Axolotl Lifespan : How Long Do Axolotls Live As A Pet? 6 Clear Life Stages

When you take care of axolotls as pets, there is a lot to prepare to live healthy and happy lives. Knowing the axolotl lifespan will make us more responsible for keeping their life by their life expectancy by taking the best care.

Axolotls are long-lived aquatic animals that can survive up to 15 years on various foods such as crustaceans, worms, mollusks, insect larvae, or small fish. Axolotls can be a top predator if mixed with their tank mates and pose a threat to them if they encounter much larger fish.

Axolotl lifespan
Axolotl Lifespan – How Long Do Axolotls Live

As owners, you need to know how long do axolotls live so you can take care of axolotls in the best possible way.


How Long Do Axolotls Live As A Pet?

As a pet, the Axolotl is known to live more than 20 years. The average axolotl lifespan when they become pets is ten years. This is also influenced by several factors such as how to care, axolotl habitat, food provided, and many other factors.

Making axolotls as pets is interesting and challenging because axolotls are an endangered species. We are given the responsibility for them about how long do axolotls live, so they don’t become extinct.

Some states prohibit axolotls from becoming pets because these are protected animals and can only be returned to the states concerned because ownership is illegal.

Can Axolotls live with fish?


Do Axolotls Die Easily?

Axolotl can die easily if you don’t know some requirements. One of the most important things that affect axolotl lifespan is water quality.

They are highly sensitive to changes in their environment and need to be kept in check to maintain their lifespan and health. If you don’t pay attention to the water quality and temperature of the tank, the Axolotl won’t last long.

Tanks that are hot above 22°C are not good for axolotls because they are cool-temperature animals. If this continues, it will drastically reduce the axolotl lifespan and worsen the condition of the Axolotl.


Do Baby Axolotls Die Easily?

The ones that die more often are when the Axolotl still has eggs, that is, unfertilized eggs. Fertilized eggs also have a chance not to survive.

If the axolotl eggs are in the same tank as the female Axolotl or other adults, there is a chance that they will eat the eggs. This is why axolotls die more easily when eggs can’t discuss further axolotl lifespan because their life stages don’t exist yet.

How long do axolotls live can only be determined if they can survive to hatch, and from there, we can know and care for them as best we can to achieve their life expectancy.


How To Extend Axolotl Lifespan Through Proper Care?

Increase the axolotl lifespan, and it can be achieved by providing a proper diet, clean water, maintaining water quality, and sufficient tank space for the Axolotl.

Proper care includes paying attention to the pH of the water level and also the cleanliness of the tank. If you don’t have filtration, you have to know when to change the water tank, because axolotls are animals that produce a lot of waste.

Proper diet is determined from the life stages of Axolotl by providing the right food and also the right portion. Axolotls are animals that eat a lot, so they may not regulate their diet. If they eat carelessly, there is a chance that they will get an impaction.

Other things like leaving the Axolotl in suitable tanks alone are better than leaving the Axolotl in a small tank and being given tank mates.

Because the Axolotl is more likely to harm other fish and eat other fish, if they live in a tank that is too small, they will be stressed and can cause disease if left unchecked.


How Long Do Axolotl Live In Captivity?

The axolotl lifespan in captivity depends on how their owners take care of them. Axolotls are not aquatic animals that are difficult to care for, but you only need to pay attention to the water quality because that is the most important thing.

You can have an axolotl lifespan of up to 10 years if you have a large enough tank and a complete aquarium kit for filtration, a cooler, and a good habitat for the Axolotl.

You can ask the axolotl owner forum or your partner who has Axolotl, how much on average, they can take care of the Axolotl. If someone answers only 5-6 years, ask why they have this estimate.

Many factors such as the presence of tank mates, drastic temperature changes, infections, and parasites can cause Axolotl to die suddenly.


How Long Axolotl Live In The Wild?

The government is doing its best to protect the Axolotl from extinction up to the last 50 years. Even so, it has become rare for us to see axolotls in the wild.

Many factors can cause axolotls to not live long in the wild because they can be eaten by falcons, other larger fish, or other axolotls.

If the axolotl lifespan in captivity can reach 15 years, then in the wild, they can only live half of it. This requires human development to rescue them and conduct breeding to maintain the axolotl population to separate it from the critically endangered status.


What Cause Axolotl Dies?

Apart from dying naturally, most Axolotl dies because of poor water quality and impactions. For water quality, you must maintain the water pH level at 6.5 – 7.5, and you must have a water cooler or aquarium fan to maintain the cool temperature at 16-18°C.

How long do axolotls live? If you can fulfill all of these and keep the water clean and food sufficient, you can get an axolotl lifespan that is more than average.

For impactions, you should pay attention to the Axolotl if you put tank mates in it. Fish with hard spines or exoskeletons will experience impactions for axolotls because their digestive system cannot process food properly.


