Why Do Hamsters Freeze? (4 Cool Hamster Freezing Solutions)

Hamsters are one of the most popular furry adorable animals as pets. Looking at hamsters while roaming, running in the rotating wheel, drinking or eating makes us excited and never bored no matter what they do. There is one of their behaviors that is both funny and worrying. The moment where they freeze and do not move.

Why do hamsters freeze? There are several potential reasons when hamsters freeze or stop moving. They will do it when surprised, afraid of something, and pause their movement to hear something they don’t know what to expect.

If you think you are new to this hamster behavior, you need to learn more in this article.

Why do hamsters freeze
Why do hamsters freeze?


Why Is My Hamster Suddenly Freezing?

Hamsters are animals that do not have excellent eyesight. They use other senses to find out what is going on around them. When they freeze or stop their movement, hamsters rely on their hearing and listen carefully to what is going on.

Many pet owners ask why hamsters freeze suddenly because they think it’s a worrying thing. Hamster is known as an animal with a lot of behavior like it will never run out of energy. It can stop moving without any explanation. If new pet owners find out about freeze behavior, they will think the hamster is sick.

Try to calm down until you see the moment the hamster starts to move. Or you can help calm hamsters down by picking them up from their cage and petting them.


Why Is My Hamster Cold And Not Moving?

If you hold a hamster and feel cold, but at the same time it is in winter, they are in hibernation. Your pet’s metabolism is going low and keeps them from moving much. The hamster will hibernate when the temperature drops below 20°C.

Make sure the hamster is still breathing by watching them for a few minutes. Hamsters that hibernate will continue to breathe, as usual. It’s just that they don’t move much to save their energy.

But if your hamster feels cold and unresponsive when not in winter, immediately take it to the vet for the possibility that the hamster is sick.

Why do hamsters freeze? The hibernation process makes the hamster look like it’s frozen and only breathes one to two times per two minutes. But it can be a worrying thing if it occurs during hot weather, indicating that your hamster is not fit.


Why Is My Hamster Shivering?

Your hamster might be shivering due to the cold. Hamsters are animals that are sensitive to cold temperatures. Adjust the temperature of their cage to above 20°C, and lower it a little if the hamster wants to sleep.

When hamsters get cold, they can be sneezing, have watery eyes, cough, and have runny noses. If it is left untreated, the shivers will appear more often. Which indicates the hamster’s condition is getting worse.

Try to clean their bedding and any toys until clean. Move the hamster to a warm place until you can ensure the cage is free of dust or anything that the hamster could be allergic to. Make sure they don’t lose their hair on nose too.

Why do hamsters freeze? If you see your hamster is not energetic, stays in one place, and is unresponsive, it is a sign that your hamster is not well. Try to figure out what the hamster feels, and give them a warm pillow or bedding.


How Long Can A Hamster Be Frozen?

If your hamster freezes out of fear or wants to focus on listening to something, it won’t do it for long. Until something frightens hamsters away, or the voice they want to hear is known, they will stop freezing.

What does it mean when a hamster freezes? Hamsters freeze when there’s something they don’t know. For example, a hamster can freeze in front of a mirror for several minutes looking at its reflection.

Why do hamsters freeze? They freeze to use their senses to listen more closely or try to figure out what’s going on around them. Sometimes hamsters will freeze when afraid of something approaching them and act as dead prey.


How Long Do Hamsters Freeze For?

It depends on what makes the hamster freeze or stop moving. If there is a sound they haven’t heard before, the hamster will freeze as long as the sound is still there. The hamster will move again if the sound stops because it feels safe.

Hamsters can freeze when they sense something dangerous near them. Freezing is a form of hamster fright and can last up to several minutes. You might find this behavior funny, but not for a hamster who is easily scared and runs away from anything.

Why do hamsters freeze up? Hamsters want to make sure of things by focusing on listening to what’s around them. If the hamster hears something with predatory steps, it will run and hide before getting hunted.


Can Hamsters Freeze To Death?

Hamsters don’t do well in cold temperatures. When the weather gets extremely cold, it could kill hamsters. Temperatures below 15 ° C have made the hamster’s body chill and get sick. Freezing is a painful death for hamsters.

Freezing due to cold temperatures is much different from the freezing behavior performed by hamsters when they are scared or want to focus on listening to something around them. Cold temperatures make hamsters have to hibernate.

Why do hamsters freeze? Hamsters will stop moving when they are scared or want to know what is going on around them.


Why Does My Hamster Freeze When He Sees Me?

Hamsters are surprised by your presence, or your steps near them are considered something scary. Hamsters will often do this when they hear loud noises, sounds they are not familiar with, or something is slowly approaching them.

