Black Spot On Dog’s Anus : (11 Menacing Symptoms)

It is a major problem in dogs like dog anus pigment change and white spots around dog’s anus. Many reasons can be behind these issues. It may be due to hyperpigmentation, sunlight, allergies, and other medical problems. A dog’s sore anus is painful. That is why vet consultation is necessary.

Does a black spot on dog’s anus concern you? In most cases, the black dots around the anal region of dogs that are not bumpy and raised can be because of age-related spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of black spots on a dog’s anus, the treatments of puppy anus swollen, Is it lethal if my dog has black spots on his anus, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of black spot on dog’s anus.

Black spot on dog’s anus
How To Care For Black Spot On Dog’s Anus?


Why Is My Dog Anus Turning Black?

When the rectum has no issue, its color is pink, but if there is any problem in the end part of the digestive system, that is, the anus, it may turn black. The black spot on dog’s anus may be due to hyperpigmentation and freckles.


What Are The Black Spots On My Dog’s Anus?

Many possibilities of a black spot on dog’s anus are there. The most common cause of black anus is hyperpigmentation and freckles. Dog anus pigment change shows the black spots.

It can also be black because of the attachment of fleas. You need to know the cause of black spot and then give treatment accordingly.

Black spot on dog’s anus is due to hyperpigmentation. It may be developed naturally or due to external environmental factors like when there is less exposure to sunlight. Then dogs may get this type of issue.

Many medical reasons are also there, like when dogs are suffering from hemorrhaging, inflammation, allergies, and abnormality in secretion of thyroid hormones, dogs may get back spots on their anus.

If you notice many other signs like limp development, licking, scratching, bleeding, and sudden weight gain, you should immediately consult with your vet.


Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On His Anus?

Fleas belong to insects, and their size is just about the size of an ant. They stick to animals to suck blood. Sucking blood is important for the maturation of eggs. When fleas get attached to dogs’ skin, then there is a black spot on the dog’s anus. Many cases, black spot on the anus of dogs is due to the sticking of fleas.

Dog anus pigment change clearly shows the health of the dog with the black spots and they need to go away once you provide them with home remedies or vet recommended solutions.


Why Do Dogs Anus Turn Black?

When there is some internal problem in dogs, then their anus may turn black. You should know the cause of the anus turning black. After that, you can know the treatment of this issue. If there is a black cyst on the anus, then it may be a tumor.

Vet consultation is important to save the life of your dog. Bump on dog’s butt may be due to the tumor if it is painless and protruding mass.


What Does A Perianal Gland Tumor Look Like?

When a dog is suffering from a perianal tumor, there is a mass of cells near the anus. You can also find a tumor on the groin and tail region of the dog. Their size is less than 3 cm in width. Its color is pink, and it looks like a blood mass. It can be fatal for dogs if left untreated.


What Does An Infected Dog Anus Look Like?

An anal sac is a common disease in dogs. It appears hot, red swellings on one or maybe both anus sides. If sacs burst, then this is greenish-yellow fluid, and it also contains pus and blood cells. If you do not consult with your vet, the infection may spread to the whole anal region.


How To Care For Dogs With Black Spots On Anus?

You should give them a healthy diet if the dog is sick because of any issue. It would be best if you took them to regular exercise. It is beneficial for him. When a dog is of a small breed and is also obese, there is a high risk of anal sacs issues. The monthly checkup is very important for the healthy life of dogs.


How To Treat Black Spot On Dog’s Anus At Home?

If there is a black spot on dogs’ anal, then you may treat them at home. Home treatment is only possible if the black color is due to the fleas sticking. You can use anti-flea shampoo to remove fleas from the skin of dogs.

Bump near dog’s anus, how to treat? If black spot is due to perianal adenoma, then you cannot give them treatment at home. In this case, you consult with your vet. When a dog is suffering from perianal adenoma, castration is also treated in the case of male dogs.

You can remove the tumor surgically. A bleeding sore on the dog’s anus may be due to a rupture of anal sacs around the anus.

Another therapy is radiation therapy to get rid of this type of issue. If the tumor is less than one inch, you can remove or make it dead with the help of radiation therapy. Estrogen administration also results in the regression of the tumor. But this has many health side effects, which is why vets do not recommend this treatment method.


