Why Do Dogs Bark At Night? 10 Interesting Dog Barking Reasons

It’s the dead of the night, and suddenly your dog starts to bark. You go and check, but there’s no apparent reason. Why is it happening? Here, we tell you everything about why do dogs bark at night.


Why Your Dog Barks At Night?

As you try to find out why do dogs bark at night, you might be misinterpreting it. Dogs bark in the daytime as well, but it is more audible in the silence of the night. The pet might also have some special needs. We will discuss it in detail.

A common idea about dog howl in the darks refers to their ancestry. Dogs are descendants of wolves. So, it is understood that they retain the same primal instincts of the ancient forests. It’s in their genes.

Why do dogs bark at night
why do dogs bark at night?

The presence of the moon makes it eerie, but it is only a fable. We heard in vampire stories how the creatures of the dark come out in the moonlight. These supernatural anecdotes influence our subconscious. That’s the reason why we tend to believe that it has something to do with the moon.

These mystical reasons refer to dogs barking at night spiritual meaning. But, your dog might be howling because he is in physical pain.


Dog Separation Anxiety

“Why is my dog barking at night all of a sudden?”

Dogs develop deep emotional connections with their owners. Your pet is in constant need of attention. During the night, they tend to feel anxious about the surrounding. They would express it with a long howl.

It is up to you to relieve this stressor. Before going to bed, snuggle your pet to let him know that you are going nowhere. Apart from that, if you wake up at night, pay a visit to your pet. This comforts him into knowing that you are around.

The separation anxiety is not only visible at the night. Even during the day, this issue can show up. It might build up during the day and become audible at night.

It is the main reason why do dogs bark at night. Too much snuggling can also lead to separation anxiety.

If you are making it a big deal before going anywhere, your pet would miss you more. To avoid that, pet your dog slightly ahead of leaving the house. That will make him not associate separation with comforting.

On how to stop dog barking at night, you can also try making their beds close to your bedroom.

Also, make sure that your pet has his favorite toys with him during the night. This helps them to overcome their separation anxiety.


Dog Diet Issue

The answer to why do dogs bark at night may be in their diet. Did you make a change in their diet plan recently? It can offer you a clue as to why your pet has suddenly started barking in the night. Check for food allergies in dogs and remove the dog food ingredients that’s causing allergy.

Consult the vet on this. The doctor might suggest an elimination diet plan to find out what suits well. Remember though that the results may not show up overnight. Have patience and in time it will be alright.


Body Pain For The Dog

Why do dogs bark at night when there’s nothing going on?

Your pet might be in pain. At night, when he is resting, the pain can get unbearable. That’s the reason he is calling out to you for help.

Dogs suffer from various physical issues. Besides, he might have been injured somehow. Look for signs of distress in your pet. Does he limp often? Use Dog Paw Moisturizers often after long walks.

Do you notice your dog licking and chewing the paws? Pay attention. For all you know, he might have had something lodged between the toes. It can be a thorn, a pebble, or a small shard of glass.

Dogs can hide their pains to a great extent. Even then, it can be very hard for them. Has your pet been very slow lately? Is he not responding to you as he did before? All these are symptoms of physical and emotional suffering.


Boredom Barking

Pets get affected by boredom as well. It is one of the main reasons why do dogs bark at night. They are just missing playtime.

You need to ask this question to yourself. Are you neglecting your dog? Regular exercises are vital for the well-being of pets.

The lack of daily physical training can also lead to the problem of canine aggression. Your dog can become aggressive towards other dogs, or even towards you.


Dog Needs To Pee Midnight

‘Why is my dog barking at night?’ Is that what’s bothering you? Well, something is bothering your pet as well. He needs to relieve himself.


Aging Dog Issues

Dogs develop different kinds of problems when they become old. These include osteoarthritis and dementia. Both these factors can contribute to dogs barking in the night.

Osteoarthritis causes joint pain by wearing away the lubrication in joints. It predominantly affects leg joints, shoulder, and hips. It is a progressive degenerative condition that causes severe body pain.

Your pet might be suffering from dementia. It can explain why do dogs bark at night without any apparent reason.


