Signs My Anole Is Dying : (7 Menacing Health Facts)

Anoles are the special types of lizards that are genius and great pets, but as they grow older, they start showing some symptoms of dying.

What are the signs my Anole is dying? Several signs such as joint swelling, appetite loss, hard breathing, bloody stools, and a running nose may indicate that your anole is near to its death.

In this article, we will discuss the signs my anole is dying, what color are anoles at death and how you revive anole lizards. Let’s start the article right away.

Signs my anole is dying
What are the signs my Anole is dying?


Signs My Anole Is Dying

An anole will show a definite behavior with specific signs that point towards the anole’s death, but have to look at a real anole when it’s near to the death? There are various signs that can be understood to save and revive your dying anole at the right time.

Well, today, we’ll show you a live example of a lizard anole that we’ve personally analyzed and saw the behavior before death.


What Does A Sick Anole Look Like?

I told my friend the signs my anole is dying, and he asked me to guide him too, as he was planning to get the anole as his next pet.

But a sick anole would not show any symptoms unless your pet anole is very sick. Therefore, a sick anole looks like it’s not eating, not having proper defecation and urination reflexes, and will face constant mood changes.

But, a typical anole will only show the illness when the diseases are widespread in the body and require major treatment.


Why Is My Anole Still Brown?

Anole’s color will also tell a lot about their health. Before considering anything while going to a vet, you should bear this in your mind.

Brown anoles symbolize an illness, as the green color represents a healthy anole condition. When you previously bought an anole, it was very green at a very young age. But with aging, the anoles will turn brown.

Browning of anole is also happening due to many diseases or illness that affects overall health. That’s why you are seeing your anole still brown.


Signs My Green Anole Is Dying

The signs my anole is dying were very painful to see, as it’s very hard to say goodbye to a pet that’s been with you for a very long time.

Here are some of the lizard dying symptoms that we’ll discuss today:

  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Swollen Joints
  • Hard Breathing
  • Discolored Skin
  • Runny Stool
  • Discharge From ENT
  • Smelly stool


Loss of Appetite

The first symptom that appears with an Anole getting old is appetite loss. It’s consistent with other diseases, so you might not be able to differentiate it from other symptoms.

Watch your anole while it’s near to death, and feed him with proper insects and other nutritious foods that will make him feel better.


Swollen Joints

Another common symptom of anoles at death is swollen joints. The joints at old age have gathered a lot of uric acids and other phosphates.

Therefore, you can tell swelling in the joints causes the anole to have great pain and turn brown. Note, if the swelling increases, you have to take your pet to a vet.


Hard Breathing

Green anoles will be normal at breathing with 39 breathes/ 60 seconds. But when the anoles are near to death, the breathing decreases tremendously.

Thus, an Anole about to die will be breathing less than 30 breathes/ minute. Please do not wait to take our anole to the vet immediately in case of very hard breathing.


Discolored Skin

Discolored skin will make you suspect that something is wrong with your anole. You should probably be thinking that you brought a green-colored anole at your home, but that green color starts fading when your pet is ill.

Thus, the green (healthy) color of anoles will diminish, and the brown color starts appearing that will leave you thinking that the anole is not well.


Runny Stool

When anoles are near their death, many things change in their metabolism. You see that there are runny stools that leave them very dirty.

You have to clean the tank very often when they are about to die. Don’t worry if your anole is young and it’s facing runny stools.

You can give him some medicines, and it will become good after taking medicines from a vet. But, in old anoles, runny stools will be a matter of concern.


Discharge from ENT

ENT means the Ear, Nose, and Tongue. When anoles are about to die, these areas will give out certain secretions.

An increase of cochlea fluid will be from the nose, and over secretion of mucus will make the nose runny. Some secretions from eyes will also be seen, and you will see this in your pet anoles at death.


Smelly Stool

The last symptom related to the anoles at death is their smelly stools. While runny stools are one symptom, the 2nd symptom is the smelly stool.

Nitrogenous wastes build up in their bodies, and the anole stools will be very foul-smelling.

This foul-smelling urine and stools will make you think about the anole conditions at death, and you should probably get it to the vet to get them treated as soon as possible.


How Do You Revive Anole Lizards?

Reviving anole lizards from death isn’t an easy thing. You should be giving some tricks at your home, but only follow those tips and tricks if you feel that you won’t end up killing your lizard.

The biggest thing to try when you’ve to revive your anole lizard is by giving them mouth-to-mouth therapy. It might not revive a dead anole, but if the anole has some breathes remaining, it will help, though.

