Can Bearded Dragons Eat Anoles? (7 Interesting Facts)

Petting bearded dragons is a really fun experience. But before you pet your bearded dragon, the owner should make sure that they are doing it the right way. Many factors should be considered when petting a bearded dragon. For example, If you want to pet your bearded dragon, make sure that your hands are clean first. You also need to talk to your bearded dragon in a calm voice and give him some treats before you start petting him.

Can bearded dragons eat anoles? This is a simple question that has a complex answer. Bearded dragons are omnivores. They eat both plants and animals, meaning bearded dragons can eat them. However, the risks involved in eating anole makes anoles less favorable food for bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat anoles
Can bearded dragons eat anoles?


Do Bearded Dragons Eat Anoles?

Can bearded dragons eat anoles? A bearded dragon has a very sensitive gut and a specific diet. As for many others, a good diet containing all required nutritional values for a bearded dragon is very vital. Many people consider that feeding the pet bearded dragon lizards, a live food, is beneficial for the health and overall exercise of the pet.

However feeding bearded dragons live food like Anoles comes with many potential risks.

It is recommended that the bearded dragon owners should not feed their pets, a live anole. Even though bearded dragons, in the wild, are seen eating live food and other small lizards, it should be avoided when the bearded dragon is kept in captivity.

Feeding Anoles to the bearded dragon can cause injuries among the bearded dragon and there is also the risk of sustaining harmful parasites and bacteria from the live food. However, the owners of bearded dragons can feed their pets smaller insects, which are easy to eat.


Do Bearded Dragons Eat Live Anoles?

Can bearded dragons eat anoles live? If an anole is added into the terrarium of a pet bearded dragon, then the bearded dragon may try to attack and eat it. Bearded dragons can eat live Anoles, however, it should be noted that both bearded dragons and Anoles can quarrel when the dragon tries to eat it.

It is natural for the Anoles to persist and save themselves and in their defense, Anoles may injure the bearded dragons, which further may cause the bearded dragon to get infections.

Overall even though bearded dragons can eat the Anoles, they shouldn’t be fed the Anoles to the bearded dragons because Anoles tend to harm the bearded dragons, which can end up taking the life of the bearded dragon.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Anoles?

In the wild, bearded dragons do eat live food like insects, smaller lizards and even spiders. Can bearded dragons eat anoles? In the wild yes, but the wild bearded dragons are also prone to many diseases in the wild. If an owner wants to maintain a healthy bearded dragon, it is recommended that the bearded dragons should be provided with the right diet that isn’t harmful and something that contains all nutritional requirements required by a bearded dragon.

When bearded dragons, in the wild, consume live prey that is harmful, their life span decreases dramatically because eating such food most of the time creates the risk of exposure to parasites, bacterial infections, pesticides among other diseases. Stress, being eaten by predators, and limited resources are other factors in the wild that contribute towards the shorter life span of bearded dragons.

Furthermore, feeding the pet bearded dragons with live animals like Anoles comes with risks. As Anoles are large and often fight back when they feel threatened. This is the reason why it is risky to feed Anoles to bearded dragons, as they can get injured while eating the anole.

In addition, due to the large size of Anoles, bearded dragons also have a risk of choking when eating anole. The food given to the bearded dragon should be smaller than the area between the eyes of the bearded dragon.


Can Bearded Dragons Live With Anoles?

One of the main reasons why an owner cares to provide a partner is so that the pet can thrive. However, when coming to lizards or any reptile, they do fine on their own. Bearded dragons don’t need company for better mood, exercise or play. When kept in captivity, it is recommended to keep the reptiles individually, however, if the owner still wants to keep a bearded dragon together with Anoles, they can keep them.

However, it is common for bearded dragons to eat smaller lizards. If the owner notices any injuries or scratches sustained on the body of either anole or bearded dragon, both the reptiles should be separated immediately.


Do Bearded Dragons Eat Dead Anoles?

Another question that comes to the mind of bearded dragon owners is- can bearded dragons eat anoles that are dead or do bearded dragons eat dead angles? Bearded dragons have specific eating requirements. No matter what their age or size is, bearded dragons need a part of their food to be live food. While young bearded dragons need around 75-85% of love protein to consume, the adult bearded dragon needs live protein in between 20-25%.

Bearded dragons during their whole life require live food for consumption. No dead or plant-based food can be used as a substitute for live food. As dead food doesn’t carry that many nutrients that are required by the bearded dragon.


