What Is A Parti Poodle? Parti Poodle Size, Temperament, 11 Other Cool Colors

Poodles are the most intelligent dog breed worldwide. Parti Poodles are Parti colored dogs, and they are clever, proud, and elegant dogs. What is a Parti Poodle? Poodle is an affectionate, family, and impressive dog with many talents and ancient history.  

You can train them, and they are the best for the task that you will assign them. They are dangerous when they are not mentally or physically stimulated. The dog lovers find them family companions, trainable, intelligent, and loving.

In this article, we will discuss the Standard Poodle facts and  Parti Poodle size. Let’s discuss the Parti Poodle in detail.

Parti poodle
Parti Poodle Size Temperament


What Color Is Parti?

Parti word is derived from the word Particularly. The dog with a white base and big irregular patches of other colors is known as Parti Poodle. There are many colors in the Parti Poodle. You can see the different colors and patterns in Poodles as they are inherited from their ancestors.


Where Did Parti Poodles Come From?

In ancient times, it has been said that the Parti Poodle was developed in French or England. Now it is spread all over the world. There is no authentic information about the Parti Poodle breed that had hybridized and set them. It is said that the English developed Parti Poodles.


How Are Parti Poodles Made?

Parti Poodles have random colors in their skin. The random coloring in the skin is due to the MITF genes. The solid color in parti Poodle has a stronger gene, and the MITF is recessive. That is why you will see the Parti color in Poodles.


Parti Poodle Temperament

The Poodle family has a good temperament. They are active, friendly, and the family dog. The Parti Poodle has the same behavior, just like his family. They are energetic, playful, active, and intelligent dogs.

In ancient times, the Parti Poodle rescued the ducks in the water and saved them from predators. As we talk about the origin of Poodles, they are known as working dogs—the first time they were used for working in lakes to retrieve ducks. As the people start to keep them, then they become friendly and loving.

They are playful with children and other dogs. They feel very stressed and bored if they don’t do the exercise daily. So, daily exercise makes them better physically and mentally.

If they feel stressed and bored, then they start destructive chewing, digging, and barking.  SO, if you want to own the Parti Poodle, you should prepare yourself to train your dog and go for a walk along with your Parti poodle.


Are Parti Poodles Healthy?

The lifespan of Parti Poodles is about 12-15 years. The life span of Parti Poodle mini and toy Poodle is more as compared to the standard Parti Poodle. This short life cycle is because of many diseases. They are hybrid dogs that are why they are vulnerable to get diseases. They also get inherited diseases.



It is abbreviated as Gastric dilation volvulus. This is a common disorder in Parti Poodles. It is also called canine bloat. The GDV affects the breed that has big size, especially big chest dogs. When dogs get this disorder, then their stomach becomes large, and they show erratic behavior. This condition can lead to death if you don’t consult with your VET.


Addison’s Diseases

This is due to the non-production of hormones. In this disease, the adrenal gland fails to produce the hormones known as cortisol. Addison’s disease causes weight loss, abdominal pain, weakness, fatigue, and many other symptoms.

This is not very fatal if you diagnose this disease early. The proper medication can eliminate your Parti colored Poodle from pain.



Parti Poodles are very susceptible to hypothyroidism. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are behavioral changes, dryness, and weight gain without eating much. The vet first diagnoses the cause of hypothyroidism then treats it accordingly.

There are many other health disorders that the Parti Poodle faces. Coloring is not the cause of different diseases. However, the genetic causes may be.


What Colors Can You Find In Poodles?

There are 12 main colors in Poodles. These are the following

  • Silver
  • Gray
  • White
  • Apricot
  • Blue
  • Silver beige
  • Light brownish
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Parti


Is Parti Poodle The Rarest Color Coat Of Poodle?

Apricot Parti Poodle is the rarest breed in Parti Poodle. The standard colors in Parti Poodle are white, black, brown, white, red, white, and blue. The color of the coat doesn’t matter, but the Poodle’s coat makes the breed so popular.

The rarest color in Parti Poodle is apricot. Apricot color is because of the recessive gene. As we know that they have been genetically engineered to show the brilliant features in the Poodle family, it is said that apricot is the last color in Poodles.


How Much Does A Parti Poodle Cost?

The purebred Parti Poodle is very expensive. So if you want to own the Parti Poodle, then you should have an affordable amount. You see May ads of Parti Poodle puppies for sale but don’t buy this from an unauthentic site or store. Search the Poodles for sale near me and see the reviews of that store, then buy it.

If you want to buy the average quality of a Parti Standard Poodle puppy, then the Parti Poodle price ranges from 700-1500$.

The price can be high for mini variants and toys. For a mini and toy Parti Poodle 2000$ is the price for a Parti Poodle for sale. One of the factors that can increase the price of a dog is a combination of rare colors.

Parti poodle size temperament
Parti Poodle Size Temperament


How Big Does A Parti Poodle Get?

