How Long Do Hedgehogs Sleep? 7 Interesting Facts

Hedgehogs are known for their unique snouts, round ears, and quills. They can make great pets, but before the owner can enjoy this animal’s company, the owner needs to learn about their pet’s requirements. Hedgehogs sleep a lot and that too in the day. If the owner disturbs their sleeping hedgehog, it can lead to stress and tiredness among the hedgehog. So owners should understand the sleeping patterns of their pet hedgehog.

How long do hedgehogs sleep? On average a hedgehog will sleep for around 18 hours. Sometimes, hedgehogs may sleep even more than that. Owners should expect their pets to sleep for long hours and that too during the day.

How long do hedgehogs sleep
How long do hedgehogs sleep?


How Long Do Hedgehogs Sleep?

How long do hedgehogs sleep? If you have just adopted a hedgehog, the first week with a new hedgehog may be fine but you should be ready for them to sleep around 18 hours a day. Hedgehogs are known for their sleep.

Do hedgehogs sleep a lot? Yes, a hedgehog schedule to sleep is around 16-18 hours a day, it can be more but 16-18 hours is an average of hedgehogs’ sleep.

Furthermore, Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals. The owner should also know that hedgehogs sleep only during the day and not at night. Even in the wild, hedgehogs sleep during the day and explore the forest to find food at night.

If an owner is expecting to adopt an animal, with whom they would play all day, Hedgehogs are not the choice for that because they sleep during that time.


When Do Hedgehogs Wake Up?

A hedgehog would wake up as the sun sets and go to sleep as the sun rises. So, owners can expect their pets to wake up around 6-7 pm, however many owners observe that their hedgehog sleeps till 9 pm. In most cases, owners are required to wake their hedgehogs but many wake up by themselves.


What Do Hedgehogs Sleep In?

In the wild hedgehogs will sleep in the nest made by them. In the wild, most of the hedgehogs would sleep somewhere, where nobody can find them. It is their wild instinct to sleep in the day in a hiding space because this helps them to avoid getting eaten by predators. Hedgehogs also hide when they rest to avoid getting disturbed during their sleeping time.

In captivity, many owners bring their hedgehog beds specially made for hedgehogs, however, they don’t need them. It is completely optional to buy a bed for hedgehogs. It is best to provide as many natural elements in the Terrarium as possible, so owners can bring in the material with which hedgehogs make their nests like straws, dried branches etc. A hedgehog may create a nest by themselves, which would be a very healthy activity for hedgehogs.


Do Hedgehogs Sleep In The Day?

Yes, hedgehogs are known to sleep in the daytime and explore and hunt for food at the night. Any animal that is active at night is called nocturnal and that is the same reason why hedgehogs are considered nocturnal. How long do hedgehogs sleep in day? The owner should expect their pet to wake up around 6-7 pm.


Where Do Hedgehogs Sleep In The Day?

Hedgehogs sleep in places that are hidden, dark and silent. They can sleep in a nest made by themselves or under a shed or piles of leaves or piles of woods. They can sleep anywhere where they feel safe.


Where Do Hedgehogs Sleep In Summer?

Do hedgehogs sleep all day in summer? In summer, the areas where a hedgehog sleeps don’t differ much from winter. They would sleep in piles of leaves, self-made nests, underwoods, sheds, wherever they are hidden, feel safe and it is dark and silent.

However, in summer, a hedgehog may change its resting place more frequently than in winters and autumns. Speaking of captivity, hedgehogs don’t have enough options to choose between different spaces, so they often adjust pretty comfortably even in captivity in one place.


How Long Are Hedgehogs Awake?

A hedgehog won’t spend much time awake. How many hours do hedgehogs sleep? A hedgehog can sleep up to 18 hours. So, with a sleep of 18 hours, a hedgehog would only stay awake for 4-6 hours. A hedgehog would only eat during that time.

How long do hedgehogs sleep a day? For around 18 hours but with exceptions, a Hedgehog may wake up in between its sleep to eat something. Mother hedgehogs may also wake up in between their sleeping hours to feed their baby hedgehogs. However, that is rare and most of the hedgehogs will be asleep the whole night.


What Time Are Hedgehogs Active?

A hedgehog sleeps all the time. Hedgehogs being nocturnal animals are active during the night. Though this time may not be compatible with the owners, owners should do their best to provide good food and toys or entertaining sources for hedgehogs to keep them busy for the whole time.

Providing good food is very crucial for owners to help hedgehogs thrive. Especially in autumn and winter, a hedgehog would need more food because they would be going to hibernate.

How many hours are hedgehogs awake? A hedgehog will be awake for around 4-6 hours during the night but how long do baby hedgehogs sleep? The owner should expect their pet to sleep for around 18 hours.


How Long Do African Pygmy Hedgehogs Sleep?

How long do pet hedgehogs sleep? African pygmy hedgehogs, just like any other hedgehogs, would sleep for 18 hours on average. It is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. African pygmy hedgehogs are also nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day and wake up during the night.


