Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog : 7 Interesting Characteristics

Being considered one of the most stunning and famous species among amphibians, red-eyed tree frogs are truly wonderful pets. These frogs feature in magazines, billboards and are the favorite of many leading channels that show animals.

Pink red eyed tree frog can be found throughout Central America and the tropical forests of southern Mexico. The pink red-eyed frog can also be kept as pets as they are easy to handle. People living nearby can often see these lovely creatures hopping around. In the nighttime, they can be heard too when they are calling their partners.

In general, pink tree frog are found hiding under rocks, forest canopies, abandoned shelters and other tropical shelters. Red-eyed frogs are considerably small in size but they can live up to 10 years and even more if their lifestyle is suitable and healthy.

Pink red eyed tree frog
Pink red eyed tree frog


Where Should I Keep My Red Eyed Frog?

Pink eyed tree frog should be kept in a special environment. These frogs can live in an ordinary glass terrarium for reptiles. These Habitats are easy to clean and can come in different sizes. It is advised to add a lid over the terrarium.

A standard terrarium of 20 gallons can be used to pet the frog. Having a small setting can hurt the frog and if the frog is small then also it is recommended to buy a big terrarium as they grow very fast.

Red-eyed frogs are tropical species, who should be furnished with warm temperatures during the day. The daytime temperature can be settled between 75-82 depending on the comfort of frogs. During the night, the owner can decrease the temperature to 60 to 65.

Setting up a natural terrarium helps to boost the mood of the red-eyed frogs. The frog owners should make the terrarium as natural as possible. The more natural, including plants, rocks, hiding places, shady places the more frogs will feel comfortable in its home. Natural-looking climbing structures should also be created so that the frog gets the proper exercise too.


Can I Hold My Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog?

Like other frog species, red-eyed tree frogs also don’t like to be handled by humans. Too much holding and handling the red-eyed frogs can create stress which can also lead to diseases. Even though red-eyed frogs pose no danger to humans, it causes stress among them.

Frogs should be handled only if it’s an urgency otherwise frogs shouldn’t be disturbed. Overall, frog pink or green shouldn’t be held a lot.


Can You Have Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog As Pets?

Yes, people can pet a pink red eyed tree frog however, they should be treated with extreme care and sensibility. Even though a real pink frog doesn’t need much space, the place should not be too small for them to be hitting walls. The setting should have natural elements like plants and rocks and a hiding place that will create a comfortable environment for the frogs.

Pink red eyed tree frog are delicate species so they also shouldn’t be handled by hand too much, as it can cause stress among them. Frogs generally like to be left alone and like to stay away from any human company.


Is Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog Poisonous?

No, the pink red-eyed frog isn’t poisonous at all. They are just like any other ordinary frogs but considered special due to their beautiful eyes. Sometimes people do consider that having red eyes make them scary and they might have a possibility to poison us but that is not the truth, pink red-eyed frogs are completely free from poison and possess no danger to humans.


Why Is The Frog Eye Red?

The red-eyed frogs have bright red-colored eyes. The bright colors of the red-eyed tree frog serve as a warning to other animals that it is poisonous, and therefore not safe to eat. However, there are birds, bats, and snakes that hunt the red-eyed tree frog to eat it.


Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog Habitat

The cute pink frog can be found in Central America and the forests of southern Mexico. The red-eyed frog can also be kept as pets in homes in an artificial setting as they are easy to handle. People living in the nearby areas can often see these lovely creatures hopping around.

In the nighttime, they can be heard too when they are calling their partners. However, pink red-eyed frogs are very delicate and shouldn’t be handled a lot. Red-eyed frogs should be touched only when it is required.


Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog Size Chart

Baby red-eyed frogs½-¼ inches½-¼ inchesWhen the baby red frogs both male and female, are born they are generally ½ or ¼ inches in size. 
Adult red-eyed frogs2-2.5 inches3 InchesWhen they grow, females tend to be bigger than males. While males grow up to 2-2.5 inches but

Females can grow up to 3 inches and a little bit more too.


What Does Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog Eat?

Pink and green frog eat crickets, grasshoppers, flies, moths and even small frogs. They are insectivores, and if red-eyed frogs are cared for as pets, they can live a long and quality life. However, frog owners shouldn’t be fed unknown or wild bugs and larger insects. While adult red-eyed frogs can even eat large insects, baby red-eyed frogs need small bugs.

It is advised to cover the food of frogs with quality calcium or vitamin D powder. This step will ensure that the frog gets all the nutrition that it needs while growing up. This step can be discontinued when frogs have grown fully.


Is The Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog Aggressive?

No, red-eyed frogs are not aggressive at all. On the contrary, they are very calm frogs and can become very disciplined pets. They can be petted easily. However, overhandling the red-eyed frogs can cause stress among the pet. That is the reason over touching and holding your pet red-eyed frog should be avoided.


Does Red Eyed Frogs Croak In The Rain?

No wonder you hear croaking intermittently all night long. In reality, it’s not just the frogs that croak. The three types of anurans communicate thus: the toad, the tree frog and the frog of course. Frog croaks in the rainy season are loud also because there are not many activities happening in the area and there is silence so frog’s croak can be heard easily. Frogs croak to attract female frogs to mate.

Red-eyed frogs are no different, In the open, red-eyed frogs also croak to attract their female counterparts. If the owners have red-eyed frogs and open space they should let their red-eyed frogs out but should keep an eye on them as they may pop out somewhere else. 


Final Verdict – Pink Red Eyed Tree Frog

Pink red eyed tree frog are very exotic frogs. These subtle bodies and attractive eyes make them the most famous frogs in the whole frog species. Red-eyed frogs have been featured on the front page of many leading magazines and newspapers. Their beautiful eyes also make them one of the most demanded frog pets.

Pink red eyed tree frog
Pink red eyed tree frog

In addition to being unique, they also make very vulnerable pets. Red-eyed and even all frog species don’t like to be held for a long time. Holding a frog can make them stressed which can lead to health problems. Many people believe the myth that red-eyed frogs are poisonous or dangerous to humans which is also not true. They are very calm and friendly pets.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet frog a good and comfortable life!

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