Are Hedgehogs Friendly? (7 Interesting Facts)

Hedgehog has become a popular pet in recent years, and many have owned it. The African pygmy hedgehogs are the pet owners’ choice to care for exotic pets. There are still many people who do not know the hedgehog in its entirety.

Are hedgehogs friendly? Hedgehogs can become amazing companions if they have proper food and a decent place to live as pets. Hedgehogs are not for everyone because they have sharp quills that are dangerous for beginners and difficult to handle. Otherwise, Hedgehogs are low-maintenance that require special care.

Consistent daily care will keep the hedgehog tame and feel your affection.

Are hedgehogs friendly
Are hedgehogs friendly?

Are you wondering what if a hedgehog becomes a pet? Let’s read this article to the end.


Are Hedgehogs Friendly?

Hedgehogs can be friendly if they feel safe and comfortable with you. Don’t hold them right away the first time you bring them home. Hedgehogs have to adapt to their new environment until they feel safe with their surroundings.

Hedgehogs will roll up more or show their defensive mechanism and still think of you as a creature that can pose a threat to them. In the next few days, you will have to gain the hedgehog’s trust. Wait until they start getting closer to you.


Are Hedgehogs Affectionate?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals. Many pet owners think hedgehogs will always stay in their cages. Hedgehogs will still be doing it without wanting to be approached by their owners. But that opinion is wrong because hedgehogs are pretty affectionate.

Hedgehogs will not hesitate to kiss or nibble you as a sign they are comfortable with you. Although some other hedgehogs are not like that, we know that hedgehogs are not destructive animals.

Are hedgehogs friendly? Some hedgehogs are affectionate and friendly. They don’t take long to get comfortable with their owners.


Are Pet Hedgehogs Friendly?

Hedgehogs can’t be friends right away because you have to earn their trust until they want to get closer to you. A sign that hedgehogs are starting to trust you is that they don’t curl up or quill up when you want to pet them.

If you’ve seen a hedgehog who can relax with your presence, or they start nibbling into your hands or body parts, that’s a sign the hedgehog is getting friendly.


Do Hedgehogs Like Humans?

Just like any other pet, every hedgehog has a different personality. Sometimes you can find hedgehogs who are easy to care for and show their affection. Others are not interested in all the affection you do.

The sign that hedgehogs like humans are that they don’t see you as a threat. Hedgehogs will roll their bodies when they feel threatened or don’t want to be disturbed.

Are hedgehogs friendly to humans? It depends on how humans treat them as pets. If the owners provide food and always prioritize the hedgehog’s happiness, then the hedgehog can repay the owners’ affection in his way.


Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Petted?

Hedgehogs who have just been brought home as pets do not immediately become friends and do not want to be petted. They will protect themselves as much as possible until they feel safe in their new place.

Holding a hedgehog that can’t relax can be dangerous for you. The quills can cut you sharp and can make wounds. Don’t force the hedgehog to calm down with your presence. You have to be patient and approach them slowly.

If you have a hedgehog with a friendly personality, they will let you pet their body. Sometimes hedgehogs will curl up on your hands without tightening their quills like when they are scared.


Do Hedgehogs Bite?

Hedgehogs are not biting animals. It is very rare for a hedgehog to bite its owner. It is only possible with young hedgehogs when you feed them, and the hedgehog assumes your hand is the food you give them. In addition, hedgehogs do not bite to protect themselves.

Hedgehog’s defensive system is raising its quills upright and looks like a crisscross. It will make their bodies pointy and sharp. Try to stay away from when the hedgehog is doing this because there is a chance that you might hurt your hand when you try to hold it.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous?

Let’s look at the hedgehog’s behavior between captivity and the wild. When we meet wild hedgehogs, they will choose to avoid you. They will only curl up if you get too close to them.

Hedgehogs are not animals that will attack other creatures even if they feel threatened. They want to protect themselves with their sharp quills. When you meet in the wild, hedgehogs will think you are dangerous to them.

Are hedgehogs friendly pets? Hedgehogs who are used to the presence of their owners are harmless. They don’t do anything destructive and prefer to be alone if they don’t want to interact with their owners.

Nothing that makes a hedgehog need to be considered a dangerous animal.

