How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live? (9 Cool Facts)

Jumping spiders are one of the best pets for people that don’t like sounds and noises. But what’s their life span?

How long do jumping spiders live? Sadly, these jumping spiders won’t live like a cat or a dog for many years. They only tend to live for one year. Yes, that’s the average life span of jumping spiders. But some jumping spiders live for 2-3 years. But these are very rare.

In this blog post, we will discuss how long do jumping spiders live. Let’s start the article now.

How long do jumping spiders live
How long do jumping spiders live?


How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live?

Jumping spiders have a short life span. Many people would love to have jumping spiders as pets, as they are harmless and very calm. But don’t get too much attached to your pets.

This is because jumping spiders only live for a short period (in most cases, 1 year), and you have to buy another jumping after that.


What Is The Life Cycle Of A Jumping Spider?

How long do jumping spiders live? What’s their life cycle?

The lifecycle of a jumping spider mainly consists of these three stages:

  • 1st Egg Stage: An Embryonic Stage
  • 2nd Spiderling Stage: An Immature Stage
  • 3rd Adult Stage: The Sexually Mature Stage

All breeds of spiders have three common stages that they go through throughout their life. But some stages might have a difference in their propagation.

We will study each stage and then see what factors will affect the life span in the wild and captivity.


1st Egg Stage: An Embryonic Stage

The embryonic stage refers to the production of the embryo. The embryos are produced when mating occurs between the male and female spiders. The female mommy spider will store the sperms and release eggs after some time to fuse them. The fusion of gametes produces an embryo.

The Spring season is generally favorable for the spiders for egg hatching. Many spiders will leave embryos while most mother spiders protect their beloved children from all types of hunters.

There’s a certain species of spiders named wolf spiders. These jumping spiders will always carry the embryo sac. The eggs hatch after 10-12days, and after that, they set their young ones free.


2nd Spiderling Stage: An Immature Stage

Hatching from the eggs there form spiderlings, and these baby spiders crawl and move here and there, and this behavior is known as ballooning.

These small baby spiders will also start forming the silk threads and use these as support to climb up the walls or trees.

After that, a process known as molting (renewal of spider skin) will repeatedly occur, which continues 4-5 times, and after that, a spider matures.


3rd Adult Stage: The Sexually Mature Stage

A sexually mature stage will occur when the consecutive 4-5 stages of exoskeleton replacements have occurred. At this point, the spiderlings will be sexually active and will mate with females.

In most cases, male spiders won’t last long after having a mate with the female spider. But females will continue to live and produce new offspring, therefore continuing the flow of spider lives.


Factors Affecting the Jumping Spider Lifespan

Although movies have exaggerated the lives of spiders by several years, the real age of spiders is 1-2 years. Most species have a short lifespan, while a few species are known to have up to 20 years of lifespan.

Many dangers affect the spider’s age which is as follows:

  • Eaten alive (Asia and Africa)
  • Health matters (Nutrition etc.)
  • Survival strategies (In forest from predators)
  • Burrow security (Silk thread burrows)


Eaten Alive

We see spiders as dangerous insects, but predators such as many flies and wasps. Humans such as those from the African and Australian regions also find them a very suitable source of nutrition.

Some wasps will actively hunt the spiderlings and make their hungry larvae eggs eat the fresh little spiders.

So, small spiders have many predators, affecting a specific ratio of spiders to live a shorter lifespan affecting the entire average lifespan to be 1 year.


Health Matters

Health concerns are always affecting the spiders, and like us, spiders can catch certain bacterial and infectious diseases from fungi, mites, and worms. These things also decrease the life expectancy of a spider when seen whole.


Survival Strategies

There are certain strategies in spiders that may increase their lifespan. We will discuss some of these here one by one.

Autotomy is a process when a spider loses one of its legs to save itself in case a hunter has caught it to make healthy food out of the spider.

Some other species of spiders will also portray the change of color of the spider’s body, making it a very good signal that a spider is threatening you.

Many other strategies will be there that spiders use, such as using their silk threads to vanish quickly out of sight.


Burrow Security

Burrow use is a traditional thing that’s proven to be very good in case of predators and provides a very good shelter to shield against the birds, scorpions, and humans in some cases.

Burrows will also help the spiders complete their process of molting, as it’s seen that the molting stage is very vulnerable, and most attacks on spiders will occur in the molting stage as spiders are unable to defend themselves.

