Are Goats Noisy? Do Goats Make Noise? (7 Clear Facts)

One of the questions you may have, if you are considering adopting goats as pets, is as to whether these animals are noisy. We also have people who, just out of curiosity, seek to know whether goats are noisy.

Are goats noisy? The answer is yes. Goats can be noisy. This is especially so during feeding time as well as at milking time. Goats may also make noise when separated from one another. The male goats tend to be quieter than the females and the younger goats. That is unless it is the breeding season, when males make more noise.

Goat personality, and the needs it has at a given point in time, determines how much noise it makes. Still, compared to barking dogs, goats are quieter.

Are goats noisy
Are goats noisy?

In this article, you will find answers to questions like whether goats are noisy, what types of noise they make and why they may make noises.


Do Goats Make Noise?

The simple answer is yes. Goats do make noise. It is unlikely that you will ever find a goat that is as quiet as a log of wood. Every goat does make some sound at some time. But the good thing with goats is that they typically don’t make noise all the time. Normally, a goat will make noise at feeding time, when it is being milked or when it is in the presence of an animal it views as a predator. Goats also make noise while mating. Of course, a goat (being a herd animal) will also make noise when separated from the herd.

It is therefore clear that goats do make noise: but usually only at certain times. Most of the people who pose the are goats noisy question are individuals who are under the impression that goats make noise all the time. But that is not true. Goats only make noise at certain times. And even when they do make noise, the noise tends to be relatively little.

Goat noise will typically be less than, say, a crowing cock or a barking dog. Some people find goat noises funny, while others find them rather irritating.


What Noise Do Goats Make?

The question on are goats noisy typically comes alongside another one, on the type of noise goats make. So, what noise do goats make? Well, the noise that goats make is known as bleating. It is a “mee mee” type of noise. This is when a goat vocalizes, and it is quite different from, say, a goat noisy breathing. So the name for goat noise is bleating.


When Do Goats Make Noise?

Another question that typically accompanies the one on are goats noisy is about when goats make noise. And as it turns out, there are certain times when goats are more prone to make noise.

First is during feeding time. Second is during milking time. Third is when they are separated from the herds they belong to. Fourth is when they are hungry or thirsty. Fifth is when they are mating.

There are also cases where goats may make noise when scared. For instance, upon sensing the presence of a potential predator (which could be even a dog), a goat may bleat. This is sometimes the reason behind cases where you have goats noisy at night. So that is normally due to fright. At another level, goats may make noise while excited.


Are Goats Noisy?

Much depends on what one means by ‘noisy’. If it is a question as to whether goats make sounds with their mouths, then of course the answer is yes. But if it is a question as to whether goats are exceptionally noisy, then the answer may be no.

Objectively speaking, a bleating goat doesn’t make as much noise as a barking dog or even a cockerel. Yet you often find stringent bylaws in various areas governing noisy goats, in spite of the fact that goat noise is quite modest (when objectively measured).

Then again, there are certain things that can make goats to become super-noisy. For instance, if you decide to keep just one goat, it may become super-noisy on account of loneliness. Remember, a goat is a herd animal. It can’t stand being alone.

Or if you keep goats without supplying them with enough food and water, they may become super-noisy. Similarly, a goat that requires regular milking may become super-noisy when not milked on time.

All in all, if goats have all their needs met, they tend to be reasonably quiet. Consequently, the fear of noise shouldn’t deter you from adopting goats as pets. You can be sure that a well-cared for goat will typically be quieter than a barking dog or a crowing cockerel.

Still, it is worth mentioning that some goat breeds are typically noisier than others. Therefore before venturing out to shop for pet goats, consider undertaking some research, to know what are the loudest goats, what kind of goats scream and so on.

Further, remember that even within one goat breed, some will typically be noisier than others. That is on account of personality differences. It is also on account of how well their various needs are met.


Why Do Goats Make Noise?

Normally, right after the are goats noisy question comes the one on why goats make noise. The truth of the matter is that there are many reasons why goats may make noise. Goats, for instance, may make noise when hungry or thirsty. This is to communicate their needs.

Goats may also make noise when separated from other members of their herds. Further, goats may make noise when sick or injured.

Being scared is another thing that can make goats noisy. Excitement too can make goats noisy. At another level, during the breeding season, goats may make noise to indicate their availability. There are even strange cases where goats may make noise for no discernible reason. Or at least for no reason that is discernible by us, as humans.


What Goat Breeds Are Quiet?

The Swiss Alpine breed is one that has a tendency to be quiet. Another relatively quiet goat breed is the Oberhasli. The Boer and Tennessee Goats are also tolerably quiet. So those are amongst the less noisy goat breeds.