How To Prevent Black Spot On Dog’s Anus Occurring Again?

If a black spot is due to pigmentation, you should consult with your vet for the proper treatment. The proper treatment makes the dogs healthy and fit. If black spot is due to fleas, then you can use anti-flea shampoo to remove flea’s diet and fleas from the skin of dogs. In this way, you can prevent your dogs from getting black spots again.

Look out regularly for dog anus pigment change in the future as well and take precautionary measures quickly when you spot the change.


What Is Perianal Adenoma?

Perianal adenoma is also called hepatoid adenoma and circumanal adenoma. It is a common tumor disease, and the tumor arises from sebaceous glands around the anus. About eight percent of the tumors are due to these diseases that are around the anal region. Dog butthole’s color is turning black.

This type of tumor is very common in dogs but less common in cats because of the absence of the sebaceous gland around the anus. Perianal adenomas are common intact males, and it can also be seen in females that are spayed. When there is a low level of estrogen hormones in females due to spying, it may lead to tumors.


Identification And Symptoms

Female dog anus swollen can be because of the perianal adenoma. A perianal adenoma is a non-painful slow-growing mass around the anus. They are usually present in the hairless area of the perineum. But technically, this type of tumor can be seen under the tail, scrotum, prepuce, etc.

They are multiple and single diffuse masses, and in females, they are small and single. This is not a painful mass, so you need to consult with your vet to know if this is a perianal adenoma or not. You can diagnose the tumor of adenoma by sell analysis. By doing this, you can differentiate the malignant or benign tumors.



Treatment of tumors may change, and it depends upon how much the tumor is severe. If dogs are suffering from malignant tumors, you can improve dogs’ quality of life to get rid of this issue. If it is benign, then you can give complete treatment by consulting with your vet.

In the case of male dogs, you can treat the dogs by removing the testes of dogs. This results in the lack of testosterone that results in the regression of the small benign tumor. You should take much care and observe your dog after the removal of the testes.

In the case of both females and males, small tumors can be removed by the method known as cryotherapy. In this method, the masses freeze. In the case of large tumors, surgery is essential to save your dogs from serious complications. Your dogs may become the victim of fecal incontinence because of anal sphincter muscle removal.  

Bump on dog’s butt may be due to the tumor if it is painless and protruding mass.  Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also important after castration. It would help if you gave both of these medications for several weeks after operating.

There is another method used to shrink tumors, and it is useful in case castration is not possible.  Bone marrow treatment has many side effects that are why it is discouraged by vets.


What Causes A Dog’s Anus To Turn Black?

Lump near dog’s tail, many reasons can be there. If there is swelling, but this is not painful, then you need to know the cause. It may be a tumor.  If there is a black spot on the anus of dogs, it tells us many things. You should observe the area. It may be because of the attachment of fleas.

If my dogs bum has turned black or if My dog has a bump on his butt, I’d consult consult with my vet immediately. It is because of the tumor. If your Dog’s anus is black, it could mean a severe health issue.

Black spot on dog’s anus
How To Care For Black Spot On Dog’s Anus?

The following can be the reasons for this Dog anus darkening issue.


Age Spots, Blackheads, And Freckles

My dog has pimples on his bum; if there are pimples, you should not worry about this thing. If there is a black spot, then it may be due to blackheads or freckles. If black blotch is flat and circular, it looks freckles, which may be due to old age.

Blackhead is due to follicle clog. This can be seen in the overall body of dogs, but you may see it near the anal region. Many treatments are there to remove the blackheads from the skin of dogs. Shampoos that contain benzoyl peroxide can remove the blackheads from the skin of dogs.

If you think that your dog has blackheads, you can remove them with a shampoo containing benzoyl peroxide.



The dog has a red bump on the anus; if it is not painful, you may say it is a tumor. Fleas on a dog’s anus can turn the color of the anus into black. When there is a cluster of fleas around the anal region, its anus may turn into black color.

When there is an attachment of fleas on the skin of dogs, then it looks like there are peppers on the skin. This is a parasite’s feces. After sucking blood from the puppy’s skin, the fleas leave the feces on the skin of dogs. This is for the feeding of larvae.

