I Accidentally Gave My Dog Double Dose Of Apoquel : 6 Menacing Symptoms

My dog accidentally ingested Apoquel. Is it a bad thing that I worry about?

Medical treatment of dogs must be done with great care as sometimes many owners have said that I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel.

Apoquel is an anti-allergic medicine that should be used as prescribed by the vet. Accidental overdoses of Apoquel may cause diarrhea and vomiting. A mild stomach ache also follows, but Apoquel is not fatal at all.

I accidentally gave my dog double dose of apoquel
I Accidentally Gave My Dog Double Dose Of Apoquel – What To Do?

In this blog post, we will discuss the hot topic of these days “what to do when I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel? Let’s start the article right now.


What Is Apoquel For Dogs?

Before starting our topic on “accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel,” let’s see what this drug Apoquel is and what its uses are.

Apoquel is an anti-allergic drug mainly used in dogs for the treatment of skin allergy. Most commonly, vets prescribe this drug to dogs who are not one year old.

You might have heard of Apoquel 5.4 mg for dogs. This drug comes in 5.4mg packing of 30 tablets.


Apoquel Dosage Chart By Weight

Now let’s discuss the Apoquel dose chart. Many people are still confused about how to give proper medicine to their dog, as the vet might not make it clear or forget the dose.

Indeed, the actual dose suggestion is always by the vet, but there’s an approved Apoquel dose Apoquel dosing chart which is as below:

Weight in PoundsTables To Consume
Low-High Weight3.6mg5.4mg16mg


Can I Give My Dog A Double Dose Of Apoquel?

I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel. Is it wrong for my dog?

If your dog’s allergies are not going away with a single dose of Apoquel, then you shouldn’t give double doses of Apoquel to your dogs.

The double dose of Apoquel should only be taken when the vets say it is mandatory; otherwise, you should never become a quack and risk your dog’s life.

Although a double dose of Apoquel is not fatal, one must watch when giving specific medicines as they can even cause cancer.


Can You Double Dose Apoquel?

If you accidentally gave dog two Apoquel, it is okay as anyone can make mistakes, but one should not deliberately give Apoquel to the dogs.

The double dose might cause many problems, which are discussed in the later section.


What Are The Terrible Side Effects Of Apoquel?

Apoquel is a drug used for allergy in dogs, but one should not do any double doses or miss the doses if they want to treat their dog’s skin condition.

Apoquel is not fatal and not causing any serious health concerns. Still, sometimes, the following symptoms are persistent when people say that I accidentally gave my dog a double dose of Apoquel.

  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Body aches
  • Nose irritation or bleeding
  • Weaker immune function
  • Persistent fever and influenza sometimes


My Dog Missed Dose of Apoquel – What Should I do?

The Apoquel missed dose is not to be worried about and can be handled easily. But first, we should take a look at how you can give doses to your dog.

Apoquel is given two doses daily for seven days, and after that, it is presented as one tablet daily.

But if your dog misses the Apoquel tablet, you can skip the dose for that day and start giving the regular doses of tablets after that.


Weaning Dog off Apoquel – How To Do It?

  1. I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel;now, my dog is getting addicted to this. How should I wean my dog off?
  2. The best way to wean off your dog from the Apoquel tablet is to reduce the potency of the tablet
  3. For example, if your dog took 16mg doses per day, you should reduce the dose to 5.5mgtablet and then to 3.6mg.
  4. After your dog is set at fewer potency tablets, you can quickly reduce the dose per day.
  5. Start by reducing the twice given tabletwith only once given.
  6. After that, you should skip doses. It means you can give the Apoquelon alternative days.
  7. It will help your dog, and he will get less used to the tablets.
  8. Finally, you can wean off your dog from the medicine after one month or less.

That’s the basic procedure to wean your dog off Apoquel, and it should always be done gradually without doing any hurry.


Apoquel and Hemangiosarcoma

I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel. Will it cause cancer? Many cases are reported where misuse (overdoses and long-term doses) of Apoquel causes cancer and other severe problems in dogs.

You should be careful when giving the doses of Apoquel and always consult your vet if any uncommon symptoms show up.

Hemangiosarcoma is serious cancer that may occur because of an overdose of Apoquel. Hemangiosarcoma causes swelling and has these symptoms in dogs:

  • Abdominal swelling
  • Appetite Loss
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Pale eyes
  • Rapid breathing

If all these symptoms are found after long-term use of Apoquel, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible to prevent cancer from spreading any further and get early treatment.

(Note: Never use self-medication for your dogs, as it can cause severe problems and might damage the immune system of your dog)

I accidentally gave my dog double dose of apoquel
I Accidentally Gave My Dog Double Dose Of Apoquel – What To Do?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens If I Accidentally Took Apoquel?

The Apoquel accidental overdose is not fatal or poses some significant concerns if you have done it only once or twice.

The overdose only disturbs the stomach and can be treated with a complete consultation from the vet. The vet will guide you with the best possible available treatment, and it could help your dog get us soon.


Can You Overdose Your Dog On Apoquel?

The overdose of Apoquel in dogs should not be done on purpose. We have been reported many cases where the Apoquel overdose damages a dog’s immune system and weakens the hearing or vision if used for a long time without even knowing.

The symptoms of overdose of Apoquel in dogs might show up gradually when most damage has been done to the dogs. Still, you will witness chronic symptoms like upset stomach or vomiting immediately hen your dog overdoses Apoquel.


What to do If I Accidentally Gave My Dog Two Doses of Rimadyl?

If you give two doses of Rimadyl, it is not healthy for your dog, as this drug is life-threatening if given in large amounts.

Consult your vet if severe symptoms of Rimadyl show up and your dog is constantly throwing up. You should better treat it from a top vet in your area.


Can Apoquel Cause Diabetes in Dogs?

I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel. Does it cause diabetes?

The misuse of a medicine can cause severe problems; even diabetes is rare in dogs who overdose of Apoquel.

But it is only always true that your dog will have diabetes. Instead, you can focus on giving the recommended dosage of Apoquel to your dog, and nothing terrible will happen to your dog.


Final Verdict – I Accidentally Gave My Dog Double Dose Of Apoquel

We have heard that “I accidentally gave my dog double dose of Apoquel; what should I do?” Apoquel is an anti-allergic drug that should be given only after prescribed by the vet, and you should not provide any extra doses to your dogs, as an overdose of Apoquel causes severe problems like vomiting, diarrheas, and nasal congestion infections. But it is not fatal.

I accidentally gave my dog double dose of apoquel
I Accidentally Gave My Dog Double Dose Of Apoquel – What To Do?

That was all about the Apoquel overdose in dogs. If you have any questions, our comment bar is always open; please comment below to share your thoughts.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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