I accidentally Gave Dog A Double Dose Of Rimadyl

Have you ever heard someone saying that Rimadyl killed my dog? If yes, you might be terrified of the situation in case dog  overdoses on Rimadyl.

What should I do if I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl? If this situation ever happens, the immediate response is required when the dog starts acting weird. But in most cases, Rimadyl has no major effects and can be handled wisely.

In this blog post, we will discuss what to do if you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl, its possible impacts, and how to tackle them. Let’s start the article now.

I accidentally gave dog a double dose of rimadyl
I Accidentally Gave Dog A Double Dose Of Rimadyl

As you know, every medicine has a proper guideline according to which you have to administer it and feed your puppy properly. But medicines like Rimadyl must be placed properly where your puppy can’t take it and accidentally consume it.

Let’s talk about Rimadyl first and see what type of medicine it is and its uses in dogs.


What Is Rimadyl For Dogs?

During many conditions in dogs, you will know that vets prescribe many pain killers, and one of the most common pain killers is Rimadyl, which most people commonly know as carprofen. Carprofen for dogs is a common drug for pains.

Other forms of Rimadyl that are available to us in the market are:

  • Novox
  • Vetprofen
  • Zinecarp

In critical pain and inflammation on the skin or any other part of the dog’s body, your vet prescribes Rimadyl.


When To Use Rimadyl In Dogs?

Most probably, the medicine is used in dogs to alleviate the effects of pains accruing from many.

  • Injuries
  • Trauma
  • General sickness
  • Surgeries
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling on the skin

There might be other conditions when vets prescribe the medicine, but it varies according to the condition of your dogs.


Mechanism Of Action Of Rimadyl In Dogs

Rimadyl works by a three-point mechanism. There are three stages in which this medicine works effectively, and your dog will positively respond to it.

  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces fevers
  • Decreases inflammation

The first step to counter the pain would be to alleviate it by numbing the pain receptors and decreasing its sensations. Thus, it will further reduce the fevers, and finally, the reduced fever derives the reducing inflammation.


Rimadyl Dosage Chart

The Rimadyl dosage chart for dogs must be understood clearly so that you have no problem when giving your dog the medicines.

There’s a different value of Rimadyl dosage after surgery, Rimadyl injectable dosing chart, Rimadyl for dogs 100mg, Rimadyl 75mg, and Rimadyl 25mg.

We must provide every dosage within limits defined by the vet, and you must not do anything stupid that might risk your dog’s life.

The Rimadyl 100mg for dogs is often given in the most severe form, but let’s see what to give under different conditions and pain levels in dogs.

Rimadyl comes in three major forms to consume for dogs:

  • Caplets
  • Chewable Tablets
  • Injections

All these are available in 25mg to 100 mg.


Recommended Rimadyl Dose

The vet advises a pet owner that he should only give one-time rimadyl to his dog and that too only 2mg per lb. of the dog’s body weight.

For example, if a dog weighs about 60 Lb. It should consume 120mg of Rimadyl in one day. It would make the dog more receptive towards the medicine, and you won’t be saying that I I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl.


Side Effects Of Rimadyl In Dogs

It is a natural question in everyone’s mind that is carprofen safe for my dog? What if I I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl, and the Rimadyl dosage for dogs causes many side effects?

In the Rimadyl side effects, panting, heavy breathing, increased thirst, heartbeat increased, all are commonly seen symptoms whenever you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl.

But the Rimadyl side effects can also be natural, even if you follow the Rimadyl dose chart. But generally, if the medicine isn’t suitable for a dog’s immune system, you would say that it is natural.

It would help if you asked your vet to change the medicine and prescribe any other alternative form of Rimadyl that will give the same work as Rimadyl dosage.

The possible side effects that have been observed in many dogs for the Rimadyl dosage are:

  • More fever (high grade)
  • Inflammation worsens
  • Muscle twitching
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Decreased appetite

All these side effects are considered when you are taking care of the situation when there’s a possibility that you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl.

But, there is one thing you should bear in your mind: you should always quickly take your dog to a vet if you see that problem persistently increase and the dog’s condition worsens.

Otherwise, you will be saying the same thing that Rimadyl killed my dog. So to avoid all these conditions, one must comply with all the guidelines given at the prescription by the vet.


Rimadyl Overdose

When should you know that you gave the dog too much rimadyl? Like, you must know that how much Rimadyl was an overdose?

