Milk Snake Vs Corn Snake : 17 Interesting Snake Facts

Reptile lovers will love to keep snakes as pets. Snakes are gorgeous animals with independent and docile personalities who are perfect companions. However, the many snake types make it difficult for beginners to distinguish which snakes look similar, such as milk snake versus corn snake. These two snakes are suitable for beginner keepers.

Are you trying to find milk snake vs corn snake differences? Milk and corn snakes have small bodies, similar habitats, lifespans, and diets. Both are docile pets with differences in patterns and colors. Corn snakes are easier to care for and less biting.

Although both are suitable for beginners, you should know the characteristics of corn snakes and milk snakes to take good care of them. Let’s read this article to the end.

Milk snake vs corn snake
Milk snake vs corn snake


How Do You Tell If A Snake Is A Milk Snake Or Corn Snake?

Reptile beginners are still not good at distinguishing between milk and corn snakes. Corn snakes do not have a bright color but have several color types. Milk snakes have bright colors and distinct bands.

Many have discussed milk snake vs corn snake based on its behavior. Corn snakes are suitable for beginners because they are not easily stressed, docile, and very calm. Milk snakes are musking and stressing until they get used to your presence.

The average lifespan of the two snakes is between 20 years of age. You can start as a beginner to become an expert in caring for corn or milk snakes.


Is A Milk Snake A Corn Snake?

No, milk snakes from the king snake family and corn snakes from the rat snake family. They are just similar, but not the same. You will find it difficult to distinguish them from their size because they will not be much different. They also share some patterns.

If you want to see milk snake vs corn snake observantly, pay attention to the behavior of the two. Corn snakes will be calmer and less dangerous for reptile beginners, milk snakes will be easily stressed and uneasy when you bring them home as pets.

Try taking care of corn snake baby milk snake, and learn their pattern. Corn snakes have blotches patterning along their body, and milk snakes have bands that encircle the body.


Corn Snake Vs Milk Snake Identification

If you want to identify between a milk snake vs corn snake, look in their habitat. Corn snakes are often found in the upland in dry and exposed environments. Sometimes you can find them in old buildings, yards, or barns when looking for hiding places or rodents.

Corn snakes have a reddish-brown, orange, gray, or brown color, with red or brown blotches with a 27-40 square shape all over their body. Check the head. There will be a spear-shaped blot that leads to their nose. Touch them to feel their smooth scales.

Milk snakes have a combination of two primary color patterns, the banded phase, and the blotched phase. There are 14-20 banded phases with a ring-like shape. It is a center row of blotches that alternates with lateral blotches. Look at their heads. There will be a tan or gray V- or Y-shaped mark on the back of their head.

You can look for milk snakes around the ground, as they are burrowers. Try looking for beneath rocks, stumps, logs, and boards. Be careful when you meet them the first time. Because they can be aggressive if you act carelessly.


Corn Vs Milk Snake Difference

Milk snakes and corn snakes are some of the best snakes for reptile beginners because they are easier to care for and safer than other snakes. Because there are a lot of similarities between these two types of snakes, you need to know a few things that become a reference to distinguish the two.

The table below will make it easier to identify a milk snake vs corn snake.

Corn snakeMilk snake
Blotch and not as bright as milk snake with usual patternsBright colored scales and bands
Nearly six feet long for their maximum length and big enough to be a pet60 inches for their maximum length and weigh up to two pounds
A bit less versatile, but can live in different natural habitatsVersatile, well-adapted in almost any region
Ideal feeders, eat almost everything through tongsNot too picky eater, but a little bit hard when eating through tongs
The calmest and most docile snake speciesEasy to handle, have a stressful condition when hungry or shedding

When viewed from the differences between the two snakes above, many choose milk snake vs corn snake pet as their first try. Both are docile snakes and are harmless to reptile beginners. Although they can bite you, these snakes are not venomous and only have small teeth.


milk snake vs corn snake Rarity

You can find corn snakes in any pet industry. Besides being common, corn snakes are popular as pets and help humans in controlling rodent populations. You can find many corn snakes in the eastern United States between Southern New Jersey to Florida.

