Chocolate Point Siamese Vs Seal Point Siamese : 7 Cool Facts

Have you ever seen the chocolate point cat? If you haven’t, you’ve missed a beautiful and adorable cream-colored cat. The chocolate point Siamese is a unique breed because of the markings on its face that look sort of like a cross between a Siamese and a seal, yet the similarities end there.

Chocolate point vs seal point can be seen from the coat color. Chocolate point Siamese has a slight pink in brown color, while seal point Siamese has a seal brown shade. The two-color differences are undertone to its brown color. 

To know the full difference between chocolate point Siamese vs seal point Siamese, let’s look at the difference between those breeds.

Chocolate point siamese cat
Chocolate point Siamese vs Seal point Siamese Cat


What Is The Difference Between Chocolate Point And Seal Point Siamese?

If cat owners tell the difference between a chocolate point Siamese vs a seal point, they can have a hard time because there aren’t many visual cues to tell the difference between the two.

Breeders can distinguish between the two in terms of sharp color patterns. When viewed from the base color, a chocolate Siamese cat has an ivory-white color that does not change from kitten to adult. While the seal point paint has a pale-cream color that changes to dark as they age.

The difference can also be seen from the paw pads. Chocolate points have a pinkish color in brown, while seal points have a darker color in brown.


How Much Is A Chocolate Point Siamese Cat?

Many factors can distinguish the price of Siamese cats. Although the same breed, the difference in points, color of Siamese, the age, location, and breeder also affects the price.

Some of the prices below point Siamese cat prices from the difference in prices for kittens and adults, then between seal points and chocolate point Siamese cats.

AgeColorEstimated Price
KittenChocolate Point$250-$600
KittenSeal Point$250-$600
AdultChocolate Point$250-$1000
AdultSeal Point$250-$800

At first glance, the estimated price for the adult chocolate point Siamese is higher than the adult seal point Siamese. This is possible because chocolate points are more uncommon than seal points.


What Does A Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Look Like?

A hallmark of the chocolate point Siamese kitten is their deep eyes with vivid blue shade. From kitten to adult, their base color is ivory tone and shading to the tone of Siamese cat points.

The body is well rounded with a pointed tail and a somewhat pointed face and ears. The paw pads and nose leather have pinkish-brown shades, and the ear has a darker color than their mask.

Their coats are smooth and silky compared to the regular Siamese and have a more fluffy feel.

The ears of a chocolate point cat can be anywhere from dark brown to a rich amber color, and their paws can be either a peach or cream color.

There is a chocolate point Siamese with a warmer color like cinnamon, although you rarely find it. The color of ivory remains and does not change throughout its life.


What Does A Seal Point Siamese Cat Look Like?

His face is white with darker shading around the ears, nose, and eyes. Sometimes a seal point Siamese cat also comes with electric blue eyes shade color.

Seal point kittens have albino origins, so they have a cream-colored body to a white-colored body equipped with darker points spread out in several parts of the body.

While the chocolate point has a pinkish color in their paw pads and nose, the seal point Siamese has a dark brown color in their paw pads and nose. This can be used as a reference to distinguish chocolate point Siamese vs seal point Siamese.


Is Chocolate Point Siamese Rare?

Yes, chocolate point Siamese kittens are a rare breed. That’s why they are more expensive than seal points. The seal tip cat is more common in some breeders.

It can be tricky to know some of the differences between the two because chocolate point Siamese is more expensive. If you are not careful and think of the seal point as a chocolate point, you will experience a loss.

Although both are the same breed, the chocolate point is rarely owned by cat owners in terms of rarity.

Distinguish carefully if there are breeders that offer chocolate points; look at the paw pads and nose. If the color is more of a pinkish color, immediately make sure the difference is clear with the seal points.


Is Seal Point Siamese Rare?

When compared to the chocolate point, seal point Siamese cats are more common. But compared to all seal point colors, there is still one Siamese breed rarer than chocolate points. The rarest pointed Siamese cats are red point Siamese.

Many pet owners still find it difficult to distinguish chocolate point Siamese vs seal point Siamese because seal points are more common in some breeders, so people looking for chocolate point must be more observant in looking for the difference.


Chocolate Point Siamese Vs Seal Point Siamese – History

Siamese is an Asian cat originating from Thailand. In the 1950s, until a decade later, Siamese had high popularity, many breeders and cat show judges began to want Siamese with a more beautiful shape.

From the results of selective breeding, Siamese was formed with long fine-boned and narrow heads. But by the mid-1980s, the original Siamese had stopped appearing on shows.

At that time, breeders in the UK still bred and registered to seal Siamese and differentiated between two types of Siamese, traditional and show-style Siamese.

Seal point Siamese vs chocolate point Siamese has a pointed pattern which is partial albinism. The majority of Siamese have seal points (dark brown or almost black), but occasionally there are diluted seal points by genetics so that chocolate point Siamese appears.