Rimadyl overdose means that you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl.  If you want to take a more clear meaning of Rimadyl overdose, let’s take an example with numbers.

Suppose for a 60 lb. dog, the recommended Rimadyl dosage was 120mg per day. So if you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl, as you gave 240mg rimadyl to your dog, it would be an overdose.

This situation could be alarming, and you should know that many possible side effects might show up when dealing with the Rimadyl overdose.


Effects Of Rimadyl Overdose

When rimadyl dog dosage is given in excess, it has many problems that persistently occur in a dog’s body and drive it crazy.

So your first goal as a pet owner is to recognize those changes in your dog’s body, and don’t make it too late that you end up saying that it was all the vet’s fault that he didn’t tell that how rimadyl is too much.

So, identifying the side effects of the Rimadyl overdose is an important factor in treating the dogs who have been given a double dose of Rimadyl.


How To Identify The Side Effects Of Rimadyl Overdose?

It would help if you took these notes on how you can effectively see what changes are occurring in your dog’s behavior and how you detect a problem with the Rimadyl dosage given to your dog.


Steps To Identify The Overdose

  • Check your dog’s behavior, as it is not unusual, like panting, sweating, jumping, or making noises.
  • Always check the temperature of your dog’s body, and see if it’s in normal ranges.
  • Manually ask your dog by your love bond if the pain is still occurring and is bothering your dog.
  • Make sure you see any poop changes or urination pattern changes in dogs that will also tell that the rimadyl has not affected the kidneys or bladder.

After checking all these things, you must see what the possible options are in your hand and what you can offer to your dog to avoid any unnatural attack on your dog happening.

For example, many pet owners would normally say that giving another dose of medicine will fix the situation. Still, they don’t know that this self-medication will only worsen the situation and not do any good thing to your dogs.


Possible Side Effects Of Dog Overdosing on Rimadyl

Thus, you must see these possible side effects in your dog’s behavior for Rimadyl overdose:

Rimadyl Overdose Symptoms
Vomiting is excessiveAppetite loss is also there
Diarrheal conditionMuscle twitching is commonly seen
Weird stools that are blackishSeizures attacks
Urination pattern will changeComa in the worst case
The color of urine might turn yellow or blackThe urine and stools and filled with blood
Jaundice condition of the liverIncreased thirst
Dog’s always tiredMore Frequent Urination


What To Expect After A Double Dose Of Rimadyl?

We have seen many cases where the overdose has done much damage in dogs, and the pet owners only regret that they should better keep the guidelines in their heads while giving the medicine.

Most commonly, the body’s metabolism is affected, and dogs will be reacting badly towards the overdose of rimadyl.

These are the possible after-effects of the Rimadyl over-dose:

  • The side effects of the overdose of Rimadyl are evident when three or four hours have been passed. You would not notice that the dog is acting weird, as the medicine takes some time to act, and the minimum time taken by the medicine is about 2 to three hours on average.
  • Overdose effects can also badly affect the kidney of dogs. The main problem that arises here is that we must provide all the pain killers only within the limits of the recommended doses. These medicines are directly targeting the kidney, which is the storehouse of many hormones that reduces pain. So, if anybody takes the overdose of the Rimadyl tablets or injections, kidney infections of failure might be on the way to baldy affect the dog’s health.
  • In the worst-case scenario, you will also see that there’s a possibility that kidney failure occurs if you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl.
  • Liver infection is also a major type of disease associated with a double dose of Rimadyl and badly affects a dog’s health.
  • Deteriorating health due to bad liver infection is constantly making a dog vulnerable to many diseases, and that’s why it can catch tooth diseases, blood infections, jaundice, sleeplessness, and restlessness.


What To Do When You I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl?

The real struggle starts when you have successfully identified and want to start the Rimadyl overdose treatment.

Before starting the treatment, we would like to say that you should not take any self-medication if your dog is experiencing much pain and acting very weird.

I accidentally gave dog a double dose of rimadyl
I Accidentally Gave Dog A Double Dose Of Rimadyl


What To Avoid When You accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl

It is okay that you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl, but you must be ready to face the consequences of the double dose.

For example, many dogs might not be showing the early symptoms of Rimadyl toxicity in some cases, but in about four to five hours, one will start seeing the changes in their dog’s body.

