Betta Fish Stomach Explode : 7 Clear Factors To Know

Every aquatic pet owner wants to have a healthy pet without any problems. From water requirements to proper diet, every owner must be prepared for whatever happens to the fish.

Can Betta fish stomach explode? Yes. Several things can happen when a betta fish has a large stomach as if it will explode at any moment. Some factors are stomach ulcers, TB cyst, pineconing, bloating, parasite attack, or end-stage kidney failure.

Recently, many people have asked about the ‘betta fish stomach explode’, and are curious about what could have caused it to happen.

Betta fish stomach explode
Betta fish stomach explode

Knowing how to prevent or treat betta fish stomach problems can help many beginners who don’t know about this. Let’s read this article to the end.


Do Fish Explode If You Overfeed Them?

No fish will experience stomach exploding despite overfeeding. There are side effects of overfeeding, but nothing explodes when there is too much food. Overfeeding often occurs in beginner owners who do not know the right dose for their fish.

The fish’s stomach will swell and die from being full. You have to understand what kind of fish you have and how much is the right portion to eat each day.

There are types of fish that can eat whatever the owners give them, others who only eat enough and leave food to build ammonia in the tank. If fish overeats, it can stress them and develop fatty liver disease.

At first, the owners will not realize the problem the fish is having, but after seeing the fish’s ruptured stomach, owners will know that something is up, sometimes when they realize it’s too late.


Why Is My Betta Fish’s Stomach So Big?

Try to find out why betta fish have a big stomach. Are you feeding the fish too much, or the betta fish is bloated. You can check whether the big belly of the betta fish looks normal or not. There’s nothing to worry about if your fish has a large body because of a regular diet.

The most common reason is overfeeding. Betta fish can enlarge their bellies and can cause constipation or bloat. Problems can occur because the betta fish are fed the wrong food. Betta fish are carnivorous and are not suitable for overfeeding with plant-based foods.

Betta fish can also be affected by pineconing or a sudden increase in blood flow in the stomach. What makes this happen is the bacteria in the fish’s body, namely planktonic dysplasia. But this can heal in a few days with the proper treatment.


Is Betta Fish Stomach Big Unhealthy?

Betta fish with an unnaturally large stomach will find it difficult to swim. Sometimes you will see betta fish near the surface or under the tank because they find it challenging to move. Betta fish need to come to the surface to breathe, and it is a dangerous thing.

Inactivity or lack of appetite is a sign that the betta fish is not healthy. If your betta fish is bloated or its belly is too big to make it look like a betta fish’s stomach explodes, you know that the betta fish is unwell.


How Is Betta Fish’s Stomach Supposed To Be?

The betta’s abdomen looks normal without being swollen, and they can swim or breathe without difficulty. Betta fish belly can be large according to the portion they eat. If the betta belly is flat and doesn’t look like a lump, it’s a sign that the betta fish doesn’t have any illness.

Betta fish cannot be comfortable when they are bloated or constipated. The fish overeats with food that is too nutrient-dense that is challenging to digest when inside the stomach. There is also the possibility of bacteria that interfere with the fish’s stomach, which makes the stomach inflamed and damaged.


Do Betta Fish Stomach Explode?

The betta fish’s big belly can be affected by harmful bacteria that interfere with the digestive system and cause significant damage. The bacteria will damage the inner linings and get into the esophagus.

When the condition of your fish gets worse, the bacteria will multiply, spreading the infections throughout the betta’s body. Some of the reasons that cause bacteria are poor tank hygiene conditions and an unbalanced diet.

Betta fish stomachs explode is not because the betta fish can’t maintain their condition, but because the owners have bad care in giving diet or keeping the tank clean.


Why Do Betta Fish Stomach Explode?

There are several reasons betta fish stomach explode is happening other than betta fish bloated or overeats. One of them is Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that is in fish’ liver. The toxin from bacteria builds up and gets pumped around the body. It causes his stomach to explode.

