Are Hedgehogs Smart? (7 Interesting Hedgie IQ Facts)

It is not common to pet hedgehogs, which is the reason why many people are often curious to know more about these pets. The people who pet hedgehogs know how affectionate and curious these pets are, but often many people question their smartness.

Are Hedgehogs smart? Yes, hedgehogs are smart but their intelligence shouldn’t be compared with other animals. Hedgehogs are smart in their unique ways. All hedgehogs are smart enough to be highly social, communicative and loving. They revisit their favorite places, find a new house every day, and always stay in a certain place are all signs of their smartness.

Are hedgehogs smart
Are Hedgehogs Smart?


Are Hedgehogs Smart?

Are Hedgehogs intelligent? Though a hedgehog may not be as smart as any other pet, hedgehogs are intelligent in their way. The intelligence shown by a hedgehog is intelligence shown in unique ways which may even surprise their owners, but that doesn’t mean they are very intelligent creatures.

Different hedgehogs will have different personalities. While some hedgehogs may be very playful, others may like to sit peacefully or sleep. One aspect of intelligence shown by hedgehogs is their social abilities.

Though they may stay alone all their lives from the very beginning of their lives, they are seen bonding with their mother and fellow baby hedgehogs. A hedgehog may not be the cleverest pet but its wit is unique in its way.

Their social skills are not only limited to other hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have also seen bonding with their owners and showing trust in their owners, which is another sign of intelligence shown by a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs adapt to their environment very quickly. They can comfortably live in captivity. Hedgehogs roam here and there and often come back to their favorite spots. They also change their home every other day. All these are also signs of intelligence shown by hedgehogs.


How Smart Are Hedgehogs?

Are Hedgehogs smart? Though hedgehogs are smart. Hedgehogs are smart in their unique way. Many owners have trained their hedgehogs to perform specific tricks, which shows their ability to learn. Though this doesn’t justify their intelligence but tells a lot about them.

Communication is another aspect of hedgehogs that can be used to prove their ability and smartness. Hedgehogs are very communicative when it is to express their needs. Additionally, they can also express happiness and sadness.


Do Hedgehogs Recognize Their Owners?

Are Hedgehogs smart enough to recognize their owners? Yes, hedgehogs can recognize their owners. In addition to recognizing them, they even create trust and bonding with their owners. Many hedgehogs are also seen playing and interacting with their owners.

So, hedgehogs are known to create a good bonding with their owners. Though it may take some time for hedgehogs to do so, hedgehogs will create a good relationship with their owners, in addition to recognizing them.


Do Hedgehogs Have Personality?

Yes, hedgehogs have personalities that can range from being friendly, funny and playful to being introverted and being sleepy. Sometimes hedgehogs are also very aggressive. It all depends on how they are taken care of.

If the owner is very friendly, interacting with their pet hedgehog daily and playing with them, chances are that the hedgehog will also be playful and cheerful.


Are Hedgehogs Affectionate?

Yes, hedgehogs can be very affectionate and adorable pets. Hedgehogs are solitary animals meaning they live their lives alone. Despite the fact they are solitary, hedgehogs often bond and play with their owners.

Depending on their personality and being born and brought up, hedgehogs can bond with their owners very well. One of the examples would be when hedgehogs are seen kissing and nibbling their owners.

Are hedgehogs smart
Are Hedgehogs Smart?


Is A Hedgehog A Good Pet?

Yes, hedgehogs can be surprisingly great pets. It can be fun for owners to pet hedgehogs as they are very entertaining. Furthermore, hedgehogs are also very low maintenance pets, meaning they would not have any high demands to be taken care of.

Anyone can pet hedgehogs by being careful. Being exotic pets, they will need some attention. Furthermore, owners also have to be careful when it comes to handling hedgehogs as hedgehogs have quills that can hurt the owners.

If the owner has provided a good environment with quality food, they will surely thrive and even become sociable with the owners. However, hedgehogs are nocturnal animals meaning they will sleep during the day and stay awake at night.


Are Hedgehogs Clever?

Yes, hedgehogs are clever enough to learn certain behaviors. Hedgehogs are also very social, which is another aspect of their cleverness. The owner shouldn’t compare the cleverness of a hedgehog to any other animal because hedgehogs are clever and unique in their way.

If analyzing the behavior of a hedgehog neutrally, hedgehogs are very expressive and social animals. They are known to communicate their need and requirement with their owner and their partners very effectively.


Why Are Hedgehogs Considered Intelligent?

Are Hedgehogs smart? Hedgehogs are considered intelligent and very communicative animals. Their habits and their way of living tell a lot about their intelligence. Though they may not be as intelligent as any other animal, it can be said that hedgehogs are intelligent in their way.

A hedgehog, in the wild, will roam every day to find a new house. They are known to revisit the places they like. they always remain in a particular region. All these things show how intelligently hedgehogs route their routine.

Even in captivity, the way hedgehogs socialize, assimilate and communicate with the owner, tells that hedgehogs are very intelligent animals. Overall hedgehogs are very intelligent, though the way they were brought up can create different personalities, which can affect how they interact.


What Is The IQ Of A Hedgehog?

There is no valid study that measures the IQ level of hedgehogs but it seems convincing to understand that it would not be much because hedgehogs are animals that are not that intelligent if compared to the other animals.

However, hedgehogs are smart in their unique way. The way they explore their surroundings, and the way they socialize or communicate are all their unique ways of showing their uniqueness and smartness.


Are Hedgehogs Smarter Than Hamsters?

When it comes to smartness, there is no valid study that proves who is smarter but it would be fair enough to say that hedgehogs and hamsters are equally smart.

Both the animals are intelligent enough to adopt certain behavior and can make habits. Both the animals are also very communicative and understand their environment very efficiently.


Do Hedgehogs Communicate Smartly?

Hedgehogs are known to communicate with their owners, and fellow hedgehogs very smartly. Hedgehogs are very expressive when it comes to fulfilling their need or showing what they need. This is a very unique quality, which is considered to be a great example of them being smart in communication. 

A smart hedgehog is also very capable of socializing. Hedgehogs are also infamous for their socializing behavior, which is the reason why many people like petting them.


Final Verdict- Are Hedgehogs Smart

Yes, hedgehogs are smart. The way a hedgehog interacts with their environment, fellow hedgehogs, and owners tells a lot about their smartness. Hedgehogs are very communicative about their needs. They can also socialise very efficiently.

Are hedgehogs smart
Are Hedgehogs Smart?

Additionally, hedgehogs tend to remember their favorite places and revisit them often. Hedgehogs also stay in a particular area, their whole life, finding new places to rest every day.

Though all these actions may seem not very smart if not compared with other animals, all these are very clever moves made by hedgehogs, making them intelligent creatures.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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