How big are Parti Poodles?  Parti Poodle size is small, and they are short-sized dogs. The average size of the Parti Poodles is about 15 inches, and the Parti Poodle weight is about 40-70 pounds. The height of the Parti Poodle mini is about 10-15 inches, and the weight ranges from 10-20 pounds. Parti Poodle size and weight table

Toy party Parti Poodle10 Inches5   to 10 Pounds
Mini Parti Poodle10 to 15 Inches15 to 20 Pounds
Parti Standard PoodleGreater than 15 Inches40 to 60 Pounds

Parti Poodle sizes vary according to the different types of breed. Mini and standard Parti Poodles have different sizes and weights.


Do Parti Poodles Shed?

Parti dogs belong to the low shedding dogs. Low shedding is because of the fur that is caught in tight fur. Parti Poodles need grooming for a healthy lifespan. Their haircuts make grooming easier. They need to bathe twice a week. You have to brush their fur at home or if you cannot do this, then go to the pro groomer.


Are Parti Poodles Purebred?

Yes, the Parti Poodles are purebred. In a litter of purebreds, they can pop up.

The AKC banned the coloring; the breeds are very careful not to produce the Parti Poodles.  The standard Parti Poodles are becoming very popular. That is why Parti Poodle breeders select and produce the Parti Poodle. Parti Poodles breeders produce them for business purposes.


How Long Do Parti Poodles Live?

The average lifespan of the Parti Poodles is about 12-15 years. They are short-sized dogs that are why they have a significant life expectancy. The actual reason for death in the Parti Poodles is heart disease. The proper check up can increase the lifespan of Parti Poodles.


Will A Parti Poodle Protect You?

Parti Poodles don’t show aggressive behavior. They are friendly and the family dogs. You can train them, and then they can do the job in a better way, but you don’t use them as guard dogs. Their instincts are not very sharp.

With valuable tips and guidelines, you can train your Parti Poodle, but you can’t use them to protect your home.


How Often Should Parti Poodles Be Bathed?

The standard Poodle Parti are prone to get an infectious disease. That is why cleanliness is the main thing that keeps them free from infectious disorders. We can increase the life span if we take care and do something good for proper grooming and cleanliness.

The Parti Poodles need a bath after every three weeks. The bathing includes both coat and skin cleanliness.


What Is The Difference Between A Parti Poodle And A Phantom Poodle?

One of the main things that both Parti Poodle and Phantom Poodle show is that they display two colors. The Parti Poodles have about 50 percent white colors.

The significant difference between the Parti Poodle and the Phantom Poodle is that the Parti color Poodle shows two colors present in any design or pattern. At the same time, the phantom color displays the solid color and the marked point on that solid color.


Does Parti Poodle Bark A Lot?

They are not barking dogs. They don’t bark without any reason. However, when they get some fear or other environmental triggers, then they bark. They bark fairly. That is why they are not used for security purposes.  There are many reasons behind barking like

  • Excitement
  • Presence of Guest
  • Boredom
  • For protection
  • For the protection of the owner
  • Presence of People around them
  • Thunderstorm


What Is A Phantom Parti Poodle?

The term phantom Parti Poodle is used because of the dog coloring. The phantom breed is not the separate breed of Parti Poodle, the only different color and pattern in dogs’ coats. A Parti Poodle contains the marking on the background coat. The background colors are brown, silver, white, red, apricot, cream, and black.


Do Black And White Parti Poodles Fade?

There are two colors of patterns on the coat of the Parti Poodle. Parti Poodles have two colors that are in patches. You can see the multi-colors in Parti Poodles like white and brown, white and red, white and black. White is known as a base color, and the other colors will appear in patterns.

Almost all the colors remain the same, a few of them are faded. The Black and white color is not faded. The most notorious color that always fades is red and white color. The red pattern on the solid white color always fades.

Sometimes these spots are so faded that you will find it difficult to predict whether it is a Parti Poodle or not.

Red Mini Goldendoodle


Do Parti Poodles Like To Cuddle?

Yes, the Parti colored Poodles love to cuddle. They feel affection when someone cuddles them. They are active in the daytime as compared to night. They want mental and physical stimulation and walking in the daytime.

Parti colored standard Poodles will feel love when someone cuddles them in the night.


Do Parti Poodles Get Attached To One Person?

The Parti standard Poodles love the family dog. They get attached to the family member that takes exceptional care of them. If you take care of your Parti Poodle and love him very much, they will attach to you and show more affection towards you than the other members of the family.

Parti poodle size temperament
Parti Poodle Size Temperament


Final Verdict on Parti Poodle Review

It will be a great thing to add a Poodle Parti in your home because they are friendly and the family dog. They can become your companion, which is why it is the best option for you. They can make you happy by playing with you.

Parti Poodle size is small; hence they have an extensive lifespan. The proper grooming and daily exercise can increase the lifespan of a Parti Poodle. Parti poodle is very active and intelligent, and it is easily trainable. If you want to keep it, then it is best for you.

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