Encouraging Barking In Day Time

You might try encouraging your pet to bark during the day time. Identify the triggers that cause vocal expression in your dog. Place them in such situations that help them to release their pent-up energy.

If you have a puppy, make sure to socialize him properly. Inadequate socialization can lead them to be afraid of their surroundings. This causes them to bark at night when they feel isolated.

Do not miss the socialization window. It covers the first 3 to 16 weeks of a pup’s life. It is a vital learning phase. Introduce him to peoples, places, and things. He needs to stop being afraid of different experiences.


Hungry Dog Barking

Do you have a puppy whining in crate night? It might be because your pup is hungry. This can happen even though you provide your pet with sufficient food.

Remember that a pup grows by leaps and bounds. Besides, when there are several pups in the litter, the food may be insufficient for all. Make sure you fill the food bowls before bedtime.

Increased hunger symptom is not only common in puppies, but also older dogs. A variety of reasons can contribute to it. For example, if your pet is highly active, he may feel hungry at night.

The presence of harmful parasites in the GI tract of dogs can lead to this. These parasites rob the dog’s diet of essential nutrients. Besides, they cause discomfort. It is one of the common reasons why do dogs bark at night.

If you have a mother dog, this might be the problem. It is natural for her to feel hungrier due to the stress of lactation.

Sometimes, cold weather also enhances the appetite of pets. However, you should be careful about nighttime diet. It is a major contributing factor to conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

Although it is not common in the US, hunger is the reason why do street dogs bark at night.


Hearing Noises At Night

At night, when everything is silent, simple sounds can be more pronounced. Your pet might find it difficult to adjust to these sounds. They show their discomfort by barking or howling.

Some dogs are more alert to sights and sounds. They tend to perceive normal sounds as threats. As a result, they bark to draw your attention.

‘Why is my puppy barking at night all of a sudden?’ In this context, do note that dogs dream a lot in their sleep. Flickering of eyelids and twitching of feet are signs of dreaming. It is usual for dogs to howl in their sleep state.

You might want to check if you have installed any new appliance in your house. Sounds from HVAC systems can become more audible in night. Your dog might be responding to this sudden change with barking. This can be the case why do dogs bark at night.

For those who live in apartments close to major roads, you can hear the sound of the night traffic. Dogs respond by howling to sounds like hooters and sirens from vehicles.

That said, you should also take precautions. Your dog might be alerting you of an intruder trying to break into your property.


Different Sleeping Environment

A change in the sleeping environment can be the cause of why do dogs bark at night. It can happen when you shift houses. Your pet might find it difficult to adjust to the changed surroundings.

The same can happen when you bring home a new dog. At first, they might find the changed conditions stressful.


Why Do Dogs Bark At 3 AM?

It is not a general rule for all dogs to bark at 3 AM. Some dogs do, but you should deal with this scientifically. You can find many fables and superstitions surrounding dogs.

Irish folklore believes that dogs howl at night to reciprocate ghost hounds in the sky. These phantoms are said to hunt for souls.

It is a belief in Greece that dogs howl when the Goddess of death, Hecate is nearby. Similarly, many people in Nordic countries associate howling with the Goddess Freyja.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Cerberus is the three-headed black dog from hell. Ancient Egyptians worshipped Anubis. He is the dog-headed dark God of hell. The ancient Aztec also worshipped a God called Xoloti.

If you search for why do dogs bark at night in Islam, there is a very mysterious scripture. A Hadith states that dogs can see what man cannot see.

Mystery and ghost stories are integral to our culture. It is no wonder that dogs are also a part of it. Since they are so interesting to hear, we have here a handy chart for it. Nevertheless, always keep in mind the scientific reasons why do dogs bark at night.

It’s true why do dogs bark at night ghost stories are thrilling. They make great topics for dinner table conversations albeit with a grain of salt.

Why do dogs bark at night
why do dogs bark at night


Dog Howling At NightSuperstitious Belief 
Two dog howls in close successionA man is going to die soon
Three dog howls in close successionA woman is going to die soon
Dog facing away from you when he howlsIt is good luck
A dog howling under the window of an ill person even chasing it awayIt is a foreboding of death


Should I Ignore My Dog Barking At Night?

