Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On Soap? (7 Clear Facts)

Canine behavior varies widely. Sometimes we see our pet’s funny behavior, but sometimes it looks weird and makes us wonder why our dog does it. Maybe we often see dogs roll in the grass, roll in the snow, roll in the poop, or roll in anything with a specific smell.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? There are two possibilities for dogs rubbing their face on soap, either scent rolling or relieving anxiety. Dogs will roll on any strong smell objects like perfume, poop, soap, or other scents to mask their smell. This habit is linked to the dog’s ancestral DNA and is used as camouflage and is useful when they want to hunt something.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap
Why do dogs rub their face on soap?

Dogs rubbing their face on the soap is not the usual behavior. We need to know a way to stop this behavior or replace it in another way. Let’s read this article to the end.


Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On Soap?

Dogs have instinctual behavior from their wolf ancestors known as scent rolling. If your dog is off-leash, they will run towards objects with a strong soapy smell. They will start rubbing their face on soap or rolling around. It will make the owners wonder at their pet’s behavior.

Maybe at first, we thought our dog loves soap because they walked over to soap and rubbed their neck and ears. It turns out that it is behavior from the dog’s ancestor to roll up his body parts to smelly objects.


Why Does My Dog Rub Her Face On Stuff?

It depends on what stuff the dog uses to rub their face. If the item doesn’t have a strong odor or furniture, your dog is marking territory. Dog leaves pheromones that will stick to the furniture or any item that the dog’s rubbing on.

Why do dogs rub their face? It is a dog’s way of marking territory in addition to defecating or urinating in certain spots. Some owners consider dogs rubbing their heads because of affection for an item, but it is not.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? It is different from marking territory behavior but has something to do with scent rolling.


Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face In Smells?

Dogs have this behavior from their wild ancestors to mask their scent from smelly objects to camouflage their bodies to get closer to their prey. Wolves will roll their bodies in droppings of plant-eating animals to obscure their smells and mix with their surroundings.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? Although dogs do not do this to hunt because they live in captivity, dogs still have instinctual behavior for the same thing. They want to rub their head in smell because soap has a strong odor.


Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On Things?

At a glance, we know three possible reasons why do dogs rub their face on soap. The table below will make it easier for you to distinguish some of the factors why dogs engage in this behavior.


Dog rub their faceExplanation
Marking territoryDogs will rub their head to leave pheromones on objects and mark their territory.
Scent rollingInstinctual behavior to camouflage their body odor with smelly objects.
Relieving anxietyDogs panic easily when they are alone. Dogs will rub their head on things with your smell because they feel calm and secure when your smell is around them.


Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On Things After They Eat?

There are three possibilities. Dogs enjoying their food, allergic reactions, or irritation. We must know what causes dogs to rub their faces after eating whether it is harmful or not.

Dogs can do a body rub if they eat something they are allergic to. Their faces will feel itchy and itchy to almost all body parts.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? Canine owners will think their dogs want to clean their faces after eating. Dogs do it because of other behaviors and have nothing to do with the dog’s activities after eating.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap
Why do dogs rub their face on soap?


Why Does A Dog Rub Against You?

Dogs are pack animals. If the dog believes in you, the dog can mark territory on your body as a display of ownership. You are considered as one of the packs of them as their guardian.

What does it mean when a dog rubs their face on you? Dog marking territory is not only in an area or their favorite object but includes someone who has taken care of them since puppies.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? There is a possibility that your dog will notice your smell sticking to the soap when you use it frequently. Dogs will feel safe with the object you use for anxiety relief.


Why Do Dogs Like To Roll In Smelly Scents Like Soaps?

It’s not a big problem if the dog’s behavior is related to objects that smell good. But it will be a problem if the dog rubs their face on an object with a foul odor such as dirt or poop.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? It is a behavior passed down from wolves for camouflage before wolves hunt their prey. The habits of wild ancestors have never been lost and continue to be carried out by dogs.

Why dog gets bar soap and rolls in it? The scent rolling process will be carried out in the body, although some dogs will only rub their face with soap. Dogs will continue to roll on the soap until they feel their whole body has stuck to the smell of soap.


Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Everything?

See if some of the objects used to rub their faces have a specific smell. Otherwise, dogs are marking their territory. Sometimes some dogs mark almost all house corners as a form of dominance and consider all places as theirs.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? Dogs do instinctual behavior to mask their scent with a soap smell.

Why does my dog rub his face on the grass? Scent rolling can be started depending on the mood of the dog. If they feel like starting to rub their face, the dog will rub their face on grass until they feel the smell of grass sticking to their face. The process will continue by rolling on the grass several times.


How To Stop Dogs Scent Rolling?

Keeping dogs on a short leash will suppress their behavior to scent rolling on the smelly objects around them. Sometimes, dogs can’t stand the smell of an object and want to rub their body or face through it.

Try to stop dogs from approaching objects with certain odors, and distract them by playing them or giving them treats. Because dogs will smell rolling not only objects with a good smell but also objects with a foul odor.

Every canine owner doesn’t want dogs with rolls on face like poop or other stinky dirt.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap? Dog’s behavior is to camouflage his body odor with the smell of soap.


How To Prevent Dogs From Rubbing Their Face On Soap?

Give the dog another activity, get their attention before the dog gets a smelly object, or break their habit with a command. Try to do several ways without having to be rude to your pet.

Prevent your dogs before they are too happy to do scent rolling using soap. Dogs might eat soap out of curiosity.

Why did my dog eat a bar of soap? Certain soaps have a special smell that attracts dogs to eat them. Sometimes there is soap with a fruity smell, and dogs feel they have eaten food with the same thing.

Look at why do dogs rub their face on soap. Do not let any hazardous materials make your dog poisoned. Sometimes a dog’s curiosity will make them careless and eat what they think is good.

Is Irish Spring soap harmful to dogs? No, because Irish soap is formulated with safe ingredients and non-toxic for dogs, it doesn’t cause severe illness for your pet. But still, be careful with other soaps that may be harmful to your dog.

It often happens until there is a story about Kermit the dog eating soap. Why does Kermit like soap? Kermit also uses ancient instincts as a form of their amazing sense of smell to find out the objects that are often used by their pack (the owner’s scent in the soap).


Final Verdict – Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On Soap

It is common for dogs to rub their face on soap because they carry out scent rolling behavior that has been passed down from their wild ancestors. Wolves will be rolling on grass or droppings from plate materials to trick their prey before going hunting.

Why do dogs rub their face on soap
Why do dogs rub their face on soap? Why do dogs rub their face on soap after playing? Why do dogs rub their face on soap at home?

Dogs cannot be separated from this behavior. They will become smelly objects and start rubbing their faces up to rolling to spread the smell of the object throughout the body.

Another possibility is dogs rub their head on soap because of anxiety relief or marking territory. Dogs can smell anything you use frequently, and they feel at ease with the things you use frequently from the smell.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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