How To Euthanize A Betta Fish Without Clove Oil? 7 Clear Facts

Betta fish owners will be sad if their fish get a specific disease and try their best to provide treatment or medicate it. Sometimes the condition of betta fish can get worse and can’t be handled. Thinking about ending their lives is heartbreaking, but it’s better without them having to go through pain. A usual example of the euthanization method is using clove oil.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil? Clove oil is the most humane method for euthanizing fish. Other ways make owners uncomfortable, such as physical methods and inhumane methods. Some methods such as flushing, freezing, and suffocating are some of the things that are used as options.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil
How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil?

You should know which several methods of euthanizing fish you choose for your pet. Let’s read this article to the end.


Can You Humanely Kill A Fish?

Every pet owner has reasons for euthanizing their pet as gently as possible. When there is no longer any treatment method that can do so, the only way is to end the pet’s life without them having to endure prolonged pain.

The most humane way is to use clove oil. It is an anesthetic or sedative with a high dose suitable for euthanizing small fish. The 0.4ml of clove oil per liter of water is sufficient for euthanizing your betta fish. Mix it with warm water before putting it in the tank. Enter slowly for a few moments.

Betta fish exposed to clove oil will begin to fall unconscious and stop breathing due to hypoxia. The amount of concentration of clove oil must be adjusted to the betta’s size and see the effect until the betta’s gill stops moving.


How Do You Euthanize A Fish At Home?

Before deciding to euthanize, you need to consult a vet about how severe the condition of your fish is and when is the right time to do it. You can ask what method is proper for your betta fish based on their size and behavior.

You can move the betta fish to the quarantine tank and start euthanizing the selected method. Most people choose to use clove oil. But some use harsh ways such as lethal injection or electrocution.


How Do You Humanely Kill A Dying Betta Fish?

Clove oil is the most humane way compared to other methods known to all owners. I had to euthanize my betta, and it was awful because rudely using the physical method made them unable to breathe. After I found out about clove oil, I regretted why I didn’t know this method sooner.

We can see how much our pets suffer the pain in their bodies, with their inactivity, refusal to eat, and several other things that make us not bear to them. But not all pet owners know the right way with the humane method.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil? Try using baking soda or vodka. Choose from the two ingredients but don’t forget to consult your vet whether these two methods are good to do.


How To Humanely Euthanize Betta Fish Without Clove Oil?

Try making a DIY euthanizing betta fish solution using baking soda. Use one tablespoon of baking soda, mix the water, and put it in the betta’s tank. Allow 15-20 minutes until the betta fish stop moving.

A slightly rougher way to use vodka. The same way to remove the fish consciousness through alcohol poisoning. Some say this method is also inhumane, but it’s still better than the others.


What Household Items Can Be Used To Euthanize Fish?

Baking soda is a household item as a substitute for clove oil. It takes longer for baking soda to euthanize than clove oil, but it still proves effective. Ice water is also another household that can be used for euthanizing betta fish, but many consider this method to torture fish with cold temperatures.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil? Although the preparation is easy, ice water is not the choice of many owners. Put the crushed ice in a small amount of water. The owners put the betta fish into the tank. If you can’t bear to see the cold betta fish, you should use the clove oil fish euthanasia Reddit method.


Can I Use A Ground Clove To Euthanize A Fish?

The ground clove can be made as a DIY. Put the cloves in a bowl with hot water and cover the bowl with plastic because the smell can be annoying if left in the open. Leave it overnight, and the next day the DIY ground clove can be used.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil? The clove is almost the same as euthanasia with the Isopropyl method, it’s just that it doesn’t provide pain like putting the betta fish to sleep.


How To Euthanize Betta With Clove Oil?

The clove oil for euthanasia has become a common thing that every aquatic pet owner can do. It is a way to sleep betta fish the most humane way. Here is how to euthanize betta with clove oil.

You can find clove oil in pharmacies, supermarkets, or health food stores. Prepare a small container for clove oil and warm water, then a quarantine tank for betta fish.

After moving the betta fish, prepare a few drops of clove oil in warm water according to how many liters of water are in the quarantine tank. Stir the water gently until smooth and let stand for a while. Slowly add the water and clove the oil mixture into the quarantine tank.

After all the water has been added, wait for 5 minutes to see if the betta fish are not moving the gills. The process is done without having the betta fish in pain.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil
How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil?


How To Euthanize A Fish With Baking Soda?

The method is almost the same as using clove oil. Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a small container, and stir until evenly distributed. Don’t immediately put it into the quarantine tank, but slowly enter it, so it doesn’t hurt the betta fish right away.

Baking soda takes longer than clove oil, but it still proves effective in the euthanization process.


How Much Clove Oil To Euthanize Betta?

The right dose is 0.4 ml of clove oil. If you use 3 liters, you use approximately 1.2 ml of clove oil. This can also be considered from how big the size of your betta fish is. The larger or more betta fish that need to be euthanized, the more drops of clove oil are needed.

The process of using clove oil is quick and easy. Despite this method, many owners are still looking for how to euthanize fish without clove oil if they cannot find clove oil in pharmacies or supermarkets near their area.


How To Euthanize A Betta Fish Without Clove Oil?

Euthanizing a betta without clove oil is a little cruel because clove oil is the most humane way than other methods. The table below lists some ways to euthanize betta fish.

Inhumane way to kill betta fishExplanation
AlcoholPut cold water and crush ice to make the betta fish cold, and wait until the crystallization process kills the fish.
FlushingThrowing fish through the flush. Betta fish will suffer from the chemicals and cold temperatures from the toilet.
SuffocatingRemove the betta fish from the water and let them not breathe.


Reasons Why We Need To Euthanize Betta Fish

Some betta fish sickness shows how hard betta fish is to fight against the pain. If your betta fish starts coughing blood, it is hard to breathe, and your stomach looks like it’s exploding, try to find the root cause. End of stage kidney failure is also a severe condition that cannot be treated.

The longer the betta fish will be more inactive, refuse to eat anything, and continue to be at the bottom of the tank. Please do not euthanize using clove oil and vodka because the clove oil is enough to put the betta fish to sleep. Vodka is a cruel method by allowing fish to be exposed to alcohol poisoning.


Bad Things And Not To Do When Euthanizing Betta Fish

There are few things worse than using alcohol, suffocating, or flushing. Some physical methods seem sadistic, and only people who don’t have a heart will do it.

Some do decapitation on their fish. Although this method is very short, it is too barbaric. Some choose to cover the gills from the fish while leaving the water out or slam the betta to death.

Do not let you use the household to kill your fish as you treat them not as living beings. Betta fish also don’t want their condition to get worse, so respect it by giving the best care or euthanizing them most subtly.


Final Verdict – How To Euthanize A Betta Fish Without Clove Oil

Clove oil is the safest way to euthanize a fish. But several other options can be done, such as using baking soda, or the DIY clove method. Use methods that don’t require torturing betta fish for too long, such as freezing or suffocating.

How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil
How to euthanize a betta fish without clove oil?

Think about the best way and ask the condition of your fish to the vet before the euthanization process is carried out. Give a sense of calm to the betta fish in the most humane way.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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