What Are The Noisiest Goats?

Nubian goats can be rather noisy. So can Nigerian goats. This includes the Nigerian dwarf goat (which means that what makes the said Nigerian dwarf goats noisy is mainly their breed/genetics). The pygmy goat, for all its charm, can also be quite noisy.

Are goats noisy
Are goats noisy?


Are Goats Noisy At Night?

Unless there is something bothering them, goats are usually not very noisy at night. But if there is something they are scared of, or if they have slept hungry/thirsty, then they may be noisy at night. But all this is with regard to bleating. When it comes to quiet grunting noises, goats may make plenty of those at night.


Are Goats Always Noisy?

Or to put it differently, are goats noisy at all times? The answer is no. Goats tend to be quiet most of the time, and noisy only at specific times. These may include feeding times, milking times, mating times, when they are hungry/thirst or when something scares them.


Are Baby Goats Noisy?

Baby goats tend to make noise more frequently than mature goats. But because their vocal cords are not yet fully developed, the volume of the noise they make tends to be much lower. For this reason, putting up with noisy baby goats tends to be much easier.

Still, it is worth noting that baby goat noise may be of a higher pitch (but lower volume) than mature goat noise. And this higher pitch can be rather irritating to some people.


Are Pygmy Goats Noisy?

Yes, pygmy goats can be quite noisy. Indeed, a frequently asked question about them is on what makes pygmy goats noisy, in spite of their small size. And the answer is that noisiness is something that is inbuilt in them.

So this also answers the question on are miniature goats noisy? (Pygmy goats also go by the name miniature goats). And as we have seen, they are quite noisy. But thankfully, like all other goats, the pygmy goats are not noisy at all times: but only usually at specific times.


Are Nubian Goats Noisy?

Nubian goats are among the noisiest. Therefore if you do encounter noisy Nubian goats, you should know that they are just keeping in line with the breed’s character. It is not that Nubian goats make louder noise than others.

It is just that they may be prone to making noise more frequently than others. But when all their needs are met, they can also be quiet for considerable periods of time.


Are Boer Goats Noisy?

Boer goats are among those that are considered to be relatively quiet. Indeed, a Boer goat is one of the quietest goats you can get. People who are looking for quieter goat breeds are usually advised to consider Boer goats, alongside others like Tennessee goats, Swiss Alpine goats and the Oberhasli goat breed.


Why Does My Goat Keep Making Noises?

Or to put it differently, what does it mean when a goat bleats continuously? It could be out of loneliness. As we said earlier when answering the are goats noisy question, these are herd animals that can’t stand being alone. It is always advisable to keep at least two goats.

If you keep one goat, he will be very lonely and will keep on bleating due to that. Another possible reason for your goat keeping on making noise could be injury or sickness. So you need to investigate that possibility.

There is also the possibility of your goat keeping on making noise because of something that is constantly scaring it. And if any of your goat’s primary needs (food, water and so on are not being met), then it may keep on making noise.


How To Keep A Goat Quiet?

A discussion on the subject of are goats noisy will be incomplete if we don’t say anything about how to keep a goat quiet. Now, if you are keeping only one goat, an effective way to get it to be quiet is by getting it a mate (another goat). Otherwise it will keep on bleating due to loneliness.

Another effective strategy of keeping a goat quiet is that of seeing to it that all its needs (especially food and water) are properly met. Yet another approach is that of seeing to it that there is nothing the goat can perceive as a predator nearby.

If a goat is bleating because it wants to be milked, then you should do just that. If a goat is bleating because it is on heat, then you may just have to bid your time until the breeding season passes. Thankfully, it is usually not too long.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t go overboard in your efforts to stop noisy goats. A goat’s noise can be useful, for instance, as a warning about a danger that the goat has sensed. Many of us have heard of stories where noisy goats get thugs bust.

Therefore unless a goat’s noise is getting out of hand, you shouldn’t go overboard in trying to get it to be quiet. Just address the need that the goat seems to be communicating by bleating, and leave it at that.


Final Verdict – Are Goats Noisy

Are goats noisy? Goats are capable of making some noise. But they are not exceptionally noisy – especially when you compare them to things like barking dogs or crowing cockerels. The amount of noise a goat makes may depend on its breed, personality and its needs.

Are goats noisy
Are goats noisy? Are goats noisy at night?

Sometimes, when a goat makes too much noise, it may be an indication of an injury or illness. Therefore this is something you should investigate, if your goat makes too much noise. And if you do find sickness or injury, it will be ideal to consult a vet.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet goats a good and comfortable life!

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