Can A Green Anole Live With A Bearded Dragon?

Even though reptiles can live together there is no confirmation if they will go along together. Bearded dragons may try to eat anoles, as bearded dragons are known to eat small insects and even lizards. Anoles tend to save themselves by attaching back on the bearded dragons. This is the reason that it should be avoided.

There are other reasons why an anole shouldn’t be kept with the bearded dragon. That is, if both the anoles and bearded dragons are kept in a small terrarium they may fight for space domination. While it may not be common, it is very much possible.

Fighting in the anoles and bearded dragons can lead to injuries and scratches which can lead to bearded dragons and anoles taking parasites and bacterial infections, which can take their lives. Overall reptiles like bearded dragons and Anoles should be kept separate as that is best for them. If you ask can bearded dragons eat anoles? Yes, they can but it should be avoided.


Why Do People Feed Anoles To Other Lizards?

The simple answer to how can bearded dragons eat anoles? It is their natural diet. They can’t survive without consuming it. The required live protein and minerals they get from the live food can’t be substituted for any other food. However, many lizard species rely on a vegetarian diet but that is not the case with bearded dragons. Bearded dragons need a mixed diet.

Many lizard and even snake species rely on the diet of small lizards and other smaller insects and reptiles in the wild. When a lizard is kept in captivity like a bearded dragon, it becomes vital for the owner to provide it with the diet that it requires for it to grow and thrive.

Most of these lizards eating lizards like bearded dragons would not eat anything less than smaller lizards or insects, even though they starve to death. So to let the pet bearded dragon survive, people feed Anoles to the other lizards.

Can bearded dragons eat anoles
Can bearded dragons eat anoles?


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Other Lizards?

Can bearded dragons eat angles or other lizards? Yes, bearded dragons are capable of eating other lizards, however, the owners of the bearded dragons should strictly avoid feeding live food that carries a potential risk to the bearded dragon.

For example, feeding the bearded dragon a larger food can cause choking and eventually death. Furthermore, feeding live lizards, who fight back can cause the bearded dragon to sustain injuries.

Many owners believe in feeding their bearded dragons natural food and keeping their pets in a natural environment for the bearded dragon to thrive. While some elements may benefit the dragon but some may not.

Feeding the bearded dragon some random and unknown insects can also cause the bearded dragons to get pesticides, bacterial infections or parasites that may be present in the live insect.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Small Anole Lizards?

Can bearded dragons eat anoles smaller in size? Bearded dragons in the wild do eat anole lizards and any insect that they can get control over. However, an owner isn’t recommended to feed the bearded dragon an anole lizard. Anoles can harm bearded dragons in a fight to save themselves. Which can cause injuries among the dragons.

Rather than feed live Anoles, the bearded dragon owners can feed their pets, crickets, worms like king worms or mealworms. Bearded dragons are omnivorous, so their diet can even include vegetables including leafy greens, sweet potatoes etc and a limited number of fruits. However, their diet shouldn’t be more than 30%.


What Happens If My Bearded Dragon Eats An Anole

Bearded dragons are omnivorous pets. They eat insects and small reptiles as well as fruits and leafy vegetables. In the wild, it is normal for a bearded dragon to eat anole. If a pet bearded dragon has eaten the anole, then the owner should not worry about digestion because the bearded dragon can digest anole easily.

However, the owner of a bearded dragon should check for any injuries or scratches on their body that they might have taken when hunting the anole. If there are no signs of a fight, then there’s nothing to worry about. However if the owner notices any scratches on the body or damages to the skin of the bearded dragon, they should get it checked by the vet as soon as possible.


Final Verdict – Can Bearded Dragons Eat Anoles

If talking of food that is good for a bearded dragon, it should be noted that a bearded dragon can eat insects like ants, beetles and crickets. They also sometimes eat worms and snails. Since anoles are reptiles, it’s unlikely that they could eat them because their diets consist of things like small insects, fruits and vegetables. However bearded dragons eat them.

Can bearded dragons eat anoles
Can bearded dragons eat anoles? Can bearded dragons eat anoles in captivity? Can bearded dragons eat anoles in the wild?

Not only anoles aren’t a natural diet for a bearded dragon but they can also harm the bearded dragon when they persist to save themselves. The injuries can cause bacterial infections and other illnesses among the bearded dragon. This is the reason why an owner should not put a bearded dragon with an anole as live food in their terrarium. 

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet bearded dragon a good and comfortable life!

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