there is still light, because their third eye can still react if there is a change in light or a shadow passing through.


How Long Do Baby Bearded Dragons Sleep?

There is almost no difference between baby bearded dragons and adult bearded dragons when it comes to sleep, with an average of 8-12 hours of sleep. Although sometimes baby bearded dragon sleeping a lot, it’s because of their rapid growth.


Do Baby Bearded Dragons Sleep A Lot?

It’s normal for baby bearded dragon sleeping a lot, and you should provide them with a quiet, dark room while sleeping, as they are very easy to wake up to when there is a loud noise or light.

You can apply the bearded dragon sleep schedule starting from baby, juvenile, to adult, because in captivity, they will have different behavior from the wild.

Do baby bearded dragons sleep alot? Yes, and it’s normal. You should be able to adjust the lights according to daytime and nighttime to be also familiar with activity and rest times.


What Are The Signs Of A Sleeping Bearded Dragon?

Usually it is easy to tell if your bearded dragon is sleeping, but there are some times when it may confuse you. If you have been looking at your beardie for awhile and suddenly they start moving around more than usual, then that likely means they were not sleeping.

This may happen if you have been on the Internet for a long time and they were resting while you were looking at them. When you jump up to get something, such as more food or water, then when you turn back around they will still be in the same position but will start moving around because they know it is feeding time again.

Be careful!

If you are not sure if your bearded dragon is sleeping or just waiting for something to happen, then it is better to be safe than sorry.

If they move around while you are trying to feed them, then that means they were not sleeping and you should wait a little longer before feeding them again. If you accidentally wake them up, then they may not be very hungry and you will have to wait longer before trying again.

It is easy to tell if your bearded dragon is sleeping because when they do sleep, it is usually a deep sleep and that means the lights aren’t enough to wake them up. Keep in mind, that bearded dragons are cold blooded animals and they will move around more when they are cold.


How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live?

The answer is dependent on several factors. With proper care, adult bearded dragon babies can expect to live anywhere from ten to fifteen years in captivity. In the wild, adult bearded dragons live between five to eight years.

Such a long lifespan is also determined by how healthy the food is given and how long do bearded dragons sleep each day because their metabolism will be good if they have enough time to rest and move.

No need to worry if the bearded dragon sleeps a lot when it is a baby or juvenile because that is part of its growth.


How To Put Bearded Dragon To Bed?

You need a very warm place where he can feel safe and comfortable. If your bearded dragon is still young and still not completely accustomed to humans, you may want to consider putting him in his plastic lizard cage.

This will give him a sense of security and safety, which is important for him. Also, he will get to see how people interact with other animals.

If your bearded dragons are still a baby, then you have to keep an eye on how long do baby bearded dragons sleep because they are easy to wake up if there is a disturbance.

Make sure how long do bearded dragons sleep, more than 8 hours, so they can rest in peace without having to wake up in the middle of the night because of something.


Do Bearded Dragons Sleep Hard?

Bearded dragons can sleep hard if there are no lights on, and their room temperature is just right for their bodies. Bearded dragon sleep schedule can be used in captivity by adjusting their room lights at night to be devoted to heating only, not too bright light.

How many hours do bearded dragons sleep? Once the bearded dragons have found a comfortable, dark place, they can sleep undisturbed for up to 8 hours or more.

What time do bearded dragons sleep? In the wild, they will get ready for bed when the sun goes down. In captivity, they wait for dark or head to a corner to rest.


Do Bearded Dragons Sleep During The Day?

Many bearded dragons don’t need to sleep during the daylight hours because their activity levels are not high enough. Bearded dragon not sleeping during the daytime, and it’s okay to leave him alone.

Just make sure you know where he’s sleeping, and you’ll be able to spot him in case he decides to take a nap.

How long do bearded dragons sleep a day? Bearded dragons are diurnal, so they only sleep at night for 8-12 hours. Many ask about how long do bearded dragons sleep just to make sure their bearded dragons have enough sleep.

How long do bearded dragons sleep
How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?


Do Bearded Dragons Sleep At Night?

Yes, all bearded dragon sleeping in corner at night. In addition, the bearded dragon’s body also produces hormones twice, during the day and at night.

