Why Are My Crickets Dying? (7 Unique Facts)

Crickets are incredibly peaceful and calm creatures. They make funny, interesting and much-loved pets. That said, the owner can’t treat their crickets like any other pets. Crickets need to be handled gently, and many people don’t know how to pet them properly, which leads them to die early or suddenly. It won’t be as simple as petting a furry animal, but if the owner does it right, crickets will greatly appreciate this show of affection.

Why are my crickets dying? Crickets can die due to various reasons including improper food or water, sickness, age, drowning, poor environment or temperature. The owner should check if the terrarium lacks any of the factors and make the required changes.

Why are my crickets dying
Why are my crickets dying?


How Do You Keep Crickets From Dying?

Petting a cricket is a very intricate task and crickets themselves are very vulnerable and are prone to death due to many petty reasons. Crickets grow fast and they have a very short lifespan. So crickets don’t have much time to live, this is one of the biggest reasons why crickets are such vulnerable pets.

If the owner buys crickets from a store, crickets in stores are often kept in a deteriorated terrarium. Often they are kept in hundreds of numbers in a small tank, which causes them to have broken legs and often get diseases from one another.

To keep crickets alive, the owner is required to keep good care of their pet. Proper terrarium and proper food must be fed to the crickets to ensure that they are healthy. To understand how to keep crickets from dying, the owner would require to first understand what makes the crickets die in the first place.


Why Are My Crickets Dying?

Some of the reasons why do my crickets die are as follows


Improper Food

One of the main reasons what causes crickets to die is improper food. Just like any other living being, if crickets are deprived of required nutrients, their health will deteriorate and ultimately lead to death. Many people believe that providing a proper meal plan for crickets isn’t required at all m, which is not the truth.

When crickets are kept on sale in pet stores, they are often given poor food, which deteriorates most of their health. At pet stores, they often feed low-grade food items that are not compatible with the nutritional requirement of crickets. Some crickets get so weak that not feeding them for one day only can lead them to die.

To provide for cricket, it is important for owners to properly understand the needs and requirements of the crickets. The owner should make a diet chart that provides all the nutrients required by crickets.


Poor Water Facilities

Just like food, water is also one of the necessities of crickets. They won’t survive for long if they are deprived of clean and fresh water. Crickets can only survive without water for a max of one day. After that, they will start getting seekers day by day. It won’t be long until a cricket would be found dead without the water.

In the terrarium of crickets, owners are required to keep a plate of clean and fresh water. The owners can also put a paper towel slacked in clean and fresh water. So that it is easy for crickets to have access to water when they are thirsty.

According to the number of crickets an owner owns, water should be kept accordingly so that no cricket gets deprived of water. If the owner is using a bowl to put water, the owner should make sure that the bowl isn’t too deep for cricket to get drowned in it.


Drowning Crickets

Keeping deep bowls with filled water can often lead crickets to drown in them because crickets are not very good swimmers. So, owners should always keep in mind to only add a shallow plate and keep adding fresh water in small quantities or add a soaked towel in the terrarium.

Furthermore, another way to provide hydration to crickets is by adding fresh fruits like apples, oranges. All these fruits are great sources of water and they also provide required nutrients to crickets.

With fruits, the owner will eliminate the risk of crickets drowning in the water and fruits are also very nutritious. However, fruits get spoiled very quickly, owners should always provide fresh fruits and make sure there is no bacteria growth on the fruits, which may make them sick.


Crickets Killing Each Other

Sometimes, crickets are even seen killing each other for space. The owner should either separate the fighting crickets or provide a larger space.


Poor Temperature

One of the most common reasons for early death among crickets is temperature. Temperature is a very important factor in determining the life of crickets. Crickets would need a temperature between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit to stay comfortably.

Having a temperature colder or hotter than that would cause early death among the crickets.


Poor Environment

In pet stores, crickets are often kept for sale to become the food of reptiles and that’s why they aren’t kept in a clean and hygienic environment, which causes a decrease in their lifespan of them.

To provide good conditions to crickets, owners should make sure that their pet crickets live in a clean environment, where their Terrarium is cleaned regularly and where they always get fresh air.



Crickets live a very short life. The lifespan of cricket is around 8-10 weeks. To determine if you aren’t choosing old crickets, the owner should always choose small to medium-sized crickets. Within a month they will reach adulthood and be ready to mate, which will help you have more healthy crickets in no time.



A sick or ill cricket won’t live long. In pet stores, crickets are often kept one on each other, in very poor conditions. During this time, they are at risk of getting a disease from one another. One sick cricket can make the entire batch sick by some hours.

