Can I Wean My Dog off Proin? 15 Menacing Symptoms Of Over Eating Proin

Proin medicine in dogs has been used to increase muscle mass, which helps with incontinence and increases urethral dysfunction recovery. Many people ask,

Can I wean my dog off proin? Stopping your dog from taking proin will not effectively control urine incontinence, as the dog shifts back to its original condition, and urine leakage again happens.

In this blog post, I will discuss one of the major questions many pet lovers ask: can I wean my dog off proin? I will also describe all the things related to proin. Let’s start the article without wasting any time.

Can i wean my dog off proin
Can I Wean My Dog off Proin


Can I Wean My Dog off Proin?

Can I wean my dog off proin? Before proin stoppage therapy, I would like to discuss some important things related to proin.

People have many concerns over proins as to what possible effects might occur if sudden or slow proin quitting happens.

Sudden proin quitting leaves the long-running treatment useless, and gradual and slow proin reduction will make your dog’s urinary system leakage go better.

Several diseases such as neurological, urinary, and prostatic might cause this incontinence in dogs.

Let’s understand this topic from the very basic to the complex level.



Incontinence is defined as the condition in which dogs can’t stop their urine reflexes voluntarily, and leakage will make them smell foul.

Dogs having incontinence have a very weak bladder, and muscle control is almost none, which means they can’t control peeing!


Causes of Incontinence

Incontinence is associated with different conditions, and one of the most common causes of incontinence is decreased mass of the urinary sphincter.

Other causes that possible intensify incontinence are:

  • Always Feeling Thirsty
  • Anatomic Dysfunction
  • Bladder abnormalities
  • Decreased bladder function
  • Hormone Problems
  • Inflammation
  • Nervous Issues
  • Neuro-issues
  • Old Age
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Stones
  • Tumors
  • Urethra Abnormalities
  • Urinary Infections

This incontinence will cause the vets to prescribe a chemical drug known as Proin. It might be effective, but we should exercise a long-term treatment to make the sphincters stronger.


What Is Proin?

Now the very next question which builds up in your mind after seeing that proin is the treatment of urinary problems in dogs is what proin is, and “how long does it take proin to work.”

Proin or phenylpropanolamine is a chemical substance approved by the FDA to use in dogs and other animals, including humans, to treat urinary dysfunction.

Proin is a long-term treatment employed to dogs in which vets prescribe proin after carefully assessing a dog’s condition by doing several tests, including X-rays and blood tests.

The mode of action of this drug proin is fascinating, as it magically increases muscle elasticity and bone mass to increase the control of dogs over urination.

Let’s see how proin effectively controls urination and contracts the urinary sphincters, which assist dogs during urine leakage.


How Does Proin Work?

How does proin work? Proin works by using the chemical compound phenylpropanolamine, which makes up its composition.

Proin works by stimulating the smooth muscles in the urinary system and releasing several neurotransmitters and stress hormones that ease dogs in holding urine effectively.

proins will only be implemented if the dogs have been checked thoroughly by the vet, as it is not a common paracetamol that anybody can take without any prescription.

The vet will be taking many tests and making sure that there are no other possible errors in the urinary system. Kidney tests and blood tests along with X-rays are also taken to ensure no other disease is causing this incontinence.

It is also seen that in many dogs, positive outcomes of proin will be coming in after long-term usage, and persistent dosage is the only solution to incontinence, as long as the vet stops the proin.


How Long Does Proin Take To Work?

Now the next question arises: how long does it take proin to start working?

As you have completely understood the phenomenon of proin working, the duration for its usage is the main concern for many pet owners.

Pet owners might have to use proin for a minimum of 28 days, and then positive results will start showing, and the frequency of urine leaking incidents decreases. Though it is not a simple treatment and requires regular usage, or else it won’t work.


Use Proin in Dogs: An Experiment Conducted on 100+ Dogs.

In recent clinical trials of proin, 123 dogs were allocated by the study from pet owners who were very disturbed because of the urine leakage.

The study showed that dogs were given proin for 180 days, and the following improvements were seen in them:

  • 123 dogs used proins, and the frequency of 9 urine leakage in a week decreased to only four incidents per week
  • After one month of usage of proin, two incidents were reported by the owners
  • After 180 days, 1250 dogs were still using proin, and incidents decreased up to 99%.