The fish color goes pale, loses weight, coughs blood, and has a white sticky poop. Staphylococcus aureus bacteria should be treated with an aquarium filter that can remove enough of the toxin.

Fish conditions will be worse if you can’t maintain water quality because bacteria need amino acids to grow.


Betta Fish Bloated For Weeks

Bloating is a common occurrence when betta fish overeats. It looks like the fish are starting to feel uncomfortable because they feel pain in their stomach and want to remove whatever is bothering them.

Beginners may not know that their fish stomach is in trouble and let betta bloat for weeks. The way to overcome this is to reduce the diet until the bloating subsides. Keep reducing their food portions until the betta fish can swim or breathe without a problem.

Betta fish stomach explode
Betta fish stomach explode – Why do Betta fish stomach explode?


How To Cure Betta Bloating?

If you start to see betta fish that feel uncomfortable or are often on the surface or bottom of the tank, quickly move the betta fish to the quarantine tank. The water must be cleaner than the original tank. Reduce the water level until the betta fish can subside the bloating.

Reduce servings of betta fish, and if needed, you need to fast your fish for a few days until their stomachs return to normal. Let the fish fast for two days, and on the third day, give half a portion of what you usually give.

Check the condition of the betta fish. If the fish’s condition still does not improve, repeat the method of one day of fasting and one day of small meals. After the betta fish recover, you can return to the original tank.


Can Betta Fish Stomach Explosion From Parasite Attack?

Betta fish stomach explode is often referenced with worms moving around in the fish’s body. Parasites make betta fish diarrhea and lack appetite. If the fish condition worsens, fatal things can happen and even death.

Immediately consult the condition of the betta fish to the vet to be given antibiotics and several methods such as placing a salt aquarium in the tank until the fish’s condition improves.


Problems That Can Occur From Overfeeding Betta Fish

Many issues can occur if you allow the betta fish to overeat. The table below will show some of the issues that might occur.

Overfeeding problemsExplanation
Ammonia spikesUneaten food left in the tank will cause the ammonia level to rise.
Algae growthAlgae grows faster in dirty tanks due to uneaten food and lots of fish waste.
Hepatic lipidosisA fatty liver due to over-accumulation of food that builds up in the liver.
Improper filter functionFish waste and uneaten foods can clog up the filter tubing and make it useless.


What To Do If We Overfeed Betta Fish?

You can prevent overfeeding by looking at the portion of food you are giving. Feed the betta fish until they refuse it then you put in large quantities and let a lot of food go to waste.

Leave the betta fish without eating for a few days until their stomachs can process the food normally. The betta fish’s stomach explodes because there are too many nutrients that must be processed while the fish’s digestive system cannot do it instantly.


What Are Signs That Your Betta Fish Is dying?

The color of the fish is getting paler, betta’s activity is starting to decrease, their stomach is big as if it will explode, strange swimming movements, lack of appetite, coughing blood, and other severe conditions.

Most of the betta fish will sink when they die. If the betta fish looks difficult when swimming and is always under the tank, this should be your concern. Bloating or parasite infection can still be treated if you quickly consult a vet for antibiotics or let the fish fast for a few days.

But if you let betta fish’s condition worsen, you can’t do anything if their condition is already severe such as end-stage kidney failure or a sudden increase in the blood flow in the abdomen.


Final Verdict – Betta Fish Stomach Explode

Many betta fish have stomach exploding conditions, and most are due to a bacterial infection. If you can maintain water quality and check the filter in the tank is working optimally, you can prevent it from happening.

Bloating or constipation often happens because owners still can’t predict how many portions of food are right for betta fish. Leave the betta fish in the quarantine tank until the bloating is over, and reduce their food portions for the next few days.

Betta fish stomach explode
Betta fish stomach explode – Betta fish stomach explode issues – Betta fish stomach explode health issues

The condition of betta fish is seen when they swim or breathe. If you see their stomachs are enlarged and the betta fish tend to be inactive, immediately consult a vet for a medical examination, and provide the right treatment for your fish.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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