Chocolate point siamese cat
Chocolate point Siamese vs Seal point Siamese Cat


Fame – Chocolate Point Vs Seal Point Siamese

According to the Cat Fanciers Association (FCA), the Siamese cat is ranked 12th for the most popular kitty in the United States. The creamy coat color became popular with this breed and attracted the attention of many pet owners.

For pet owners who like brown or dark brown, the Siamese cat is a suitable pet. Siamese paint is famous for its cream color, with variations of dark chocolate point Siamese, and there is also cream to the fawn point.

Among the four Siamese color choices, there are two that target many people, chocolate vs Siamese seal point. Although chocolate is still a rare breed, you can get chocolate point Siamese with a lighter color than seal points.


Chocolate Point Siamese vs Seal Point – Temperament

Many pet owners believe that seal point vs chocolate point has a different temperament. They are one species and have the same temperament. It’s just that chocolate point Siamese is a diluted version of the seal point cats in terms of color.

For temperament, Siamese cats are vocal, like to interact with their owners. That’s why the Siamese is known as a highly intelligent cat and lovely. In addition, Siamese is a playful and energetic cat, suitable for playing with children and families.

Siamese cats need companionship to be great companions. Don’t leave Siamese alone for too long, so they don’t get stressed and get anxiety problems.


Shedding – Chocolate Point vs Seal Point

Siamese cats, both chocolate point cat and seal point, have a lot of shedding twice per year due to seasonal shedding. In addition, these breeds do not shed so much.

Siamese cats are hypoallergenic cats and don’t require too much grooming because of their short hair. They do shed but are barely noticeable besides their seasonal shed when compared to other breeds.

There is no significant difference between seal point cat breeds or chocolate point Siamese cat in shedding because they have the same seasonal shedding.


Chocolate Point Siamese Vs Seal Point Siamese – Health Issues

Chocolate Siamese and seal point cat are picky eaters, and they can lead to malnourishment or obesity if not properly supervised.

In addition, the common health issues experienced by Siamese cats are neoplastic and gastrointestinal problems. There are also other issues such as dental problems and urinary tract disease.

Compared to some serious diseases, the most common for this breed is obesity or malnourishment. Do not overfeed or underfeed them, but pay attention to every nutrition and portion of your cat Siamese diet.


Lifespan Comparison – Seal Point Vs Chocolate Point Siamese

If you want to compare lifespan, you have to compare Siamese cats with other breeds because between Siamese seal point or chocolate point have the same life expectancy.

The average lifespan of Siamese cats is 12 to 15 years. Data from England also show Siamese cats have a median lifespan of 14.3 years. From these numbers, it can be seen that Siamese cats are one of the paints with the longest lifespan compared to other breeds.

To get a long lifespan from Siamese cats, you need to control all the food you give every day because they are a cat breed that is difficult to accept food. If you can manage their health by their healthy foods, then you can get a lifespan for Siamese cats that is more than 15 years.


Chocolate Point Siamese Vs Seal Point Siamese – Trainability

Trainability between Siamese chocolate or seal point breeds is above average compared to other cat breeds. Many pet owners assume that Siamese cats have the same trainability as dogs, easy to train because they are high-intelligent.

Use only positive training to get their good behavior, and avoid punishment training to get the results of the training you provide. They are lovable and affectionate, not suitable for obedience training, and do not require harsh training.


Sociability – Seal Point vs Chocolate Point Siamese

Both chocolate point Siamese kittens and seal point Siamese kittens like to interact with their owners and are often referred to as vocal cats. They love to be around their owners and seek attention when they are around you.

Because they are considered family-friendly, Siamese cats are popular in the United States because they are suitable for being family companions.


Seal Point Siamese Vs Chocolate Point Siamese – Price

If you look at the table above about the price difference between Siamese cats, you can see the similarity between seal point Siamese kittens and chocolate point kittens at $250 – $600.

But there is a difference in the adult price, with a $ 200 for the most expensive price range. Even for certain breeders, they can charge a chocolate point Siamese for sale over $1000.


Final Verdict On Chocolate Point Siamese

If you are looking for a cat with a creamy tone, you will love to see Siamese cats. This breed has four cat point colors, with the highest popularity held by chocolate point Siamese and seal point Siamese.

Although there is no significant difference between their bodies, what can be distinguished between seal points vs. chocolate points is their paw pads and nose color. The seal point is more of a dark brown color, while the chocolate point is more pinkish.

Chocolate point siamese cat
Chocolate point Siamese vs Seal point Siamese Cat

Color point Siamese is a special attraction for pet owners, even though they are of the same breed. Seal points are more likely to have a darker brown color in their tone, and chocolate points are more likely to have a lighter brown or ivory color. You’ll be astonished by their minute variations.

There is no significant comparison when viewed from the chocolate point Siamese vs seal point Siamese for temperament, health issues, shedding, and sociability because they are the same breed.

The thing to note is that they are picky eaters, so you need to pay attention so that they are not exposed to the most common health issues for their breeds, such as obesity and malnourishment.


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