How long do jumping spiders live
How long do jumping spiders live?


How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live For?

Jumping spiders live for at least one year. But the lives will also be different for many species. Some species of spiders live for as long as 20 years.

All this happens when the spiders are not affected by the predators and won’t be eaten alive by humans in Africa!


How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live Without Food?

How long do jumping spiders live without food is a great question to discuss here. We see that spiders being very small insects, can survive for weeks.

In many cases, a spider will go on without eating anything for 4-8 weeks. But don’t be late then this, and keep checking your spiders so they will be alive as long as possible.


How Long Do Regal Jumping Spiders Live?

Regal spiders are a special class of jumping spiders going through molting five to seven times.

A regal jumping spider can live up to 3 years in most cases but will have the least lifespan of 1 year if there’s a disease or predator near him that tends to eat him.


How Long Do Bold Jumping Spiders Live?

We also think about the bold spiders and how long do jumping spiders live. But these spiders are like the other spiders and have almost the same life span. 

But with a little distinction, their life span is average between one to two years. Other spiders will also have life spans ranging from this figure, but many spiders also have up to 20 years of life.


How Long Do Garden Jumping Spiders Live?

Garden snails have a special vulnerability from all the birds, insects, and wasps crawling around here and there.

The garden spiders are the regular meal of wasps, birds, hawks, and Africans hungry! This thing affects their life span, and you can expect that these will have 1-2 years of life span.


How Long Do Redback Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live if they are redback species? The redback spider has many predators, such as lizards, birds, and reptiles. These will have a limited life span and live only 1 year or less.


How Long Do Small Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live if they’re small species? The small species of spiders will only have a lifespan of up to 1 year. You will see that their life span is affected by many factors described above.


How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live In Captivity?

How long do jumping spiders live when they are kept in captivity?

Captivity will decrease the life span of spiders, and they will be living for a lesser time. Most pet spiders will live for 1 to 2 years, but many other species can live for 10 -15 years. Female spiders can live for the longest time.


How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live In The Wild?

How long do jumping spiders live in the wild? Wild spiders have the shortest life span. When discussing the wild, you can think of many factors related to jumping spider life span.

Wild jumping spiders will live for 1-3 years. Their lives will mostly be affected by the wild predators and the snakes and birds around them.


How Long Do Tan Jumping Spiders Live?

Tan jumping spiders also have a very brief life span. You can expect these spiders to be very friendly, but they don’t have a very long life span.

On average, a tan jumping spider has over 3 years, while we have also witnessed the longest life span of a spider to be 46 years. But these tan spiders will only live for 1- 3 years.


How Long Do Daring Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live? Daring Jumping spiders are especially very common in the North American region.

Their life span is most commonly estimated by their pet owners and different studies on spiders and scorpions in the USA.

According to recent studies, we have estimated that daring spiders have a life span of 3-4 years, while most will live longer for 5- 7 years on average.

You can also calculate the average life span of checking the vulnerable things around your pet spider. If you can eliminate those dangers, your pet spiders’ life span will increase.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Black Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live if they are black? Black jumping spiders are from the same class of spiders with a life span between 1-3 years. But most black spiders tend to live only for 1 year or less.


How Long Do Male Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live if they are male? We know that male spiders live shorter than females.

Female spiders are responsible for producing offspring and carrying out the next-generation species.

Male spiders are not dominant, and breeding male jumping spiders will die after doing their part. They will have sex with the female spiders, transfer their sperms, and almost die.

The female spiders may eat these male spiders in most cases, but it’s not necessary to be true in all cases.


How Long Do Female Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live when they are female? We’ve known that female spiders live longer than males. We have also seen female spiders living as long as 20- 30 years. The longest living female spider from Australia was 47-48 years old.


How Long Do Zebra Jumping Spiders Live?

How long do jumping spiders live if they are zebra jumping spiders? Zebra jumping spiders will live for 3 to 4 years. Their life span is recorded as very low, but this is all in their genes and the predators around them.


Final Verdict – How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live

How long do jumping spiders live? Jumping spiders are the class of spiders that are very common pets and have been adapted to be great pets by people.

How long do jumping spiders live
How long do jumping spiders live?

However, their life span is affected by predators, diseases, and many other things. On average, the jumping spiders will live for 1-3 years. But females will live up to 20 years.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet spider a good and comfortable life!

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