Why Is My Dog Spinning In Circles On His Bum? 7 Clear Facts

It’s funny when we see our dog doing strange things like spinning on their bottom until you realize that your dog is not doing that for your amusement. It might be funny when we see it for the first time, but if the incident repeats itself, you start to feel something wrong is going on, adding to the discomfort that we see in our dogs.

Why is my dog spinning in circles on his bum? Scooting, or the word used to describe dogs sitting down and dragging their bottom along the ground indicates that something is itchy, irritating, or painful such as anal gland problems, worms, itchy skin, or something stuck around the dog’s bottom.

Seeing unusual behavior in our dogs or checking why dogs leave a smelly trail of dirt on the floor, let’s learn about it in this article.


Why Is My Dog Spinning In Circles On His Bum?

There’s no reason to worry when your dog is spinning in circles. The spinning around is related to dogs who want to do their business, and that’s not a disease. But if your dog is spinning in circles while their bum is involved, we call it scooting.

Why is my dog spinning in circles on his bum
Why Is My Dog Spinning In Circles On His Bum?

The scooting behavior is caused by anal sac problems, fecal contamination, rectal prolapse, and tapeworms in the dog’s bum.


Why Is My Dog Spinning In Circles On His Bottom?

We call it scooting when the dog rubs his bottom against the floor, and it’s almost always a sign of irritation. The most frequent occurrences are worms, flea infestation, rectal prolapse, and anal sac problems.

Anal sac problems are the most common problem of your dog spinning in circles on his bottom. This movement provides a bit of relief for the itchiness and the irritation caused by anal sac problems.

Dogs have two anal glands on either side of the anus. Sometimes the dog cannot express his anal sacs and the glands become impacted.

The impacted anal glands create swelling on the dog’s anal area, make them scoot and foul fishy odor on the dog’s butt. That’s why dogs want to rub their bottom to the floor.


Why Does My Dog Spin Around In Circles On His Butt?

When your dog is spinning in circles and seems to be chasing their butt, it might be a dog spinning in circles neurological. It’s a sign of a serious neurological condition that causes the dog’s forebrain to malfunction.

Dogs who have a neurological disorder seem unable to control their body movements. This condition can cause dogs to have involuntary muscle movements, disorientation, and walk or spin in circles.

If your dog’s spinning is accompanied by other symptoms like shaking, loss of consciousness, and drooling, it’s essential to take your dog to the vet.


Why Is My Dog Turning On Her Bum?

My dog spins on her behind like a spinning top, and my dog looks fine and happy. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of the dog’s sheer excitement or quirky behavior.

When you ask them to play or take a walk, they might spin and turn on their bum to release their built-up energy.

But the dog will not do it repeatedly and only spin once or twice. After that, your dog will wag their tail, proof that they are excited about your invitation and can’t wait to do it with you.


Why Is My Dog Dragging Its Bottom?

The dog is spinning around on her bum and sore is one sign of anal sac problems or infection with worms. Your dog will scooter or drag its anus along the ground because they want to get rid of the irritation and itching in their anus.

Try checking your dog’s anus, and if there is wiggling around your dog’s anus like rice grains, that’s a sign of worm infection. It is distressing to your dog, and scooting is the only way your dog can get some relief.


Why Does My Dog Spin In Circles On Her Bottom?

My dog sits on his butt and spins in circles like itches. When I checked their bum, their bottom was red and swollen. The signs of a dog’s bum infection are smelly, swollen, and red.

If a dog has diarrhea, and there is fecal matter trapped on the dog’s bottom, this will be fecal contamination in the anal area.

Your dog is annoyed by the irritation, and they are spinning in circles on their bottom. Try applying antiseptic ointment to the dog’s bottom, and if you see any improvement in the next 24 hours and your dog is no longer spinning in circles, the irritation will start to decrease.


Why Does My Dog Keep Looking At His Bum?

My pug keeps spinning on her bum, and this doesn’t just happen once or twice. If you see your dog spinning in circles while looking at their bum continuously, it might be a sign of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Your dog has declining brain function and cannot control their movements. Your dog doesn’t just spin around in a tight circle, but in some cases, they will walk in a very large circle.

Immediately take your dog to the vet if there are symptoms of neurological disorders, such as inflammation of the brain, brain tumors, strokes, seizures, or fluid buildup in the brain.


Why Does My Bulldog Sit And Spin?

Sometimes, sitting and spinning in dogs can occur due to anxiety. Dog spinning in circles anxiety often occurs in elderly pets. The anxiety can appear in our dogs when they are bored, or there is not much they can do.

You should see a vet about it to get anti-anxiety medication, but you should look for other ways to solve your dog’s problem.

Try to prevent your dog’s anxiety by providing physical exercise sessions, offering big bones to girls for mental stimulation, or giving them their favorite food to allow your dog to get excited and get to the treats.


Why Is My Dog Spinning In Circles?

Many canine owners are confused when they see their dog doing unusual behavior such as spinning in a circle looking at their bum, or dragging their bum on the floor.

Some questions that often arise are “My dog keeps spinning on his bum, and I don’t know what to do”. Don’t worry, because we will summarize several possibilities why your dog is spinning in circles in the table below.

Dog spinning in circlesExplanation
Anal sac problemsDog spinning in a circle on his bum to relief the irritation and the itchiness caused by anal sac problems.
Fecal contaminationDeca matter trapped in the dog’s bottom irritates the dog’s bottom to become swollen and red, and the dog is irritated by the itchiness by spinning in circles on their bum.
Canine cognitive dysfunctionDogs have neurological problems and cannot control what they do.
Worms infectionThere is a tapeworm in the dog’s bottom and it makes the dog’s bottom feel itchy.
Anxiety in elderly dogsDogs who are bored and don’t have much to do will easily become anxious. This commonly happens in elderly dogs.
ExcitementDogs show their excitement when they are doing activities with their owner.


Why Is My Pug Spinning On Her Bum?

Some dogs spinning in circles may not be dangerous. But why does dog spin on bum? If the dog seems uncomfortable with the bum area, it might be irritation and injury to the anal area.

Immediately check the dog’s bum to see if it is red, swollen, or has wiggle-like worms. Worm infections and anal sac problems are the most common possible causes of dogs spinning on their bums.


Dogs Scoot Their Butts Across the Floor

It might be a problem when we see a dog scooting after pooping and leaving a residue on our floor with a foul odor. Some dogs don’t know how to express their anal sacs, which makes their bottom feel itchy.

Help your dog to express their anal glands regularly.


Home Remedy For Dog Itchy Bum

We need a dog itchy bum remedy to reduce the possibility of dog scooting. There are several home remedies that you can do, such as warm compress with water, anal gland expression, dietary adjustments, and regular grooming.

Regular grooming have functions to reduce the possibility of fecal residue sticking to the dog’s bottom. Anal gland expression helps dogs to express their anal fluid.

Dietary adjustments will give your dog high-fiber diets to regulate the dog’s bowel movements and keep the dog from having firmer stools. Warm compress with water will reduce discomfort in the anal area and help soothe irritation.


Final Verdict

Dog spinning in circles is not all dangerous, but we must check carefully whether our dog is just spinning in circles regularly or dragging their bottom while spinning.

Why is my dog spinning in circles on his bum? The most common possibility is that your dog has worm infections and anal sac problems.

Dogs feel uncomfortable with irritation and itchiness on their bum, dragging their bum on the floor to soothe the itchiness.

There are several things you can do to prevent your dog from spinning in circles on their butt, such as compressing with warm water, anal gland expression, high-fiber diets, and regular grooming.

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