Why Is My Hedgehog Sleeping At Night?

Do hedgehogs sleep at night? No, hedgehogs don’t sleep at night. Many owners also ask How long do hedgehogs sleep at night? Hedgehogs don’t sleep at night. During the night they will roam around their terrarium.

If a hedgehog is sleeping during the night, it can be possible that they are hibernating. Hedgehogs go to hibernation when they feel the temperature around them decrease. The owner should find the cause of hedgehogs sleeping at night because it is not normal.

If a pet hedgehog is hibernating, it is a bad sign. The owner should immediately make sure that the temperature around the hedgehog gets warmer. Pet hedgehogs can’t go on hibernation because they don’t have enough fat for them to sustain hibernation. If the owner finds that their pet is sleeping even at night they should understand the reason behind it.


Where Do Hedgehogs Sleep?

Hedgehogs would sleep in a particular space. In the wild, it can be under leaves or a shed, a self-made nest. However, in captivity, they may get a bed or artificial nest from their owners.

How long do hedgehogs sleep
How long do hedgehogs sleep?


Is It Bad To Wake Up A Hedgehog?

It is fine in rare situations to wake up the hedgehog. However, if the hedgehog doesn’t want to be awakened, the owner should never force them to stay awake. This can cause stress and even anger among hedgehogs. If the hedgehog becomes active after getting awakened by its owner, only then should the owner interact with them.


Do Hedgehogs Sleep All Day?

How long do hedgehogs sleep? Hedgehogs will sleep all day. A hedgehog will sleep for around 18 hours from 3-5 am to 6-8 pm. They will sleep as the sun rises and wake up as the sunsets.


Do Hedgehogs Deep Sleep?

Yes, hedgehogs sleep very deeply for long hours. The sleep of hedgehogs is so deep that they will hardly change their position when sleeping. This is the reason why owners are recommended to never disturb their sleeping hedgehog, as it may disturb them causing stress.


Do Hedgehogs Sleep In A Ball?

Hedgehogs may sleep in a lot of different positions. Being curled up like a ball is very common. In rare situations, owners have also seen their pets sleeping on their backs. Being curled up in a cute position and a naturally protective position for hedgehogs.


What Time Do Hedgehogs Go To Sleep In The Morning?

What time do hedgehogs wake up? Most hedgehogs usually sleep during the day and wake up at 6 pm or 7 pm when the sun goes down. The time can change depending on how bright it is around the hedgehog’s enclosure. How long do hedgehogs sleep in the morning? The owner should expect their pets to sleep all day and wake at around 6-7 pm.


How Long Do Pygmy Hedgehogs Sleep?

How long do African pygmy hedgehogs sleep? Pygmy hedgehogs, just like any other hedgehogs, sleep on average for 18 hours. Pygmy hedgehogs are nocturnal hedgehogs. How long do hedgehogs sleep? Just like any other normal hedgehogs, they sleep during the day and wake up during the night.


How Long Do Baby Hedgehogs Sleep?

How up a hedgehog baby? A baby hedgehog may sleep more than 20 hours. If the owner observes that their baby hedgehog is sleeping more than 20 hours, they should wake them up for some mild physical activities or playtime. So that they don’t become obese.

A baby hedgehog will naturally sleep more than an average adult hedgehog because during this time they are growing and their bodies need a lot of energy, however, movement is also important and owners shouldn’t let their pets sleep more than 20-21 hours.


Do Hedgehogs Sleep At Night?

No, hedgehogs don’t sleep at night. In the wild hedgehogs will roam to find food and a female hedgehog to mate during the night. In captivity, a hedgehog will also stay awake during the nighttime.

However in captivity, a hedgehog may not have as many options, so they spend most of their time eating, playing with the toys they may have and trying to explore.

If kept in captivity, it is highly recommended to keep the hedgehog as equipped as possible because having nothing to do can make them lethargic. The owner should provide as large a space as possible so that they can move freely.


How Often Do Hedgehogs Sleep?

Hedgehogs have a routine. It isn’t like, on one day they will sleep during the day for 10 hours and on the other day they will sleep for 18 hours. Hedgehogs have a proper routine that includes sleeping, mating, eating and exploring. The owner should expect their pet to sleep 18 hours during the day.

Another question related to the sleep of hedgehogs an owner may have, how long do hedgehogs live by sleeping so much? To answer that question, hedgehogs will live between 2-5 years. So depending on their life, a hedgehog will stay awake only 1/4th of their lifetime.


Final Verdict – How Long Do Hedgehogs Sleep

How long do hedgehogs sleep? The owner should expect their hedgehog to sleep for around 18 hours per day. It can be more than that as well. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, so they will sleep the entire day and explore their surroundings at night.

How long do hedgehogs sleep
How long do hedgehogs sleep?

If the owner doesn’t find the timings of hedgehogs compatible and think that they can’t take care of them according to their time requirements, they should not pet them.  To conclude How long do hedgehogs sleep? A hedgehog will sleep 18 hours a day and that too during the daytime.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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