No matter how long proin was used, after the dogs stopped using these drugs, proin restored the urine leakage activity, and pet owners again complained about the condition.

It means that proin was not a cure for incontinence but was only a temporary treatment that reduced its symptoms.

But as you know that some things have advantages, they have disadvantages as well. Proin is also a unique blessing for dogs, but at the same time, it has many drastic effects.

The next section will discuss proin side effects and some major problems caused by proins to the dogs’ nervous and urinary systems.


Is Proin Safe For Dogs?

As you have now seen the usage of proin for dogs, how long until it works, and how to have the proper dosage, we will discuss how safe or bad is proin for dogs.

proins help in increasing the muscle tone and voluntary control of sphincters. Still, as this medicine has been prescribed for a long time, the treatment might adversely affect the neurological system.

One of the major side effects of proin usage is increased thirst. That is why vets always prescribe and suggest more than average drinking of water in some cases.

These symptoms start appearing by the 2nd-month usage, and pet owners should always carry freshwater with them to tackle this condition.


When Dogs Should Not Take Proin?

The dogs that have a previous history of ailment must consult their vets and then start taking proin, as self-medication might be very bad and cause severe complications.

The dogs with these diseases must have a visit at the vet before taking proin:

  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Heart Diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Liver Diseases

A final consideration is that we should not give the dogs blood pressure drugs and proin drugs at the same time while they are taking antidepressants.


Side Effects Caused By Proin

Dogs that have been taking proins for a long time, their owners report many side effects of this medicine.

Side Effects Caused By Proin
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased body weight
  • Diarrheal condition
  • Fluctuating heart rate
  • Hypertension
  • Increased thirst
  • Lethargic Conditions
  • Vomiting

These side effects are seen in the dogs, and there is no treatment for this unless you stop giving medicines to your dog.


How Long Can Dogs Stay On Proin?

Can I wean my dog off proin for a long time? You can stop your dog from taking the proin drugs, but how long should your dog take these medicines?

Dogs should only take proins for 180 days and no longer than this tenure. But this long term usage might have adverse effects on the dogs, as these are as follows:

  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney diseases
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss

Consult your vet immediately if you notice any unusual symptoms in your dog, and your vet will provide the most suitable medicine for your dog.

How Long Does It Take For Proin To Leave A Dogs System?

Can I wean my dog off proin and have no sudden side effects? When you start giving proin to your dog, it will immediately stop urine leakage.

But what if you just stopped the proin dosage?

Proin will leave a dog’s body in 1 day; the dog will need another dose of proin, so that urine leakage doesn’t occur.

But if your dog is having any kidney problems or liver diseases, your dog will be more likely to have another day passed to eliminate the proin from its body and take another shot of proin.


Can Proin Cause Kidney Failure In Dogs?

Can I wean my dog off proin and have no problems at all? No dog can be safe from the harms of such a long-term drug proin.

So does proin cause kidney failure in dogs?

Proin might cause several diseases, the following adverse effects of proin are seen in the dogs:

  • Diarrheal condition
  • Fluctuating heart rate
  • Hypertension
  • Liver Failure
  • Bloody Urine
  • Kidney Failure (worst condition)

In many cases, if the pet owners do not take proper steps in time, dogs are prone to have a serious cardiac arrest, and they might die.

Thus, proper vet consultation and regular checkups are necessary for all animals regardless of dogs, cats, bats, rabbits, and horses.

Can i wean my dog off proin
Can I Wean My Dog off Proin


Do Proin Side Effects Go Away?

Can I wean my dog off Proin, and their side effects go away on their own?

Proin side effects usually last for 24 hours, and during this time, your dog might feel dizzy, have incurin seizures, and another disease such as vomiting, etc., but they will be gone after a certain period.

After 24 hours, the effects of proin will go away in many dogs, and the dog will now be ready for either a new dose or a new vet!

So yes, proin side effects go away, and they are no more disturbing the dogs after two days at maximum.


What Happens If My Dog Takes Too Much Proin?

What happens if you give your dog too much proin? If the dog has accidentally swallowed or drank proin in excess, it will be on the verge of a life-threatening condition.

