Xenomorph Frog : Are They Real? (7 Interesting Facts)

Have you ever seen a photo or video about a frog that has a shape like an alien? If you don’t know, a few years ago, there was a photo or video about the xeno frog, and it became a topic of conversation for many people. The real question is does that frog exist?

Xeno frog or xenomorph frog are sculptures made by artist Li Changchun by making alien-like frogs like the Xenomorph from the fictional film “The Alien” in 2018. The images of the Xeno frog went viral and were used in memes on many social media.

Even though it doesn’t exist in real life, discussing the Xeno frog can be imagined for us about the uniqueness of this sculpture to show many creatures that we may not know exist out there. Let’s discuss this in this article.

Xenomorph frog
Xenomorph Frog


Xenomorph Frog Are They Real?

The xenomorph frog doesn’t exist in real life, but you can see it as a sculpture, and it looks real. Imagine you see a frog that looks like an alien, you want to take a photo of it or take it home.

So that you don’t get confused, we will define xenomorph for you. The word xenomorph comes from the Greek with “Xeno” meaning “stranger” and “Morph” meaning “form” if you combine the two, it will become “strange form” because it is not like animals on earth in general.


Is There Really A Xenomorph Frog?

As a sculpture? Yes. But you will not find this xenomorph frog real life. Li Changchun created this sculpture and went viral a few years later as a meme on Reddit and reached 23k upvotes.

After that, the xenomorph frog image continues to be shared on social media because of the uniqueness of the frog combined with Xeno from the Alien movie.

Because many pictures are circulating on the Internet and the sculpture looks real, many wonder where they can find this frog species. People are wondering whether they have not known that Xeno frogs exist.

Although this is a product of the imagination of an artist, we can see his good work and make us dream about a unique species that is combined from animals on earth with aliens from outer space.


Where Did The Xenomorph Frog Come From?

Because the artist who made the Xeno frog sculpture came from China, we can say the Xeno frog came from China. You can see on Li Changchun’s Facebook, he continues to make various kinds of sculptures and sometimes still makes Xeno frogs in other colors or shapes.

If you want to find the origin of Xeno frogs, you can’t find it in detail other than the photos on social media. Just try to search for the xenomorph frog Wikipedia, and you will not find the search results you want.


Is Xenomorph Frog Rare?

If you want to have a Xeno frog sculpture, you need to go to China to directly meet the maker or ask how to order that sculpture online. Don’t confuse it with wanting to have a frog as a pet because the sculpture can only sit around as a decoration in the house. This frog won’t move or live with you or make weird sounds. It can only exist.

You can find lots of photos of the xenomorph frog Reddit, so Li Changchun is still making sculptures in different colors or shapes. You can see the last time Li Changchun updated his status with his Xeno frog sculpture in 2020.


Xenomorph Frog Real Name

There is no real name for this sculpture because when it went viral on social media, many called it an alien-like frog, Xeno frog, or new species frog.

The shape is different from the usual frog, with a large head and has long green legs. There are several models with different colors when they go viral on social media like Pinterest or Reddit.

You can call this alien Xeno frog by any name. When you get the sculpture, you can name it as you like. Do not think this Xeno frog is real. It is not an animal but the work of an artist who can surprise many people because it resembles the original frog.


What Color Is Xenomorph Frog Eyes?

We can’t see the color of his eyes. The shape of his big and oval head is the same as the Xeno in the Alien movie. You can only see the big head with the same color as frogs in general, green or brown.

Is xenomorph frog real? No, it’s not real. You can only find it as a sculpture, not as an animal that lives in real life.

Xenomorph frog
Xenomorph Frog

How To Buy Xenomorph Frog From Reputed Breeders?

If you want to find frogs as pets, you can look for reputable breeders who give you information about age, what is needed for frogs, and how they explain so that frogs can live long while in captivity.

Don’t think you can find a xenomorph frog pet because Xeno frogs are not real. Look for a unique type of frog with a large head almost similar to Li Changchun’s sculpture.


Xenomorph Frog For Sale Near Me

So far, we can only see pictures and xenomorph frog videos from several social media, but we have never been able to see them directly. If you want to buy a work from Li Changchun, you need to look for it online because the artist is from China.


Can You Find Xenomorph Tree Frog?

If you want to find tree frogs in the wild, you can search the rainforest for frogs with brown color that almost blends in with the color of the tree. The Xeno frog is also made with a brown color similar to the tree frog.

Having a Xeno tree frog and placing it at home can surprise many people because the sculpture looks like normal frogs with a stunning color combination.


Is A Xenomorph Frog Healthy?

We can not say that the Xeno frog is healthy or not because it is not a living thing. Many people have the wrong perception that the Xeno frog is a newly discovered species of frogs, and only a few people in this world have them as pets.

Xeno frog is the work of Li Changchun, who made green frogs and brown frogs with alien-like shapes and went viral after several years of being made. If you search on the Internet, you can find lots of photos on Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, or other sites that talk about these unique sculptures.


Xenomorph Frog Lifespan

You can have the Xeno frog as long as you want, as long as the sculpture is not damaged by dropping it or putting it in the wrong place. Don’t get the wrong idea that the Xeno frog is real just because it’s gone viral on the Internet. If these frogs exist, then researchers have found them long ago.

If you want to have frogs as a pet, you must know the life stages of frogs. The table below will show it.

Life stagesExplanation
EggThe eggs float on the tank like mass of jelly. These frogspawn will hatch into tadpoles.
TadpoleTadpole can already eat for them to develop. Their gills can make them breathe in water.
Young frogThe tail began to shrink until it was like there was no tail left. The young frogs are ready to jump out of the water and live on land.
Adult frogAdult frogs have started eating insects instead of vegetation. Adults need 4 years to fully mature and can lay their eggs.


If you have pet frogs, when you take good care of them, they can live 10-20 years. Look for frogs from a trusted breeder and provide a healthy lifestyle and habitat that is not boring for them.

If you are curious about the Xeno frog, look for a type of frog that is similar to Li Changchun’s work and treat it according to its life expectancy.


Final Verdict On Xenomorph Frog

On social media such as Reddit, Facebook, and Pinterest, there have been viral photos of frogs that have the exact shape of the Xenomorph in the Alien movie. Has a big head with long legs without eyes, just like Xeno.

Xenomorph frog
Xenomorph Frog

Although Li Changchun has been making the work since 2018, the xenomorph frog went viral a few years later, leading many to ask if it was real, and want to own it. Until now, the artist is still making the sculpture, and you can see the update directly on Li Changchun’s Facebook.

Don’t be fooled by the shape and color of this sculpture, because this beautiful work has led many to think that this alien frog exists.

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