Axolotl Temperament

When axolotls are alone in a tank, they will be calmer and spend more time under it because they are bottom-dwellers. If an axolotl has tank mates, they can be aggressive, even towards fellow axolotls.

When axolotls feel overcrowded or underfed, they can irritate other tank mates, nibbling, fin-nipping, or eat them. If axolotls do this frequently, they may also be bothered by larger fish.

Axolotls can get injured outside or inside the body by eating fish with hard spines or disturbing other fish.

If you put bigger or more aggressive fish than the Axolotl, then we can’t predict the axolotl lifespan with certainty.

Axolotl lifespan
Axolotl Lifespan – How Long Do Axolotls Live


Axolotl Life Stages

We can study the axolotl lifespan if we know exactly what the life stages of the Axolotl are. The table below will explain about the axolotl life stages.

Life StagesExplanation
Egg stageTake some time after the female axolotl lays their eggs to develop.
Embryo stageFertilized eggs have black or white spots with a jelly-like appearance that protect the eggs until they hatch.
Larva without legsCan’t move around quickly, and you can still see their organs clearly.
Larva with two legsLast several weeks with the front legs appearing first, and the rear legs coming later.
Young adultStart sexually active and have started to live alone.
AdultLast stage of their live to die naturally, and capable of starting breeding.


Axolotl Care Requirements

For the main requirements, you must set the tank temperature specifically by using a water chiller or aquarium fan so that the tank remains at a cool temperature.

In addition, provide food according to size and age. If they are still babies to juveniles, axolotls need to eat a lot, while as adults, let them only eat every two to three days, so they have time to digest their food.

To extend the axolotl lifespan, let them live alone, not being aggressive and easily stressed. Leaving the Axolotl alone makes them calmer.


Can Axolotl Have Tank Mates?

The Axolotl doesn’t need tank mates to be aggressive. If you want to put more than one Axolotl in a tank, make sure they are adults, so they don’t interfere with each other. Juvenile axolotls tend to be aggressive towards others, so they should be separated.

Axolotls can have tank mates such as small fish and shrimp, although later they can be eaten by the Axolotl. Don’t put too many small fish, because if they are overcrowded, it will affect the axolotls because they can’t settle down in the tank.


Are Axolotls Immortal?

Axolotl is not immortal because it can die naturally or even die due to several factors such as poor water quality, foods that contain a hard spine or are hard to digest, or overheating due to exposure to the sun’s light for too long.

Axolotl lifespan is between 10-15 years with proper care. Even so, axolotls can be said to be aquatic pets that have a long life compared to others.


Do Axolotl Have Regeneration Ability?

The axolotl is an aquatic salamander that can regenerate body parts and internal organs. They can regenerate limbs, lungs, heart, and brain.

This can also affect the axolotl lifespan because if they are exposed to a disease or something that makes their body lost, the Axolotl can regenerate until it returns to its original state.

But if some things like poisoning, impaction, infection make them die, the Axolotl can’t revive itself even though it can regenerate.

Many people think that axolotls that have a high regeneration rate are immortal. They can restore their lost body, not even regenerating their lifespan.


Are Axolotl A Good Pet?

Suppose you keep the Axolotl in one pet alone. In that case, the Axolotl is a good pet and adorable to have, especially if you have a rare axolotl morph that is rarely seen anywhere, because, in terms of seeing Axolotl in the wild, it’s starting to become rare.

When they are adults, their sense of axolotl increases, so they can feel food even if they are given food other than live food, so that axolotl owners don’t have trouble feeding frozen food or dead prey.

Axolotls can be calm in the water for a long time and will not get bored even if they are alone in the tank. That’s what makes the Axolotl a good pet.

Because of the long axolotl lifespan, you can feel like growing up with them because their average life in captivity is up to 10 years with proper care.


Final Verdict On Axolotl Lifespan – How Long Do Axolotls Live

As aquatic pets, axolotls have a long life expectancy of 10-15 years, and some have axolotls for more than 20 years. This must meet requirements such as water quality, proper diet, suitable tank, and habitat.

For water problems, you need to keep the axolotl tank at a cool temperature, not exposed to sunlight, and provide an aquarium chiller or aquarium fan to keep the tank temperature from rising drastically.

Axolotl lifespan
Axolotl Lifespan – How Long Do Axolotls Live

The proper diet can be adjusted to the age of the Axolotl, by providing life foods such as worms and crustaceans, to adults who can adapt to foods such as frozen food, pellets, or dead prey.

You also need to keep the axolotl tank clean at all times because that is also one way to extend the Axolotl’s lifespan. If they continue to receive proper care, then the Axolotl can live a long time. Make sure you can provide space to live alone because axolotls are calmer when alone than if there are tank mates.

In addition, having tank mates has many possibilities for shortening their lifespan due to their aggressive behavior and eating small fish, which can cause impactions.

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