Why do hamsters suddenly freeze? Hamsters use their smell and hearing to detect anything strange around them. Their eyesight is not very good, and they will rely on their hearing until the sound is certain to be harmless.

Do not come in a hurry to approach the hamster. Try not to startle the hamsters with a low voice or pet them before taking them out of the cage.

Why do hamsters freeze
Why do hamsters freeze?


Why Is My Hamster Staying In One Spot?

It will happen when your hamster is in a new place. Hamsters will head for the corner of the wall until they are familiar with their new place. The corner of the room is a place that they think is safe because they can see around and feel like there is a backup against the wall.

Sometimes hamsters will stay in one spot when they are uncomfortable or sick. Look for something that makes them insecure, and try to provide safety to your hamster.

Why do hamsters freeze? Every hamster has a unique personality. Some hamsters will go to the corner of the room. Others stay in the same spot every time. Generally, hamsters have a favorite spot when they feel uncomfortable or scared.


What To Do When Your Hamster Freezes?

Hamsters are animals that are targeted as prey. They easily feel uncomfortable or frightened by anything they don’t know. Their less sharp eyesight makes them stay alert to their surroundings using other senses.

When they freeze, sometimes you have to help them provide what they need. The table below will show you some of the things you can do.

Things to doExplanation
Let your hamster listen their surroundingsHamsters try to get used to the sound that is bothering them. Don’t do anything unless the hamster shaking or shivering.
Try to talk with your hamsterHamsters have sensitive hearing. Listening to a familiar voice will calm them down.
Bring him small treatDistract your hamster by giving it a favorite treat. Their focus will shift from fear to comfort because of the food you provide.
Pick them upTry to protect them by holding them up when they are afraid of something.


Why Is My Hamster Not Moving Or Breathing?

Several possibilities happen to your hamster. First, your hamster is hibernating. Hamsters will only breathe once or twice in two minutes, making them look like they’re not breathing.

The second possibility, check by holding them. If a hamster’s whole body is cold and not breathing, it is a sign that they are dead. The sick hamster still moves occasionally and breathes even though it looks like it’s struggling.

Why do hamsters freeze? In cold temperatures, their metabolism is reduced, and they try to hibernate. The hibernation process is almost the same as for hamsters during sleep, although they will appear to be breathing less often.


Why Is My Hamster Just Standing Still?

Many things can happen when a hamster is standing still for a long time. When hamsters are startled or frightened by the sounds around them, they will stand still until what they fear goes by.

If you want to prove this behavior, try turning on animal sounds from your cell phone near the hamster. They will stand still until the sound is finished, or until they become familiar with the sound.

Why do hamsters freeze? It is a form of fear and focuses on something around them. Hamsters will stay on the spot for a few minutes to ensure they feel safe from whatever is happening around them.


Why Is My Hamster Frozen And Shaking?

Hamsters will do this when they are on high alert, ascertaining what is around them by focusing on their hearing. It happens naturally, and you will often see it. Because hamsters are animals that are easily worried and insecure as prey animals.

Hamsters can shake when they hear loud noises that startle them. While figuring something out, they tried to adapt to the new sound. Leaving them in freeze behavior isn’t bad.


Why Do Hamsters Freeze Sometimes?

Hamsters can freeze whenever they feel uncomfortable, scared, shocked by something, or when they are sick. This simple behavior will happen now and then, without any way to eliminate this natural condition.

That’s the only way hamsters are aware of their surroundings. You can help them to distract their fear with treats, or calm them down by petting them. Don’t let your hamsters drown in fear, provide them with a safety cage location away from loud noises or something that scares them.


Why Do Hamsters Freeze Up When You Take Their Food?

For some people, hamsters will do funny things such as freeze behavior when they take their food when the hamster eats.

Pet owners want to see what reaction they have when their food is snatched away. Instead of fighting for their food back, the hamster will freeze because it feels uncomfortable.

If you repeat this in a short time, your hamster will have trust issues with you and consider you one of the things that scare them. There’s nothing that hamsters can do other than try to figure out what happened and try to defend themselves.


Final Verdict – Why Do Hamsters Freeze

There are several possibilities for hamsters to freeze behavior. Fear, surprise, ill, or uncomfortable will make the hamster freeze in one spot or stand still until what they fear is gone.

Why do hamsters freeze
Why do hamsters freeze?

You can help your hamster to be calmer by giving treats, chatting with them, pet them to provide a sense of security. Freezing behavior is a natural occurrence, and there is no way to change that behavior.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hamster a good and comfortable life!

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