Shaved Ferret : Is It Healthy To Cut Ferret’s Hair (5 Clear Tips)

There are times when it can be tempting to shave your ferret’s hair. That is the case for instance during the summer, when ferrets’ thick hair may make them seem to be uncomfortable. But is it right to shave a ferret? Read on, for the answer.

Is it OK to have a shaved ferret? No. Shaving a ferret is never a good idea. The ferret’s hair serves as a natural insulator: keeping the ferret cool when it is too hot and keeping him warm when it is too cold.

Therefore having a ferret shaved is more or less a cruel thing to do.

In any event, the process of shaving is likely to leave the ferret feeling itchy. And it may also leave the ferret’s skin exposed to possible infections.

Shaved ferret
Shaved Ferret – Is It Healthy To Cut Ferret’s Hair?

It is also worth noting that when you shave a ferret, the hair may take very long to grow back. In fact, it can get to a point at which you start wondering, will my ferrets hair grow back ever?

Clearly then, shaving a ferret is never a good idea.

None of the tutorials on how to groom a ferret has a topic on shaving the ferret. None even mentions shaving as part of ferret grooming.


Why Would Anyone Consider Having A Ferret Shaved?

There are several things that make people consider having their pet ferrets shaved.

Sometimes, one may (mistakenly) consider cutting ferret’s hair in order to make the ferret more comfortable during the summer.

There are also those who may be under the impression that shaved ferrets look cute. If someone believes that a shaven ferret looks cute, they are tempted to shave theirs.

Then there are those who may be under the impression that a shaven ferret is cuddlier. Thus while trying to figure out how to get my ferret to cuddle, the crazy idea of shaving the ferret may cross the mind…

The media too can be an influence that gets people to consider shaving their ferrets. Someone who happens to come across some shaved ferrets meme images or blursed ferrets online images may start considering having their ferret shaved.

This is in spite of the fact that the shaved ferret meme may not even be based on actual real-life ferret.

Even watching a musical comedy like Hannah Montana Forever can be an inspiration for one considering shaving their ferret! In that comedy, there is somewhere a character tells another, “shave that ferret off your face”.

So the said shave that ferret off your face Hannah Montana quote can be inspiration for someone wanting to actually shave their ferret.

Even a quote like that on just some ferrets and their shaved selves can get someone thinking of shaving their ferret.

Something like a show in which a tattooed ferret is featured can, at another level, inspire someone in this direction. So upon watching it, one is left wondering, why do ferrets have tattoos sometimes, and are they shaved before being tattooed.

Therefore varying influences can make one consider shaving their ferret.


Can You Shave A Ferret?

It is not good to shave a ferret.

Most vets will be outright against the idea of shaving a ferret. Even during surgeries, the vets usually do as little ferret shaving as possible.

And most pet groomers will also be uncomfortable with the idea of shaving a ferret.

Just think about it: what does a shaved ferret look like? Does it not look like a miserable animal? Why then, would you want to make your ferret that miserable, by shaving it?

When you think of it in these terms, you see that shaving a ferret is a bad idea.


Why Is It A Bad Idea To Have A Shaved Ferret?

There are at least four cogent reasons why it is a bad idea to shave a ferret.

Firstly, when you shave a ferret, you leave it without insulation. The hair on a ferret’s body is an insulator, which plays an important role in temperature regulation.

When you shave the ferret, it is left with nothing to play that role. You may think that you are making the ferret more comfortable during the summer while, in fact, you are doing the opposite.

The hair on the ferret’s body keeps it cool during the summer, even though you may find that counterintuitive. So on that account, it is a bad idea to shave the ferret.

Secondly, when you shave a ferret, it is likely to be very irritated. The ferret’s body will remain itchy for days on end. You surely don’t want to put your ferret through that much agony.

Thirdly, when you shave a ferret, you expose its skin to infections and other issues. This is a big factor, especially if you happen to shave very close.

Fourthly, when you shave a ferret, the hair may take too long to grow back. Shaving is unlike the natural shedding, which is under the ferret’s body control.

Shaved ferret
Shaved Ferret – Is Cutting Ferret’s Hair Healthy?

So it may be a while before you realize that the ferret is finally growing hair back. In between, the ferret is likely to have endured a lot of discomfort.

Even professional pet groomers are uncomfortable with the idea of shaving a ferret. For instance, if you research on how much does it cost to shave a ferret at Petsmart, you mostly draw blanks.

This is because most professional pet groomers wouldn’t go as far as shaving a ferret.


What Are The Alternatives To Shaving Your Ferret?

If it is about making your ferret more comfortable during the summer, you can use air conditioning. Or you can use other cooling mechanisms, to ensure that the ferret doesn’t get too hot.

Having cold water bottles under the ferret’s blankets can work wonders. So can the simple measure of giving the ferret cold water to drink.

If the problem is that of butt rash, rinsing with warm clean water is still better than shaving.

In case it is about the ferret’s appearance, regular hair brushing is better than shaving.


Are You Supposed To Shave Ferret Hair During The Summer?

It is not proper to shave ferret hair during the summer.

When you shave the ferret’s hair, you are doing more harm than good. Strange as it sounds, the hair plays a key role in keeping the ferret cool during the summer.

The hair is an insulator, which helps in temperature control. Now if you shave the ferret during the summer, you leave him with no insulator, which will make him even more uncomfortable.


Has Anyone Ever Shaved A Ferret For Summer Heat?

There are people who have attempted shaving their ferrets for summer heat. But most of them find that shaving the ferrets was never a good idea. Most have regretted it.

For one, the ferrets that are shaved tend to be more uncomfortable than they were with their hair on.

Moreover, after shaving the ferrets, the hair tends to take too long to grow back. Meanwhile, the colder seasons come, and the hairless ferrets have to endure a lot of discomfort.


Is It Okay To Cut My Ferret’s Butt Fur?

If your ferret has an issue like butt rash, it can be tempting to cut the butt fur. However, it is not okay to cut a ferret’s butt fur.

The problem with cutting a ferret’s butt fur is that it tends to leave a bald spot. The shaving also tends to irritate the ferret, leaving it feeling itchy.

A better thing to do would be to simply rinse the area using warm clean water. This should give the ferret better relief than shaving.


Final Verdict – Shaved Ferret

Shaving a ferret is not a good idea. You shouldn’t even consider ever shaving your ferret.

Admittedly, during the summer, it can be tempting to shave a ferret. This would be in an effort to make the ferret more comfortable. But shaving only ends up making the ferret more uncomfortable.

The hair on a ferret’s body serves an important temperature regulation role. Once you remove it, the ferret is left with no insulation: hence more uncomfortable.

Shaving a ferret doesn’t make the ferret look more attractive. Neither does it provide relief from conditions such as butt rash.

Shaved ferret
Shaved Ferret – Is It OK To Cut Ferret’s Hair?

Shaving a ferret only serves to make the ferret uncomfortable, as it is very irritating. And a ferret that is shaved close may also be too prone to skin infections.

To make your ferret more comfortable during the summer, you can use measures such as air conditioning. Or you can place cold water bottles under the ferret’s bedding and provide the ferret with cold drinking water.

All these measures are better than shaving the pet ferret.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life!

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