The wildlife conservation union has included a milk snake in their least concern list because it is facing significant pressure as a pet. You can find milk snakes in North and South America. For the north, you can find between Maine and Ontario. For the south, you can find between Alabama and North Carolina.

It will not be hard to find between milk snake vs corn snake. These two types are common snakes. If you have decided to treat one of them, you need to commit to taking care of them to the maximum because they have a long life expectancy.


Corn snake Vs. Milk Snake Size

Only slight differences between corn snakes vs. milk snakes judging by their size. Adult corn snakes can grow between 24-72 inches and weigh up to 900 g, and milk snakes are between 14-69 inches and weigh almost the same as corn snakes.

You don’t need to be confused in choosing milk snake vs corn snake because these two snakes are the least dangerous snake species with the care that is not too difficult. You will expect the difference between them and their behavior the first time you treat them.

Milk snakes will be a bit aggressive in their self-defense, while corn snakes will be calmer even though they have just met you.


Corn Snake Vs. Milk Snake As Pet

Both snakes are suitable as pets by reptile beginners because they are non-toxic, have a harmless bite, and have a docile and calm temperament. Milk and corn snakes are very popular as pets, and you can find them in many pet stores because they are easy to find.

Corn vs. milk snakes don’t have much difference in caring for them, and their size is enough to be used as a pet. One of the things that makes them different is that milk snakes have to try harder to eat through the barrels, whereas corn snakes have no problem with that.


Which Is Better Milk Snake Or Corn Snake?

If you have never cared for a snake before, you can treat corn snakes because they are docile and non-aggressive, even to people who have never handled a snake before. Meanwhile, milk snakes need some time before getting used to their owners.

milk snake vs corn snake is a topic of discussion for reptile beginners, but both include harmless snakes. It is more suitable if you treat corn snakes for your first steps. Once you get used to it, try to care for the milk snake until they get used to your presence.

When people compare corn snakes vs. eastern milk snakes for beginners, the milk snake is determined as slightly harder than corn snakes because they need to adapt to their new environment.

People who have never held a snake before will be afraid of the milk snake’s actions even if they are doing self-defense. Instead of being confused about choosing between a milk snake or a corn snake, let’s get to know one by one.


Are Milk Snakes Good Or Bad?

Milk snakes are one of the harmless species and are popular as pets. Although you have to get used to them, milk snakes only need a moment to get used to their new environment and you as owners.

Much has been said about a milk snake vs corn snake because they feel that corn snakes are easier to care for than milk snakes. Both are equally easy to maintain and useful for anyone who has a farm to eradicate rodents that infects farm buildings or barns.


Are Milk Snakes Dangerous?

Milk snakes are a fun pet, no threat, easy to handle, and harmless. Even if you are bitten by a milk snake when they feel threatened, they have no poison and only have small teeth.

If you have prepared a special tank for snakes, give them some hiding places. Milk snakes need to feel safe in their new location until they can get up the courage to show themselves to you.

Many consider the corn snake milk snake to be a relative, but it is not. Milk snakes belong to the king snake family. Sometimes, farm owners mistake milk snakes for venomous snakes and are evicted from the farm or killed on the spot.


Are Milk Snakes Friendly?

If you are used to handling a milk snake, they will obey you and are easy to take care of. Feed snakes food, such as insects and small mammals, until they are comfortable in their new home. Try to treat young milk snakes. They are energetic and more friendly if you take care of them from a young age.

Many have milk snake pets as their second chance to care for snakes after their first choice was corn snakes. The milk snake vs corn snake are hardy animals and have a long life expectancy. You can take care of them for up to 20 years or more.


Are Milk Snakes Aggressive?

Milk snakes can be aggressive if they are stressed, threatened, or in a new place. They have to adapt to their new environment after being moved from their place of origin. Provide them a place to hide until the milk snake has calmed down.

Sometimes they will bite if you disturb them. But snake bite is harmless because they do not contain poison or sharp teeth. Because milk snakes can be aggressive, many choose eastern milk snake vs corn snake as their first pet snake.