Are hedgehogs friendly
Are hedgehogs friendly? Are hedgehogs friendly with humans?


Are Hedgehogs Good Pets For Kids?

Before your kids hold hedgehogs, make sure you choose a hedgehog that has a calm or affectionate personality. Hedgehogs with good personalities will be easier to tame and trust their owners. It doesn’t matter if your kids want to take care of them and invite them to play.

Teach your child to deal with when hedgehogs feel threatened by something around them. Tell your child not to hold the hedgehog right away when it quills up to avoid any injury.

Are hedgehogs friendly? Hedgehogs can be friendly if you treat them right. Don’t rush and earn the hedgehog’s trust until they show their affection.


Are Hedgehogs Friendly With Other Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals that are more comfortable alone in a cage without other hedgehogs. Hedgehogs only want to find other hedgehogs if they need a mate. After the process is complete, the male hedgehog will leave the female and return to the cage or move away from each other.

Forcing more than one hedgehog in the same cage will stress each hedgehog and might be aggressive. If you want to do breeding practice, choose the right time for hedgehogs to be in the same cage when they have entered the “heat cycle” and immediately separate them after the mating process is complete.


Are Wild Hedgehogs Friendly?

Every wild animal does not easily trust humans. They will try to keep away from the human touch and try to avoid meeting rather than risking their life. Try to get close to the hedgehogs, and the hedgehogs only have the option of running or quilling up to keep you away from them.

Although you can find hedgehogs who have good personalities in the wild, they may quill up to protect themselves. They may not have a problem with your presence, but hedgehogs stay on guard against anything that might happen.


Are Male Or Female Hedgehogs More Friendly?

Male hedgehogs will be more aggressive than females if they meet other hedgehogs. But if you look at their attitude towards humans, male and female hedgehogs have an equal temperament. You can not distinguish in detail which of the two is more friendly.

What you need to know is that every hedgehog can’t be petted immediately after you meet them. The chances of you getting hurt because their sharp quills are much more likely than hedgehogs showing their interest in you.

Are hedgehogs friendly? Let’s say hedgehogs can be friendly under certain conditions. You have to give them a sense of security and provide a comfortable place to live. If the hedgehog has got both, they can be amazing pets.


Are Hedgehogs Kid Friendly?

It depends on how you get young hedgehogs. If you practice breeding and young hedgehogs have been in your neighborhood from a young age, they can quickly become friendly by seeing some of the older hedgehogs in the same place as them.

But if you take a young hedgehog from the wild into your home, they will feel threatened because they have left their original home and have to adapt to a new place.

Are pygmy hedgehogs friendly? The African pygmy hedgehogs are good pets, but they mostly do their activities at night. If you want a companion who accompanies you at night, then the pygmy hedgehog can be your friend with a friendly and affectionate personality.


How To Make A Hedgehog Friendly?

If you are a beginner in caring for hedgehogs, you need to see the table below for tips on making hedgehog friendly.

How to doExplanation
PatienceApproach the hedgehog slowly, and often appear before the hedgehog until they feel you are not a threat to them.
Ensure hedgehog is comfortableHedgehogs need suitable temperature, a cozy place, proper food and water.
Spend some bonding timeTake the hedgehogs out of their cages, and try to spend a few minutes with them. Don’t touch them right away, show them how you care about them.
Quiet roomSolitary animals want a room that is quiet and free of noise.
Every hedgehog is differentYou can’t expect all hedgehogs to be the same. Don’t force hedgehogs to settle down with you right away because they have a variety of traits.


Final Verdict – Are Hedgehogs Friendly

Hedgehog is an animal that is gaining popularity as a domesticated pet and considered. Hedgehogs are solitary animals who prefer to be alone in a tank without other animals. If you want to pet them, get their trust first.

A sign that a hedgehog is uncomfortable is to quill up or curl up to protect itself from any treatment. Don’t force them to hold them in this position until they can relax and begin to relax their quills.

Are hedgehogs friendly
Are hedgehogs friendly? Are hedgehogs friendly at home? Are hedgehogs friendly with other pets?

Each hedgehog has a different personality. Some are not interested in human affection, some like it if there are owners who care about them and often interact with them. Overall hedgehogs are friendly animals as pets.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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