What To Do With Unwanted Hermit Crabs? 7 Clear Steps

Hermit crabs are amazing aquatic creatures. This animal carries shells wherever they go and will redesign shells when they get too small for them. Many beginners own hermit crabs without knowing how to care for them. Sometimes owners feel that crabs are not suitable as pets and don’t know what to do next.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Unwanted hermit crabs can be given to pet shops if they wish to be returned, sold online, or given to a new owner. Hermit crabs cannot be arbitrarily released at beaches because you have to know their natural habitat and their favorable conditions.

Better to find the right contact for hermit crab rescue. To find out what steps you should take to give hermit crabs to society or other owners, let’s read this article to the end.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs
What to do with unwanted hermit crabs?


How Do You Get Rid Of Hermit Crabs?

Try to contact a hermit crab seller or crab rescue center if there are hermit crabs in your yard. Sometimes people are bothered by a large number of animals in their yard, especially people who have yards in the open wild near the shore.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? The quickest way is to collect hermit crabs in a tank and give them to anyone who cares for hermit crabs. If you have a relationship with hermit crab sellers, try to communicate how much they want to pick up hermit crabs in your yard.


Does Petsmart Take Hermit Crabs?

Petsmart provides hermit crab in almost every store and is available in-store only. Cannot be ordered online. If you look at the Petsmart website, you’ll find lots of great reviews about hermit crabs that every pet owner buys.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Information about donate hermit crabs is still unclear, but you can ask the store manager directly if you want to give unwanted hermit crabs to the store.


Can You Set Hermit Crabs Free?

Do not carelessly put hermit crabs in places that are not their habitat. Hermit crabs need both freshwater and saltwater for their metabolism. They can only survive in tropical climates with 70+ degrees Fahrenheit temperature and 70% humidity.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Contact a hermit crab rescue or someone who wants to care for and learn how to care for hermit crabs. Although hermit crabs are low-maintenance animals, owners must know about the aquarium, water, and diet requirements.


Where Is The Best Place To Release A Hermit Crab?

The best place to return unwanted hermit crabs is the pet store. If there is a pet store that accepts hermit crabs for care from owners who can’t afford it, it will be the best solution for you and the crabs. It applies if you just bought hermit crabs from the pet store you mean.

If it’s been several months or years, the chances of the pet store receiving your hermit crabs back will be smaller.

Before I contacted the pet store, I tried for a reference about the hermit crab sanctuary near me, and it wasn’t my choice.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Return it to the pet store where you bought hermit crabs or find the proper hermit crab sanctuary.


Best Way To Dispose Of A Hermit Crab

Sometimes caring for hermit crabs has its problems that the owners can’t save their lives. Ensure you bury your dead crab deep enough to prevent other animals from digging into the soil.

You can bury the crab along with the sand or substrate in the hermit’s tank. Disposing of the sand is also a solution for cleaning the aquarium.

How to get rid of hermit crabs? Make killing a hermit crab the last option. If you have no other choice, you can break the hermit’s shell and let the hermit crab go find a new shell around the shore.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? The best way to get rid of hermit crabs from your home is to give them to a pet store or find a volunteer to receive your aquatic pet.


What To Do With Hermit Crabs You Don’t Want?

No animals should be disposed of or thrown away on purpose. It’s irresponsible, inhumane, and cruel. If you give hermit crabs to a crab seller in a public market, they will paint their shells in colors or give you a specific logo.

It is just as bad as throwing away hermit crabs roughly because sometimes sellers in this general market will force hermit crabs into an unsuitable shell.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Try looking for a hermit crab adoption center if you can’t afford to take care of hermit crabs.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs
What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? What to do with unwanted hermit crabs in the beach?


What Not To Do With Hermit Crabs?

Hermit crabs only tolerate tropical temperatures. Don’t leave them at low temperatures. Do not forget to provide access to water for the body’s metabolism. Hermit crabs that do not have access to water will suffocate, and their body condition will decline.

There’s nothing else you can do but give it to the new owner. If hermit crabs appear to be carrying certain diseases or are dying, you need a strategy to put hermit crabs to sleep for good.

What is toxic to hermit crabs? Several foods are toxic to hermit crabs, such as garlic, citrus, and onions. Give hermit crabs eggs, fish, meat, nuts, and leafy greens for their proper diet.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Find new owners or research hermit crabs before releasing them according to their habitat.


Where To Take Unwanted Hermit Crabs?

Unwanted hermit crabs can be found by new owners, or you can sell them to enthusiasts. Some pet shops accept hermit crabs, although it is not common. Do not carelessly release hermit crabs to the beaches because they may not be in their natural habitat.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? I’m trying to figure out how to give hermit crabs to someone else. I ended up with a hermit crab and tried my best to care for them the same way I care for other pets.


How To Give Away A Hermit Crab?

If you are no longer able to take care of hermit crabs, try to start looking for where to give away hermit crabs.

Owners who are overwhelmed with caring for pets can consult their pet enthusiasts or pet stores. Contact the pet store or new owners, explain what kind of hermit crabs you have, and if you want to sell them with the aquarium.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? Give away your hermit crabs by providing all equipment to care for crabs.


Where Can I Donate My Hermit Crab?

Although a bit of a problem there are owners who are not able to take care of hermit crabs, this must be considered so that no one carelessly throws away hermit crabs without knowing the requirements needed by crabs.

The table below provides some options for those who want to donate unwanted hermit crabs.

Where to donateExplanation
New ownersHermit crabs enthusiasts will receive your crabs if they still have tank space.
Hermit crab adoption programA Facebook group or a member of the land hermit crab owners society provides procedures for adopting hermit crabs to their diet and other requirements.
Hermit crab association crabsHermit crab association crabs needing a home for the big hermit crabs. They also accept hermit crabs from people who are starting to get overwhelmed with their pets.
Pet storeAlthough uncommon, there are some pet stores that accept pet hermit crabs for resale to the market.


Can You Return Hermit Crabs To Petsmart?

Petsmart can accept your hermit crab back only within a specific time. If within 14-days there are health problems in the hermit crab you bought, or you are not satisfied with your pet, Petsmart can replace the pet or receive your pet back. Many hermit crabs enthusiasts will gladly rescue hermit crabs from you.

Where can I donate my hermit crab? You can contact a pet store that is willing to accept or people who have aquatic pets.


Final Verdict – What To Do With Unwanted Hermit Crabs

Not everyone understands how to care for a new pet. If someone is caring for hermit crabs for the first time, it’s natural for them to feel overwhelmed even though hermit crabs are low-maintenance pets.

What to do with unwanted hermit crabs
What to do with unwanted hermit crabs? What to do with unwanted hermit crabs at PetSmart?

There are several ways to give hermit crabs if you don’t want them. Search forums for hermit crab lovers and find a new owner, return to a pet store, or find a hermit crab rescue society that can give you steps instead of throwing hermit crabs into the wrong place.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hermit crab a good and comfortable life!

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