Why Does My Hedgehog Hate Me? 7 Clear Ways To Bond

It is important to know why your hedgehog hates you. There are different moods for different pets. You should carefully handle them. Hedgehogs are little cute pets. Their temperament is different from other pets. If you don’t know how to handle them, it can result in aggressive and strange behavior.

Why does my hedgehog hate me? Many reasons are there if a hedgehog hates you. They have different temperaments and show aggression when something is not going well. They don’t like other pets if they are approaching them. If you don’t know how to handle them, it will also result in hating. It would help if you were gentle in training hedgehogs to make them familiar with you.

Why does my hedgehog hate me
Why does my hedgehog hate me?

Why does my hedgehog hate me, my hedgehog hates me, how I can make them calm, how can you tell if a hedgehog is unhappy, and many other related things will be discussed in this post. Let’s dive into the details of why does my hedgehog hate me.


How Do You Know If A Hedgehog Doesn’t Like You?

When they don’t like you, you will notice that there is a change of behavior of hedgehogs. When they get stressed, then they may start hating you. The important thing is that you should diagnose the cause of stress and then give them a proper solution to make them cool. They may start hissing when they don’t like you.  You should frequently pick him, put on your lamp, and pet him.


Why Is My Hedgehog Mad At Me?

Why is my hedgehog so mean? They may get angry when things are not going well. They don’t get normal until things come back. When there are no favorable conditions, it may result in a change in the behavior of hedgehogs. It will help if you put them in this condition when they are mad at you. They may get mad because of separation anxiety, which can be seen in many other pets.


Why You Shouldn’t Get A Hedgehog?

Some regions of the world don’t allow owning a pet like hedgehogs. It is a carrier of highly contagious mouth and foot diseases. They are also helpful for the transmission of bacteria known as salmonella, which can be problematic for other living things. That is why in some regions keeping hedgehogs is strictly prohibited.


How To Start Playing With My Hedgehog?

Cheering hedgehogs is a good way to make them calm and happy. The easiest and best way to make your bond stronger with them is by playing. They like to play with their owners. You can put them on your lap for a long time and make them sleep in your lap. It makes your bond stronger with a hedgehog.

They can become your friend when you handle them every day, no matter the duration of picking him. The vet recommended that there should be a thirty minutes duration of handling the hedgehog. It makes them like you. You can divide the total timing by evening and morning.


Why Does My Hedgehog Not Like Me?

Why does my hedgehog hate me? All of the hedgehogs go through the quilling. It is mostly seen when baby quill falls out than adult quill fills in. then they are in the teething phase and may become moody. It is a natural thing for them. You may pet them in their scene to make them happy.


Why Is My Hedgehog So Scared Of Me?

Why does my hedgehog hate me? They can become aggressive and defensive when you buy them from pet stores. Many people assume that new hedgehogs become their friends immediately when they own them. But this is not a good thing. Hedgehog is the opposite. That is why owners get disappointed.

They want to get trust from you. When you get trust from them, then they start loving you. Training of hedgehogs needs time, and you need to be calm and patient. Sometimes it takes a longer time to gain the trust of owners. In this period, they may hiss and puff at you.

Why does my hedgehog hate me
Why does my hedgehog hate me?


How Do I Get My Hedgehog To Like Me?

If you want to get a hedgehog to like you, you can handle them gently so that it is against your hand. You can put him on his chest so they can feel body heat. In this way, they can hear the heartbeat. Hold him for a long time, like when you are watching TV. Need advice on a very scared hedgehog? Following are the tips that make your hedgehog like you.


Handle Frequently

I hate my hedgehog when they are showing aggression. It would be best if you handled him frequently/ you should take them carefully and then start petting your pet with your hand. It is a good thing to make them calm when they are angry. It makes your hedgehog familiar with your scent.

When you are to handle them, then don’t wear gloves. People use gloves to protect their hands from quills. It is not recommended because it doesn’t familiarize itself with your scent.


Put On Your Lap

My grumpy hedgie, how can I make them calm? Another way of making them familiar is that you can put hedgehogs on your lap. It will also make them used to your scent. Put them on lap and then allow them to play. It is helpful for you if they are not adaptable with you. If you are aware of the training of hedgehogs before this, or you are new to this pet, you can use the litter box. You may use a blanket when you put it in your lap. It makes them feel secure.


Use Snuggle Sack

A snuggle sack is a small pouch used for small pets like hedgehogs, hamsters, mice, etc. the shape of a snuggle sack is similar to the sleeping bag. It makes you keep pets near you. It makes them feel secure, provides protection, and provides a hiding place.


Use Bonding Bag

A bonding bag is also a small pouch, and it is used to put small pet-like hedgehogs in it. It also has a mesh lid that doesn’t allow your pet to move out from the bag. It is a good traveling bag if you want to travel with your small pet, like hedgehogs. It minimizes the risk of escaping and makes them safe when traveling.


Take Outside

They love to go outside. That is why you can keep them with you when you are traveling. You can also make a small cage for them in the yard. You can use a bonding bag for hedgehogs if you want to take them for outside trips. They enjoy the fresh air and fragrances.


Take Them For Ride

Very scared hedgehog hates me. You should take them on a trip because it is the source of entertainment. They like that time when they are not in their cage. It is mostly seen in many pets. Getting them on the ride is the best thing to make them familiarize themselves with you. A bonding bag is good for the trip if you are a traveler.

If you are a passenger, you can use a snuggle sack or blanket. They like freedom. That is why taking them from the ride makes them love you.


Final Verdict On Why Does My Hedgehog Hate Me

Many reasons are there behind the hating of a hedgehog. A most common cause is that they can get stressed when approaching them. They do the same thing with their owner in the early days. You should train them by adopting the above points. In this way, you can make a stronger bond with your hedgehog.

Why does my hedgehog hate me
Why does my hedgehog hate me? Why does my hedgehog hate me when newly adopted? Why does my hedgehog hate me in captivity?

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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