You can remove fleas at home, or you may consult with your vet. At home, you can use a comb and a thorough coat for dogs. Then rubbing the coat of dogs with a towel will remove flea dirt from the dog’s skin.

You can use anti-flea shampoo to remove the flea from the skin of dogs. When there are fleas on the skin of dogs, then it may lead to anxiety from dogs.

That is why you should remove ticks and fleas from your pet to save them from getting stress and anxiety. Careful bathing with the use of anti-flea shampoo to remove dirt from fleas is very important to fleas.



Black spot on dog’s anus can be due to hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation refers to a high melatonin level in the skin. When there is a high melatonin level in the body, then the skin turns dark. It will affect all parts of the body, not only the anus. But it is very prominent in that area that has fewer hairs.

Sometimes when the dog is getting old, then there is a change in the color of skin. It is normal. You need not worry about this situation, and there is no specific treatment for this issue.

Many other possibilities are also there, like skin infection, allergic reactions, color changes, etc., that are behind the color changing of dogs. Hyperpigmentation also leads to weight gain in dogs. You should observe the black spot on dog’s anus. If the spot is not raised and there is no protruding mass, it tells us that it is due to the pigmentation.

Cyst on dogs butt can be due to the tumor. So, it is important to know the differentiation between the pigment and dog anal cyst.


Abnormal Thyroid Level

When there is any abnormality in the secretion of thyroid gland hormones, then the dog starts gaining weight and losing their fur. Vet consultation is essential for you.

If there is less functioning of thyroid glands, then it refers to hypothyroidism, and you can treat your dogs with oral thyroid medication. Black spots are not the only symptom of lack of thyroid functioning. You will see many other symptoms like

  • Frequent ear and skin infection
  • Lack of growing hairs back
  • Cold intolerance
  • Energy lack with lethargy
  • Dark pigmentation in the skin



Red bump on dog’s anus maybe when there is less exposure to sunlight. As we know, the dog’s skin is covered with fur, and most of the part of the skin is not exposed to UV radiations, then there may be a black spot on that region. In the anal region, there is no fur. In this way, dogs may get the color black.



A black spot on the anus of dogs may be due to some allergy problems. When there is an irritant, it results in a change in the color of the dog’s skin. The dark color may be due to itchiness, and it may increase over time. You should know the irritants that are causing allergies to dogs. In this way, you can solve the problem of your dogs.


Cushing’s Disease

It is a disease due to the presence of a tumor in the pituitary glands; it triggers the adrenal glands to release certain hormones.  It also results in black skin on the skin of dogs. You will also see many other symptoms like potbelly, excessive urination, increased appetite, thirst increase, and lethargy. You can treat Cushing’s disease from a professional vet.


Fungal Infections

Fungal infection also results in black spot on dog’s anus. You may see the fungal infection in other nearby areas like the rectum. There is also another reason, and that is yeasts infection. When there is an overgrowth of harmless fungus, then it results in yeast infection.

When there is a weak immune system of dogs, it may result in a fungal or bacterial infection. You can treat the dogs by bathing with anti-fungal shampoo if dogs have the problem of yeast or fungal infection.



Inflammation can be the reason for dark skin around the anal region of dogs. When there is an anal gland on one side and becomes infected, the dog will feel difficulty in bowel movement. You will see the foul and fishy smell from dogs when there is an issue with the anal gland of dogs.



Bleeding under the skin of dogs may result in a dark spot. When there is any rupture in the capillaries under the skin, you will see a black spot on the skin.  You should consult with your vet in case of a hemorrhage.



When there is friction and rubbing due to the clothing, it may result in black skin or black spots. You will see the black spot under limbs and armpits. You should not use that material to cover the dog that can cause rashes due to friction.


Final Verdict – Black Spot On Dog’s Anus

Does a black spot on dog’s anus concern you as a pet owner? Normally, a black spot on dog’s anus is due to hyperpigmentation, or it can be seen in old age when the color of skin changes due to growing age. There can be many other reasons like fleas, sunlight exposure, Cushing diseases, fungal infection, friction, etc.

Black spot on dog’s anus
How To Care For Black Spot On Dog’s Anus?

If it is due to the perianal adenoma, you can consult with your vet as early as possible. It is because it can be fatal if left untreated.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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