So, better provide him a little oxygen with mouth-to-mouth therapy, but take him to a vet if the situation is out of control.

Signs my anole is dying
What are the signs my Anole is dying?


How To Save A Dying Anole?

Top Techniques to Save a Dying Anole

Now you’ve seen the signs my anole is dying, and now we will discuss how you can save a dying anole.

These are the ways to save a dying anole:

  • Cleaning a Tank
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Insects Feeding
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Separate Green Anole
  • Humidity and Ventilation


Cleaning a Tank

Cleaning your anole’s tank will make the life longer if you’re doing this at an early stage. Researchers have found that the people who take great care of their pet’s place of living, their pets stay alive longer.

For example, you can always use the best detergents to clean the tank, and it will then be a very good place without the bacteria and other microorganisms that might infect your pet.



Nutrition is very important. As you know that the things a pet eats daily will help him grow and make his body strong to fight against diseases and environmental factors.

So, better nutrition and foods that boost immunity will help the Anole lizards to help in any disease and escape any deadly condition.

Try giving foods rich in antioxidants and zinc to help them get a strong immune system.


Healthy Insects Feeding

Healthy insects will keep the anoles very active and healthy. It will, in turn, make them look greener and fresher.

All you can do is to feed the fresh insects. So try to buy the insects from a store that catches fresh insects and pure protein every day.

You can also buy the insects in bulk if you want, but having daily fresh insects for your anole pet will help it grow better and provide better immunity to fight against the diseases.


Proper Hygiene

It’s seen in many animals, including pet lizards. You will see that the animals that will take a regular bath and take care of their hygiene will be healthier and live longer.

While the pets who don’t get any attention will have many diseases, and they require medical treatments more often.

Proper hygiene is also necessary for your anole to keep it healthy and green. Try to bathe your anole lizard every month, and use some sprays for your little lizard pet so it will not be dirty and sick.


Separate Green Anole

If you have more than one anole, the most important thing is to separate it from the other infected anoles.

You have to see which of the anoles are brown and separate them from their fellows for the betterment.

Please get a new glass jar, and place them separately in the other tanks. It will be in their best regards, and you can also save the other anoles.


Humidity and Ventilation

Besides the food, do you know what’s important for any pet? It’s the air that will be the best thing to target while keeping up with its health.

So, proper humidity and ventilation are very crucial for any pet. If you’re talking about an anole, that’s very much concerning where you have placed it.

Get the tank with proper ventilation, and also keep the tank near a window and a place where it also gets the sunbathing.

It means you have to take the tank out for a sunbath every day to help with vitamin D deficiency and other brown anole diseases.


Green Anole Handling

How to distress a green anole? It’s a very sensitive matter to carry any anole. Being the small lizards, you can expect to be handled with great care and gentle hands.

Don’t push the skin too tight, or the green anole skin disease can happen at any time because of tight gripping.

So, you should always grip and handle your green anole with good and soft hands while they sit on our hands.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell If My Anole Is Dying?

Some of the signs my anole is dying you should tell me when coming to a vet is that they are not eating or having some slow movements lately.

Many anoles will start doing very strange movements and try to be very brown and pale-colored when they are about to die.

Heavy breathing is also a symptom that will affect your anole, and you should be taking care of this at an early age if you don’t want your anole to die soon.


Why Is My Green Anole Stressed?

Your green anole may be stressed due to several reasons. The first reason is that they do not have a good enough appetite and pale color due to a deficiency of some important minerals.

Other reasons may include hygiene problems, ventilation issues, and lack of care.


Why Is My Green Anole Always Sleeping?

If your green anole is always sleeping, you should take him to a vet for a full checkup. It’s a great step to ensure that nothing is wrong with the green anole.

Try to feed him with good and nutritious food and provide him with proper sunbaths so he will stop being sleepy all the time.


How to Save a Lizard When It Is Dying?

We’ve known that signs my anole is dying and saving a lizard is very easy and requires minimum effort. Therefore, a full vet care visit is the best way to save a lizard.

Signs my anole is dying
What are the signs my Anole is dying? signs my Anole is dying in captivity – signs my Anole is dying in winter


Final Verdict – Signs My Anole Is Dying

If you’re looking for the signs my anole is dying, you should check that it does not have Appetite loss, swollen joints, heavy breathing, Discoloration of skin, a running stool, and some foul-smelling urine and stools.

If you feel any symptoms, that means your anole is dying. You should get the animal to a vet and treat him well to make sure your pet Anole lifespan is extended.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet anole a good and comfortable life!

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