What Temperature Is Too Cold For Ferrets? (7 Important Facts)

One of the most frequently asked questions about ferrets is on what temperature is too cold for them. This article addresses that subject.

The question on what temperature is too cold for ferrets may be of relevance to anyone who is thinking of starting to keep a ferret as a pet.

For that person, understanding the lowest temperature for ferrets can be helpful in making the decision on whether keeping a ferret as a pet is viable or not.

What temperature is too cold for ferrets
What Temperature Is Too Cold For Ferrets?

So one looks at how cold can ferrets tolerate. Then one compares this with the typical temperatures where they live. This helps in making the decision on whether keeping the ferret as a pet is viable or not…

Even someone who already has a pet ferret may benefit from knowing what temperature can ferrets tolerate. This can be helpful in addressing concerns like, can ferrets live outside – and generally how to take care of ferrets in cold weather.

However, in all this, we need to start by asking ourselves how sensitive to temperature ferrets are. After that, we can revert to learning about the lowest temperature for ferrets.


How Sensitive Are Ferrets To Temperature?

Ferrets are quite sensitive to temperature.

When ferrets are in very cold temperatures for extended periods of time, they start showing signs of being uncomfortable.

If exposure to extremely cold temperatures persists, the ferrets start showing signs of being unwell. In the worst case scenario, the exposure to very cold temperatures sometimes leads to the demise of the ferrets.

Conversely, when ferrets are in very hot temperatures, they also show signs of being uncomfortable.

Longer term exposure to too hot temperatures sometimes leads to the ferrets’ physical harm – and death in the worst case scenarios.

So ferrets are quite sensitive to temperatures.

That is what necessitates questions like those on what temperature would be too cold for ferrets. And what temperature is too hot for ferrets.

So the objective is to know how cold is too cold for my ferret. And how hot is too hot for the ferret. This is born of an understanding that ferrets are quite sensitive to temperature.


What Temperature Should Ferrets Be Kept In?

Having established that ferrets are quite sensitive to temperature, the question that follows is what temperature does a ferret need to live in? In other words, what temp is good for ferrets?

As it turns out, the ideal temperature for ferrets is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you undertake research on what temperature do ferrets like, you will keep on getting something in this range.

However, while 60 degrees to 70 degrees is the ideal ferret temperature range, they can nonetheless manage to survive at slightly higher or slightly lower temperatures.

They may survive in colder temperatures, up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. And they may survive in hotter temperatures, up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if the temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the ferrets’ wellbeing is endangered. Similarly, the ferret’s wellbeing is endangered if the temperatures rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

So with regard to what temperature is ideal for your ferret, that would be 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here, one may ask, do ferrets like the cold (seeing that their ideal temperature range, at between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, is still relatively cold))? And the answer is ‘yes’ – given that their natural habitat is relatively cold.

So ferrets are naturally cold weather animals. They like cold weather – as long as it doesn’t go to certain extremes.

Another relevant question is on how can ferrets withstand cold? And this is mainly through their thick fur, as well as their skins’ fat paddings. It also helps that in their natural habitat, they live in underground burrows which offer insulation.

All in all though, rarely do ferrets get cold under normal temperature conditions. That is unless they are exposed to extremely/abnormally low temperatures.


What Temperature Is Too Cold For Ferrets?

So far, we have dealt with the question on what temperature can ferrets live in. We saw that they can ideally live in temperatures within the 60 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit range.

But we also saw that they can somewhat manage in lower temperatures (up to the 30s) and higher temperatures (up to the 80s).

The question that follows then is on exactly what temperature is too cold for ferrets in Fahrenheit. So we need to identify the temperature below which the ferrets’ wellbeing would be endangered.

What temperature is too cold for ferrets? The temperature that is too cold for ferrets is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. That translates to about 0 degrees Celsius. If a ferret is exposed to a temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for too long, its wellbeing may be endangered.

Note that the 32 degrees Fahrenheit in question here is just the minimum that should ideally not be breached. So it is the lowest temperature for ferrets.

However, the ideal temperature range is 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, as noted earlier.

What temperature is too cold for ferrets
What Temperature Is Too Cold For Ferrets At Home?

How well do ferrets tolerate cold temps (around 30-50F)? They may tolerate such temperatures quite well, but with lots of discomfort. Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit though, they could suffer physical harm.

What even makes 50-60 degrees too cold for ferrets is their anatomy: as their fur and fat layer below the skin offers only so much insulation.

Ultimately, how well can ferrets survive cold weather depends on the sorts of mitigating measures put in place.

But it is generally advisable to ensure that your ferret doesn’t ever have to endure any temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Regard 32 degrees Fahrenheit as the absolute lowest temperature for ferrets.


Can Ferrets Survive In The Snow?

Yes, ferrets can survive in the snow. Even in their natural European habitats, the ferrets are exposed to snow every now and then.

However, it is worth noting that in their natural habitats, they have (warm insulating) underground burrows to which they usually retreat when it snows. So they don’t have to withstand snow for too long.

One may be more direct and ask, do ferrets like snow? And can ferrets go in the snow?

The answer to the first question is ‘yes’ – ferrets like snow, but only if exposure to it is short-term. If they are exposed too long to snow (like more than 15 minutes at a time), they start getting uncomfortable.

Much longer exposure to snow may lead to things like hypothermia or frostbites.

So that is relevant knowledge when working out how long can ferrets play in snow. It can also be relevant when trying to figure out how can ferrets live outside in winter.


Can Ferrets Die Of Cold?

Yes, if ferrets are exposed to extreme cold for too long, they can die.

Ferret cold weather adaptations have a limit. Beyond that limit, the ferrets are at risk of dying from coldness.

Granted, compared to other animals, ferrets have better cold weather adaptations. But there is a limit to those adaptations.


How Can Ferrets Die Of Cold?

The mechanism through which ferrets can die of cold is that of hypothermia.

So hypothermia in ferrets can lead to shock. The shock then leads to death in due course, unless the ferret’s temperatures are raised fast.


How To Care For Your Ferrets In Cold Or Freezing Weather

The first thing you need to do is provide them with warm blankets into which they can burrow.

You also need to provide hammocks, which mimic their natural underground burrows, and into which they can be retreating when very cold. Hammocks with padding for heat retention are the best.

It also helps to provide the ferrets with the sorts of food that can help with heat generation.

If you have to take the ferrets out in cold weather, keep them under leash. This is to prevent them straying, and ending up with frostbites. Or straying and burrowing in snow.

Also during cold weather, only take the ferrets out for short periods (like 15 minutes only at a time).


Final Verdict – What Temperature Is Too Cold For Ferrets

Temperature that is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (translating to 0 degrees Celsius) is too cold for ferrets.

Ideally, ferrets should be in temperatures within the 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit range.

If you have to take ferrets out during cold weather, try to keep them on a leash. And ensure that they only stay out for short periods: like 15 minute stretches.

What temperature is too cold for ferrets
What Temperature Is Too Cold For Ferrets In The Wild?

Remember, overexposure to abnormally cold temperatures can kill ferrets. Such overexposure to extremely low temperatures can lead to hypothermia, which in turn leads to shock, resulting in death.

Thus minimize your ferrets’ exposure to sub-zero (below 32 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life!

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