Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me? Top 7 Reasons, How To Stop

Did you know your dog is your only friend who loves more than itself? Standing over you and looking at you, this is what it means, ‘hello buddy, say anything to me and have it done right away’. Feel better, if you need a simple answer for why does my dog stand over me, it is simply dominance.

It is good to appreciate your dog by being there for it, but you have daily duties you need to attend to. Cool enough, we have a host of ideas on how you can manage this by adapting a planned behavior change.

Why does my dog stand over me
why does my dog stand over me


Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me?

Your dog is overprotective, wants you to do something, and is seeking attention. All these are the principal reasons, however, a better way is to discuss each reason at a time on the up and up.

Do not take kindly to this behavior though it is hard not to, of course, we will surely help you with that.


Read these 7 reasons why does my dog stand over me.


Dog Dominant Behavior

Judging from the Alpha criteria, the pooch community flaunts a superiority complex. Your dog might feel more comfortable ranking higher than you or other animals. This is the reason why does my dog stand over other dogs.

Dog experts suggest that this behavior seems to belittle you, and soon your canine will back out to your commands.

This ‘standing over you’ behavior could also result in your dog’s aggressiveness, and since this action shows dominance, the dog becomes disobedient. Aye, nothing big to get worried about. We have the coolest solutions below.

If you ever wondered the reason behind, why does my dog stand over my other dog, it means your dominant dog is playing the ruler in your homestead. Should you have a critical concern on why do dogs stand on you, we have verified remedies below.


Dog Feels Safe With You

Whenever your dog feels insecure, you are the number one comfort; it feels safe with you. Where there are loud sounds outside, your dog is afraid and sees you as its only protector. In such a scenario, it could be the reason why does my dog stand over me.


Inadvertent Dog Training

If you have been rewarding your dog for standing over you, then this is the reason. Your dog learns more from your behavior. Go through whatever you do to it after standing over you to see if that encourages or discourages your dog.

Your dog is intelligent, for anything you motivate it for, that will be its full-time job. ‘Why does my dog stand over me when I come back home?’ Because it had gotten used to.

The behavior ain’t bad at all, provided it is controllable and happens as you wish.

But you should not worry, you can correct the inadvertent behavior through a reinforcement way described below. 


Dog Calling You To Play

As you do not connect to any verbal cues with your dog, the only way it can let you understand is by nagging you. If you always play with your dog, there is no need to wonder why do dogs stand over you, it is just game time.

A wanting to play dog will stand over you as it holds you, chase you when you move away or if it slips.

All dogs are playful, but others have the good side. So why does my dog stand over the other dogs? Because your alpha’s behavior is no secret. Learn easy dog tricks to have a good experience while playing with dogs


Dog Expects Attention From You

This would be the case if it noticed that you give it attention when it stands over you. Possibly, it might be seeking attention if you have been ignoring it.

You can still help it out by attending to it. However, it should not always be why do dogs stand over you. We want to kick away this dominant behavior in a praiseworthy way. See our enlightened version of how to achieve this.


Dog Protective Behavior

When you are with other pets or animals, standing over you could be an overprotective motive. It is a pack behavior to guard you as you are part of its pack.

Of course, this is affectionate, but it is a weakness related to lack of calmness and socialization.

If you ever wondered, why does my dog like to stand on me when you eat, it feels committed to guarding you.


Dog Pee Walk

Your dog has a way of informing you when it needs to relieve itself outside. Take your Dog for a pee walk.

This is easy to notice, it happens about 3 to 4 times a day. By standing over you, this is something you should try to get used to, understanding its patterns.


How To Stop My Dog Standing On Me

The best way to stop your dog from standing on you is by figuring out how the first case started. If you understand what the reason was, it gets much easier training your dog


Train Dog Not To Do It

Give it a lot of training like applying more ‘lay down commands’. The goal is to help your dog let go of ‘standing over you’ behavior and have other positive behaviors.

It might seem hard at the start but start with these 5 basics.

1Take a treat your dog likes
2Kneel in front of the dog that is standing
3Utter the word ‘down’ as you lower your treat to lure it down by faking to get your treat out of your hand
4If your dog gets to the down position, offer it the treat
5Repeat this process until your dog goes down naturally.