No, in general, you should not be ignoring it. It can be a behavior issue. If you leave it unchecked, the bad behavior can grow into an incorrigible problem.

It can also reflect health problems in your pet. It is your responsibility to care for his well-being at all times.

However, ignoring the barking can act as a training tactic. If you are paying too much attention when they bark, dogs take it as encouragement.

You can try to ignore them as long as they are barking. Only when they stop, give a rewarding treat. This eventually helps them to understand that staying quiet is a rewarding behavior.


How Can I Stop My Pet From Barking All Night?

If your dog won’t stop barking at night, you can take certain remedial actions. These steps allay the anxiety of your pet. The result may not be visible overnight, but you must have patience.

While you are at it, remember that you should not expect the dog to stop barking altogether. Barking is a natural way for dogs. Only when it is excessive, it turns into a nuisance.

Another general rule is to avoid yelling at the pet. They take it as a similar vocal response and continue what they are doing.


Never Encourage Barking

You should never encourage excessive barking, even during the day. Don’t reward them with treats and expect them to stop. They would quickly associate the habit with the reward.

You will have to train your Dog to be quiet. Practice them to listen to voice commands such as ‘Quiet’ or ‘Silence’. You can also try putting your finger to the lips to help them understand your body language.


Provide Food At The Right Time

Your dog should not have to ‘ask’ for food. You should keep their bowls full with a nutrition-rich diet well ahead of the feeding time. Just don’t overdo it to avoid obesity in your pet.


Take Care Of Dog Sleeping Environment

Arrange for a quiet sleeping environment. The absence of external noises cuts off the stimuli that may cause your dog to respond.


Take For A Pee Walk In The Night Before Bed

Being a pet-parent is never easy. You must care for your fur-baby at all times, even during the night. Going for a night walk can offer the solution to how to stop dog barking at night.


Ensure Right Dog Diet 

Look out for signs of food intolerance in the pet. It can manifest as rashes or hot spots. Is your pet compulsively itching all the time? Something in his food might not be adjusting well to his disposition.

In the night, when the pet is not busy playing, the discomfort can grow to be severe. So, your pet might just be complaining about it by barking.

Other signs of food intolerance or allergy are diarrhea and vomiting. The dog can also show reluctance to eating. Try changing their diet plan.


Take The Dog To A Vet 

Medical reasons such as arthritis and dementia can lead to excessive barking. Take your pet to the vet. Although there is no cure for either condition, certain medications can offer relief. You will also have to provide a prescribed diet plan to help your pet.


Enough Exercise During The Day

Outdoor games like frisbee catching, fetch the stick, and tug of war are great options. They provide your pet with the much-needed workout.

Ensure that your pet has enough exercise. Even if you are not going outside, you can still keep him engaged. Think out creative play-at-home ideas to help your dog remain active.

Do you take them for daily walks? If you cannot seem to find time during the day, night walks are ideal options too. Just get a good flashlight and reflective vests for your dog.


How Long Can A Dog Bark Legally?

The laws vary from state to state. In some places, even 5 consecutive minutes of night barking can attract a penalty.


Can My Dog Be Taken Away For Barking?

Yes, it is a possibility. But, the laws are different from one place to the next.


Can My Neighbor Sue Me For My Dog Barking?

This is also a possibility. Depending on your local laws, you may have to shell out a fine.


Can I Use Water Spray To Stop Barking?

You can try it, but do not make it punitive. Resort to it as the last option. It is a common method of how to stop dog barking at night outside.


Takeaway – Why Do Dogs Bark At Night

‘Why is my dog barking at nothing?’ Many owners find it confusing. The key to this problem is to identify the reason why. It may not be apparent, but some reason is always there.

Why do dogs bark at night
why do dogs bark at night

Once you figure out the issue, you can gradually help your dog to control his barking impulse. It can seem difficult, but it is not an impossible objective. If all fails, you can seek help from professional pet behavior experts.

Have patience. Things will get better.

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