Following symptoms are the most common when the dogs have eaten a lot of proin:

  • Agitation in dogs
  • Arrhythmia
  • Drooling all over the house
  • Frequent Urination
  • Hypertension and heart attack
  • Lethargic condition
  • Skin Rashes
  • Tremors and seizures

In such cases, immediate and the best available animal service and a vet should be available to counter the effects of proin toxicity.

If immediate care is not provided, the dog might lose its life, and you will regret this thing after your dog has passed away.

That is why it is always recommended that you keep away all those medicines and drugs or any toxic substances that might prove to be fatal for your dogs.


How Much Proin Should I Give My Dog?

How much proin can a dog take? It is not a very strict rule to give any specific amount of proin to your dog, but it depends on the vet who prescribes proin in case of incontinence.

So, how much protein should be given to dogs? Dogs should only be given 2mg per kg of a dog’s body weight only one time a day.

Increasing or decreasing the dosage of proin solely depends on your vet.


What Are the Side Effects Of Proin?

How can I wean my dog off proin? Are there any side effects?

Yes, there are many side effects of proin, including lethargy, urine with blood, kidney problems, and other possible symptoms like drooling excessively, increased heartbeat, dizziness, etc.


Should Proin Be Given With Food For Dogs?

Can I wean my dog off proin and decrease it by giving the medicine with food?

Proin or any medicine should only be taken when an organism has taken some food, and after that, he should eat that medicine. But some medicines are taken on an empty stomach.

Proin is medicine only taken according to the pet’s condition to digest it with an empty stomach. Continue this practice or start giving proin with food if your dog vomits after taking proin on an empty stomach.


Does Proin Cause Dog Anxiety?

How can I wean my dog off proin, and my dog doesn’t have anxiety?

If the proin dosage is taken for a longer period than suggested, it will cause many diseases, and one of those side effects of proin is anxiety and aggressiveness.

Dog anxiety will make your dog very aggressive as well, so better stop doses of proin at the time you are asked to stop.


Can Proin Make Dogs Aggressive?

Can I wean my dog off proin? Yes, you can do this, and you are not making your dog go naturally adapted to this; many side effects are seen.

Aggressiveness in dogs is one of the side effects found in dogs that are given proin shots.


Can Proin Cause Kidney Failure In Dogs?

Can I wean my dog off proin? Why is my dog having kidney pain after proin?

If a dog has proin to stop urine leakage, it will only worsen the condition in long-term uses, as kidney failure will be more likely to happen with your dog.

That is why; vets should also be there for the help of dogs in case any unpleasant condition occurs like Proin Dog Panting is also a major symptom of its side effects.


Proin vs. Incursion

Proin and incurin are two different drugs used for dogs.

  •  Proin is used to treat male dogs more commonly having incontinence, and the recommended daily dose is 2 milligrams per kg of weight.
  • Incursion is the same drug and is used only in female dogs with incontinence. The recommended dose for incurin is also the same depending on the body weight of a female dog.

The main difference between proin and incurin is that:

  • Insulin increases the sensitivity of and cell number of Alpha receptors of females.
  • Proin directly acts on the alpha receptor cells and releases neurotransmitters to inhibit leakage of urine.


Proin Alternatives

There are several “alternatives to proin for dogs” which can be used to get fewer side effects, and your dog will also benefit from those drugs.

Following drugs can be used safely by dog owners:

  • Horsetail
  • Marshmallow
  • Plaintain
  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Uva Ursi
  • Yarrow

These alternatives are all-natural and will make your dog happy, and have no side effects.

Most of the market medicines developed by advanced scientists will not be sufficient, and they will cause some side effects, and their effects will diminish when you stop using the drugs.

But these natural medicines’ effects will last for a longer time, and you will see their effect.

Can i wean my dog off proin
Can I Wean My Dog off Proin


Final Verdict – Can I Wean My Dog off Proin

Can I wean my dog off proin? Dogs with urinary problems are the most pitiful creatures, experiencing great pains and always leaking.

Dog owners also become very anxious and start using proin, a product that can minimize urine leakage after a week. Using this drug regularly might decrease the leakage by 99% after 180 days total dose, but the leaks will come back again, and there is no permanent cure.

That was all about “can I wean my dog off proin” if you have any doubts about this topic, please share in the comment box and let us know!

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