Corn snakes are not aggressive, but milk snakes are fun to own. It all depends on you how you get used to the milk snake. If they feel safe, they will be easy to handle.

Milk snake vs corn snake
Milk snake vs corn snake


Are Corn Snakes Dangerous?

The corn snake is not a snake species that you should be afraid of. They can bite if they feel molested, but their bite is nothing to be afraid of. If snakes are used to being in captivity, corn snakes can be docile and friendly pets.

Corn snake pet is the choice for anyone who is the first time caring for a snake. These species are relatively harmless and rarely bite you.

Some people compare milk snake vs corn snake because they are both harmless, but corn snakes are more popular than milk snakes compared to their temperament.


Are Corn Snakes Friendly?

Yes, many consider the corn snake to be a friendly pet. Corn snake can be an exercise for those of you who want to hold a snake and try to trust its behavior. You can handle corn snakes once or twice a week to tame them.

For friendly or not, many compare milk snakes vs. corn snakes. Corn snakes will look more friendly than milk snakes because corn snakes can be handled by anyone even if they are in a new place.

To get full trust from the snake, you need to choose between baby corn snake vs. baby eastern milk snake. If you have cared for them since they were babies, the chances of getting used to you will be higher.


Are Corn Snakes Aggressive?

Corn snakes are not known as aggressive snakes. They are quite calm and relaxed, although they do not need to socialize with their owners very often. If you go to their cage to take it out of the cage, they won’t do anything.

Many choose corn snakes as a starter before treating other types of snakes. If you see a corn snake acting aggressively, try to find out what makes them that way. There are two ways the corn snake will be aggressive towards you, it is either they are afraid, or they are protecting themselves.

When compared to aggressive or not, milk snake vs corn snake will be won by the corn snake, which is no more aggressive than the milk snake. Milk snakes will try to defend themselves from anyone who gets close to them when they feel unsafe.


Corn Snake Vs. Milk Snake Vs. Ball Python

If we already know the many similarities between corn snakes and milk snakes, it’s time to compare them with other types of snakes. One of them is the ball python which is the choice of some reptile owners who are used to caring for snakes.

Ball pythons and corn snakes look very different from one another. Ball pythons have a diamond-shaped head with a thick main body, while corn snakes have a narrow head and narrow body.

Although these two snakes are easy to feed with any rodents, you will need to pay a little more for ball pythons. Their large body shape when older makes ball pythons need to eat more than corn snakes.


Corn Snake Vs. Milk Snake Vs. King Snake

King snakes are still in the same family as milk snakes. King snakes are a bit harder than corn snakes because they have attitude problems.

Apart from aggressive feeders, they are very eager. If you are taking care of snakes for the first time, you should choose a corn snake that is easier to handle and docile.

The king snake is also larger than the corn snake, so it will be more challenging to treat the king snake than the corn snake. If you are an expert in treating snakes, you can choose a king snake that is more challenging by recognizing their behavior.


Copperhead Vs. Milk Or Corn Snake

The difference between a copperhead and a milk or corn snake is huge. The color of the corn snakes is more intense, and the copperhead has an hourglass shape on the sides of its body. Copperheads are poisonous snakes, and they will bite if they feel threatened.

It is not recommended to treat copperheads if you have never treated a snake before. Or you can cover the copperhead’s mouth with masking tape even if that would annoy them.


Final Verdict – Milk Snake Vs Corn Snake

Milk snakes and corn snakes are the choices of everyone who wants to learn to care for snakes. Apart from being docile, they are easy to handle and harmless. You can see a slight difference between these two species from the patterns and behavior.

Corn snakes are beginner snakes because they are easy to interact with even if they have never held a snake before. Milk snakes are a little more difficult because they have to get close to you before they can fully trust you.

Milk snake vs corn snake
Milk snake vs corn snake – milk snake vs corn snake as pets – milk snake vs corn snake rarity – milk snake vs corn snake temperament

Corn and milk snakes are not picky eaters, but milk snakes are a little more difficult to eat through tongs. But both are very useful for farm owners because they can eradicate rodents.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet snake a good and comfortable life!

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