Bearded Dragon Toys : What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With? 15 Unique Toys

Bearded dragons are shy lizards and generally would like to be left alone. Bearded dragon pet owners tell it is very relaxing and rewarding to watch their bearded dragon playing with their toys.

Being inquisitive and trained to do a few tricks and commands, pet owners have found the bearded dragons enjoy playing with bearded dragon toys. There are now many toys being marketed as bearded dragon toys.

Enthusiasts and breeders are trying to find more about what do bearded dragons like to play with. In captivity the bearded dragon toys help to develop a bond with your pet beardie, so you both spend quality time when being together.

Bearded dragon toys - what do bearded dragons like to play with
Bearded Dragon Toys – What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With

In this blog, we look at answers to the queries about bearded dragon toys and see what do bearded dragons like to play with and more queries related to the bearded dragon toys.

Continue reading on and enjoy the discourse on bearded dragon toys.


Do Bearded Dragons Play With Toys?

When one thinks of playing toys for the pet bearded dragon, the one thought which comes to mind is comparing the bearded dragons playing like the pet cats and dogs, which are the most common pets.

The bearded dragons do like to play with toys, but their agility is much less compared to the cats or dogs due to their physique and built.

To the query do bearded dragons play with toys the answer is yes, they love to play with bearded dragon toys.

The bearded dragon toys are very normal toys but proportioned to their size and made of materials and shapes non-injurious to the bearded dragon.

Here, a toy in sense does not mean an individual thing like a ball or a floatie. Any contraption like a hammock, hide, tree branch, etc. in the bearded dragon’s tank can be considered a toy for the beardie.

Toys are meant to drive away boredom, bring bearded dragon enrichment to the beardies’ life, and for developing and strengthening a bond with their owner.


What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With?

When we talk about bearded dragon toys, the next question that comes to mind is what do bearded dragons like to play with?

By playing is meant any activity to drive away the boredom of the bearded dragon and giving it some physical activity and to have some psychological stimulation also.

Training or learning of some tricks with objects can also be counted as a play activity. Here we describe some toys and activities for your bearded dragon.

There are different kinds of toys for bearded dragons. Some are just bearded dragon fun toys and to divert attention and some are for bearded dragon exercise requirements.


Bearded Dragon Toys

The bearded dragon can enjoy playing with some toys in its tank, with the owner also joining by extending his hand inside the tank. Below list is of toys that are normally placed inside the bearded dragon’s tank.



A bearded dragon cannot ride a swing like a parrot, rather a hammock is an alternative to it.

This is fixed in its tank so it can easily get on and off it and perch there. Bearded dragons have a habit of lying at one place for hours and basking in the sun (or heat lamp in captivity).

The bearded dragon can enjoy relaxing on the hammock even when you are not present. Choose the size, color, and material that you think the beardie likes.


Basking rock/log

This is a must for the tank. The beardie will be bored to death if it does not have a rock or tree log to lie on it for basking for hours a day.

Make sure the rock or the log does not have sharp edges to injure the bearded dragon. When trying to hide underneath or rubbing against it during shedding it can injure itself from the sharp edges.



Besides the hammock and log or rock, a bridge is an innovative idea for a bearded dragon to relax on.

Choose a size suitable to the bearded dragon’s physique. Placement and location to other contraptions in the tank should be appropriate, with ease of approach.



By nature, the bearded dragons like to hide when they feel threatened. Provide a good hiding place for the bearded dragon in its terrarium.

The hide is something the bearded dragon must feel secure in it, not what the owner thinks so.



Just like the hides, they are placed in the tank or outside for the beardie to explore them. This will satisfy their urge to burrowing.


Feeder ball

Also called by some as bearded dragon ball or bearded dragon exercise ball. The feeder ball is a small transparent ball with many small holes, which the bearded dragon can roll. It is filled with live small worms and insects which the beardie likes very much for its feed or treat.

The beardie will learn to roll the ball and to make the insect fall out and devour. This is very exciting for the beardie and keeps him busy for his entire feed time.