First of all, the dog starts acting weird with strange noises such that something is itching or constant pain is bothering it, but then this condition is followed by mild fever, which then becomes a high-grade infection or sudden demise of a dog if you aren’t taking it to a vet.

When you go to a vet, you will face the following queries that might help your dog to get better and will help reduce the toxicity:

  • Briefly tell your vet that what exactly happened, also tell which brand of rimadyl you have used.
  • The vet may also ask how much the dog has taken Rimadyl, and it will be better to prepare the antidote medicine of your dog’s toxicity.
  • Also, please tell your doctor how much time has passed since the dog has ingested the medicine, so the vet will know how quickly he should manage and treat your dog.

After all these queries, your dog will now be able to get the earliest treatment of Rimadyl toxicity, and hence you will not be worrying about the dog’s health.


Rimadyl Toxicity: Treatment

There are multiple phases in which the vet will treat your dog from the Rimadyl toxicity:

  • Induced Vomiting
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Rimadyl Dispose of from Body
  • Use of Medicines to Prevent Organ Damage
  • IV Fluids aiming to Restore Electrolytes and Water in Body


Induced Vomiting

First of all, induced vomiting is done either by inserting a hand in a dog’s mouth, or your vet will also be using some medicine to induce vomiting. This will excrete all the waste rimadyl out of the body.


Activated Charcoal

For some dogs that aren’t comfortable with induced vomiting, activated charcoal acts as the lifesaver drug. This charcoal is fed through the food, and thus it will magically bind with Rimadyl like glue is attached with a piece of wood.


Rimadyl Dispose Of From Body

The activated charcoal has picked up all the rimadyl chemicals from the blood, and then they are safely excreted through the anus.


Use Of Medicines To Prevent Organ Damage

In the treatment, vets also do this protective mechanism of giving antidotes of drugs that will make the organ recovery that has been damaged.

Following are some of the famous medicines:

  • Diazepam
  • Gastroprotectants
  • Vitamin-K1

All these help the dog regain the functionality of the organs that the rimadyl has damaged.


IV Fluids Aiming To Restore Electrolytes And Water In Body

The last step that will make a dog healthier and move to its normal routine is ensuring that all the body fluids are perfectly present, as dehydration will make a dog weak. So far, he must be supplied either with glucose or some other IV fluids to restore the energy.


How Long Does Rimadyl Stay In A Dog’s System?

If you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl, you would be worried that how long it will take to get out of your dog’s body, but you should be calm and go to your vet to get better treatment of your dog.


Does Carprofen Make Dogs Sleepy?

A rimadyl 100mg will not make dogs sleepy, but over administration of Rimadyl in many cases has been seen as the dogs are feeling very sleepy, or dizziness is occurring.

However, carprofen might be doing some work to increase sleep hormones so that pain is reduced, but Rimadyl administration in excess is not healthful in any case.


How Fast Does Rimadyl Work?

Rimadyl will work when the time is right! The period that has been seen in which Rimadyl has shown results is more than two to three hours.


Does Rimadyl Cause Drowsiness?

Rimadyl will cause a little drowsiness in your dog, so there is no need to panic as your dog will be sleeping in peace, and hence the pain it is experiencing will be relieved. Do not get paid if your dog is feeling a little tired, but if the drowsiness is due to overdose or double dose, do not wait to rush to a doctor.


How Much Rimadyl Will Kill A Dog?

It is not measured how much rimadyl kills a dog, but you must be taking care of the double dose of Rimadyl.

As for a 60 Lb. The dog will be having 120mg of Rimadyl, but if you accidentally give 200mg or 240mg of Rimadyl, you should not wait for symptoms, as it may kill the dogs if not treated earlier.


Final Verdict On I Accidentally Gave Dog A Double Dose Of Rimadyl

What to do if you I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl? You must give Rimadyl according to the body mass index, like 2mg for 1 pound of body weight is enough, but if you are giving more rimadyl than this, it will make your dog suffer.

I accidentally gave dog a double dose of rimadyl
I Accidentally Gave Dog A Double Dose Of Rimadyl

Many symptoms like nausea, fever, and drowsiness might show up due to Rimadyl overdose, but you should take your dog to a vet if anything bad happens.

So that was all about “I accidentally gave dog a double dose of Rimadyl.” Be safe, keep the drugs out of your pup’s reach and share this blog post with your friends!

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dogs a good and comfortable life!

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