There is another cool way that works mostly for why does my dog stand over me. If your dog stands over you, ignore it and leave for the door. Come in as you get out for as many times as possible till your dog learns you can only attend to it if all of its four legs are on the floor.

The mission here is to fix the ‘standing over you’ character by training the dog to always get down instead.


Don’t Encourage Dog’s Attention Seeking Behavior

A good way to do this is to figure out if you can warrant this demeanor. Ignore your dog’s behavior if it makes little sense to you. It will work since the dog will give up on not getting its desires.

Why does my dog stand over me? It can be sometimes difficult to get this right because sometimes your dog knows when this is offensive but keeps doing it to catch your attention.

But the point here is, if your dog is doing this behavior at the wrong time, it is because you are not giving it enough attention when it does at the right time.

Distracting the behavior before it happens by giving a toy loaded with food also works well.

If you notice that the standing over behavior is crazy, for example, standing over children or terrorizing guests, that is absurd and cannot be ignored. Perhaps you should try using baby gates or houselines to prevent the daredevil interaction.

However, do not ignore your dogs when they are doing good. If your dog stands over you, it is okay if it is genuinely not getting your attention.

If a dog stands over you because of a separation anxiety issue that may be felt far away from you, that is a different case. We hope this clarifies your question, why do dogs stand over you.


Dog’s Behaviorist Help

If at all you cannot control or get over the behavior with our home remedies, it is prime time you sought your behaviorist’s help.

Don’t hesitate to ask them, why does my dog stand over me, to determine the start of the behavior, and recommend any help forthwith.

Why does my dog stand over me
why does my dog stand over me – why does my dog stand over me everyday


Why Does My Dog Stand On My Chest?

This action signifies an intimate behavior, and it is trying to show you it fully dotes on you. Feeling you breathe is better than anything before. Your dog wants to feel as close to you as possible.


Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me When I Lay Down?

It is an act of dominance from your dog, which is a pack character. Why does my dog stand over the other dog? A dog not only stands over humans but also other animals to have a personal prestige as the alpha of the pack.

Sometimes, your dog is just notorious and is being stubborn. You should look at our information guide to help your dog get away with this behavior.


Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me When I Sleep?

It is curious, wants to know more from you and to protect you. Your dog senses when you are asleep, it stares at you as it expects to see you wake up.

Hoping that you will reward it when you wake up is the reason, why does my dog stand over me when I sleep.


Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Leg?

It might not be for comfort, but it meant dogs to always be around their owners. To know when you are about to leave because you make it feel safer and that it wants you around, are the answers for why does my dog stand over my leg.


Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Feet?

At times you may wonder, why does my dog stand over my feet? The possible reason is that it wants attention. It might have also ended up standing over your feet, as a disposition when it honestly wanted to stand on the floor, but since you never bothered, it is comfortably standing. This behavior is normal.


Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Child?

It can be a positive signal because dogs only stand over their close members. Why does my dog stand over me and my child? It can also denote its protection over a new ‘pack’ member. Make sure that only no one gets injured by monitoring your family crew.


Why Does My Dog Stand On Me When I Sit?

Why does my dog stand on me when I sit? For dominance, mostly. Your pooch feels better from your security and enjoys your scent. So, the best spot for your dog is you.


Why Does My Dog Stand In Front Of Me?

Either for attention, or it suffers from separation anxiety – your dog doesn’t want to be left or is being protective, are some reasons why does my dog stand in front of me.

You might also have inadvertently rewarded its behavior. To stop this behavior, check our tips for why does my dog stand over me.


Why Does My Dog Stand On Me And Lick My Face?

For affection. Your dog is showing too much of its love for you. If you feel tired of why does my dog stand on me and lick my face, teach your dog an alternative positive behavior. Dogs like licking faces, it could be the reason why does my dog stand over me.


Why does my dog stand over me
why does my dog stand over me – why does my dog stand over me while playing


Final Verdict – Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me

Your dog needs you every time, you are never boring, it won’t let go of you, and that’s why it strives to stand with you however short it is. The only dogs’ faults are that they are short-lived, wouldn’t it be amazing to see your dog live every second of its temporary life to its fullest?

Help your dog through early training and remember you are 100 percent in charge of your dog’s life.

We hope our guide answered your question, why does my dog stand over me and will be a helping hand in your dog’s life.

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