Word Of Caution

All these toys must be made of material easily cleanable, and should not help develop bacteria and germs. The bearded dragon should not be able to chew it and these toys should not have sharp corners to injure the bearded dragon.

Always use clean toys. Torn or unserviceable toys should be disposed of. They can be easily replaced as they are not expensive.


Bearded Dragon Exercise Pen

There are many good bearded dragon playpen ideas. Give your bearded dragon some toys outside its tank area in a pen to have a lot of ground to move around and play with and exercise.

Once you have developed a strong bond with your bearded dragon you should take it out of its tank every day for interaction and play.

It is suggested you should spend a minimum of one hour a day (two hours maximum) with your bearded dragon playing and interacting on the room floor.

Both of you playing with the bearded dragon toys will further strengthen its bond and trust in you and the beardie will feel safe in your presence. This will be quality time for your beardie.

Given below are some toys which can be enjoyed with playing with your beardie on the room floor.


Cat Wand

These are small toys or attractions hanging from a wand. Wave the toy in front of the beardie and make him catch it. Great for exercise also.


Play Ball

A bearded dragon ball can be a small light and brightly painted ping pong ball. The beardie will push it with its nose and some will even hit harder.

People have trained their beardies to bring the ball towards them when pushed away. Owners share many videos showing bearded dragon playing with ball.

Some beardies will not know what to do initially, but with little training, they will realize it as a fun activity.



These are small plastic toys that will float on water. Many colorful assortments will attract the beardie. It should not be small for the beardie to swallow it.


Crinkle Ball

These are types of plastic material folded into a ball that make noise when pressed. Roll in your hand to attract the beardie with crinkle noise and then offer it to explore. It may take some time for the beardie to realize it is a plaything.


Laser Pointer

Shining the laser spot on the ground in front of the beardie will get its attention and it will run for it, thinking it for prey.

Do not overdo it, as the beardie will soon realize it as a trick and lose interest.



Place a mirror near their tank so they can see their reflection. Some beardies will react with intrigue and some will take it defensively.

If you see the beardie getting stressed, remove the mirror. Don’t leave the mirror for more than a couple of minutes.


Window Watching

One can place the beardie’s tank near a window. The outside scene will intrigue it. It may be stressed seeing some other animal or object.

Observe its behavior. If it is easily stressed then re-locate its tank so it is not disturbed by the outside scenes from the window.


How To Play With Your Bearded Dragon

Besides the play activities in its tank and pen or open area with the bearded dragon toys, there are other bearded dragon activities to keep your bearded dragon entertained, and give the bearded dragon enrichment in its life.

Bearded dragon toys - what do bearded dragons like to play with
Bearded Dragon Toys – What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With


Screen time

Some beardies get interested to watch TV or computer screen or the mobile phone of the owner and are happy seeing the actions/movements on the screen.

Do not overdo it. Just give some minutes every day.



Walking bearded dragon is the ultimate training and relationship. Once the bearded dragon gets used to this, it will always look forward to you taking it out for a walk or run in the grass.

For this, you would need to train your beardie to wear a harness and leash always during this playtime. You may even like to carry it in the beginning just to see its reaction to the surroundings.



When we talk about swimming, people always wonder and ask do bearded dragons swim. Yes by nature they can swim and some bearded dragons enjoy their time in the water.

Preferably have a small shallow kiddie swimming pool, in which your bearded dragon can swim. The water level should be up to the beardie’s elbow and temperature around 80-85°F (27–29°C).

A washbasin is also used for this purpose, but a separate exclusive pool for the beardie is better, as the beardie can have his own surroundings, other than the washroom.



Very important. With a bond with your beardie, it would like to show you his affection and feel your scent and warmth.



Take your bearded dragon on a drive in its travel cage. He will certainly enjoy the time and be thrilled.


Hand Feeding

To further strengthen the bond and increase the trust of the beardie on you. The thought of considering you as a predator should never come to its mind.