Once they get ill there are not many options to treat them back. So owners should only choose a small to medium-sized cricket that looks healthy.

If the owner is planning to buy many crickets, they should first separate all of them to make sure one sick cricket won’t infect all other crickets.

Some owners also ask why are crickets dying in my garage. The owner should consider all the above-given factors and check if there is anything wrong with the environment of the garage.

Why are my crickets dying
Why are my crickets dying?


What Do You Do With Dead Crickets?

When crickets die, many owners throw them in the garbage or elsewhere, which is not recommended. Dead crickets are great food for many insects and reptiles. The owner should simply put their dead crickets in the nearby park or garden or woods.

A dead cricket would be a meal for mealworms, beetles, lizards, super worms and waxworms. These insects and reptiles will consume your crickets and they will benefit a lot.


Why Are My Crickets Dying So Quickly?

Why are my crickets dying fast? If cricket is not getting clean, fresh, healthy and good food, water, enclosure. If they don’t get sufficient of all these factors, they can die slowly or suddenly. The owner should make sure that they provide the versatility of good food that fulfils their nutritional requirements.

Why do crickets keep dying? If given unhygienic water, crickets can also die due to the poor water. Furthermore, many owners also experienced that by keeping a bowl or too much water in the Terrarium of cricket, they will drown in it. So, the owner should make sure they provide clean and fresh water in a plate or water-soaked sponge or towel.

Additionally, crickets should have a clean and hygienic environment. The owner should regularly clean the terrarium and take out any dead crickets or food items in the terrarium.


How Do You Bring Crickets Back To Life?

There is no way to bring a dead cricket back to life. However, in some conditions, when they are in too much cold space, crickets go into a dormant state.

If the owner believes that their pet is in such a condition due to extremely cold weather, they should keep their pet crickets in front of the heater for around 2 hours. There is a high probability that crickets will come back to life.


How To Keep My Crickets Alive?

How to keep crickets from dying? One of the major factors that influence the life of cricket is food, water and their environment. Even one of the missing factors can lead to poor health and early death among crickets.

So, the owner should get a large enough tank and keep the tank clean, feed them regularly and keep a water source in the terrarium.

Why are my crickets dying in cricket keeper? Maybe the space provided isn’t enough. To understand the space requirements, the owner should understand that a 1-gallon tank would be enough to pet 90-100 crickets in a cricket keeper. The terrarium should have a dedicated ventilation system so that crickets don’t get suffocated.

To keep the tank clean the owner should use a strong solution like bleach to keep the tank completely clean. The owner should make sure there is no solution left before adding the crickets. Furthermore, chemical cleaners shouldn’t be used, as they may cause sickness.

To make the tank crickets friendly some extra props should be included. A cheap way to convert crickets would be by adding torn up crates. Torn up egg crates will work as a shelter for crickets and comfort them.

Furthermore, the owner should take care of the temperature. Crickets would need around 75-90°F temperature at all times. The temperature is very important. Cold temperatures will make crickets die and eat each other. Can crickets die from heat? Yes, too hot temperatures will shorten their lifespan.

In addition, crickets prefer dark places, so if possible, the owner should add as many artificial tunnels as possible. The tank should be cleaned at least twice a month to maintain hygiene, dead crickets and feces will increase ammonia, leading to suffocating other crickets. So cleaning should be regular.


Why Do Crickets Die On Their Back?

Most of the bugs including crickets die on their back and it is called “position of flexion.” Due to the tension in muscles, when crickets are dying, they naturally fall into a state of relaxation. This is the reason why crickets die on their back.


Why Are My Crickets Not Eating?

Why are my baby crickets dying? Cricket may be dying because of a lack of food. Some owners complain that their crickets are not eating. Maybe crickets are not eating because they are not getting the right food, but sometimes feeding too much food also makes crickets not eat the full dish.

So owners should make sure they provide the right food in the right amount. How much do crickets eat a day? It is best to always keep the food in the tank so crickets will eat and drink whenever they want to.


Why Are My Crickets Turning Black?

If the owner finds that their pet crickets are turning black, it can be possible that they are not getting enough ventilation. So owners should keep in mind to provide good ventilation to the pet crickets.

Why are my crickets dying
Why are my crickets dying? Why are my crickets dying in the yard? Why are my crickets dying as feeds?


Final Verdict – Why Are My Crickets Dying 

Why are my crickets dying? There can be many reasons for the death of crickets. Some of the reasons for crickets dying include improper food, water, sickness, drowning, temperature and poor environment. Sometimes age can also be a factor but that is natural. Crickets naturally have a very short lifespan of 8-10 weeks.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet cricket a good and comfortable life!

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