How long do bearded dragons sleep? About 8 hours if not bothered by anything. It is not uncommon for bearded dragon waking up at night because the temperature is too cold for them, or they need something.

Bearded dragons are often mistaken for being nocturnal because they sleep during the night and stay awake during the day. However, they are actually both diurnal and nocturnal animals.

Bearded dragons can be active at any time of the day, but they will sleep more in cooler weather. They digest food faster when it is warm, and they are more active during the day when it is warmer.

Bearded dragons are most active in the evening time because this is when their metabolism starts to increase. This means that you will see them roaming around more often after it starts to get dark outside. However, if you keep your lights on for a long period of time then the bearded dragon may not be as active after the lights come on at night.

Bearded dragons are nocturnal during the summer!

During the summer, bearded dragons will sleep a lot longer because it is warm outside. Because they are sleeping more during these times, you may see them move around more in the evening time to stay cool. This is just them being nocturnal animals.

Bearded dragons will need to sleep more during the summer months because they have a higher body temperature and they digest food faster during these times. Since they sleep for longer periods of time, you might think that your bearded dragon is sleeping all day but this is not true, as mentioned above.


Bearded Dragon Awake At Night

Several things can cause bearded dragons to wake up at night. Due to too much noise, the presence of light disturbs their sleep, or they are hungry.

Meanwhile, how many hours do bearded dragons sleep must be determined without any disturbance so that their body metabolism becomes good.

How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep? It will be safe if your bearded dragons sleep for a minimum of 8 hours from night to morning.

What do bearded dragons like to sleep on? They like to be in a slightly hidden place or stuck in a tree, which is important with a dark place and the right temperature for their body.


Bearded Dragon Sleep Schedule

In addition to asking about how long do bearded dragons sleep, we also have to know their sleep schedule so that you can provide adequate rest time. Below is how many hours of sleep do bearded dragons need to be based on seasons and how long they need.

SeasonsWhat time do bearded dragons sleep
Spring10 hours at night
Summer8 hours at night
Autumn10 hours at night
Winter12 hours at night


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Sleeping So Much?

Please realize that the reason that your bearded dragon sleeping all day is that he is tired and not in the best of moods. It’s much better to try and get him in a better mood before his energy levels drop too low.

When your beardie’s mood is poor, he’s going to be very tired and lethargic. Because he isn’t moving around, the only place he’s going to feel strong and awake is at the bottom of his burrow.

If you see your bearded dragon sleeping a lot in summer, it may be dehydrated, or the temperature is too hot, so they need a lot of water or even soak in colder water.

How long do bearded dragons sleep? When viewed from the sleeping schedule, they can sleep between 8-12 hours, and the longest is in winter, which can reach 12 hours or more.

If your bearded dragon is sleeping a lot and not eating very much, then this may be the time to take them to the vet. This can mean that they are sick or there is something else wrong with them. If you have tried feeding them a few times during the day but they just aren’t hungry, then it is okay to leave them alone for a few days.

Bearded dragons will sleep more during the summer if they are kept inside but it is okay to leave your lights on during this time. Try not to keep your bearded dragon in an area that gets too hot, such as near a heater or open window.

You may want to buy some type of “sleep sack” for your bearded dragon if you plan on leaving them alone. This will help them to stay warm at night when it is cooler outside.

Bearded dragons can get sick easily, and this includes the stomach flu! If you have a very young bearded dragon that has been sleeping more than usual, then they may be getting a stomach bug of some sort.

Bearded dragons that are sleeping more than usual may have eaten something that made them sick and they can die quickly from these types of diseases. Make sure that you keep your bearded dragon in a place where they can’t get into too much trouble and clean any messes right away.


Where Do Bearded Dragons Sleep In The Wild?

The beardie’s natural habitat is the desert. It is a very hot and humid environment, so they must cool off regularly. How do bearded dragons sleep is by sleeping in cool caves, rock formations, or even hollow logs.

How long do bearded dragons sleep in the wild? After the sun goes down until the sun rises.

How fast do bearded dragons grow?


Bearded Dragon Sleeping Positions

You’ll often see bearded dragon sleeping positions almost vertically if they don’t have a place to lean on like a tree.