Run Around The House

Sometimes let your bearded dragon explore your house by itself. Of course, this is under your or somebody’s supervision. Make your house beardie friendly, before letting it out from its tank.

It will be a great experience for your beardie and strengthen the bond between you two.


Bearded Dragon Hamster Ball

Some pet owners consider it a bearded dragon toy. Mostly it is advised against using a hamster ball for putting in a bearded dragon.

Because of the different physique, especially the long tail and the different gait of the bearded dragon it is not safe and comfortable to put a bearded dragon in such a ball.

The bearded dragon cannot use the hamster ball as well as a hamster would, and would be stressed if rolled over, etc., or loses control and direction of movement.

Besides, the small openings in the ball for air can injure the bearded dragon’s thin toes and nails, which can be easily caught in the small gaps.


Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored

In the wild, there is very little for a bearded dragon to get bored. Either they are hunting, basking, or hiding from predators. They have a lot of space to run and hide and be tired.

In captivity the story is different. They have only basking space and time. This is an accepted fact that bearded dragons get bored when they have not much activity to do, especially in their confined terrarium.

Glass surfing (scratching the glass aquarium) is a sure sign of boredom. Stress marks on the body also speak of stress from many factors including the desire to get out.

If there are no bearded dragon toys life would be very stressful for a bearded dragon in captivity, especially when the caregiver is away.


Bearded Dragon Plush Toy

Sometimes the bearded dragons like to have bearded dragon stuffed animal as a toy.

Stuffed toys for bearded dragons may be placed inside the bearded dragon’s tank to see its reaction.

One bearded dragon pet owner reports that his beardie liked to play with a plastic bearded dragon toy which he placed in its tank.

If it does not like it then it should be removed. Not all beardies would like to have a stuffed animal in their tank.

Besides the toys for bearded dragon, countless bearded dragon toys for kids are very popular. One such popular toy with bearded dragon pet owners is the toy bearded dragon.


Baby Bearded Dragon Toys

Baby bearded dragons have very similar behavior characteristics and habits as their seniors. They like to play with similar bearded dragon toys. Because of their small size, the toys need to be proportionally smaller.


Bearded Dragon Climbing Toys

Besides having the normal bearded dragon toys the beardies also like to climb up trees, rocks, or posts for basking in sun.

Besides providing the usual hammock, rocks, logs, etc. some sort of bearded dragon climbing frame is a good idea, so the beardie can climb up on it.

Its surface should be a little rough, so the bearded dragon’s claws can grip and support its weight.

There are many good ideas for the bearded dragon crafts for making and exchanging as gifts. The bearded dragon toys DIY as a hobby is very popular and enthusiasts have shared many such projects.


Final Verdict On Bearded Dragon Toys

Bearded dragons are quite in demand as pets. To give them proper mental and physical nourishment, it is important to give them toys, time for exercise, and play, both inside and outside its tank.

The owner needs to know what do bearded dragons like to play with and what are the bearded dragon toys. The owner should know how to entertain a bearded dragon.

There are many bearded dragon toys for sale. There are toys for lizards for placement inside their tank and there are toys for pet lizards for placement in the bearded dragon play area.

The main caution to be followed while selecting the toy is it should not have sharp edges to injure the bearded dragon. It should not be so small as there always is a danger of the beardie swallowing it.

The material of the bearded dragon toys should be such that it does not break easily and is cleanable, washable.

It is not necessary that a bearded dragon will fall for all the bearded dragon toys offered. The bearded dragon may like some toys. This is more a personality trait.

Bearded dragon toys - what do bearded dragons like to play with
Bearded Dragon Toys – What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With

Try different toys and variations of games to keep the beardie’s interest and the boredom away.

Some bearded dragons may become stressed on seeing a particular toy. Remove it from its view. It can be gradually trained to view that toy as friendly.

A happy bearded dragon is what a beardie owner would like to achieve and have satisfaction watching his bearded dragon playing with bearded dragon toys he has made available for his beardie.

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