If they have a tree that can be made into a bed, then they will stretch out and sleep on the tree. But if they live in tanks, they will sleep almost vertically with their bodies against the glass.

Many people have asked us which sleeping position their bearded dragon should be in if they want to take a picture of them while they are sleeping. Many times you will see people pose their bearded dragons into different positions so that it looks like they are lying on something while they are “sleeping”.

This is the same for humans, as many people will go into a “sleeping position” when they are taking a nap on the couch. How long do bearded dragons sleep? If the lights are dark, they can sleep at least 8 hours until the morning.

Bearded dragons will sleep with their legs stretched out in front of them, or sometimes spread apart. They will often put one foot over the other, just like humans do when they lay down. Their nose and head may be turned to the side.

Bearded dragons will also sleep on their belly, but this can be more dangerous because you may not see them moving around as much and they may accidentally roll over and get stuck under something. If a bearded dragon falls asleep on its belly, then it is better to turn him onto his back so that he does not suffocate or get hurt.


Bearded Dragon Sleeping Bags

Many people have asked us if they should use sleeping bags for their bearded dragons. It is true that bearded dragons will sometimes “crinkle” up in the corner of the tank, but this does not mean that you should get a sleeping bag for them.

When your bearded dragon moves around and crinkles up in that corner of the tank, then they are just trying to stay warm.

If you do get them a sleeping bag for their enclosure, then they might not move around as much because they will be too comfortable in it.


What Time Should I Turn My Bearded Dragon Light Off At Night?

Even though bearded dragons will sleep at any time of the day, they do prefer to be up during the daytime. They are diurnal animals and they will often wake up when it starts getting dark outside.

Bearded dragons tend to stay awake later than most reptiles because they like to spend more time in their habitat with their light on. If you have a red light in your bearded dragon’s habitat, then they will be able to see better at night because this is the color of their eyes.

As long as you keep your lights on for most of the day, then your bearded dragon should stay alert and active during the daytime. However, if you want to make sure that they are sleeping at night then do not turn on any lights when it gets dark outside. They will move around less when it is dark in order to stay cool.


How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Is Sleeping?

If your bearded dragon is sleeping it will usually be still. When they are not active, they will remain in the same spot for most of their sleeping time. There are some exceptions, such as if you have a male that sheds and he may move around more during this period because there is less skin to protect his eyes from rubbing on branches or rocks.

However, if they do move around during the time they should be sleeping, then you will need to take a closer look at what is going on because that usually means there is something wrong with your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons are in constant motion!

When people see their bearded dragon, they may assume that they are sleeping because they have finally stopped moving. The reality is that bearded dragons are always moving, but their body position makes it hard for us to see the movement.

They sway from side to side and move their limbs constantly. When you see your beardie in a still position, that usually means they are just waiting for the right time to pounce on their prey.


Do Bearded Dragons Hibernate?

Bearded dragons don’t hibernate, and they do a sleep-like hibernate called brumation. How long do bearded dragons hibernate? It can take one or three months until the temperature has started to rise, and they can go about their normal activities.

Every owner is still confused about how long do bearded dragons hibernate. Is it the same as how long do bearded dragons sleep? When doing brumation, bearded dragons don’t do much activity and sleep much longer than usual.


How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep During Brumation?

In their brumation, bearded dragons don’t sleep all day, but they look sluggish because they don’t have much to do. How long do bearded dragons sleep during brumation? A minimum of 12 hours, and they are still doing activities such as eating a little, walking for a while, climbing trees, or hiding.

You will find it difficult to calculate how long do bearded dragons sleep during brumation because their activities are minimal, and their bodies must survive in cold weather.

How long do bearded dragons sleep
How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep – bearded dragon sleeping – bearded dragon sleep schedule


Final Verdict On How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep

Bearded dragons are diurnal animals, with more activity during the day and sleeping at night. They sleep more than humans, although on average, they sleep between 8-12 hours. Make sure to take proper care of them when bearded dragon mouth opens and they are hissing angrily.

You must know the sleep schedule of bearded dragons, so you can also adjust their sleeping habits at night, even though they live in captivity.

Make sure when they sleep, there will be no noise or light interference because they are very easy to wake up. If they are in a dark room with no sound, they can sleep hard and get enough rest.

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